Author Raymond Blackwood is Today’s Honoree for Friday March 11th, 2016

RaymondBlackwoodAbout The Book:

n Olympia, Washington, a sheriff stands in the middle of a homicide scene in a drugstore where its owner lies dead on the floor, the victim of a gruesome murder. Shocked, he cannot believe the crime has happened in his peaceful town. But little does he know the murder is only the beginning of a hellacious rampage.

Meanwhile, Barbra Paige is mourning the death of her scientist husband who spent his lifetime chasing a cure for AIDS through his research of snake venom. A few days after his passing, she arrives home to discover thugs have murdered her babysitter and are torturing her daughter. What they want is access to certain contents inside the pharmacy she and her husband owned before his death. As Barbra fights for her life in a hospital, prompting a complex FBI investigation, Barbra’s eventual quest for retribution that takes her to Brooklyn under an assumed name and identity. There is no question that Champagne Miller is a determined woman who wants to fulfill her mission before the clock runs out.

Champagne Heights is the gripping tale of one woman’s vengeful journey after a brutal attack and murder destroys her life and transforms her into someone she never imagined she could be.

About The Author:

Raymond Blackwood was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but spent most of his childhood in Phoenix, Arizona. His natural creative spirit coupled with his love of writing has inspired him to become an author. Raymond currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Visit Raymond Blackwood for more information.


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