Makena Prints Founder Kern Nene is Today’s Honoree

As an African American woman, growing up in Central Alabama, Black imagery was never really a thing. Like many, I had Claire Huxtable, Harriette Winslow, and Aunt Viv, and yes my family did things within our nuclear circle, but nothing ever extended beyond that. 

​I started out in retail and after 10 years of being in customer service and 7 years of school (undergrad only), I decided to actually use my degree and transitioned to health care.

Although I absolutely love all things medical, #MakenaPrints is my baby. This has been a five-year plus dream in the making.

​I found Makena Prints with the understanding that we cannot rely on someone else to properly portray us. We have to do it ourselves!! We have waited far too long for a seat at the stationery table.  So, I decided to create my own table and I want you to join me.

Why is this important?

Because Exposure is Key. Because Representation Matters!

Visit for more information.

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