Embr Labs CEO Elizabeth Gazda is Today’s Honoree

Embr Labs, the first thermal wellness technology company, is offering the most unique gift for the coolest (or warmest) people in your life. Embr Wave is the ultimate gift of comfort – the first wearable device that can actually hack the way you feel temperature. Retailing for $299, Embr Wave cools or warms the temperature-sensitive skin on the inside of your wrist to help with thermal discomfort, sleep, stress and even hot flashes. This holiday season, Embr Wave is also available in a sleek limited-edition Rose Gold edition, retailing for $349. 

Embr Wave was created by three engineers at MIT with a basic insight: temperature impacts the way we feel, and if personalized and delivered in the right way, it can make us all feel better throughout the day. From providing comfort in uncontrollable environments, to improving sleep, to helping you de-stress, Embr Wave is the perfect wellness gift for the chilly coworker, the mom with hot flashes, or the stressed-out techy. It’s also lightweight and easy to travel with for the holidays.

“People are always looking for personal gifts during the holidays,” said Elizabeth Gazda, CEO of Embr Labs. “And there’s nothing more personal or unique than being able to control how you feel temperature.”

Embr Wave was named an honorable mention in Time’s 2018 Best Inventions list, and in October, won AARP’s Innovation in Aging Award Award with a live pitch on Good Morning America. Embr Wave also has received rave reviews from thousands of customers. 

About Embr Labs

Embr Labs is the first thermal wellness technology company and maker of the Wave, an intelligent bracelet that helps you feel colder or warmer by 5ºF. Despite only being sold in the United States, the Wave is being used in over 140 countries. The company’s patented technology harnesses the power of thermal sensations to deliver a brand new category of safe, non-invasive, and natural therapies that leverage the body and mind’s natural response to temperature to help people feel more comfortable, fall asleep faster, and be less stressed. Embr Labs was founded by MIT-trained engineers and is backed by investors including DigiTx Partners, Bose Ventures and Joyance Partners.

Visit https://embrlabs.com/ for more information.

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Devereux Arizona Executive Director Yvette Jackson is Today’s Honoree

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, one of the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit providers of behavioral healthcare, today announced that President and CEO Carl E. Clark II has named Yvette Jackson, LMSW, DBH, as executive director of Devereux Arizona, with campuses in Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz.

Jackson currently serves as Devereux Arizona’s assistant executive director; she will assume her new role effective October 28, 2019. As executive director, Jackson will oversee the care and treatment of care and treatment of more than 4,500 children and adolescents, annually, who are living with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences. She also will manage Devereux Arizona’s Adolescent Health and Wellness Clinic – a specialty outpatient clinic providing whole-person care to teens and young adults – based in Mesa. Jackson succeeds Lane Barker, who retired on Oct. 1, 2019, following more than 25 years of service to the organization.

“Yvette is a highly accomplished and visionary servant leader who has been part of the Devereux Arizona family for 21 years,” said Clark. “Her extensive behavioral healthcare background, coupled with her unwavering commitment to advocating for our youth, make her perfectly aligned for this position.”

Jackson was instrumental in Devereux Arizona’s partnership with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the country’s leading LGBTQ rights and advocacy organization, when the center earned the “HRC All Children – All Families Seal of Recognition” in 2012. The All Children – All Families initiative provides a comprehensive framework for agencies to establish policies and practices that welcome, support and affirm LGBTQ foster and adoptive parents. In 2019, Devereux Arizona achieved the HRC “Innovator” seal (the highest level) for implementing innovative approaches to LGBTQ inclusion in various areas.

About Yvette Jackson, LMSW, DBH

Yvette Jackson, LMSW, DBH, holds 21 years of experience in the child and adolescent behavioral healthcare field. Jackson joined Devereux Arizona in 1998 as a foster parent recruiter/trainer and, in 2002, was promoted to program manager of foster care services. In 2003, she moved into the role of director of community-based services and, six years later, was promoted to her most recent positon – Devereux Arizona assistant executive director. In this role, Jackson helped manage the development and execution of programs and services that provide hope and healing for the 4,500 children and adolescents in Devereux’s care. She also managed approximately 400 employees across the state, and oversaw the coaching and mentoring of the center’s leadership team. Jackson is the current chair of Devereux’s national LGBTQ+ affinity group.

Jackson has earned the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of Arizona, and a Master of Social Work (LMSW) and Doctor of Behavioral Health from Arizona State University. She received the 2015 “Leadership in LGBTQ Health Care Award” from the Behavioral Health Coalition of Southern Arizona and the LGBT Consortium, and the 2015 “Weaver E. Falberg Leadership Promise Fellowship Award” from Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health.

Jackson is a faculty associate at Arizona State University, where she instructs graduate-level students in the area of social work. She is a board member of the Tucson LGBT Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and has served on the boards of the Wingspan LGBTQ Community Center; the Tucson Centers for Women and Children (renamed: Emerge); and Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona. In addition, she has served as a national trainer for the Human Rights Campaign. 

About Devereux Arizona

Devereux Arizona began providing services in 1967 with the opening of a therapeutic day school in Scottsdale. Today, more than 50 years later, the Arizona center helps more than 4,500 individuals and their families across the state. www.devereuxaz.org





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Clinical Researcher Dr. Harold N. Levinson is Today’s Honoree

For more than 50 years, world-renowned clinical researcher Dr. Harold N. Levinson has trained his attention on understanding and treating dyslexia’s hidden origins. He came to view dyslexia as not just a “pure” reading comprehension disorder characterized by reversals, but rather a highly complex syndrome consisting of many and varied symptoms. And he has successfully treated more than 35,000 dyslexics, bringing a much needed depth of understanding, compassion and real help to those failing to cope with the daily challenges presented by this previously misunderstood and often devastating impairment. As a result, bright but dumb-feeling dyslexics—as well as those with related disorders—have been enabled to rapidly feel smarter and smarter.

How did he do it?

His latest book, Feeling Smarter and Smarter—Discovering the Inner-ear Origins and Treatment for Dyslexia/LD, ADD/ADHD and Phobias/Anxiety, explains his groundbreaking findings and his effective treatment process in easy-to-understand language. At the core of his research is his discovery that dyslexia—really its complex syndrome—is caused by one treatable signal-tuning dysfunction within the inner-ear and its supercomputing cerebellum.

In other words, when “dizzy” or scrambled signals adversely affect the functioning of multiple normal brain processors, corresponding difficulties may arise with:

·    reading, writing, spelling, math, memory, speech, direction and time
·    grammar, concentration/activity-level, balance and coordination
·    headaches, nausea, dizziness, ringing ears and motion-sickness
·    frustration levels and feeling dumb, ugly, klutzy, phobic and depressed
·    impulsivity, cutting class, dropping out of school and substance abuse
·    bullying and being bullied as well as anger and social interactions
·    becoming emotionally traumatized and scarred dysfunctional adults

Dr. Levinson shares the stories and photos of real patients, young and old, as they reveal both their reading and non-reading symptoms and their rapid, dramatic improvements after using simple and safe inner-ear enhancing medications and nutrients.

Feeling Smarter and Smarter is replete with discoveries and solutions—many that are both surprising and fascinating. For all dyslexics as well as their caring families, teachers and healers, Dr. Levinson’s inspiring work is nothing short of life-changing.

Finally, by similarly treating the coexisting signal-scrambling demon that Dr. Levinson found present in those with major brain processing disorders like Autism or ASD, traumatic brain injury, etc., they too can be helped—not cured. So as Dr. Levinson concludes, “The best is yet to come!”

For more information, please visit www.dyslexiaonline.com.

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Author Sam Hunter is Today’s Honoree

A lot of people believe in Jesus Christ but few have a deep, personal relationship with him. Fewer still have a full comprehension of the power of the Holy Spirit. What about you? Are you trying to follow Jesus, but feel like you are falling short? Or perhaps you feel good about your relationship with Jesus, but deep down, you expected to feel differently when you accepted Jesus into your heart and life — there has to be more, right?

Many Christians have become comfortable with the status quo of their faith. They go to church. Lead good lives. Do good deeds. All the while, they read about the intangible concept of the Holy Spirit. They listen in church as the pastor speaks of the miracles throughout Acts. Jesus and Paul and Peter talk about a new power, but what could this power actually look like in day-to-day life?

In The Missing Link: Your Journey With Peter From Self Power to Holy Spirit Power, author Sam Hunter takes readers along on a journey with Apostle Peter, as he transforms from self-centered into being truly filled with the power of the Holy Spirit following Jesus’ return to Heaven.

Told entirely from Peter’s perspective, The Missing Link is a conversational, thought-provoking read that aims to help readers understand the unique and often misunderstood concept of the Holy Spirit. Readers will see the Holy Spirit in a whole new light and learn to appropriate and live with this new power that Jesus promised.

Hunter’s approach is engaging and down-to-earth, with lessons taken directly from scripture woven seamlessly throughout. The Missing Link is for anyone seeking a closer walk with Jesus and a deeper understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Educated and trained as a structural design engineer, author Sam Hunter spent 20 years in real estate and construction. Jesus turned the light on when Hunter was 38, and he was born again. He has been teaching and preaching about following Jesus for 20 years. He is the host of 721 Live, the radio arm of 721 Ministries and can be heard Fridays 11:00-11:30 on FM91.9 and FM92.9 Christian Talk Radio. He is also the author of The Putting Green Devotional Series for men and women and has produced two DVD curriculums: Contentment: The Path to Peace; and Fear: Do you React in Fear or Respond in Faith? His aim is to help men and women find and live “Life to the Full.” He resides in Greenville, SC.

The Missing Link
Release Date: October 2019
Publisher: High Bridge Books
ISBN-10: 1946615439
ISBN-13: 978-1946615435
Available from Amazon.com and from www.PuttingGreenBlog.com/store

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Life Coach Destiny Kingcannon AKA Destiny Inspire is Today’s Honoree

Destiny Inspire, born Destiny Kingcannon, is an author, speaker, life coach and CEO of Destiny Inspire LLC.

With the passion and pursuit to guide others into the direction of their greatness, Destiny is The Empowerment Juggernaut of this generation. Her own life’s experiences and tumultuous journeys have been the catalyst to helping her discover her calling and creating practical yet effective principles, in helping others create a life they not only desire to live but deserve.

In 2019 Destiny was named as “Atlanta’s Fastest Growing Empowerment Expert” in the Mecca Edition of Rolling Out. She has also, been honored as one of Atlanta’s 25 Sisters with Superpowers. Celebrating the strength and tenacity of powerful women of color.

She continues spread her message and coaching programs with audiences and clients around the U.S. From schools, non-profit organizations, corporations, conferences, and churches, the mission is to empower, impact, and inspire. Her newest book release Discovering Destiny has gained much acclaim for helping others discover their purpose in 31 days or less by remove obstacles they encounter on the way to self discovery.

Through her tremendous efforts, Destiny inspires others to push past pain and pursue purpose. Destiny’s embodiment of grace, grind and grit, has been her game changing strategy, setting her apart from all others.

Visit https://www.destinyinspire.com/meet-destiny for more information.

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Photographer Bertram Knight is Today’s Honoree

Bertram Knight is a photographer who in living and studying ongoing plights challenging people of color and various marginalized groups has been inspired by various black nationalist movements. His work invites you to submerge yourself in black experiences. Through portraiture he celebrates and highlights beauty across the African diaspora. His focus, draws attention to what he describes as marginalized beauty. Motivated to bridge a gap between generations of the past and present, Knight’s photographs depict traditional aspects of black culture, while weaving in more contemporary forms of expression as well. His mantra, “What’s Your Story?”challenges viewers to embrace and cherish their experience. Join Bertram as he continues to advocate for improved and inclusive representation of the black community through visual art.

Visit https://www.knightbertram.com/about for more information.

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Media Mogul Mia Dinoto is Today’s Honoree

At just 16 years old, Mia Dinoto is a multi-hyphenate media mogul in the making. Her wit, spunk, and girl-next-door-realness has garnered her a massive YouTube following on her Mia Dinoto YouTube (458,000 subscribers with 60+ million views) and a blossoming acting career with her hit series “Crown Lake” airing on the wildly popular BRAT YouTube channel. Mia is always creating instantly viral content, from t umbling tutorials as a former elite gymnast (sometimes even instructing  NFL linebackers ) to relatable slice-of-life vlogs, including  driving lessons and embarrassing stories, that speak to the universal experience of adolescence. Her ongoing battles with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and dyslexia have given her an inner strength that radiates, making Mia an unstoppable force as she becomes a Gen-Z icon.

BRAT’s “Crown Lake” tells the story of Eleanor Chambers, a new student attending Crown Lake Academy, an elite all-girls boarding school that is ostensibly her ticket to a new and better life.  That ticket has a price though, as Eleanor encounters shady cliques and a stern head mistress, and  quickly discovers that Crown Lake Academy and its population do not take kindly to new people. Mia portrays ‘Erin,’ one of the privileged bullies and a member of the most popular clique in school. ‘Erin’ is also the best friend of ‘Tiffany St. Martin,’ the campus queen bee. Please use the following link to view the trailer for the binge-worthy teen drama. Crown Lake Trailer

After training most of her life to be a professional gymnast with a clear path to Olympic greatness, Mia quit just recently for the sake of her mental and physical health and to pour all of her energy into her true passion of acting.   Mia’s videos cover a wide range of topics from the latest online trends and challenges, to fitness routines, DIY projects, personal and travel vlogs, as well as other fun and engaging videos that give viewers a peek into her daily life.

Born and raised in Maryland, Mia began training and taking gymnastic classes when she was 2 years old and began competing at the age of 8. When she was in third grade she and her family were alerted of her issues with standardized testing in school and was later diagnosed as dyslexic. As Mia continued to train and compete in the world of gymnastics, she began suffering from panic attacks and compulsive thoughts and was diagnosed with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Therapy and a change of elite training gyms reinvigorated her love of the sport.  Mia and her new teammates became a viral sensation as the Coral Girls and Mia began using YouTube as a creative outlet individually.  Eventually, her love for the sport waned and Mia left the gymnastics in pursuit of more creative and liberating endeavors, diving deeper into content creation and acting.  Using her gymnastics background and innate gifts as a performer, she also became a champion dancer, acrobat, and contortionist after just months of training.

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