Singer and Songwriter Jacquie Lee is Today’s Honoree

Bursting on to the scene at a young age has prepared the now 20 year old Jacquie for what is to come. In a previous incarnation Jacquie Lee, native of New Jersey was thrust into the spotlight after being selected to compete on the Voice and mentored by none other the multiple GRAMMY Award winner Christina Aguilera herself.

This was intense at the time being 15, Jacquie began navigating the treacherous recording industry world with events culminating in the creation of the artist you see before you today. Lee did more than survive she triumphed as Season 5’s first runner up. Jacquie quickly signed to 300 Entertainment/Atlantic for her debut EP “BROKEN ONES”, which hit Top 10 on iTunes Pop Chart upon release. After a slew of successes and some hard choices at a young age Jacquie parted was with former management and recording deals in search of herself and this is just the beginning. “At one point I was fed up with everyone but mostly myself because I felt like I wasn’t in control of my own life.” Throughout this process of discovery the young artist had continued to hone her craft and amassing fans as well as industry support.

“From when I entered the music biz to now…. I’ve learned that no one knows exactly what they are talking about. I’ve learned to trust my gut instinct and make decisions that feel right even if a big scary record exec tells you otherwise.”

Jacquie will be releasing her new project this fall. Inspired by the struggles of being thrust into the lime light, dealing with industry expectations, breaking away from confines and coming into who you truly are as an artist, this is first project she feels really represents who she is as a young women and an artist.

“This new album is my words, my journey, my perspective. It means EVERYTHING to me that I was able to have control over all of the music / creatives and speak my truth… Even if it’s not what people may expect or want from me – it’s who I am.”

Hailed by Elle as a preternatural belter who blends powerhouse pop with the bluesy, lovelorn vibe of  anis Joplin,” Jacquie has garnered critical praise from such national outlets as Glamour, Seventeen,, and more. She has already performed alongside likeminded young artists including Meghan Trainor and Shawn Mendes and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with as she fights to change the industry’s preconceptions of pop music through her own voice.

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I’ll Push You Authors, Film Stars and Best Friends Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray are Today’s Honoree

Live Unlimited is a campaign from the Muscular Dystrophy Association that was inspired by the strength and courage of MDA families who are doing remarkable things every day despite the physical limits diseases like muscular dystrophy and ALS create. Live Unlimited is based on a steadfast belief that every child and adult should be free from the harm and physical limits of muscle-debilitating diseases.

Born just over 36 hours apart, Justin & Patrick are life-long friends with a rich, deep relationship that spans beyond 40 years. They travel together, live life together through its ups and downs, and most importantly, will do anything for each other.

Over the past 20+ years, a progressive neuromuscular disease has slowly taken away Justin’s ability to use his arms and legs. From each morning until night, Justin requires daily assistance in every aspect of life such as eating, getting dressed, bathing and even using the restroom.

Though immensely challenging, Justin continues to live life to the fullest and maintains a positive attitude through it all!

In the spring of 2012, Justin learned about the Camino de Santiago while watching Rick Steves on Public Access TV. Soon after, Justin asked his lifelong friend, Patrick, what he thought about tackling the ancient pilgrimage. Patrick’s response was simple and direct. He said, “I’ll push you.”

Two years later, they started their journey and had absolutely no idea how they would make the 500 miles from the soutwest of France to the Cathedral in Santiago; over several mountain ranges like the Pyrenees, through rivers, and across the vast “desert of Spain” called the Meseta… they just knew they had to get there.

Justin and Patrick had to rely on the help and strength of friends, acquaintances and even complete strangers in order to navigate the many challenges they faced on their 35-day journey.

Since returning from Spain, they have used their heartfelt storytelling to share the comical details of their journey… the joys, the struggles, the beautiful relationships, and the lessons they learned in faith, hope, love and friendship.

Their goal with this film is for others to walk away recognizing each life is not defined by its limitations, but is defined by what is accomplished in spite of those limitations.

In addition to their efforts with the film I’ll Push You, Justin and Patrick founded Push Inc. where they help organizations and individuals realize they can achieve more, together.

Both men love road trips, music, and driving their wives crazy.

Justin lives in Eagle, Idaho with his wife Kirstin and their three children: Jaden, Noah, and Lauren.

Patrick lives in nearby Meridian, Idaho with his wife Donna and their three children: Cambria, Joshua, and Olivia.

Visit for more information.

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Author and Life Coach Krysti Turznik is Today’s Honoree

Krysti Turznik holds a Masters Degree in Metaphysics, with 17 years as a motivational speaker, author, and life coach using mindset, motivation, and meditation to show people how to create a life where every day feels like a day at the beach.  She also holds a degree in Biology, is a certified consulting hypnotist, and is an ordained minister.  Blending science and spirituality in her work, Krysti shows people how to become an active participant in their lives.
Her book, Mindset Magic: Using Scientific & Spiritual Principles to Create Your Life, has been endorsed by Michael Bernard Bechwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center and seen in the movie The Secret.  Leverage the scientific and spiritual principles that respond to your mindset; live with intention and purpose. Awaken to the  knowledge of how to create a better life for yourself and the world will begin to respond as you desire.

Book Summary: With elegant grace and ease, Krysti Turznik guides you to a deeper understanding of how to create a fulfilled life with intention and purpose. It is the perfect blend of education, insight, and practical application that will encourage you to live fully with more peace, more power, and more passion. With the proper mindset, tools, and understanding of scientific and spiritual principles, your life can unfold with miracles and magic. Mindset Magic: Using Scientific and Spiritual Principals to Create Your Life can help readers awaken to the knowledge that they hold the key to creating a better life for themselves.

Visit for more information.

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Green Cleaning Coach Leslie Reichert is Today’s Honoree

I’m thrilled you’re here—because we’re a lot alike, you and me. We’re both trying to make a healthier home for our families.

Which means neither of us can avoid one dreaded time-sucker…. research. As a mom, or a mom-to-be,  you don’t have time to worry about researching all the different things you are using in your home.

Well, worry no more. I create simple solutions so that you can take the toxins out of your home. Simply and easily.

Cleaning is a tough chore, but we all have to do it. I’m one of the crazy ones that LOVES cleaning.  (I also love red wine and reading US Magazine in the grocery store checkout line. shhh)

I grew up in western Pennsylvania with a dad who was a chemist and a mom who stayed at home with us kids. My mom took her “job” very seriously and taught me a lot about taking good care of a home. Unfortunately, she never understood that the chemicals she was using to clean with were slowly making her sick.

After growing up and spending some time in corporate America as a banker and insurance investigator, I decided to try being self-employed. I started a house cleaning service and grew it into one of the largest cleaning businesses in Massachusetts. We cleaned over 150 houses a month and were known for our extremely high quality of work.

When you clean that many houses – you have to clean well and clean quickly. Especially in the bathrooms. A bathroom is the hardest room in a house to clean so you need (or so I thought) really powerful chemicals to clean it. I found a chemical called Boraxo to clean the fiberglass tubs. This stuff was awesome – but also very toxic and after years of using it, my immune system started to malfunction. This is what led me to find alternatives that really cleaned well.

And guess what I discovered! Those crazy old recipes that our great-grandmothers used to use where the best alternatives I could find. I scoured everywhere for recipes and ideas to make DIY cleaning products and then tested them. I turned my kitchen into a research lab (my dad was so proud of me).  I ended up with 101 recipes for green cleaning my home. Each one of them worked better than any store bought chemical.  I needed to get the word out about my discovery so I wrote and published a book and called it the Joy of Green Cleaning.

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Family Expert Dr. Tim Thayne is Today’s Honoree

I remember when it hit me. I was a junior in college when I determined that what would bring the most satisfaction in my career would be to have a deep impact in people’s lives. I felt there was no better way to do it than to help them within their family relationships. I was conflicted however, because I was equally interested in business. Whenever I would learn a theory or method for intervening and strengthening a family system, in the back of my mind I was translating it to “How would this effect a department or organization?”

While talking to a friend during my doctoral program at Virginia Tech, I told him of my dilemma and desire to use what I was learning in Marriage and Family Therapy to intervene in organizations or other human systems. He told me I ought to look up Harold Kurstedt, a well-respected professor and innovative organizational consultant. To make a long story short, this man loved my ideas and said “You’ve got your hands all over what is most needed in business.” He went to bat for me, got me an assistantship, an office, and helped me fill my first group for the week long training and continued coaching of Solution Focused Leadership.

The experience led to me work inside a large hospital organization that had recently gone through acquisitions and restructuring. A hefty amount of anger, distrust, and disruption that had ensued. Over the course of two years, we had most of the VPs and midlevel managers go through the course of learning how to take a solution focused approach to problems, how to coach one another around work issues, and–what was most exciting to me–how to effect key relationships at home and at work. The resulting success was a dream come true.

The moment that really took my breath away however, came after we had talked about change taking time and sustained effort, but that it can also happen quickly. One of the VP’s, on a bathroom break, stepped into the hall and called a sister she hadn’t talked to in over 20 years. There had been a falling out over how their parent’s property was divided at the death of their father. With great anxiety, humility and a flicker of hope, she told her sister that she was sorry, wanted to have her in her life, and asked for her forgiveness. She came back into the room after those ten minutes, tears running down her cheeks, happy reunion results to her cohorts.

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Transformational Business Clarity Coach Jen Hall is Today’s Honoree

I was stuck ‘wanting’, but not ‘doing’ for over 10 years! I always knew I wanted to coach, in the early years, that showed up as wanting to be a counsellor, but I held back because I felt like I couldn’t make the impact I wanted purely through listening. When I discovered the world of coaching I was excited and I immediately bought a book on coaching, which injected a HUGE FEAR into me…

‘I can’t help people! Why would they pay me? I don’t know enough! I’m just not at that caliber. Why would anyone listen to me? I’ll be laughed at by my family and friends! Who do I think I am, thinking I could coach? I’ll probably fail… and besides I have know idea how to make it a reality asides from stopping everything to retrain AND even then who will take me seriously? I’m too young, I haven’t got any qualifications, I don’t know what I could even help with, I don’t have enough life experience to coach!’

Not enough life experience! I laugh at this looking back! The limiting beliefs stick out like a sore thumb, but back then they were sneaky buggers that held me back from seeing the truth. The truth that I was born to serve the world. It wasn’t about me and whether I could do it, it was about the people I was meant to serve and become their amazing true selves!

It’s funny how we have this amazing ability to believe in others unconditionally even if they can’t see it themselves BUT when it comes to believing in ourselves we can barely muster up a kind word to motivate us along.

I started an event planning business at 19 in an attempt to satisfy my craving for a fulfilled life that was more than just the 9-5 grind, however, it soon fizzled out as I had no idea what I was doing and the limiting beliefs hung around my neck like weights that dragged heavy on the ground.

I succumbed to the 9-5 and got stuck into the daily grind, after years of job hopping in over 20 different positions all the while knowing I was made for more but too scared to face it through fear of failure, I decided to take my first leap of faith and start my second business. In coaching? Nope! I was still too scared! The limiting beliefs were still there as strong as ever, so I decided to start a business that had the least risk possible. I became a Holistic Therapist running my own holistic therapy business.

Don’t get me wrong, I was passionate about natural healing and it was fun retraining and learning how to run a REAL business properly and making a success, BUT it wasn’t in line with my life’s purpose whatsoever. Because of this, I gradually lost steam, lost the passion, and even though I was actively promoting my business, I would recoil anytime anyone booked in for a treatment. I was repelling my own clients! I joined the Women’s Business Club to get some support and loved it so much that I soon became a major part of the club and hosted the networking events on a regular basis and started to mentor. It was here the spark for coaching reignited and I couldn’t ignore my calling any longer. With the support of the inspiring women at the club I found my confidence to make ‘the big decision’. The decision to go for it regardless of what was ahead, regardless of the obstacles and regardless of the fear.

After making the decision, I made a start soon after. I put it out there that I was a coach, but soon realised I wasn’t coaching with passion or direction. I was attracting clients I didn’t want to work with, and coaching in areas I had no passion for. I was being led along blindly by whoever fell into my lap. I became stuck. I hit a wall and I put a stop to taking on clients I didn’t want to work with BUT who did I want to work with?

I was stuck like this for 6 months until I rectified an error I made back when I was 19. I got expert help instead of giving up. I hired a coach, because hey, who’s going to invest in me if ‘I’ won’t invest in me. I believe in coaching and so I put that belief into action. It CHANGED MY WORLD! I went from stuck, struggling and confused, to clear, confident and running a successful coaching business.

Finally, I was FREE! Free from the pain of being unaligned and playing it small, free from the negative beliefs, free from living a life under the glass ceiling of limitation.

I stepped into my power, believed in myself for the first time and I’m now changing the lives of women all over the world!

You’re here because you’re ready to answer your calling.

You’re here because for some time now you have been ignoring that calling and doing a grand job of distracting yourself from having to face your life’s purpose.

You’re here because it’s time to align yourself with what you were born to do but have been too scared and too unclear on ‘how, who and what’!

Visit for more information.

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Power Foods Lifestyle Author Kristy Jo Hunt is Today’s Honoree

Kristy Jo, Author of the Power Foods Lifestyle, answers Frequently Asked Questions about  the nutrition and fitness lifestyle that Body Buddies are living on a day-to-day basis

About The Book:

Most people have no idea how good their bodies can feel–until they live a PFL lifestyle! Are you ready to change the way you look and feel? The Power Foods Lifestyle will help you lose weight, repair a damaged metabolism from years of yo-yo dieting, and decrease your risk for chronic disease while naturally increasing your energy levels. This scientifically-based method of eating presents a new way of thinking about food, teaching you how to pair your nutrients in portion sizes that balance your blood sugar and keep your body in a fat-burning state day or night. The Power Foods Lifestyle will help you convert to a lifestyle of eating wholesome, natural foods and facing each new day with a heightened awareness of what happens in your body whenever you put food in your mouth. As you adopt principles of the PFL into your lifestyle, you may see your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar readings approach normal ranges. This isn’t the quick fix–it’s the real fix. One meal. One workout. One day at a time.

About The Author:

As a dancer, performer, and choreographer of over 15 years, the body and how it moves and functions is a miracle to me. I, myself, am grateful for the wonder of the body as consistent chiropractic care and rigorous nutrition and fitness habits help me cope with my 40+-degree scoliosis. It was this very scoliosis that led me from the world of dance and my aspirations into fitness and nutrition.

Kristy Jo On March 17, 2012, something inside of me knew it was time to change my disordered eating and exercise habits. For the first time in my life, I followed through with a plan to change my body, and more importantly, the way I thought and felt about food, exercise, and myself.

I am now a published author of multiple books, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and had my programs and approaches approved by doctors, Registered Dietitians, and psychologists.

Body Buddies and The Power Foods Lifestyle™ are now products of my disciplined experimentation—trials and errors alike—in an effort to share what had helped me overcome so much. The PFL method of eating is a simple summary of all of the nutritional and food chemistry research I came upon and how this science relates to sculpting the body. While the research and evidence fascinates me, I know that the general population could care less, so I strive to separate fact from fiction. I summarize ideas and strategies in ways that are easy for you to understand and apply to your life.

Visit for more information.



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