Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Dodier is Today’s Honoree

As a clinical nutritionist, honors graduate from Institute of Holistic Nutrition and the creator of the Dodier Protocol (an integrative approach which incorporates primary foods, nutrient therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy and mind-body connection in the treatment of disease) I’m about to help you overcome your health crises.

The Dodier Protocol is predicated on strengthening your mind-body connection to enable you to decode the messages your body is sending you the only way it knows how: through symptoms of weight-gain, pain and discomfort.

By teaching you how to listen and observe your body in a curious and compassionate way, I’ll help you make necessary lifestyle changes and heal your body naturally with food.

As a clinical nutritionist, former-corporate VP and recovering Type-A personality, I specialize in helping busy, results-orientated women like you who:

  • Have been blindsided by some kind of health crises that you just didn’t see coming.
  • Have been tested, prodded and poked by countless M.D.s who are unwilling or unable to advise you on gentler, kinder alternative ways to alleviate your symptoms.
  • Have been self-medicating your way through pain and discomfort with your drug of choice only for matters to become progressively worse.
  • Find it hard to put yourself first and your health your priority when there are so many other people placing demands on your time.
  • Are struggling to lose the weight you gained as a result of your health challenge.
  • Dealing with cravings that you never experienced before and just can’t seem to say no to.
  • Are finding it hard to stay grounded and emotionally balanced.
  • Want to experience what it’s like to feel happy, present and at peace in your body once again.

Visit https://www.stephaniedodier.com/about/ for more information.

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Certified Financial Planner Benjamin Brandt is Today’s Honoree

Benjamin Brandt is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Founder/President of Capital City Wealth Management, a Bismarck, North Dakota fee-only financial planning company.

He is also the host of the popular podcast Retirement Starts Today Radio and the accompanying blog.

Benjamin is an Iraqi combat veteran having served in the North Dakota Army National Guard for 8 years, including a 15 month deployment to Iraq in 2003.

You may have seen Benjamin featured in The Huffington Post, CNBC.com, Forbes, Business Insider, ClarkHoward.com, and many others.

In his free time, Benjamin and his wife Kristen can be found on the weekends at the hockey rink, or on the gymnastic and wrestling mats, chasing their three energetic children.

Always up for a challenge, when the National Guard recruiter told a 19-year old version of myself that I could blow stuff up on the weekends, I couldn’t say no! Shortly thereafter I found myself in Iraq attached to the 1st Infantry Division. (I call it my “semesters abroad”)

Visit http://retirementstartstoday.com/benjamin-brandt/ for more information.

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Author and Upitch App Co-Founder Allison Kugel is Today’s Honoree

Journalist and writer, Allison Kugel, examines her journey with a life-altering anxiety disorder against the backdrop of a career in celebrity journalism in her new memoir, Journaling Fame: A memoir of a life unhinged and on the record.

Journaling Fame (April 25, 2017/Mill City Press) takes readers inside the turbulent mind and precocious soul of former celebrity journalist, Allison Kugel, as she recalls the evolution and fallout from a near paralyzing anxiety disorder while navigating a decade interviewing some of Hollywood’s most famous (and infamous) names.

Throughout childhood, adolescents, and early adulthood; anxiety, panic, depression and OCD continued to strengthen its grip on her life. Kugel
describes how her condition ebbed and flowed, co-existing alongside a one-time thriving career as an entertainment and pop culture journalist who conducted in-depth interviews with hundreds of today’s biggest newsmakers.

Between numerous celebrity interactions and recalling harrowing memories from youth and adolescents, she attempts to piece together moments of her life that, both, built her career successes and fostered severe panic attacks that threatened to undo it all. Amidst the emotional chaos and pop culture anecdotes lies an endearing subtext of spiritual growth that educates and inspires.

Personal and never before heard stories with Dave Chappelle, the Kardashians, 50 Cent, Jenna Jameson, Elle Macpherson, Stan Lee, Tyrese, Joe Pantoliano, Gloria Allred, Mike Tyson, Kristin Chenoweth and many other newsmakers are sprinkled throughout.

Allison Kugel provides an ultimate insider’s guide into the entertainment journalism and publicity machines that the public doesn’t see, along with shared personal memories of Hollywood friendships. She pulls no punches when going into excruciating detail about her experiences with anxiety, panic attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder. From hospitalizations, therapy, and various medications, nothing is off the table.

Her memoir seamlessly weaves in and out through professional triumphs and personal struggles, with self-examination, irony and humor.

Advance Buzz for Journaling Fame –

“I yearn to interview the biggest names in media and entertainment. Allison Kugel can proudly say she’s already done that during her many years as a celebrity journalist, having chatted with the likes of Nancy Sinatra, Elle Macpherson and The Kardashians, to name just three.” – Rebecca Haslam, Editor of PopWrapped

“Allison Kugel is everything I wish I could be as a celebrity journalist. She has interviewed the Kardashian sisters, 50 Cent, politicians and everybody in between, and of course has many fun stories to go along with them. The stories are so good in fact, that she is writing a book about the experience.” – Sammi Turano, Editor of TVGrapevine

“Between her celebrity encounters, Kugel chronicles panic attacks from a near-crippling anxiety disorder.” – Richard Johnson, Page Six Columnist for The New York Post

“Allison Kugel spills on best and worst celebrities she’s interviewed.” – Andrew Bucklow, Entertainment Reporter for news.com.au

For a decade, Allison Kugel was entrenched in the culture of celebrity as an entertainment, pop culture and political journalist whose work was quoted and re-printed by hundreds of media outlets, worldwide. She is currently co-founder of the Upitch app. Kugel is a philanthropist for various charities, including Project Night Night. Journaling Fame is her first book, and through its message, she hopes to be an advocate for people living with
anxiety disorders. She and her son live in Florida and New York.

Visit https://www.instagram.com/theallisonkugel/ for more information.

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Rutgers University Medical Student Stephanie Oh is Today’s Honoree

Stephanie Oh knows what it’s like to live at the poverty line. After graduating college with a degree in bioengineering, she volunteered for AmeriCorps and subsisted on food stamps. “This experience made me better understand the struggles people face trying to live healthy on a limited income,” says Oh, now a medical and doctoral student in neuroscience at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Today, Oh puts her knowledge of medicine and indigent and homeless populations into practice as the student director of the Promise Clinic, an initiative that provides primary health care for clients of Elijah’s Promise Community Kitchen in New Brunswick.

The Promise Clinic, founded in 2005, is one project under the medical school’s Homeless and Indigent Population Health Outreach Project (HIPHOP), which fosters relationships between medical students and the local community by providing free care to this population.

HIPHOP also supports the Community Health Initiative (CHI), in which medical students present health workshops at community sites, shadow a physician who provides services to the indigent population at the Robert Wood Johnson AIDS Program and Rutgers Eric B. Chandler Health Center, and participate in community outreach throughout New Brunswick. Up to 600 students volunteer annually in both programs.

“When health care students become knowledgeable about the people they serve, they are better able to practice patient-centered medicine,” says Susan Giordano, HIPHOP program coordinator. “Our goal is for student leaders to promote and advocate for the community by instilling humanism in medicine.”

As of the 2010 census, approximately 34 percent of New Brunswick residents live in poverty. Each summer, Giordano runs an internship for HIPHOP’s incoming student leaders that introduces them to partner organizations and takes them on a community tour to teach about the logistical challenges residents – without a car and on tight budgets – face in eating healthy, accessing medical care and obtaining support.

“The tour is eye-opening,” says Gloria Chen, CHI student director and second-year medical student. “It makes us aware of how difficult it is for our patients to have healthy lifestyles. There are a lot of services they can’t access since they don’t have transportation.”

As the clinical arm of HIPHOP, the student-run Promise Clinic provides free primary care services at Rutgers Eric B. Chandler Health Center to the uninsured adult clients of Elijah’s Promise community soup kitchen. Over the past two years, the students have raised more than $30,000 to help cover medical expenses.

Since its start in 2005, the Promise Clinic’s network has expanded to include students from Rutgers School of Public Health, School of Health Professions’ physicians assistant program, School of Social Work, School of Pharmacy and resident-physicians from the Rutgers program in General Psychiatry, who work collaboratively with the medical students. The Promise Clinic also benefits greatly from the efforts of volunteer attending physicians from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital departments of family medicine, internal medicine and emergency medicine, who precept the student-doctor teams and provide clinical mentorship.

“The partnerships allow us to learn how to work as an interdisciplinary team,” says Oh, who has served at the clinic since 2011. “Health is not just a state of physical wellness – it’s also mental and social wellness. Our student-doctors are learning that in order to ensure a patient’s wellbeing you have to be able to take care of all these facets together.”

Each year, approximately 45 teams of four to five medical students see patients under the supervision of faculty advisers. The teams – composed of first- through fourth-year medical students – care for the same one to two individuals throughout their medical school experience. In addition, patients also see students from the interdisciplinary practices as their care warrants. Since its inception, the Promise Clinic has seen about 600 patients, who visit once every few months.

Students join the team in their first year; when they enter their clinical rotations, their role changes to teaching the first- and second-year students in their team. “By providing a continuum of care to the same patient over four years, students gain a strong knowledge of the patient’s condition and form a bond,” Oh says. “It’s a rare opportunity for students to care for a specific patient in a very personal way. I have seen student doctors spend hours arguing with pharmacological companies to lower the cost of medicine or advocate for patients with charity care.”

Health literacy and language are barriers in this population – over 50 percent of New Brunswick residents are non-English speakers. To meet this challenge, bilingual medical students are trained as medical interpreters and medical and social work students serve as health navigators.

As a result of their experience, many students remain in primary or family care, Oh says.

“I once thought that change happened on a large scale – though policies,” she notes. “But I see now that it’s all about the individual relationships between doctors and their patients.”

Go to http://go.rutgers.edu/weexjo4v for more information.

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aois21 publishing Founder Keith F. Shovlin is Today’s Honoree

About aois publiahing:

aois21 is a publishing company for a new age of reading, so the name is a mixture of the new and the old. The word aois is taken from Irish Gaelic and translates as age or century, so, in effect, the name is a variation of Century 21.

It goes beyond that, though, when you consider the joint Scottish heritage of the word and you discover the aois-dana, which translates as “people of the arts.” From wikipedia:

The Aois-dàna were held in high esteem throughout the Scottish Highlands. As late as the end of the 17th century, they sat in the sreath or circle among the nobles and chiefs of families. They took the preference of the ollamh or doctor in medicine. After the extinction of the druids, they were brought in to preserve the genealogy of families, and to repeat genealogical traditions at the succession of every chieftain. They had great influence over all the powerful men of the time. Their persons, their houses, their villages, were sacred. Whatever they asked was given them; not always, however, out of respect, but from fear of their satire, which frequently followed a denial of their requests.

We proudly continue the spirit of the people of the arts as we move further into the 21st Century.

About the Founder:

Our company Founder, Publisher and Chief Creative, Keith is originally from Beaver, PA, just north of Pittsburgh, he currently lives in Alexandria, VA, with his wife and family. He moved to the DC area in 2002 to finish his Bachelor’s at American University. After writing for various newspapers from high school through college, he endeavored to explore the imaginary and try his hand at writing fiction. His first novel, Polk’s Soliloquy, was as much a labor of love and a grand experiment for him. He has numerous writing projects of various length he is looking forward to complete. He likes to write as a release and most of his more personal stuff stays that way, while others become part of the stories he writes.

Visit http://www.aois21.com/staff/ for more information.

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Outlier Magazine CEO Ever Gonzalez is Today’s Honoree

About Ever:

Ever is a serial entrepreneur and is currently the Founder and CEO of Outlier, an online publication, physical co-working space, and conference series geared toward the dynamic community of startups and entrepreneurs.

A true outlier, Ever has always enjoyed taking “the road less traveled” in every aspect of his life. When he’s not busy with Outlier, Ever spends time with his wife and children traveling, playing, and looking forward to raising the next generation of entrepreneurs.

More about Outlier:

Outlier Magazine is an online publication geared toward the dynamic community of startups and entrepreneurs; a network of founders, investors and business owners from around the world. It is a forum in which to connect and collaborate, to mentor and be mentored, and to share the experiences of creating and growing a company. It is dedicated to providing the knowledge, tools and insight needed to propel a company from its foundation to its ultimate potential.

Visit http://outliermagazine.co/about/ for more information.

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Princess Power Blogger Nedalee Thomas is Today’s Honoree

Nedalee Thomas is an author, speaker, mother, grandmother, former foster mother, and the founder of seven companies and a non-profit organization.

Nedalee went from being a penny pinching homemaker in a mobile home to owning her own multi-million dollar company and living her dream life in Orange County California.

When she’s not working, teaching or volunteering, Nedalee can be found at her favorite spot on the beach, kayaking, or dancing the night away, all while still living within her means after donating the majority of her income to charity.

 (In Nadalee’s own words)

Hi, I’m Nedalee Thomas and I have a boatload of life experience that I believe can bless and help others grow on many levels.I come from very humble beginnings. I pretty much raised myself, and I often say that I was parented by wolves, as one of my family members had a brain tumor and never had time for me.

When I look at my life within the condensed little nutshell of a couple of paragraphs, the shocking and salacious details go something like this:

I experienced the loss of my father through divorce by 2 years old, was molested by age 4, and sent to live with my grandparents by age 4 1/2.

My mom died in a car accident at age 29. I was 12.

I was raped at age 14 and lived in a neighborhood that had 5 suicides in 1 year.

I married at 18, and parented 19 kids on basically one income for 22 years before the love of my life left me for someone else. I have been abused by one husband, cheated on by two, and divorced twice.

My homeless, mentally ill brother passed away last year.

While that all sounds like a downer, I learned many lessons with each experience. I’m nobody’s victim.

I have overcome a lot and consider myself a life learner; with a resume like that perhaps you will understand why I would be a self-help junkie, and I love to share what I have learned with others.

I basically became an overachiever in life to get any kind of attention that I could since I was ignored as a child.

I collected celebrity signatures and made them into award-winning museum quality quilts. I’ve started 7 businesses, grew a business to 2.2 million dollars in sales by its second year, wrote 2 books, traveled to many places around the world and lead an amazing, happy, and abundant life.

The first book I wrote is to help parents and is called The Desperate Parents Handbook. And the other is a 5 DVD series and a workbook called Princess Power. It empowers women to be better wives, mothers, givers, savers and money makers. My favorite money saving tip is in there and it’s how to save 67% on your groceries while getting twice as much food!

I like to write because in one of my favorite books, the Bible, it says the older women should teach the younger women.

We all make mistakes when we’re young and think we are invincible. But one of my mottos in life has been–whenever possible–to “learn from other people’s mistakes.” Here I humbly share my mistakes and my joys so that my readers can grow as well.

Visit http://www.princesspower.com/main/blog/ for more information.

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