Author Lynda Fell is Today’s Honoree

PowerPoint PresentationBorn and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lynda and her beloved husband lost their 15 year-old daughter, a straight-A student and competitive swimmer who died in a tragic car accident while coming home from a swim meet in 2009. Surrounded by love and support, Lynda was determined to overcome the overwhelming darkness, and was just finding her footing when her 46 year-old husband suffered a major stroke leaving him with permanent disabilities.

Seeing the world through filter of sorrow, Lynda found comfort by helping others who were struggling, and this fueled her passion to create a legacy of help, healing and hope. She founded AlyBlue Media in 2013 and launched Grief Diaries Radio in February 2014. She soon added film, webinars, and books to her repertoire as well as the National Grief & Hope Convention featuring Martin Luther King’s daughter, Dr. Bernice King.

Now considered a pioneer in the field of inspirational hope in the aftermath of loss, Lynda creates ground-breaking projects dedicated to raising awareness and compassion, teaching others that they hold the power to change someone’s life with just one smile, and inspire hope that life can be full and rich in the aftermath of loss.

Lynda has facilitated community vigils, earned four literary awards, authored over 20 books and has interviewed Dr. Martin Luther King’s daughter, Trayvon Martin’s mother, sisters of the late Nicole Brown Simpson; Pastor Todd Burpo of Heaven is For Real, CNN commentator Dr. Ken Druck, and other societal newsmakers on finding healing and hope in the aftermath of life challenges. She is a national commentator for the New York Daily News and The Blaze network, CEO of AlyBlue Media, board president of the National Grief & Hope Coalition, and been featured in publications around the world. Her 5-star book series Grief Diaries, now over 500 writers strong, features true stories about ordinary people surviving extraordinary journeys.

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Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs CEO Dr. Norris Dorsey is Today’s Honoree

dorseyacademyDr. Norris Dorsey is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the University of Phoenix. He also teaches at DeVry University and Los Angeles Pierce and Mission colleges. Dr. Dorsey’s research interest focuses on the study of minority leaders in nonprofit organizations. His current research includes identifying success stories using the value leadership model. Dr. Dorsey has extensive expertise in organizational leadership which combines the art of leadership and the science of management with the aim of guiding an organization. Organizational leadership requires leaders to be familiar with the work force and the organizational goals. Such leadership supplies direction and work force management for a corporation to accomplish its goals. Dr. Dorsey earned a B.S. degree in Management and an M.B.A and Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from the University of La Verne in Southern California.

Dr. Dorsey is the Founder and CEO of Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs, the nonprofit organization that has educated more than 1,300 students around the world and delivered over 1.5 million educational hours in just 15 years. The Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs was founded in July 2014 with the motto, “Start your business and business classes simultaneously.” Dr. Dorsey has enjoyed speaking to over a million high school and college students across the country and was coined the “Student Choice Professor” by the students at California State University Northridge.

Dr. Dorsey is a Professional Expert speaking often on economic empowerment global education, Value Leadership Model finding one’s passion and purpose, and youth entrepreneurship. His books, The Art of Inclusion and the Accounting Workbook are widely recognized by students worldwide. Dr. Dorsey also shares his personal educational journey explaining Why “C’s” Get Degrees. Dr. Dorsey urges us to be patient, as well as to educate the younger generation on how to eliminate college debt by thinking differently. Dr. Dorsey, shares the importance of setting short term, intermediate, and long term goals when it comes to reaching success. He explains the different types of mindsets within college students today, as well as their modern-day challenges.

Dr. Dorsey is a dynamic motivational speaker with a must hear story to tell. He is a former basketball player with a commanding presence and charismatic leadership style. His book, The Art of Inclusion is widely considered a management guide for non profit organizational leaders. Dr. Dorsey was raised in the music business by his legendary mom “Guitar Sallye” and his aunt “Bass Tamah.” Aka The Bootsy Girls.

For information on booking Dr. Norris Dorsey for a speaking engagement, personal appearance, workshop curriculum, endorsement, print advertising campaigns, media events or fundraisers, conventions, or private corporate function. Please visit

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Oncologist Steven Eisenberg is Today’s Honoree

dreisenbergScans, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll?

That’s what patients of Steven G. Eisenberg, D.O. have come to expect, and they say his unrelenting spirit brightens even their darkest days.

Says patient Debbie Hallmark, who the good doctor serenaded to celebrate the end of a grueling round of chemo, “He age001.jpg@01D23E5E.DAA30390doesn’t treat your illness – he treats you. And that’s the way medicine should be.”

Dr. Eisenberg aims to redefine patient-doctor communication, urging a strong relationship based on clear conversation by melding compassion and care with technology. He believes opening the doors of communication is the first step toward recovery. And at least 400 studies show the healing power of music is no placebo.

When he meets a new patient, he starts by interviewing them, scribbling frantically, then lets it marinate for a day or so. Later, as he will be going about his normal routine, he’ll suddenly get an idea and break out his guitar. From that point, he says, the song practically writes itself.

As for his inspiration, Dr. Eisenberg looked internally and thought back to a time he himself had been struggling with his health. To take his mind off of it, he entered a story-writing contest in which the winner would receive the prize of having a song written about them. This gave Dr. Eisenberg the epiphany to sing for his patients to lift their spirits when they were suffering and feeling lost.

In the sterile world of medicine where many doctors are criticized for focusing primarily on the disease, not the support patients need, says Hallmark, “It’s wonderful and refreshing because when you’re with him, you feel like you’re his only patient.”


Dr. Eisenberg received his B.A. in general arts and sciences at Pennsylvania State University. He attended medical school at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He was honored with the Dean Arthur M. and Belle B. Flack Memorial Award for the student most proficient in internal medicine.

After receiving his doctorate, he completed an internal medicine internship and residency at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Hospital Consortium and was named chief intern. He was the first recipient of the Emanuel Fliegelman, D. Humanitarian Award for the doctor exhibiting highly compassionate care during residency.Dr. Eisenberg completed a fellowship at the Georgetown University Medical Center, Vincent T. Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center in Medical Oncology and Hematology, and spent a research year as a gastrointestinal oncology fellow. He served as an investigator in a variety of clinical trials focusing on novel therapies for GI malignancies. He has published articles on colon cancer and continues to lecture on a wide array of cancer-related topics. His special interests include breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and integrative oncology.

Dr. Eisenberg is board-certified in internal medicine, medical oncology and hematology and has offices in Poway, Escondido and Vista. He has been nominated for Best Bedside Manner at Tri-City Hospital.

Dr. Eisenberg is married and has three children. He enjoys playing basketball, traveling with his family and writing songs for people living with cancer through The Lyrical Life Foundation.

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Cherie Calbom The Juice Lady is Today’s Honoree

thejuiceladyCherie Calbom is a leading authority on juicing for health and detoxification. Known as The Juice Lady, TV chef, and celebrity nutritionist, she has helped in pioneering the fresh juice movement around the world. 

A graduate of Bastyr University with a Master of Science degree in whole foods nutrition, Cherie is author of 32 books including Sugar Knockout, The Anti-Inflammation Diet, The Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies(in English and Spanish), The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet, Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life, The Juice Lady’s Living Foods Revolution, The Complete Cancer Cleanse, and Juicing for Life (in Spanish and English). Cherie has helped thousands of people restore their health through her juicing and cleansing programs, sugar detox classes , and healthy eating plans.  She has worked as a nutritionist with George Foreman and Richard Simmons, and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows and in scores of magazine articles. Cherie offers a variety of on-line classes including 5 Day Juice FASSST, 10 Step Sugar Detox and 30-Day Detox Challenge.  She and her husband offer Health and Wellness Juice and Raw Foods Retreats throughout the year. You can read many success stories of people who healed their bodies with juicing and diet changes on her website under Testimonials.

Cherie’s books have been featured in four cover stories for Women’s World magazine and two in Charisma magazine. She has also had feature stories in USA Today, New York Post, NY Daily News, First for Women, Quick & Simple, Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Newsweek, New Body, Fitness, McCall’s, Shape, Women’s Sports & Fitness, Oxygen, and Natural Health.

Cherie has appeared on Fox Morning News, Chicago Fox News (feature story), CNN, WCBS “Live From the Couch, Jordan Rubin’s “Living Beyond Organic” as the on-air chef, and three times on Dr. Mercola. She has also appeared in seven infomercials including the Juice Lady infomercial, the Juiceman Infomercials, and has co-hosted three George Foreman Grill infomercials with George and the Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. Take a media tour with Cherie!

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Gospel Rhythm Music Ministries CEO Domonique Mitchell is Today’s Honoree

domoniquemitchellInspirational Music for the Soul is a series of youthful praise from inspirational artists coming together under one label and on one annually released album. The birth of Inspirational Music for the Soul was awaken by the amazing thought to mix worship and praise with a hint of persuasion, that is appealing to the heart and soul while pleasing the ear. This idea was created by C.E.O. of Gospel Rhythm Music Ministries, Domonique Mitchell.  

Inspirational Music for the Soul can be best described as pure worship, youthful praise and joyous salvation. Inspirational Music for the Soul is like nothing that you have ever been exposed to. Inspirational Music for the Soul will become a part of your everyday essential because Inspirational Music for the Soul will provide you with an out-of-this-world experience. There will be a series of volumes that will be released annually. For those of you are going through any type of hardship in your life or just need some great healing worship, this is the place to be. Listen to these albums to be inspired. Inspirational Music for the Soul will provide you with a variety of great vocal performances, acoustic rhythm, melodic songwriting, upbeat lyrics, chromatic harmonic structure and much more.

domoniquemitchell1For independent artist who are trying to move further in your careers and make a difference in the world, Inspirational Music for the Soul is your place. This is a great opportunity for artists to be a part of a worldwide platform. Artists will have the opportunity to work with other artists on the compilation to worshiping God.


Award Winning International Inspirational Gospel Artist CARLETT MARTIN her Ministry is for Abused women, Pryme Minister with “What Would Jesus Do”, and Exalt- We Gon Ride. Inspirational Music for the Soul can be best described as pure worship, youthful praise and joyous salvation.

There will be a series of volumes that will be released annually. For those of you are going through any type of hardship in your life or just need some great healing worship, this is the place to be.

Visit and for more information.

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Miss Black Arizona USA Pageant Head Director Aimee Parker is Today’s Honoree

aimeeparker2Who am I?

My name is Aimee Parker. I was born and raised in southern Louisiana. I moved to Arizona a few years ago where I am currently pursuing my second degree at attend Arizona State University. I really appreciate my southern roots because as a black southern woman you really come to learn about your roots as an African-American. I remember as a child my entire community including friends, family, and teachers constantly reminded us of the great black heroes that came before us. The ones who shattered and broke the glass ceiling so that I can be in the position that I stand in today freely. They instill in you the importance of knowing who you are and where you come from so that you know where you are going in life. My grandmother always told me “When you are 80 years old and God is about to call you home, in that moment that you reflect on all you have done in your life, if you have changed the life of at least one person on this earth, then you can rest knowing you did a job well done.” That saying has always stuck with me and that is why I constantly strive to help those who are in need and change the lives of those who need to be changed and I just so happen to do that through pageantry.

aimeeparker1What I do?

I am the head director of the Miss Black Arizona USA Pageant along with my partner, executive director, Angelique Jones. We are the premier pageant for women of color. The Miss Black Arizona USA pageant provides women of color ranging from ages 14-27 the opportunity to attend college by competing in our scholarship pageant and winning scholarship funds to assist them with covering the increasingly high costs of college tuition within the state of Arizona. We provide the young women with one on one workshops leading all the way up to pageant weekend, focusing on self-esteem, confidence, interview skills, resume building skills, and the importance of knowing your worth. These workshops provide these women with the necessary skills they will need in order to succeed not on the pageant stage but on the stage called life. We instill in our girls the importance of success as a woman of color and provide them with the necessary tools to be just that, a success. We refer to our pageant as the stepping stone into life.

When did I get started and why I do what I do?

I got started into the world of pageantry at the very young age of 9. I received an invite inaimeeparker the mail from a pageant and I remember opening it up and asking my mom if she could enter me into it because I wanted to be a princess like the girls on tv, and over decade later I have walked away with over 8 pageant titles starting from my pre-teen years. One thing that really drew me to pageantry was the skills that I started to obtain. Skills such as oral and communication skills, how to properly dress and conduct myself in an interview setting, and the importance of giving back to my community. Living in Arizona I felt the African American community (especially women) lacked places to go for those type of resources and I felt could provide those resources while doing something I loved and something that actually helped women that looked like me. Coming from a very close knit place like Louisiana to Arizona, I was shocked by how spread out the black community was in Arizona and I wanted to be a part of something that would bring the black community together. I wanted to erase the image some women of color had of pageantry by allowing them to compete in a system that was created by us for us. After finding the Miss Black USA system which was founded in 1986 by Karen Arrington, and completing my own reign as Miss Black Arizona USA 2015, I took the role of director so that I could do just that. The Miss Black USA system prides itself on providing educational opportunities to outstanding young women of color and to develop the “whole woman mind, body, and spirit of the African American woman, which is something most definitely needed in Arizona. Miss Black Arizona USA is stepping stone for women of color to begin their debut into pageantry without feeling like their unique beauty will be overlooked or not noticed.

Visit for more information.

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Village Heartbeat Founder and Author Zorina Wolf is Today’s Honoree

zorinawolf“How Team Building Can Help You March To Each Other’s Drum”

Employee reactions can be mixed when company leaders announce plans for a team-building  activity that they hope will improve camaraderie and collaboration in the workplace.

Some workers express enthusiasm and others indifference, but at least one-third inwardly groan. A Citrix study once showed that 31 percent of employees say they dislike team-building activities altogether.

But that could be because too often such activities get the competitive juices flowing, even though the real goal is to get people working together, says Zorina Wolf, who facilitates team-building efforts using drum circles.

“Let’s face it, we are taught to be competitive, especially in the corporate world,” says Wolf, author of “Whole Person Drumming – Your Journey Into Rhythm.”

“So when people hear about plans for a team-building activity – in my case, a drumming activity – they start to worry about measuring up. Will I be able to do this? Will I look foolish compared to everyone else?” Relax, Wolf says.

Team building shouldn’t be a time for co-workers to one-up each other.

“My message as a facilitator is about how to be a team,” Wolf says. “I know that some people will catch on more quickly than others. Too often in life, the people who immediately understand something new turn their backs on those who don’t. My goal is for those who ‘get it’ to become mentors for those who don’t.”

If drumming seems like an unusual team-building exercise, consider that companies have tried other approaches that are just as novel. A survey by the Creative Group, a specialized staffing service, revealed that some of those included dance-offs, psychic readings, pedicures and indoor surfing.

Wolf says there are several reasons why team-building activities are effective. She says they:

• Promote the importance of working together. “I think each of us has the desire to belong to something greater than ourselves,” Wolf says. In a cooperative learning situation, you’re allowed to lean on and learn from others.

• Inspire creativity. Team-building efforts can get your brain working in ways that it normally doesn’t. It’s easy in any workplace to get caught up in dull routines and to do everything by rote. When you’re forced to try something different, your senses wake up and your mind is open to new possibilities.

• Help employees bond in a more relaxed environment. Sometimes you just need to get away from the office and have fun. “Drumming can be a powerful medicine that can balance out the tension in our lives,” she says.

That means the next time the boss announces a team-building activity, there’s no need to panic – especially if it involves drums.

“Anyone can learn to drum,” Wolf says. “People may be skeptical of this, but there really is no such thing as being rhythmically challenged.”

About Zorina Wolf:

Zorina Wolf is the Founder of Village Heartbeat and the  author of “Whole Person Drumming: Your Journey Into Rhythm.” She trained under drum teachers in the United States and in Africa, and has taught workshops and drumming programs for more than
20 years.

Visit for more information.

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