Today I learned that music is not made with the instrument in your hands but by the beat in your heart.

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Billboard #1 Artist Harper Starling is Today’s Honoree

Billboard #1 artist Harper Starling beat Tourette’s syndrome with music.  Literally.

She also met a member of The Violent Femmes that led to a unique musical
partnership. Would you like an inspiring interview to talk about the above,
how the combination of the two led her to the path of music and the top of
the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart?

The #1 hit is “Euphoria” by The Perry Twins featuring Harper Starling. The
track is produced/remixed by The Perry Twins (Rihanna, Beyonce), with
additional remixes by Dirty Werk (Kesha, Dave Aude) and Dan Thomas (Moby,
Ralphi Rosario). Harper climbed over powerhouse artists Dua Lipa and Calvin
Harris to reach #1 as well as Janelle Monae, Drake, Sting, Shaggy and Craig
David featuring Bastille. Additionally, they shared the Top 10 with Troye

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Entrepreneur Rich Taylor is Today’s Honoree

Rich Taylor is an entrepreneur, author, podcaster and innovator. In 2014 Rich took his love of men’s style and fashion and established his own brand, named after his son, Harrison Blake Apparel. Prior to the brand launch, Rich spent a few years as an Apparel Manufacturing Supervisor at one of the highest volume producing apparel in the world, supervising the spreading and pattern cutting team. Rich has used these insights and knowledge of the apparel manufacturing to provide high quality neckties and accessories. If you’re looking to start a brand or develop your idea, you’re in the right place!

His social media accounts have grown to over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone and he’s developed a system that can generate multiple six figure sales year-after-year.

Rich began his entrepreneurial journey back in 2009 when he penned his debut novel. The book earned 5 Shades of Romance Magazine Readers Choice Awards. After releasing four more fiction novels Rich penned a guide for men seeking to transform their style and attitude. The end result was his first non-fiction release, The Life of a Gentleman. The book received high praise and many youth organizations have used it as a resource to help young men develop. Rich now hosts a weekly Podcast with the same name, The Life of a Gentleman.

In 2016 Rich received a 100 Men of Color Honoree Award for men who have become role models for their community. Inspired by that honor he continued his literary journey and completed his latest work, The Mindset of a Gentleman. The book offers 10 success principles that motivate and inspire readers to become more productive and reach their goals.

As a consultant and coach, Rich is excited to assist others in reaching their full potential and help them acheive whatever they put their mind to. He works with entrepreneurs who are launching their own brand and helps develop their business ideas into profitable ventures. These  techniques he do not have to be expensive as you will find, creativity and innovation are the keys to success. In his spare time he enjoys cooking, listening to various forms of Jazz, shopping for antiques and spending time with his family…

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Brown Books Author Susan Hoemke is Today’s Honoree

A compelling new book, Healing Scarred Hearts: A Family’s Story of Addiction, Loss, and Finding Light, by mother, activist and author Susan Hoemke, was released early this month. In this emotional memoir, Susan tells the heart-wrenching story of her son Hayden’’s eight-year battle with drug addiction, and of his tragic death at age twenty-two. Susan’s memoir inspires critical open dialogue on oft-avoided topics of drug and alcohol abuse. Susan urges young parents to get educated on substance abuse so as to better understands the risks and struggles children face when dealing with addiction.

In the height of the opioid crisis, personal accounts of substance abuse are more important than ever. Susan maintains that her story is not unique. Addiction can happen in any family, regardless of circumstances, and “by learning and being prepared, just in case it happens in your family or a friend’s family, you can simplify the shock and be able to identify a problem before it escalates. Taking steps to prevent or slow down addiction in its first stages can save lives.”

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Health and Fitness Author Roxane Monette is Today’s Honoree

Author Roxane Monette, a health and fitness professional, is offering a FREE copy of her book for a limited time through her website.

Health and fitness professional Roxane Monette is the author of Fit Inside Out: A Beginner’s Guide to a Healthy Body and Mindset (WTF Is So Scary About Fitness?!).  In her book, she explores common myths about fitness and offers help on starting a personal fitness journey for readers of all ages. Now, Monette is offering a FREE copy of her book through her website for a limited time.

Fit Inside Out is targeted to help people who feel lost, overwhelmed, and confused about their perceived level of fitness by providing them simple guidance while beginning a fitness journey. Whether readers are brand-new to fitness or have been involved in fitness activities in the past, this book can help. Monette encourages readers to return to a healthy body and mindset by speaking to them on a personal level about finding self-worth and taking action in small steps towards feeling better overall.

According to the author, fitness is not just about looking good on the outside, but it is also feeling good on the inside.

“The fitness industry can be quite contradictory, which causes confusion for anyone who wishes to become fit,” Monette says.

The book eases the stress and confusion by simplifying the process, reminding people to have fun, stay happy, and be engaged throughout their journey.

Fit Inside Out offers advice on discovering self-worth, getting started in fitness, having a positive mindset, discovering help for fitness goals, setting appropriate expectations, and overcoming daily obstacles as well as monitoring proper nutrition.

For a limited time, visitors to the author’s website at can download a FREE copy of the book, a $32 value. For more information, visit the author’s website.

About Roxane Monette

Roxane Monette is a health and fitness professional and author of a book on achieving optimum health at any age. She offers clients and readers supportive, positive advice on exercise and nutrition.

Visit  for more information.


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Million Dollar Collar Inventor Rob Kessler is Today’s Honoree

On the biggest day of my life my shirt was a big disappointment. That was me in front of my beautiful bride and all of our guests with a sloppy looking dress shirt. Sadly, the brand new, freshly pressed shirt didn’t even make it until I said “I DO.” After seeing the rest of my wedding pictures, I knew I had to find a solution for a problem that had bothered me for years.

I’m not an engineer, so I began with what I knew: Collar stays reinforce the collar, so I needed something to reinforce the placket. From there, I began experimenting with plastics around my house, including a milk carton, mini-blinds and zip-ties.  I quickly moved on to every commercial plastic on the market ruining over 100 shirts in the process.

The pursuit of the World’s first, and only, universal “placket stay” wasn’t an easy task.  It took nearly three years to get it right, but we finally found success in late 2015! In partnership with a leading, global plastics company, we developed a proprietary material that is lightweight, flexible and able to handle the intense heat of the dry cleaning & laundering process lasting the life of the shirt.

Visit for more information.

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Australian Born Motivational Author Nina Sunday is Today’s Honoree

Nina Sunday is an Australian-born Speaker, Educator and Author. Her keynote presentations are highly regarded at conferences and industry events.

Using real scenarios and success stories, her mission is to ensure your audience leaves with key takeouts on the topic and valuable insights on how they can improve their own business performance.

Presentations can be tailored to your organisation or industry and include topical global and domestic trends and issues.

A Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education graduate from Queensland University, Nina is one of approximately 750 professional speakers worldwide to have earned Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) accreditation, the highest international speaking designation awarded to members of the Professional Speakers Association (formerly National Speakers Association of Australia).

Nina has been engaged over 2000 times as a keynote speaker and workshop leader in Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the South Pacific by more than 500 organisations. She has published two books, produced six training videos, been an invited radio guest expert on many occasions and written dozens of published articles.

A seasoned business educator and blogger, Nina’s presentations are always practical and based on the latest research. But Nina doesn’t just talk theory – she brings it to life with her clear grasp of bottom line issues.

From 2012 to 2013 Nina served as a Director on the National Speakers Association of Australia Board and two terms as NSW State President.

Client companies include IBM, Roche, Sun Microsystems, Hyundai, Accenture, Toyota, Department of Defence, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, etc.

Nina’s sales expertise and entrepreneurship inspired her to found Brainpower Training and grow a network of trainers delivering Nina’s IP Australia-wide to Top 500 companies, SMEs and Government.

Visit for more information.

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