Yampu Tours Co-Founder Monica Irauzqui is Today’s Honoree

Monica is a Travel Expert and Co-Founder of  Yampu Tours with her husband José Irauzqui for the last 22 years and counting, planning journeys of a lifetime to Mexico, Central, South America, Asia, Africa, India, Himalayas, Europe, Australia, Antarctica. New York Times Speaker and Corporate Trainer on Travel. Travels worldwide inspecting thousands, hotels, eco-resorts, tented camps, cruises, adventure tours, family experiences, and luxury trips. Has a vetted network of staff and expert guides continuing to create and lead guided tours that shepherd travelers to the region’s well-known attractions and hidden treasures on exciting customized programs.

Monica and her team will personalize any trip to meet the special interests of her clients, continually seeks out new experiences and crafts new tours based on the expertise of our ground agents, native guides and her own adventures. From spiritual quests led by Andean shamans to tasting tours of Argentina’s Mendoza wine region to up-close encounters with the people, nature and wildlife of the Africa.

Monica’s’ think outside the box‘ attitude allows her to design a wealth of carefully crafted, life-enriching experiences as well as special interests such as history and culture, adventure, spas yoga, volunteer travel and give back, family fun or a honeymoon.

Monica is an expert in family travels, always bringing her kids, ages eleven and thirteen on her trips; Monica loves what she does and being able to do it with her family! Monica is the authority at designing themed itineraries including culinary, spiritual, adventure, experiential, girls’ trips, and sightseeing tours.

All tours are compiled with well-trained and knowledgeable experts leading the way. Monica also has a refined eye and memory for special places, hotels, eco lodges, and boats that will thrill the pickiest of travelers.

Visit https://www.yampu.com/why-yampu/meet-the-team/ for more information.

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Accidental Creative Founder and Author Todd Henry is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

What drives us to unleash our best work? And how do we tap into that drive to get superior results with our managers, coworkers, and direct reports? As Todd Henry reveals in this illuminating book, drawing on decades of research and interviews with over 100,000 people, the answer is not one size fits all: some people are energized by a race against the clock, while others put in extra effort only when they feel part of a team. For still others, nothing is as motivating as the possibility of public recognition.
Henry shows, in fact, that there are twenty-seven “motivational themes”, each with its own unique DNA. For instance:
·         Those driven to Achieve Potential strive to build an ideal future, even when others may not see as far ahead. 
·         Those needing to Overcome must conquer whatever obstacles come their way, no matter how difficult or time-consuming.
·         Those who strive to Comprehend and Express are obsessed with mastering new skills and showing off what they know–which is often a lot.
·         Those who want to Make It Right thrive when systems are running smoothly and usually know the “proper way” to do things.
The Motivation Code teaches us to decode our Core Motivation so that we can have conversations, make decisions, and even choose career paths that lead us to experience engagement and fulfillment. Once we know how to activate our inner drivers, we can transform the work we do into work we love.

About Todd Henry

Todd Henry is the founder of Accidental Creative, a company that helps creative people and teams be prolific, brilliant and healthy. He regularly speaks and consults with companies about how to develop practices that lead to everyday brilliance.

Visit AccidentalCreative.com or ToddHenry.com to learn more.

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Author Irene O’Garden is Today’s Honoree

Irene O’Garden has won or been nominated for prizes in nearly every writing category from stage to e-screen, hardcovers, children’s books as well as literary magazines and anthologies. Her critically- acclaimed play Women on Fire (Samuel French), starring Judith Ivey, played to sold-out houses at Off-Broadway’s Cherry Lane Theatre, and was nominated for a Lucille Lortel Award. Her new play, Little Heart, won her a Berilla Kerr Playwriting Fellowship and was awarded full development at the New Harmony Play Project. O’Garden was awarded The Pushcart Prize for her lyric essay “Glad to Be Human,” (Untreed Reads.) Harper published her first memoir Fat Girl and Nirala Press published Fulcrum: Selected Poems, which contains her prize-winning poem “Nonfiction.” O’Garden’s memoir, Risking the Rapids: How My Wilderness Adventure Healed My Childhood was just published by Mango Publishing.

O’Garden’s poems and essays have been featured in dozens of literary journals and award-winning anthologies (including A Slant of Light, USA Book award Best Anthology), and she has been honored with an Alice Desmond Award and an Oppenheimer for her children’s books.
A seasoned and entertaining presenter both on stage and video, O’Garden has appeared at top literary venues: including The Player’s Club, the Bowery Poetry Club, Nuyorican Poetry Café, and KGB in Manhattan; The Poetry Café, Mycennae House and Vinyl Deptford in London, and all throughout the Hudson Valley. She’s a regular contributor to 650―Where Writers Read, in New York City and Sarah Lawrence College and has received several grants from Poets and Writers. Irene also presents to an audience of hundreds annually at the Global Seth Conference.

O’Garden has presented at children’s literature conferences at Vassar and NYU and teaches poetry workshops at New York City schools. She is especially pleased to bring the national River Of Words program to Hudson Valley schools under the auspices of The Beacon Institute of Rivers and Estuaries. O’Garden is a proud member of The Dramatists Guild, The Authors Guild, Actor’s Equity Association, The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and The Society of Scribes.

Irene O’Garden has lived joyfully with her husband John Pielmeier for over 40 years.
Pielmeier, who is most known for his play Agnes of God, also writes movies and miniseries for television. In 2018 Scribner published his first novel, Hook’s Tale, and his stage adaptation of The Exorcist played London’s West End and will open in New York this year. They live and write in Garrison, NY.

Visit www.ireneogarden.com for more information.

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Author Jose Luis Bermudez is Today’s Honoree

About the Book:

Framing effects are everywhere. An estate tax looks very different to a death tax. Gun safety seems to be one thing and gun control another. Yet, the consensus from decision theorists, finance professionals, psychologists, and economists is that frame-dependence is completely irrational. This book challenges that view. Some of the toughest decisions we face are just clashes between different frames. It is perfectly rational to value the same thing differently in two different frames, even when the decision-maker knows that these are really two sides of the same coin. Frame It Again sheds new light on the structure of moral predicaments, the nature of self-control, and the rationality of co-operation. Framing is a powerful tool for redirecting public discussions about some of the most polarizing contemporary issues, such as gun control, abortion, and climate change. Learn effective problem-solving and decision-making to get the better of difficult dilemmas

About the Author:

Educated at St Pauls School, London and Cambridge University, José Luis Bermúdez is Professor of Philosophy at Texas A&M University, where he has also served as Dean of Liberal Arts and Associate Provost for Strategic Planning. Before moving to Texas he was Director of the Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology program at Washington University in St Louis. Since his first book, The Paradox of Self-Consciousness (MIT Press 1998) he has been working on interdiscipinary aspects of self-representation and self-consciousness, most recently in Understanding “I”: Language and Thought (OUP, 2017) and The Bodily Self: Selected Essays (MIT Press, 2018). He also works on rationality and reasoning, where he has published Decision Theory and Rationality (OUP, 2009). He is currently writing a book of framing and rationality, and also preparing the third edition of his textbook Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Science of the Mind, both for Cambridge University Press. His work has appeared in seven languages and he is one of the 100 most cited philosophers on Google scholar.

Visit https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/frame-it-again/424DA04F4EFD5EB9E16163AA347A02CD for more information.

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invisaWear CEO and Co-Founder Rajia Abdelaziz is Today’s Honoree

After a harrowing incident, Rajia Abdelaziz, Co-Founder and CEO of invisaWear, realized that she need something to make her safer. One night, Rajia was walking back to her car when a car full of men started yelling inappropriate comments; the car stopped and one of the men started to get out. Luckily, Rajia was able to run and get in her car, unharmed. Her phone was in her purse, but she didn’t have that split second to find her phone and call the police or friends.

Rajia took this unsettling experience as inspiration to make a difference and started invisaWear with co-founder Ray Hamilton in 2016 while in college, when she was just 22-years-old.  invisaWear is a powerful combination of sleek jewelry and a safety device to help women in dangerous situations? Rajia took a beautiful design aesthetic and interwove that with an S.O.S. device. The result is an attractive and smart jewelry piece  which instantly sends your location to emergency dispatchers and loved ones during an emergency. The charm containing the technology is small, stylish, and can be worn in a variety of ways (a necklace, bracelet, keychain, fitness band and even scrunchies). When double pressed, invisaWear sends a text message to up-to five pre-selected emergency contacts; the text notifies the emergency contacts that the user is requesting help and contains a link to the users location. Prices start at just $129.

Rajia is committed to helping women (and men) feel safe wherever they are, be it walking to a car at night, during an early morning run, travelling, or just being out an about. Having invisaWear gives users an extra layer of security, which imparts peace-of-mind and lets you enjoy life that much more.

Visit https://www.invisawear.com for more information.

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Devereux Pennsylvania Adult Services RN Healthcare Coordinator Vernon Tanguay is Today’s Honoree

At Devereux, employees are heroes in every sense of the word, helping children, adolescents and adults with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences lead more fulfilling and rewarding lives. These committed and compassionate individuals humbly dedicate themselves to serving – and inspiring – others. Vernon Tanguay – Devereux Pennsylvania Adult Services RN Healthcare Coordinator
– was recently highlighted.
In your role, what are your main responsibilities?
One of the most important aspects of my role is to address the physical and emotional needs of my clients. Actively listening, observing body language and paying attention to the nuances that may indicate a potential health issue all help me be proactive in my approach to meeting an individual’s healthcare needs. Each day, I spend time watching for nonverbal cues and other signs of discomfort. I also provide counseling and education to our adults and their families. For example: I explain diagnoses, treatment plans, procedures and medications. I answer any questions they may have related to medication costs and insurance coverage. I explain lab test results, and discuss the benefits of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and exercising.
Why are you a Healthcare Hero?
Many of the adults in our care, particularly individuals with no local family members, look to nurses, not only for comfort and medical aid, but also for social interaction. I do my best to provide a sense of normalcy. The presence of a nurse can be emotionally supportive, just by being there. During COVID-19, certain behaviors (emotional or cognitive) can make it difficult for our adults to wear a face mask. I try to make protecting our individuals a fun activity by playing games, or even using the Lone Ranger analogy to help make them feel more comfortable.
Visit www.Devereux.org for more information. 
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Let’s Talk Filmmaker Patrick James Lynch is Today’s Honoree

October 10 is World Mental Health Day and globally recognized filmmaker and award-winning healthcare advocate Patrick James Lynch will be unveiling his new documentary called “Let’s Talk” regarding hemophilia and mental health.  Patrick’s work is deeply inspired and driven by his personal experience with hemophilia including his brother’s passing due the disease. 

On World Mental Health Day (Oct 10 at 7 p.m. ET) Patrick together with  Global Genes, The Mighty, Courageous Parents Network, Sanofi Genzyme, and others with shared experiences, will host a Facebook Live watch party of  the full documentary followed by a live Q&A session to publicly premier the film.

Patrick’s passion to help those impacted by hemophilia and other chronic illnesses has led him to a myriad of projects, including several feature-length documentaries.

His most recent production is a documentary called Let’s Talk, which features five people living with a bleeding disorder who open their hearts to talk about the impact of the chronic condition on their mental health. In the41-minute film, Bobby, Esther, Chris, Keira and Ivan share their experiences to reduce the stigma, start much needed conversations, and to help others learn about and access resources.

The trailer for Let’s Talk can be viewed here https://letstalkmh.com and you can also go to http://www.patrickjameslynch.com  for more information. 

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Generation Mindful Founder Suzanne Tucker is Today’s Honoree

Meet Suzanne Tucker who is a Midwestern Mom, Parent Educator and Founder of Generation Mindful.

Suzanne’s company, Generation Mindful, is a line of tools and toys that connect the generations and nurture emotional intelligence, playfully. They are an e-commerce website, a thriving community (more than 1 Million Facebook Fans), and on top of everything else, they are playful! Why? Because, as Suzanne explains, “Play is the superhighway to learning, and, yes, to positive discipline.”  

As a parent educator of 27 years, Suzanne’s Generation Mindful nurtures the parent/child relationship and teaches parents how to help their pre-school age children to regulate their own emotions through relatability exercises, communication techniques, play, and her trademark Time-In Calming Corner. “It’s nothing short of sorcery,” posted one mom on Facebook. All of Suzanne’s toys and instructional materials are science-based and help parents effectively work with their child’s developing brain. 

Generation Mindful’s tools have helped hundreds of thousands of parents in 40 countries around the globe, and the company has earned $3.5 Million in sales revenue during the first three quarters of 2020. 

“Positive discipline nurtures emotional intelligence and shapes behavior, fostering cooperation and problem solving better than punitive methods. This data is supported, not only nationwide, but internationally,” states Suzanne.  

Visit https://genmindful.com/pages/our-team for more information.

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Prime TImE Interview

Please tune in tonight at 7:00 PM EST. for my Prime TImE Interview with Entrepreneur and Entertainer Stefanie Batiste

Come see all the action on Facebook Live at https://www.facebook.com/derrickhayes

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There Is Nothing To Fix Author Sue Jones is Today’s Honoree

Since 2006, author and innovator Sue Jones has been directing a nonprofit organization whose mission is to catalyze women to become positive change-makers in the world. Over the past decade, she has developed an evidence-based curriculum, a methodology, and a theoretical roadmap to bring rehabilitative mind-body practices to female trauma survivors.

     She is a leading voice on the subject of mind-body practices for addressing trauma, self-regulation, and empowerment. She has trained, inspired, and lead thousands of women who have taken her method into their work as yoga teachers, social workers, psychologists, advocates, medical providers, teachers, mothers, and community leaders. Her work has spanned the globe, empowering women across the U.S., Haiti, Tehran, Iran, Kenya, and in 2020 Rwanda.

    Whether through mentoring and consulting, or workshops and public speaking, Sue inspires change in individuals and encourages the spread of that change through relationship.

     Sue’s life and work with have been profiled by CNN, Fox News, and numerous publications including, Shape Magazine, The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Whole Living magazine, Elephant Journal, Body + Soul Magazine, Yoga International Magazine, and most recently by Rick Hanson for his Foundations of Well-Being Course. Sue’s first book,  There is Nothing to Fix has received international acclaim.

Visit https://www.suejonesempowerment.com/about for more information.

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