Philadelphia Sports Table Podcast Hosts Jeff Warren and Len Hunsicker are Today’s Honoree

We are Philly sports fans! Hosted by Jeff Warren and Len Hunsicker, The Philadelphia Sports Table podcast show is dedicated to topics, news and viewpoints about the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, 76’ers, college athletic scene, and sports world in general. We also upload a weekly Table Talk interview show. During the NFL regular season, Eagles post-game shows are uploaded after every game.


We love Philadelphia sports!  And if you’re visiting our site, we’re assuming you do as well. Welcome to our podcast show’s website!

The Philadelphia Sports Table is the longest running weekly Philly sports podcast show in the world! Just about every week, we bring a guest onboard our regular show to discuss their particular expertise. That person may be a beat reporter. The guest may be a host of their own podcast show or a blog writer who writes about their favorite team.

We also upload a separate weekly Table Talk show and interview that focuses more on the general world of sports.

During the Philadelphia Eagles season, we upload an Eagles post-game podcast show shortly after each game where we provide detailed analysis and grading for subscribers and listeners.

If you want something a little different than your standard Philly sports talk radio, you’ve come to the right place.  We embrace the passion of the Philly sports fan base and what the fans bring to every game as well as online discussions. That’s one of many reasons why Philly sports fans are some of the best in the world.

We want to hear from you!  As an interactive show, we hope you leave comments and get in touch with us.  Let us know your thoughts on any Philly sports subject. Check us out on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. You an also email us about anything that’s on your mind at philadelphiasportstable (at) gmail (dot) com.

You can even leave us voice feedback. We’ll play it on the show and give our reactions to your voice message. Give us a call at 610-255-7198, let us know your thoughts and together we’ll continue to build and cherish our Philly sports community.

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Wright Wellness Center Founders Rachel and Kyle Wright are Today’s Honoree

Rachel, here! Believe it or not, the vision for Wright Wellness Center actually began within the four walls of my private psychotherapy practice.

It began when I discovered that, despite the incredible diversity of clients that I see everyday, at heart, each of them come to me for one of two reasons:


 They want to see an increase in a feeling or behavior. Maybe they want to explore more intimacy or see their partner contribute more around the house. Maybe they want to experience more adventure in their life or hear their partner say “I love you” more often.


They want to see a decrease in a feeling or behavior.  Perhaps they’re tired of fighting about the same thing over and over again – or they are sick of feeling alone in their relationship. Perhaps they find themselves angry all the time or can’t stand the way that conflict shows up in their world.

Either way, the intention is the same: to feel and act better.

“Better” might mean reawakening their sex lives or learning how to communicate with less conflict. It might mean reviving the intimacy in their relationships or learning how to express love to their romantic partner in a new way.

For each of us, it shows up in a different way. But for all of us, it stems from that one universal human desire… to feel and act better.

Now, fast-forward with me a bit.

Over the course of 4+ years of one-on-one client work and countless hours in couples therapy trainings, I learned more about what really works in helping my clients to achieve their “better.” In the process, I started gathering tools and information into packets and bundles and sharing them with my clients.

For example, if a couple came in with a desire for “better communication,” I had a packet of questionnaires, tools, and skill-building homework ready for them to use, in addition to our work in session. Or, if they came in struggling with a past trauma, I had another bundle of resources ready.

The results spoke for themselves. I watched as couples’ communication skills, levels of emotional intelligence, and awareness of each other grew exponentially.

Visit for more information.


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Author Win Charles is Today’s Honoree

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Win Charles has defied the odds by becoming an author. Her memoir I, Win is an amazing story of how she remembers her life through the years of having a condition called “CP”. As a competitor in the Kona Iron Man Triathlon, CEO of her own jewelry design company, and motivational speaker, Win Charles truly is an inspiration to many. Today Win Charles tours the country, speaking to schools and institutions to raise awareness about cerebral palsy and living a full life no matter what holds you back. She is also an advocate of veterans across the world.


At age 24 I decided to tell my story. Writing this autobiography gave me the opportunity to pay tribute to my family members who are passionate about life and have instilled this passion in me. My parents’ extraordinary support, encouragment, and pure love were my foundation as I navigated life, overcame obstacles, and achieved successes as a young woman with cerebral palsy. I have to pay full tribute to my mother, who died in August 2010. From her I learned to listen to my own voice as a guide to making life choices. She taught me to always expect the best from myself. My hope is that this book will provide insight into the extraordinary possibilities that those who live with disabilities have. I also hope that those without disabilities– rather than putting a focus on our differences – will come to understand what we all have in common. This book is for my mom, with love.

Visit for more information.

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Ear To There Travel Agent Phil Gramlich is Today’s Honoree

I’m a Disney-specialized travel agent living in Philadelphia, PA with my wife and our three kids. I specialize in all things Disney, especially travel-related. My extensive experience with Disney is in both personal and professional capacities as I have been both a guest and a cast member. This gives me a well-rounded perspective to optimize your unique needs and desires with my wide knowledge and vast experience. So, I know all kinds of helpful and secret Disney tips, such as the best time to travel during the holidays or the best time to make Disney Dining Reservations.

I have done it all (Disney Hotels, Theme Parks, Cruise Ships, Restaurants, and even Marathons!) in order to bring you the personal experience needed to create a magical Disney vacation tailored to you. I’ve also been known to throw in a hidden Mickey or two.


Bet You Didn’t Know

  • My knowledge of the Disney theme parks is scary good.
  • I have proudly completed 2 Disney Marathons, 5 Disney Half Marathons, 1 Goofy Challenge, and 1 Dopey Challenge. (The proof is in the above picture). What is a Dopey Challenge? Call me and find out.
  • I have never met a cheeseburger that I didn’t love. In fact, food is another specialty of mine and I have some great restaurant recommendations for your Disney trip.
  • I used to work in Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando so I know theme parks.
  • My dancing has been compared to both Dopey and Goofy, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.


Check these Stats Out

  • I have stayed in every Walt Disney World and Disneyland Hotel. Yes, every . . . single . . . one.
  • I have been a guest on all of the Disney Cruise Ships.
  • Only a couple Disney restaurants have escaped me . . . for now.
  • I travel solo, with my family, and with 3 toddlers, so I have your broad range of travel needs covered by personal experience.
  • I am a proud WDW Annual Passholder. I frequently visit and experience the magic for you . . . and me too.
  • I am a frequent runDisney race participant.
  • I graduated from the College of Disney Knowledge – yup, you read that right. An educated Disney Expert.

Visit for more information.

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Mr. Marketology Jeff Beale is Today’s Honoree

Best-selling author and marketing strategist, Jeff Beale, helps businesses leverage their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry, then uses “Authority Marketing” to generate higher converting leads.

Jeff will tell your listeners how they can share their message by utilizing social rich media to attract massive social exposure. He’ll also show them how to leverage this exposure to get more traffic, leads, and sales for their business.

Jeff’s unique marketing method has been talked about and covered on Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, Fox and dozens of other media outlets. Also his marketing insights have helped companies such as Turner Broadcast, The Home Depot, Apartment Guide, AT&T and several other well known brands.

Jeff provides a practical approach that is easy to understand from the high level executive to the practicing technician. He understands that the language in the board room is different than on the floor and can speak as a translator to both levels within organizations.

Visit for more information.

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Domain Name Expert Bill Sweetman is Today’s Honoree

Domain name expert Bill Sweetman is a successful and respected domain name industry business leader with extensive experience in the domain aftermarket (or secondary market) of premium domain names, including domain pricing, distribution, and sales. He has provided strategic domain name advice to major companies around the world for over 20 years.

Bill is the President & Lead Ninja of Name Ninja, a boutique domain name acquisition firm that helps global entrepreneurs, startups, and marketers get their dream domain names for their next big thing.

Prior to launching Name Ninja, Bill was Vice President, Domain Portfolio at Tucows as well as General Manager of YummyNames. During his five year stint at Tucows, Bill tripled the company’s Domain Portfolio business to over $10M in annual revenue, increased sales volume 800%, launched the successful YummyNames service, and managed the sale of over $20M of premium domain names. Bill led all of the domain name monetization efforts for Tucows and he and his team managed one of the largest premium domain name portfolios in the world.

A self-confessed domain name fanatic, Bill registered his very first domain in 1994 (which he later sold for five figures) and has been perfecting his “Domain Karate” moves ever since.

Bill is also one of the Internet marketing industry’s most respected authorities and his innovative work over the last two decades has been recognized by numerous awards, including the prestigious Internet World Impact Award for Communications.

Bill is a popular speaker at industry conferences, and he is frequently interviewed by the media as a domain name expert. Bill is a contributor to various trade publications and blogs, including his own domain name strategy blog, Sweetmantra, located at

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David Yakir of the Yakir Group is Today’s Honoree

For over 20 years, David Yakir has been an entrepreneur, creative-lead and technology strategist in the advertising, media, digital marketing and entertainment space. As an executive, he led one of the first and most successful new media and marketing companies, winning several industry awards. He has also served on the board of two advertising holding companies. In the entertainment arena, he has written and directed for the theater and television in both London and the United States. He is also currently host of  I Heart Radio’s “Yak About Tech”.

In the large Ad-Agency world, David was Chief Digital Officer of Y&R and Wunderman worldwide.

As Founder and CEO, David led Blue Marble in the winning of virtually all major industry awards, as Adweek named Blue Marble “a top five agency” every year of its existence. Blue Marble grew to a global agency of several hundred people and is now a strategic part of the Publicis Group.

David has been instrumental in developing or leading many of the Fortune 500 companies digital strategies including P&G, Continental Airlines, General Motors, Microsoft and Ford.

David was also an investor in the 33Delivered group which provides counsel for companies dedicated to serving the human condition which included institutions such as the American Museum of Natural History.

As a theatre and television producer, director and writer, he worked with Ned Sherrin, CBE, to develop the PBS and Yorkshire Televisions series, “We Interrupt This Week” and “Song by Song.” Other notable works include writing and directing the London musical, “Only in America,” the original “Smokey Joe’s Café.”

As an assistant professor of communications at Baruch College, CIty University of New York, he developed one of the first computerized visual analytic labs for the study of English as a Second Language. This model has been used in many colleges and universities.

The Yakir Group has evolved over the last 9 years,from a marketing and development company to the new, present day entrepreneurial consulting group. For most of its life we were champions of change. CHANGE IS GOOD, CHANGE IS GREAT, CHANGE SUCKS!. And yet, all the while as The Yakir Group addressed rapid changes in communications and marketing, change happened to The Yakir Group business itself.

Visit for more information.

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