Author Ev’one-yaY Eulasson is Today’s Honoree


According to, about 60,000 slaves live in the U.S. today. The Civil War didn’t end slavery. It only concealed it.

In his book “Sometimes the Diaspora Begins at Home,” Ev’one-yaY Eulasson, also known as Felton Perry, explores the 400 years of European Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) from the African perspective. It was more than a race issue.

While attending the University of California Santa Barbara in 2002, Eulasson had a very personal experience with racial profiling when a policeman stopped him for questioning. He claimed that Eulasson looked like someone the police were looking for.

After his run-in with the police, Eulasson became bitter and angry. Then, when he overheard a student say, “Black people sold their own kind,” he chose to investigate the assertion.

“Just because people live on the same land-mass and are members of the same or related ethnic, religious, familial aggregates doesn’t mean that they all have an affinity for each other,” Eulasson said.

Much like TAST, kidnappers today act horrifically, not because of the color of another persons skin, but for money and power. Eulasson hopes to start a conversation of these issues today by providing the historical outcome almost four centuries ago.

“Sometimes the Diaspora Begins at Home” – kelly andres bohlsen group
By: Ev’one-yaY Eulasson
ISBN: 978-1-4931-6437-0
Softcover: $13.88
Hardcover: $24.76
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris

About the Author:

Despite dropping out of high school, Felton Perry, penned Ev’one-yaY Eulasson, attended Roosevelt University where he received his B.A. in 1964. Upon graduation, he pursued acting in Los Angeles, playing roles in films such as “RoboCop,” “Magnum Force” and “Dumb and Dumber.” After a racial profiling experience at the University of California Santa Barbara where he was studying for his M.A., he enrolled in UCLA for African Studies. Perry volunteered regularly, teaching acting to at-risk youth and later teaching reading and basic math for the LA Unified School District-Adult Division. He loves to read and is passionate about history especially as it relates to current world trends.

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Author Saul Levine, MD is Today’s Honoree


Just as we all need to consider our “Carbon Footprint” in relationship to the future of our world, the “Emotional Footprint” we leave on our loved ones, our community, and for the next generation is just as important.

This is the theory behind Professor Emeritus in Psychiatry Dr. Saul Levine’s new book, “Our Emotional Footprint,” a series of reality-inspired novellas that follow the life stories of 10 unique passengers in a single rail car. These fascinating individuals embody the extraordinary relationships, life changes and unexpected events that make up the “ordinary” human experience.

“Everyone has a unique story to tell about the highs and lows and the unexpected pathways they have experienced in life,” Dr. Levine said. “’Our Emotional Footprint’ demonstrates that ‘ordinary’ lives are indeed extraordinary, in fact, very much akin to the lives of the readers.”

One of the inspirations behind “Our Emotional Footprint” was Dr. Levine’s late father, whom escaped the brutalities in Europe prior to WWII and came to the “New World” as a young man. His father’s story is just one example of how remarkably resilient human beings can be in the face of adversity, a concept he explores further in his new book.

Through the stories of the 10 passengers in the rail car, readers take away the idea that a positive Emotional Footprint is enhancing to our health, a boon to society, and vital to our survival, while, conversely, a negative Emotional Footprint is unhealthy to individuals, hurtful to others, and dangerous to society.

“We all have choices as to how we handle both our successes and our losses,” Dr. Levine said. “We need to recognize the common bonds we share that make us integral parts of the family of humankind and help others by sharing our humanity with them.”

About the author:

Saul Levine, MD, is professor emeritus in psychiatry at the University of California at San Diego. He retired as professor of clinical psychiatry and head of the department of psychiatry at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Previously, he was professor of psychiatry and head of the department of psychiatry at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre at the University of Toronto. He continues to teach at the medical school, has a private psychotherapy practice with patients of all ages, and serves as an expert witness and mediator in family and civil disputes. Levine has published five previous books and is published widely in magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals. He hosted a popular television show while he was a resident of Toronto, Canada. He is married, has three married sons and a teenage daughter, and is the proud grandfather of seven grandchildren.

Visit Saul Levine, MD for more information.

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Life Coach Jess Grippo is Today’s Honoree

JessGrippoJess Grippo is a dancer, writer, inspirational speaker, and life coach. Essentially, her work is about dancing through life and helping others do the same.

But it wasn’t always this way – Having pushed aside her desire to dance for many years, Jess finally discovered true self-expression and creative fulfillment through making her own dance videos. She then started this blog to pass on the inspiration that her creative revival had brought her. Since that time she has won 2 awards for her dancing, produced and choreographed her own show, and was a recently featured TEDx speaker in her talk, “The Dance Less Travelled.”

In her coaching practice, Jess helps her clients unearth their buried passions, finally take ownership of their unique expression, and integrate their creativity into their lives. Graduates of her coaching programs have gone on to start dance companies and other kinds of creative businesses, to make career changes, to perform or publish their art, and to finally own the title “artist.”

If you’re curious to see how Jess can help YOU, write her a note and tell her you’d like to talk. (Even though this is written in the third person, there is a real human being on the other side of this text, I promise.

Visit Jess Grippo for more information.

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Inneractions IOP Executive Director Loree Cohen is Today’s Honoree

LoreeCohenLoree Cohen is a licensed clinical social worker who has dedicated her
career to helping those who are suffering from addiction, abuse, depression,
anxiety and other life-challenging issues. For nearly three decades she has
utilized her knowledge, experience, humor and creativity to help those in
need, at any time of the day or night.

As the nation’s No. 1 health problem, addiction strains our economy,
healthcare system and criminal justice system while threatening job security
and public safety as well as marital and family life. Loree knows this all
too well. She learned about addiction very early, as she saw people close to
her fight that struggle. She saw how drugs changed behavior, personalities
and perceptions. And she wanted to be one of those people who was there to

Loree started her journey by earning an undergraduate degree in sociology
and landing her first job at a residential treatment center for adolescents.
There, she fell in love with her role as a counselor. She left to attend
graduate school where she obtained her master’s degree in social work from
the prestigious program at the University of Southern California. Later she
completed a rigorous certification program in human sexuality at UCLA.

Since then Loree has worked in a variety of capacities ranging from clinical
director for a large psychiatric facility, to helping in the development of
outpatient drug and alcohol programs as well as adult day healthcare
programs for the geriatric population. In 2013 Loree partnered with longtime
colleagues Angela Rukule, MFT, and Tracy Klass, CATC III, to open
inneractions, an intensive outpatient program in Woodland Hills, California.
As clinical director at inneractions, Loree runs the therapeutic portion of
the program. Today inneractions is a thriving clinic serving alcoholics,
addicts and their families who are eager to gain the insight, therapy and
education needed to make immediate and lasting change.

Visit Loree Cohen for more information.

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Author Diana van Eyk is Today’s Honoree

InTheValleyBookAccording to Merriam-Webster, activism is the action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.

In Diana van Eyk’s new book, “In the Valley of Lost Souls,” activism is redefined as an individual or group of people using the power of caring to restore our planet, form healthy relationships and build community.

“In the Valley of Lost Souls” explores the way our society treats individuals who are struggling economically by following the main characters, Dagmar and Ross, and their experience with homelessness.

“I believe that we need more situations where poor people are shown in a positive light and activists are portrayed as ordinary people that have demonstrated possible solutions,” van Eyk said.

In “In the Valley of Lost Souls” Dagmar and Ross seek shelter in a locally abandoned house. In a society that treats people as disposable, they must learn to survive.

As they tune into the voice of Anima Mundi, the soul of our planet, they weave a path through the fabric of their community, exploring themes of despair, loss and recovery.

“My story is about people who take an interest in the connection between healing themselves, their relationships, our communities and our planet,” van Eyk said.

Van Eyk also plans to donate a portion of the proceeds of the book to stopping pipelines that carry oil across Canada.

About the author:

Diana van Eyk is an activist, environmentalist, and blogger. She is a graduate of the Sheffield School of Interior Design and the Art Instruction School. Van Eyk is a member of the West Kootenay EcoSociety. She has been vegan for over 30 years. She uses her backyard garden and shared food-buying habits to enhance food security and make organic, non GMO food affordable for her community. She lives in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

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NOIS²E Author Charlie Pederson is Today’s Honoree

NOISEAs 1 billion people will be added to the planet in less than 15 years, the time to address the worldwide water and energy crisis is now.

Information technology expert Charlie Pedersen has accepted this challenge and assembled an action plan to shake off the economic chains of oil dependency and move the worldwide water and energy strategy toward the elimination of drought and famine in his new fictionalized narrative, “NOIS²E.”

Based on nearly a decade of research and the feeling that the United States has marched into a self-induced quagmire, Pedersen’s new book is aimed at redirecting our current water and energy policies away from the declining 20th Century oil strategy in the Middle East.

Pedersen argues that expansions in Shale gas and oil, Methane Hydrate, Sun-gas and Syn-gas, and massive battery improvements have created a supply/demand resupply that are the best replacements for petroleum/oil. These solutions are low cost, pollution free, and infinity available, if the current usage mix of transportation, electrical power, and fresh water generation are changed.

Through “NOIS²E,” Pedersen proposes leveraging science and engineering to expand the worldwide energy market, cut energy costs in half, rapidly improve the environment, and make supply > demand the simple equation for national and international GDP growth and a warless world.

“The good news is the majority of science and engineering is done, but we do have to face our self-perpetuating resistance to change,” Pedersen said. “The solution is to shift from a Middle East (ME) to a Water and Energy  (WE) strategy and combine efforts in Germany, the USA, and Canada into a direct partnership with China, Japan, and a few others. This is the new 21st century.”

About the author: 

Charlie Pedersen has been writing since 2004. With a background that includes working with the Apollo Lunar module systems and the creation of what became America’s largest Automated Teller Network, the Star System, Pedersen has achieved a clear understanding of the human and organizational dynamics necessary to effect significant large-scale change. “NOIS²E” is Pedersen’s third book, he also authored “Turn of the Century: 2100” and “WE to Infinity.” He has four boys and lives in Westminster, Ca.

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Author Tiffany Papageorge is Today’s Honoree


Father’s Day is just about a month away, and the greeting card aisles and gift stores have been stocked for weeks with hundreds of variations of “Number One Dad” mugs and “Best. Dad. Ever.” picture frames. These days set aside to celebrate our parents are special ones, but they can also be very difficult for those who no longer have their parents, whether it’s a child or adult who has experienced the loss.

How can we ease the pain and help support those who don’t have their dad this Father’s Day? Tiffany Papageorge, author and grief speaker, knows there is no “quick fix” but suggests re-framing the loss with lots of support, understanding, and gentle guidance. Her inspirational new book, My Yellow Balloon, helps to do just that.

Powerful in its simplicity (and breathtakingly illustrated by a Dreamworks artist), My Yellow Balloon narrates the story of a boy who loses his beloved yellow balloon. As it slips into the sky and he goes on without it, the color drains from his world – until one day when the boy notices the yellow balloon is reflected in the sun and, through its reflection, will always be with him even if it’s no longer in his grip.

Tiffany Papageorge is an author, speaker and speaking coach for parents, teachers and mental health professionals whose mission is to find new ways to reach, capture and engage children who are dealing with the issue of loss.

Her extensive theater background spans a 25-year period, and includes work with CBS, Disney and The Sundance Institute. Tiffany holds an MFA from the American Conservatory Theater. She is a member of the Healing Story Alliance, the National Storytelling Network, SCBWI, and SAG-Aftra and has spoken for such prestigious organizations and events as Head Start, The National Alliance of Grieving Children and throughout Pennsylvania for Children’s Grief Awareness Day, to name a few.

The multi-award-winning My Yellow Balloon is her first picture book and was recently featured on the cover of Foreword Reviews.

Visit Tiffany Papageorge for more information.


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