ScribeAmerica CEO Michael Murphy is Today’s Honoree

ScribeAmericaMichael Murphy, M.D.  is the CEO of ScribeAmerica and believes that scribes will be an essential part of your future healthcare team.

With college graduations in just a few weeks, how many of these graduates will go on to medical school?  Statistically we are seeing more and more doctors dropping out of the medical field due to the overwhelming administrative duties which are overloading their day and taking away from their patient care, and ultimately the reason they wanted to be doctors.  Unfortunately, we are losing many good doctors and potential doctors.  One solution that many have not heard of are medical scribes.  A medical scribe is where a person actually takes over the data entry and recording for the doctor to free up time for their patient care and allowing the doctor to focus more on their patients.  ScribeAmerica employs thousands of medical scribes across 42 states and is the nation’s most widely recognized professional medical scribe education, training, and management company.  It is the preferred vendor for over 520 practice locations and has documented over 21 million patient visits in 2014 alone.

Our History and Business Model:

ScribeAmerica was established in 2003, while the concept of medical scribe utilization in the industry has been anecdotally reported since the 1970’s, ScribeAmerica transformed this cottage operation into a national industry. In 2006, we were the first company to demonstrate that the synergy of the Scribe/MD/EMR model could overcome productivity losses experienced by unassisted physicians using EMR. In 2008, we were the first scribe company providing services on both coasts and the only scribe company present at ACEP, AAOS, and SHM. We credit our success to our generous profit-sharing business model whereby the actual Project Leaders who manage our client’s programs are rewarded. By enfranchising our employee base, we ensure limited attrition among management and attract the best talent in the industry to run your program.

Our Current Position in the Scribe Market:

We are the nation’s most frequently used medical scribe company with more than 7300 employees in 46 states providing professional services for over 820 clients. We invest heavily in the professional development of our scribes by providing them with unique resources such as the industry’s only academic textbook, paid attendance to our national scribe leadership conference, online education, networking opportunities through social media, and development of the ScribeAmerica Mobile Scribe App™. We are ranked on the INC 500 list two years in a row for fastest growing private companies. In addition Modern Healthcare named us one of the Hottest Healthcare Companies in 2013. In turn, we’ve been rewarded through successful development of the nation’s first “career scribes”, that is, individuals with advanced degrees who have chosen to make a career with ScribeAmerica. Our clients have benefitted too, having received the prestigious Press Ganey Summit and Stuart Fleming Patient Safety awards.

What the Future Holds:

Our clients believe in the productive synergy of the scribe/MD/EMR paradigm over the conventional approach of a stand-alone unassisted physician. As the EMR, federal, and insurance regulations continue to impact physician productivity, the need for assisted documentation will grow. We ask that you consider the enduring value of a partnership with ScribeAmerica.

Visit Michael Murphy, M.D. for more information.

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Indie Rock Band Walking Shapes is Today’s Honoree

WalkingShapes“You know how if you put two cells together, a whole new energy is formed?” asks singer Nathaniel Hoho of Walking Shapes. Hoho speaks to the natural evolution of the 13 sonically-clear and glistening songs that landed on Taka Come On, the band’s No Shame debut album.

Formed in the wake of the pair’s songwriting collaboration, Walking Shapes is the living and breathing result of a unique creative environment, centered in a house on Kingsland Avenue in Brooklyn owned by visual artist Joseph Grazi, which frequents creative types such as actors, artists, musicians. “People show up and hang out until five in the morning and that energy has swirled into our scene and core group of friends,” says violinist Jesse Kotansky. The band is comprised of Nathaniel Hoho (vocals, guitar), Jesse Kotansky (guitar, violin, vocals), Jake Generalli (keys, vocals), Dan Krysa (bass, vocals) and Christopher Heinz (drums).

The tradition of artists and musicians living side by side under one roof sounds like a dream of New York past, the times when folksingers congregated in Greenwich Village, rockers crashed at the Chelsea Hotel, punk and new wave flourished on the Lower East Side’s clubs and lofts and hip hop was birthed on the streets and parks of the boroughs. Walking Shapes carry forward that kind of collective energy, injecting the spirit of the city’s noises and the souls of its people into their songs, with the resulting frenetic charge and emotional waves feeding back the sound of the proverbial city that never sleeps.

The band gelled organically: Initially formed through Hoho and Kotansky’s late night writing sessions. Hoho rode the same train as drummer Heinz, who brought in bassist Krysa for a readymade rhythm section; Generalli and Kotansky had been friends since childhood. Signing to No Shame, its SOHO studio facilities made the hours of endless experimenting more accessible and soon they’d laid down something like 50-60 songs. When producer Gus Oberg (The Strokes, Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson) entered the picture, “Gus was able to help us define our sound, whittling the tracks down slowly, then often took the first take,” explains Hoho. Kotansky adds, “It’s what allows us to create beauty out of chaos and send it back out into the world.”

Walking Shapes  released the Deluxe Edition of their debut album Taka Come On, a fierce and eclectic ode to New York City, April, 21st, 2015 on iTunes and Spotify.   The Deluxe Edition includes two previously unreleased tracks, “Pool,” which premiered on Revolt TV, and “Black Eye,” which was featured as Interview Magazine’s song of the week.  The five piece band is currently working on a sophomore album with producer Gus Oberg (The Strokes, Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson) slated to debut later this year, and recently completed a tour of the UK and Paris, as well as the Isle of Light Festival and a full lineup of SXSW showcases.

Walking Shapes has been featured in publications including Spin, Interview Magazine, Earmilk, MTV, Village Voice, Revolt, The Wild Magazine, BULLETT and more…

Visit for more information.

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Author Brooks Olbrys is Today’s Honoree

BrooksWe all want our children to grow up to be successful – not only in their professional lives, but in their personal ones, as well. Raising children to have a love of learning, a drive to achieve, a positive outlook, and a confident attitude and approach to all they do is not always easy to do, especially for today’s busy parents – but a certain set of principles helps guide the way.

Brooks Olbrys, a successful investment banker and passionate father, didn’t always live a comfortable life. Raised in a single-parent household with modest means, Olbrys began studying the Principles of Achievement as a young man. Later, looking back on his journey, Olbrys realized just how important those principles were to his success and longed to make them accessible and enjoyable to his son and other children.

With his young son’s help, Olbrys published a series of children’s books titled The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob, the latest of which is the second installment: The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob – A Challenging Job. Each book presents five important Principles of Achievement to young readers in a way they can enjoy and understand. The principles in the second book include: confidence, responsibility, communication, gratitude and success.

BlueOceanAs a lifelong student of achievement philosophies, Brooks Olbrys was inspired by his young son to make these philosophies accessible to children in the storybook series, The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob.

A graduate of Stanford University, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts, and the University of California at Berkeley School of Law, Brooks is the founder of Children’s Success Unlimited and a managing director at investment bank Ion Partners. He lives with his wife and son in New York City and greatly enjoys escapes to the North and South American coastlines.

Visit Brooks Olbrys for more information.

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Author Claudia Church is Today’s Honoree

ClaudiaChurchAfter a career spent in front of the camera appearing on shows such “Nashville” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, Claudia Church has opened up about her successes and shortcomings in an effort to help others fulfill their own untapped potential.

Her new book, “The Masterpiece Within” mixes Church’s career experiences with popular culture anecdotes as well as insight those who have assisted her along her along way.

Whether or not our lives tell an intriguing and inspiring story lies in the hands of each and every one of us. Creating an adventurous and meaningful life story is oftentimes difficult because of the layers upon layers of self-defeating personal beliefs we accumulate through our life experiences.

Using the story behind the creation of Michelangelo’s sculpting masterpiece, The David, as a
metaphor THE MASTERPIECE WITHIN: 5 Key Life Skills To Becoming A Living Work Of Art teaches there is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered in all of us. The same as Michelangelo could envision his finished masterpiece beneath the flawed, discarded block of marble before he even put chisel to stone.

MasterpieceLife Skill #1: Choosing Wisely

Life Skill #2: Becoming The Hero Of Our Own Life Story

Life Skill #3: Discovering And Developing Life Bliss

Life Skill #4: Balancing Emotions, Spirit, Mind, And Body

Life Skill #5: Making A Difference

When we embrace and apply key life skills we chip away layers of fear, anger, discouragement, childishness, shame, low self-esteem, guilt, and numerous other learned traits that blind us to our own innate beauty.

THE MASTERPIECE WITHIN is a comprehensive yet reader friendly life skills manual filled with motivational wisdom, pop culture references from the film, music, and sports worlds, alongside time-tested principles from ancient masters.

Claudia has worked successfully in the entertainment arts for over 3 decades. As a professional model, she has worked with numerous top agencies such as the Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas, Karin Models in Paris, and FORD and ELITEModels throughout the U.S.

As a country music artist, she achieved chart success and received rave reviews for her self-titled CD released by Warner/Reprise in publications such as Billboard and People magazine. People’s review claimed her as, “A Church who’ll build a big following.” Her live performances have taken her around the world, including over a dozen USO shows in war torn Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As an actor, Claudia has appeared in short and long form films, prime time television series, and over 100 local and national commercials. She recently played a paramedic in Blake Shelton’s, God Gave Me You video, which has over 34 million views on You Tube. In the Lifetime Channel series, Drop Dead Diva she played, Cynthia Keating, the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. In the ABC hit television series, Nashville, Claudia played an OB/GYN doctor in the Season 2 opener. She plays Melissa, a meth addict in the 2015 true-life thriller, Captive, alongside actors, Kate Mara and David Oyelowo.

A natural born teacher with a zest for helping others achieve their goals and dreams, Claudia has conducted numerous workshops and coached many in the entertainment arts for over two decades. She is currently working on a children’s bedtime series titled, Close Your Eyes And Imagine, a second book with Guy titled, Too Odd Not to Be God: Inspirational Stories, and a screenplay titled, Lost Luggage.

Visit Claudia Church for more information.

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Condos and Condoms Author Eva M. Alexander is Today’s Honoree

condoscondomsThere will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs. Madeline Sheehan, author

In her new book “Condos and Condoms,” author Eva M. Alexander chronicles the people that have come in and out of her life through real-life short stories of family, friendship, humor, pain, happiness and love.

“These stories are real, and I wrote them so others can enjoy them right along with me,” Alexander said.

Alexander is a Condominium Real Estate Agent with a passion for writing short stories that celebrate life. “Condos and Condoms” rejoices in each person’s unique story and life path.

These stories explore themes such as the balance of family and career, relationships and more.

Alexander has had the opportunity to meet many interesting people and considers herself lucky to learn about their lives and be a part of them.

“We only live once, at least this life is the only one that’s for sure,” Alexander said. “Live to the fullest, do what you must do for yourself and others. Love this life!”

About the author

Eva M. Alexander is a real-estate Broker and a Toronto Luxury Condominium professional with a passion for short stories that celebrate life. She was born in Budapest and later moved to New York City with her family. She attended Indiana University where she studied Speech and Theater, Literature and English. Alexander is a member of the Real Estate Council of Canada and the Toronto Real Estate Board, and she loves to work, teach dance classes and throw parties.

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WestBow Press Author Dr. Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong is Today’s Honoree

DrEmmanuelJesus said if a leader does not have a vision he is a blind leader, and if the blind leads the blind both will fall, and perish. (Matthew 15:14).

Founder of Jesus Commission Ministries, Inc in the United States and Africa, Dr. Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong is dedicated to training, equipping, imparting, and activating the gifts of the Holy Spirit in ministers and believers across the globe. His vision is to save souls, give them hope, give them help, give them healing, and teach them sound doctrine.

To accomplish this vision, Dr. Osei-Acheampong recent published, “Spiritus Sanctus,” a guide to the basic questions about the Holy Spirit every Christian must know in order to be well rounded, rooted and grounded in their faith.

SpartacusBookThe purpose behind “Spiritus Sanctus” is to help people around the world receive the Holy Spirit, which will therefore give them life, spiritually. Dr. Osei-Acheampong intends to free readers’ minds, bodies and souls from putting God in a box of rules and regulations, with the overall goal being to inspire the “forward movement” of God’s people.

Through “Spiritus Sanctus,” Christian readers will achieve a higher level of maturity and realize their individual spiritual gifts. Dr. Osei-Acheampong’s ultimate hope is that someday Bible colleges, Seminaries, churches, theology schools, etc will implement the teachings of this new book.

“‘Spiritus Sanctus’ will help stir up that Holy Spirit gift in you, stir up your anointing, and stir up your zeal with knowledge to work for the Lord,” Dr. Osei-Acheampong said. “This book will reveal many other gifts of the Holy Spirit, which the majority of believers have not paid enough attention to in their lives.”

Spiritus Sanctus” by Dr. Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong is available at, and

About the author:

Born in Kumasi Ghana, West Africa, Dr. Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong is a graduate of the University of Nairobi Veterinary Medical School in Kenya, East Africa, where he studied veterinary and human medicine. He is the founder of the Jesus Commission Ministries, Inc. in the United States and Africa and has managed the affiliated Miracle Center for 30 years running. To get more knowledge and understanding about the Holy Spirit, please connect now to the author at the Miracle Center Universal Calvary Church.


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UK Author Sally Chiwuzie is Today’s Honoree

Sally“When we stand together, we stand unshakable.” These are the words of Nigerian-born and UK-based writer Sally Chiwuzie, referring to her global campaign for women, “Together We Are Unshakable.” This campaign provides an online platform for women all over the world to share their own stories and free themselves from feeling broken, unloved or unworthy.

From her youth in Nigeria to her experiences during a difficult marriage, divorce and as a single mother, Chiwuzie has never held back in her writing. She shares her own past life challenges and the experiences of people she interacts with every day to encourage women everywhere to embrace their own value, tap into their own strength and transcend any obstacles that come their way.

Chiwuzie’s new novel, “Silent Symphonies,” is an extension of the “Together We Are Unshakable” campaign, addressing the challenges multicultural couples face, the reality and consequences of domestic violence, and the unrealistic expectations often present in relationships.

“Silent Symphonies” follows sultry Leila Cranston-Jasper as she seeks love, self-discovery and self-empowerment against the obstacles that come her way. Chiwuzie’s ultimate goal is for her new novel to contribute to the worldwide movement toward women’s evolution, empowerment and all-around prosperity.

“While it is fiction, a lot of the emotions buried within ‘Silent Symphonies’ are borrowed from real life,” Chiwuzie said. “Sharing my emotions and learning how people relate to my writing makes me feel fulfilled.”

About the author:

Sally Chiwuzie holds a law degree from the University of Hertfordshire and completed her Barrister training at the College of Law in the United Kingdom. She has been a writer all her life, and has been a blogger and magazine columnist for more than 10 years. Her seminal novel, “Silent Symphonies” took nearly 10 years to complete and is the foundation for the “Together We Are Unshakable” global online campaign she founded. She resides near London.

Visit Sally Chiwuzie for more information.

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