Chef Garth Cheese is Today’s Honoree

Garth Cheese was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in a Caribbean household. From an early age, Garth’s grandmother introduced him to cooking. Whether it was helping out with the green beans or just standing by the stove to watch and learn, Garth was involved. It was these early experiences that influenced him and sparked his interest in wanting to become a chef.

As a teenager, he expanded on his knowledge by entering a culinary program at Canarsie High School where he learned a variety of recipes. His passion for cooking continued to grow.

After obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Management from the Art Institute of New York City, Garth relocated to Florida where he worked as a Chef De Partie at Flagler Steakhouse in the world renowned Breakers Hotel & Resort.

He returned to New York to work with some of the top chefs in the city, and in 2013, started his own catering company – Take It Eazy Catering. Although successful, he has since taken a step away from catering to focus more on personal chef work and building his brand – “The Stylish Chef,” a combination of food, fashion and fitness.

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Success Coach Tommy Breedlove is Today’s Honoree

Tommy’s mission in life is to help individuals, leaders and organizations increase their positive impact on the world while gaining meaning and attaining financial success.

He chose to leave a lucrative international financial consulting career to follow his calling to help others with the same insecurities and struggles he faces everyday as a leader and a man.  At the time, he had achieved financial success and gained business notoriety and prestige.  However, Tommy felt unfulfilled and had lost meaning and hope in his life.  For 36 years, he felt the choices and decisions he made were out of fear and the judgements and opinions of others instead of from his own values.

Tommy took courageous action and chose to make massive changes for and in himself.   As a result, he walked away at the top of his professional career.  Rather than have a complete meltdown, he regained meaning in his life, rediscovered his brilliance and set out to serve himself and others.

Prior to following his passions, Tommy was on the Board of Directors and the International Practice Leader for a large financial consulting and advisory firm. He and his international practice team won the 2012 Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Global Impact Award.

Since his professional beginning at Deloitte, Tommy has spent his professional career serving companies as a strategic, managerial and financial consultant. Tommy has and still serves as Board Advisor, Chair, and/or Director for multiple for-profit and civic entities.

Tommy graduated from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia and is a Certified Public Accountant.  He holds a Certificate in Innovation from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University and received Cognitive Based Compassion Training from Emory University.

Tommy enjoys traveling, reading, experiencing new cultures and food, continuous learning, all things outdoors, and strives each day to put his positive mark on the world. He and his wife, Heather, live in Atlanta with two adorable four-legged children.

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Author Katrina Carter is Today’s Honoree

Katrina Carter helps people across the United States take steps to change their mindset in order take ownership of their lives. The author, speaker, nutritional chef, certified personal trainer and real estate agent is on a mission to inspire and teach people of every age to live well by challenging the deep psychological barriers that prevent them from creating consistency in healthful and holistic living as well as reaching their home ownership goals.

Katrina began her career in real estate in 2001 as buyer’s agent for a growing real estate team.  She quickly set herself apart as an agent who could help individuals realize their dreams of becoming homeowner’s by listening to client’s challenges and finding solutions to overcome common barriers to buying and selling property.  Katrina became passionate about successfully helping those who had previously been told there no possibilities.

With the economic downturn in 2008, she was lead into fitness with industry giant 24 Hour Fitness where as a Fitness Manager, she was exposed to the challenges of a general population who struggled with weight yo-yoing and depression.  She immediately began to understand the issues inherent in an overworked society, struggling through commutes, tepid family relationships and burgeoning responsibilities. She quickly surmounted a following through her social media sites where her followers garnered tips, education and inspiration to live more simply and make better nutritional and fitness choices.

Carter, a San Francisco Bay Area native, understands the challenges that real life brings. “Many of the solutions I see presented don’t take into consideration single parent households, people with multiple jobs and long commute times. So many of today’s health and nutrition thought leaders are only speaking to a specific population where people are expected to have time to cook elaborate meals and spend hours in a gym. I try to offer support to the person for whom eating healthy and exercising is something they worry about, but feel they don’t have the time for.”

Carter coaches her clients so they are able to discover the underlying challenges sabotaging their opportunity to achieve more energy, longer lives and better living.

Carter has been featured on Bravo and has her wellness coaching certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She credits her grandmother with inspiring her passion for cooking.

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Author Annahita Parsan is Today’s Honoree

About the Book:

Annahita Parsan was born into a Muslim family in Iran and grew up with the simple hope of one day finding a good husband, having children, and doing some good in the world. Married and a mother before she turned eighteen, Annahita found herself unexpectedly widowed and trapped for years in an abusive second marriage that she later fled—discovering instead a God who might love her.

Stranger No More is the remarkable true story of Annahita’s path from oppression to the life-changing hope of Jesus. Fleeing Iran across the mountains into Turkey, she spent months in the terrifying Agri prison before a miraculous release and flight to Europe, where she and her two children knelt in a church and prayed, “God, from this day on we are Christians.”

Filled with unthinkable circumstances, miraculous rescues, and the quietly constant voice of Jesus, Stranger No More leads readers deep into the heart of God and draws them toward the same call that Annahita heeds today: using her past to save others from theirs. As the leader of two congregations in Sweden, Annahita has baptized hundreds of former Muslims since her own conversion, has seen firsthand the powerful ways God is at work among those who have left Islam behind, and is reminded every day that saying yes to God is always worth the risk.

About the Author:

Annahita Parsan is an ordained minister in the Church of Sweden and leads two congregations, one of which ministers to the growing number of former Muslim refugees. She is a confident public speaker who has regularly shared her testimony with live audiences, journalists, and TV interviewers, even speaking one time at the invitation of the Queen of Sweden. Annahita has worked pastorally with hundreds of former Muslims and regularly trains churches to reach out to Muslims and disciple them once they join the church.

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Writer and Branding Consultant Terri Trespicio is Today’s Honoree

Terri Trespicio is a New York–based writer, branding consultant, and co-creator of Lights Camera Expert, an online program for authors, experts and entrepreneurs who want to grow their media presence.

For nearly a decade, she served as a senior editor and radio host at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Her work has appeared in Jezebel, XOJane, Marie Claire, Prevention, MindBodyGreen, and DailyWorth. Her TV credits include the Today show, Dr. Oz, The Early Show, The Martha Stewart Show and The Anderson Cooper Show. She also hosted and produced her own video show and podcast, Solopreneur, on the Whatever It Takes Network.

Terri speaks all over the country, from breakout sessions and keynote addresses to workshops and webinars at a range of conferences and events. Her TEDx talk (“Stop Searching for Your Passion”) has earned more than a million views to date, and she is scheduled to speak at TEDxWomen in St. Louis in fall of 2016.

Rated the #1 speaker at How Design Live in 2015, she has been invited to co-emcee the conference in 2017. Other recent events include Workfront LEAP, Blackstone, Ernst & Young, Harvard Kennedy School, Revolve Conference, Emerson College, Boston College, and the International Culinary Center.

She’s also a stand-up comic, and performs regularly at clubs in New York City—you can catch her at such popular venues as Caroline’s, New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Dangerfields, Gotham, and Greenwich Village Comedy Club.

Terri earned her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Emerson College and recently won first place in the Baltimore Review‘s 2016 literary contest for her essay,“The Rules of Boxball,” and is currently at work on a book of essays. She lives in Manhattan.

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Socially Supportive Podcast Host Frankie Saucier is Today’s Honoree

Frankie Saucier here, founder and host of Socially Supportive, where I take you behind the scenes with top executives running leading edge social media customer care strategy five days a week!

Socially Supportive was created for YOU. Delivering fantastic customer service in the digital space for large brands can feel lonely. You might be the only person in your company leading social customer care. If there are more, you’re likely still the minority. People wonder what you do all day, why you have agents “playing on social media” rather than taking phone calls. And you’re so busy, you’re lucky to talk to someone outside your company once a year at a conference. Also, there are so many facets to customer support online, and those facets change and evolve almost daily sometimes.

I believe that sharing ideas is critical to achieving and maintaining scalable success in social care. You need a resource where you can get real answers from industry leaders so you can confidently and accurately answer questions from your leaders. And you need answers today before things change tomorrow, without spending hours digging for the information or re-inventing the wheel.

And that’s what Socially Supportive is here to bring you – the leading tips, tricks and technology from the experts making it happen every day. So, welcome to the Social Pack. You’ll feel right at home and get the help you need!

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Author Zak Dychtwald is Today’s Honoree


​A close up look at the Chinese generation born after 1990 exploring through personal encounters how young Chinese feel about everything from money and sex, to their government, the West, and China’s shifting role in the world—not to mention their love affair with food, karaoke, and travel. Set primarily in the Eastern 2nd tier city of Suzhou and the budding Western metropolis of Chengdu, the book charts the touchstone issues this young generation faces. From single-child pressure, to test taking madness and the frenzy to buy an apartment as a prerequisite to marriage, from one-night-stands to an evolving understanding of family, Young China offers a fascinating portrait of the generation who will define what it means to be Chinese in the modern era.

Zak Dychtwald was twenty when he first landed in China. He spent years deeply immersed in the culture, learning the language and hanging out with his peers, in apartment shares and hostels, on long train rides and over endless restaurant meals.


ZAK DYCHTWALD moved to China after graduating from Columbia University and has since become fluent in Mandarin while developing an understanding of the inner workings of modern Chinese culture. He lives in New York City but travels to China several times a year.


“Dychtwald builds an intimate profile of Chinese millennials—how they cope with crushing academic and professional pressures, their ideas about marriage, sex, and love, and their views on country and government—and how, ultimately, they are changing China and the world. An engaging read for anyone looking for an introduction to contemporary Chinese culture and society.” —Elizabeth Economy, C.V. Starr Senior Fellow and Director for Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations

“A richly informative and surprisingly intimate portrait of a side of China unknown to most Westerners.” —Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

“Insightful…Readable and engaging…Informative and often entertaining—good reading for anyone looking into the crystal ball for a glimpse of the world a quarter-century from now.” —Kirkus Reviews

“China and everything Chinese are looming large now and in the near future for the world to reckon with. We need young minds and young talents from both the East and the West to find deeper mutual understanding and enhance genuine synthesis. Here is a book of thoughtful, in-depth study and research, through Zak’s personal experience living with the Chinese younger generation. This is a most timely and insightful book.” —Chungliang Al Huang, President-Founder, Living Tao Foundation, Director, International Lan Ting Institute

“An indispensable must-read journey of discovery and a cogent analysis into the mindset and future of young China.” —Dr. James Canton, CEO & Chairman The Institute for Global Futures, author, Future Smart

“An absolute delight: a highly engaging, well-reported look at contemporary China at the ground level. Zak Dychtwald of Young China is himself young and, thankfully, gregarious and observant. He introduces readers to his wide circle of Chinese friends. A rarity among books about China: Young China is a fun read.” —Randall Stross, author of Bulls in the China Shop and Other Sino-American Business Encounters​

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