The Dream Center Event Venue Founder Jazmine Tricoche is Today’s Honoree

Jazmine Tricoche also know as Dream is a serial entrepreneur. She is the owner of Dream Life, The Dream Center Event Venue, Dream Life Careers, & Jaz Auto Glass. She is also the founder of the Non- Profit organization, Dream Life University, that assist other entrepreneurs in developing and branding their businesses thru mentoring, coaching, and business classes.

Jazmine has created annual events such as the Fashion Friends Fashion Show where her company, Dream Life, connects Fashion & Networking under one roof and Dream Feed Believe where local entrepreneurs partner every Thanksgiving holiday and feed those in need!

She is a graduate of Troy University where she studied Business and received an Associates degree in Business Administration. She has assisted over 3000 entrepreneurs in not only branding their business but developing successful marketing & business practices to grow and increase their brand presence and sales.

Born into a military family, Jazmine was destined to serve the people! She was born in California and raised in Alabama. At the age of 19, Jazmine was given her first management job and worked in retail management for 12 years. During her career as a retail manager, Jazmine utilized corporate America as a tool to learn all about business and how to build a successful company.

In 2012, Jazmine started Dream Life (Formally named Dream Treasurez), with only $500 and now Dream Life is a six figured valued company. Jazmine spent 9 years in Atlanta working as a retail manager as well as building her clientele and own business.

In 2016, Jazmine relocated her business to Memphis, one of the fastest growing cities at that time, to expand and focus on the longevity of Dream Life. Since relocating to Memphis, Jazmine’s business has grown from a little office in her apartment to a 5000 sqft. building where she now has a Dream Life retail & printing store and event venue, The Dream Center.

Jazmine is very active in her community and loves speaking to aspiring entrepreneurs, the youth, and seasoned entrepreneurs that may have missed some steps when establishing their businesses. Jazmine also has become a highly sought after motivational speaker. She has spoken at several business seminars schools, and brunch events to discuss her shortcomings, mistakes, helpful tips, and words of encouragement to those wanting to find their passion & purpose.  She is known to be one of the most transparent successful entrepreneurs today! She has inspired entrepreneurs to quit their 9-5 jobs and pursue their careers as full-time entrepreneurs and they all are still successful in their businesses to date.  She also mentors business owners and provides coaching sessions covering all things business from marketing & branding to legalizing & business operations.

Through her inspiration to others, she to is inspired to keep chasing her own personal dreams and aspirations. Her first company, Dream Life, was Designed to Remember every Aspiring Moment and is known for exemplifying the message “Team Work Makes The Dream Work”. Jazmine Tricoche is a self taught & self- motivated business coach, mentor, and motivational speaker that is guaranteed to light up the room with not only her presence but her knowledge and passion for becoming a successful entrepreneur rather it’s a full-time career or simply a part-time hobby. Jazmine is also well known for her constant collaboration with other local businesses and entrepreneurs and supports so many local businesses today! She is truly a “one of a kind” leader in our community promoting entrepreneurship & transparency in our community. She has received countless awards for her guest speaking and overall influence on the youth and other aspiring and current entrepreneurs.

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America’s Best Sports & Integrative Pain Management Physician Dr. Zarinah Hud is Today’s Honoree

Dr.  Zarinah Hud, DO (Dr. Zee) is among America’s best Sports & Integrative Pain management physician’s and best known for her compassionate and yet firm approach to empowering you to “Rebound your health”. She is a best-selling author and well respected speaker that lectures on practical tips and strategies to help you remove mental and physical barriers to your pain and overall health.

Dr. Zee is a 3x Best-Selling Author, one of which is the very popular, first installment. She has also been published numerous times in the media and highly respected medical journals. She has been called upon often to give a fresh perspective and share her integrative approach to prevention and rehabilitation of pain and injuries. 

Dr. Zee is also the Founder and CEO of Rebound Sports and Rehab LLC, where she is empowering patients and helping them take their functional goals and quality of life back into their hands. As CEO and founder of, she discusses practical ideas and strategies to help individuals around the world take control of their health and pain.

Dr. Zee earned her Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine degree from The Ohio University and completed her residency in Physical Medicine Rehabilitation and fellowship training in Sports and Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson Univ. Hospital and LECOM, respectively.

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Author and Stone Soup Leadership Institute Founder Marianne Larned is Today’s Honoree

Author Marianne Larned is the best-selling author of the Stone Soup for the World series and the founder of the Stone Soup Leadership Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization that develops multicultural educational digital tools and Sustainability Summits to empower young people to become leaders for a more sustainable world.

As a pioneer in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), she is recognized as a public-private partnership consultant and sustainable workforce development strategist, and has assisted Fortune 500 companies, Chambers of Commerce, and education, government, civic, and community leaders to develop triple-bottom-line solutions for improving education, health care, and economic development.

Using the Stone Soup model, Larned, along with the Institute’s multicultural global team, inspire and train young people to work together to build resilient communities for a sustainable economy in the 21st century.

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Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment LLC CEO Ericka Nicole Malone is Today’s Honoree

Ericka Nicole Malone is the CEO of Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment LLC along with her business partner Phillip Robinson. ERICKA NICOLE MALONE ENTERTAINMENT is a production company focused on the development, production/co-production and distribution of film, television and animated projects nationwide. Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment recently hosted the Indie Director’s Spotlight at the Sundance Film Festival Park City Live “The Cabin” on Main Street, which was rated one of the top 5 events at this past Sundance 2020.  She recently hosted The Indie Director’s Spotlight. Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment marked their debut into the festival circuit and also represented as a head panelist among other members with this event. In addition to sharing her career journey as a Writer, Producer, and Director, Ericka Nicole Malone also highlighted the innate talent of many directors in the film industry, such as acclaimed Straight Out Of Brooklyn & Inkwell director Matty Rich. The event was presented by Powerful-U and Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment, and saw the presence of popular celebrities in attendance.

UPCOMING ERICKA NICOLE MALONE ENTERTAINMENT PROJECTS: As host and head panelist, Ericka Nicole Malone shared her career catapulted a playwright writing, directing and producing over nine stage plays including, her hit touring musical stage play “In Love With Tyrone;” Which starred Notable actors Leon & Robin Givens, ascension into screenwriting was as Creator and Executive Producer of the television sitcom pilot, “Ward of the State”, A story of a rich heiress is forced to move in with her middle class daughter after her fourth suddenly husband dies and leaves her penniless. Ward of the State helms the iconic Janet Hubert (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Aloma Wright (Suits) and Vanessa Williams (Soul Food.) Ericka’s newest work a one-hour TV Drama ‘Della;‘ and upcoming film optioned by acclaimed Producer Tracey Edmonds’ production company, Edmonds Entertainment, ‘Pure and Meaningful Heart’ — The Mamie Till Story. Ericka Nicole Malone is leaving her unique and indelible footprint on Hollywood and leaving the door cracked wide open for other new and emerging talented Black writers to emerge.

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Manifest Your Vision Empowerment Coach Raechelle Jackson is Today’s Honoree 

Raechelle Jackson is a proud mother of 2 beautiful children.  She has a 25-year-old son and a 16 year daughter. She currently works in Corporate America in the Human Resources department.  Her primary responsibility is overseeing all corporate internal events and all recognition programs.  Prior to corporate America, Raechelle was enlisted in the United States Navy, where she served for 10 years.

Between serving in the military and transiting into a civilian, Raechelle has earned in Bachelors in Organizational Management and her Masters in Organizational Behavior.

Raechelle’s personal and professional passions are seeing people learn who they are, grow in their own self and help them value their strengths and weaknesses that makes them the unique individual they were designed to be. Raechelle values family, work ethics and self-worth. 

Besides, Raechelle’ s professional achievements and the energy she invests into people, she has a few personal interests that gives her a healthy mental and physical being.  She loves to work out, read, listening to good music and eating great food!

Raechelle’s life scripture is Matthew 6:33 which guides her everyday walk with her Lord and Savior!

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Empeccable Magazine Publisher Dr. Alicia Cain is Today’s Honoree

The Magazine:

Entertaining and beautifully laid out, Empeccable Magazine was created to raise the confidence and self-esteem of our young women by giving them a positive and vibrant alternative to the negative stereotyping of African American females that is so prevalent in today’s popular media. In addition to up- to- date fashion and beauty, the magazine features timely articles on health, wealth, relationships, and “Our” history. By providing positive images and empowering articles, Empeccable Magazine gives young women tools they can use to make good decisions that will contribute to their future success.

Seeing a reflection of yourself in a successful and positive light is known to be a very powerful motivator to be your best self!

The magazine also serves as a platform for many overlooked artisans (male and female), to showcase their creative talents. Many of these artisans use this opportunity to become published for the first time!

In addition, we have an internship program that involves students from several colleges and universities in the metro Atlanta area and abroad. We provide them with the opportunity to get real world experience in journalism, marketing, photography, videography and administration, adding to their professional resumes.

The Publisher:

Dr. Alicia Cain is a native New Yorker. She is a graduate of Tennessee State University and Meharry Medical College. She has served on the faculty of several prestigious institutions including Morehouse School of Medicine, Howard University School of Medicine and Columbia University School of Medicine.

​In addition to publishing EMpeccable Magazine, she has a thriving medical practice in metro Atlanta. She firmly believes that you are greatly influenced by what you see on a regular basis and you are just as much influenced by what you don’t see. She also believes that if you’re constantly exposed to negative images you may begin to portray these roles.

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Mini City Founder India Hayes is Today’s Honoree

About Mini City:

A recent winner of the 2021 Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge, GirlBoss Award and SCADPro Fund investment, Mini City is utilizing tech to combat our nation’s toughest access gaps. Mini City is a cost saving technology solution for municipalities, homeless providers, and homeless citizens alike who need legal forms of identification to unlock the housing, medical, educational, and assistive benefits that prevent chronic homelessness. Engineered specifically for the at risk community, Mini City meet the clients where they are, using ethical, HIPAA compliant smart tech to alleviate homelessness. A partner organization can help a homeless citizen apply for Certified + Legal Identification within 10 minutes or less.

About India Hayes:

India Hayes is the founder of the compassionate tech hub Mini City and an alumna of Savannah College of Art and Design. Upon graduation, Hayes worked for organizations like the CDC, Turner Sports and CNN before finding a home at Atlanta Tech Village as their It Takes A Village Pre-Accelerator Program Manager. Hayes knows the importance of clear, effective communication and sustainable efforts. That is why she utilizes her design skills whenever she can for social good and sustainability. She has assisted water aide organizations with tech of social good in places as far as Nicaragua, and participated in hackathons right within her (now) home base of Georgia. In 2017, she founded a tech start up Mini City (2018 Startup Awards Nominee for Best Social Good Start Up, 2019 Startup Runway Winner, Startup World Cup Atlanta Finalist, TEDx Spotlight Speaker); that utilizes ethical tech and sustainable design to alleviate homelessness.

Visit for more information.

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Flanigan’s Portrait Studio Founder Broderick Flanigan is Today’s Honoree

A painter born and raised in Athens, Ga. My journey has taken me from my childhood in public housing and a youthful aptitude for creating to a degree in kinesiology from Georgia Southern University​. An Art Appreciation course and a spiritual awakening rekindled a desire to pursue an art career grounded in a grassroots approach. A commitment to under served audiences, led me to open Flanigan’s Portrait Studio on the Eastside of Athens in the “Triangle Plaza” neighborhood.

​In 2015 I created an outreach initiative called HARPS(Helping Art Reach Public Spaces). A mural arts program for teens was born introducing youth to the hands-on entrepreneurial experience of the art making process. I also foster cultural inclusion and community engagement with a series of events called First Fridays. Non-profits and community leaders come to inform residents about opportunities to become more engaged citizens. I believe that the arts can provide cultural and economic investments whch have a significant impact on under-resourced communities. The goal of my efforts are a sustained collaboration between community partners that create a more equitable cultural landscape.

Visit for more information.

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Dancer, Performer and Choreographer Vianica Warren is Today’s Honoree

Vianica Warren is a Memphis native who has three distinctive passions. One being the care and well being of Black people, Animals, and the art of dance. Vianica currently works for St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Banfield Pet Hospital. She received her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Alabama A&M University in 2015. Dance exploration and training for her started at the tender age of 6 years old and has not stopped ever since. According to her, it is her source of true expression and freedom.

Vianica’s dancing has taken her to many places including to be featured as one of few selected to perform at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival in Summer 2016. She has graced the stage with many raw and truly talented local artists as well as with the likes of Three 6 Mafia, Montell Jordan, and 2 Chainz.

Vianica finds joy in teaching the youth her experience of dance and life. She is very passionate about instilling honorable and good values into children,especially young ladies of the future generations. Vianica served as dance coordinator at her church for a year before attending college. She also served as cheerleading captain during her senior years at both Overton High School and at the Alabama A&M University.

Since returning home from college she has become engulfed in perfecting her craft while simultaneously caring for the needs of animals on her path while helping others with their journey along the way. She has been a performer apart of the Memphis Grizzlies Entertainment squads for the past 2 years. She was also recently showcased nationally amongst other talented street/freestyle dancers on the Caffeine TV app through a battle show in Los Angeles, California.

Vianica plans to use her talents for true self expression as well as community outreach. She looks forward to a bright future traveling around the world to train, showcase, perform and teach dance.

Vianica has also recently started a business of her own specializing in creative direction, choreography, performance, and pet care.

Visit for more information 

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Board Certified General Psychiatrist and National Best Selling Author Dr. Raushanah Hud-Aleem is Today’s Honoree

Dr. Raushanah Hud-Aleem (a.k.a. Dr Raushanah), is a Board-Certified General Psychiatrist and a Board-Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.  Dr. Raushanah is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant. She is the bestselling author of “Prehab Before Postpartum: A Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Guide for A Happier Postpartum.”

​Dr. Raushanah has been married for almost 20 years, is a mother of 4 and understands the blessings and challenges of being a wife, mother of multiple children and a professional woman. She is passionate about helping mothers and their families.  She meets with mothers and their loved ones, one on one and in groups, traveling globally to educate and promote mental health awareness and wellness, while decreasing stigma.  She has treated and educated thousands of patients with mental health difficulties. Many have learned how to manage and overcome some of most difficult and challenging times. Her passion, compassion, empathy, and love for education attracts people from near and far.

​Dr. Raushanah, attended Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and graduated in 2004.  She completed a General Psychiatry residency and a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio, which afforded her the opportunity to train in both rural and urban settings. She also trained at a military base where she provided care to active duty members, retirees and their families.

​Dr. Raushanah was a National Health Service Corp member from 2011 to 2016 and has extensive experience in community Psychiatry and Telepsychiatry. She is the Chief Medical Officer for Project Rebound Inc., and  the Medical Director for Eastchester Family Services.  Dr. Raushanah is also the CEO of Radiant Light Psychiatry (Private Practice), LLC.  Dr. Raushanah is co-host  of “The Duality of Vitality Podcast Show”,  a podcast created by her and her sister, Dr. Zarinah-“Americas Pain Freedom Doctor.” 

Visit for more information.

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