Author Julie Obradovic is Today’s Honoree

julieoIn her poignant account, Julie Obradovic discusses her heart-rending struggle with her daughter’s autism and her subsequent quest for answers. She reveals the feelings of depression and helplessness brought on by the diagnosis and her initial inability to find help. Unwilling to give up, however, Obradovic began fighting, finding a treatment for her daughter and going on to campaign on behalf of others. An Unfortunate Coincidence is the result of this fight. The account takes its readers through the political, historical, and scientific developments behind the greatest medical controversy of our time, including:

The findings of the vaccine injury compensation program
Investigations of CDC fraud and the subsequent congressional hearings and findings
The identical symptoms of autism and mercury poisoning
Eyewitness reports of families and educators
The author’s struggle to present her point of view and the backlash intended to silence it

Ultimately, An Unfortunate Coincidence will ask the readers to take a closer look at the evidence uncovered by ten years of research and decide just how many coincidence claims they are willing to accept.

About The Author:

Julie Obradovic is an author, an educator, and an advocate. For over a decade, she has focused on improving the lives of families and children affected by autism. She hosts the #ChatAutism podcast for Generation Rescue; has worked as an assistant to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; and was a consultant to the documentary film, Trace Amounts. Prior to focusing on autism advocacy, she was a full time educator and administrator. Her first book, An Unfortunate Coincidence, is a memoir about her child’s regression into autism, how it happened, and what she learned along the way. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and children.

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COTERIE Company Founder Joanna Bailey is Today’s Honoree

joannabaileyI am an awarded & published event designer, professional foodie, business strategist and multi-passionate entrepreneur with expertise in brand development, efficiency and big scary leaps of faith in the rapidly-evolving knowledge economy. I have had the pleasure of consulting for more than 60 brands + coach people from all walks of life {SAHMs to founders, athletes to politicians}. I help people achieve greater clarity, engagement, fulfillment + impact.

Known as a vocal advocate and leader among female change makers, I work with women who are done apologizing for being awesome. I’m not a one trick pony darling, and neither are you. Stop making excuses for why you have so many balls in the air. It is no one’s business how many projects you take on. I help individuals bring focus to their gifts and understand their greater purpose in life.

I will help you clean house. The first thing most clients say to me is “I think I need to do more of …” or “Should I start doing…?”. We are conditioned to think in more, when the reality is that what you’re likely suffering from is an abundance of things that are jamming up your creative prowess. You don’t necessarily need more. You need better. I start with what needs to be eliminated. If it doesn’t serve you, it goes bye-bye. That rings true for everything, from the club membership you never use to the people in your life who are energy vampires. Is it selfish? No. Self-first is not selfish. Write that down.

I am fiercely committed to helping people come alive through the pursuit of big ideas. My superpowers are helping to craft a compelling vision, collaboratively developing strategy and systems with clear, measurable outcomes, and incorporating the latest tools and technology during the process of execution and feedback. All of this is delivered with a positive, encouraging outlook mixed with Jedi-level organization and structure, and healthy kick-in-the-butt accountability.

I am also passionate about healthy living, and will teach you why what you eat speaks volumes about your self-worth. Why does that matter? Because the drive thru only makes you as cheap + easy as the food you find there. We will talk about your sleep patterns, the relationships that you give your time and energy to, what your core desired feelings are {CDF = core desired feelings} and how all those things = your Vitality Quotient. I don’t care so much about your CV, but your VQ matters big time.

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Dr. Jamie J. Hardy is Today’s Honoree

drjamiehardyDr. Jamie J. Hardy PharmD, BCPS, MS (Dr. Jamie) –is an experienced and well respected board-certified pharmacist. She travels throughout the globe speaking at conferences, companies, churches, and universities shedding light on proven strategies so young women can design the life of their dreams.  Her relatable yet medically sound approach to making lasting lifestyle changes has earned her the title of “The Lifestyle Pharmacist” by audiences and colleagues.

Dr. Jamie is highly sought after by print, online, radio, and TV media outlets to provide a fresh perspective on stress management, clean eating and finding balance through detoxing and meditation. Dr. Jamie is the Founder and Chief Lifestyle Curator of Innovative Wellness LLC, a lifestyle company that provides coaching and live workshops to teach young women who are busy juggling careers, businesses, and relationships to be fit, fabulous, and fulfilled without prescribed pills.

Through her videos, books, blogs, and programs she equips them with the tools necessary to implement changes in their lifestyle that enhance the quality of their health and ultimately their LIFE. Leveraging her 11 years of clinical pharmacy experience, Dr. Jamie is the host of her popular YouTube series “It’s all about the LIFESTYLE!” Her mission is simple- to provide her followers The Fab Squad with actionable strategies to LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE. Dr. Jamie’s high energy approach to THE STAGE is the perfect blend of laughter, sass, and reliable health information. Those that have experienced her live KEYNOTE presentations describe her as MAGNETIC.

Dr. Jamie combines her medical expertise with a NEW and vibrant approach that feels more like spending time with your best friend, that just happens to be a Doctor. Dr. Jamie is very passionate about increasing the visibility of “lifestyle pharmacy” to the world. She obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy and her Master of Science in Pharmacy Leadership from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. Dr. Jamie completed a PGY-1 Residency at LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans and is a graduate of the ASHP Pharmacy Leadership Academy.

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The Third Shift Authors LaShana Spann and McKinley Horton are Today’s Honoree

thirdshiftbookWe all are aware that October is Brest Cancer Month.. yet, did you know that it’s also Domestic Violence Month as well… meet Co-Authors LaShana Spann and McKinley Horton, The Third Shift

Domestic violence begins with a word and ends with psychological, physical and emotional wounds. Those suffering crave peace of mind and understanding, but often refrain from taking action to escape the situation before it’s too late. Through the stories of eight courageous women, Unsilenced: The Faces of Domestic Violence Survival will assist you in releasing feelings of anger, shame and guilt; and realizing that your story is your voice and your power.

This book is a guide to empower abused and battered women who are seeking spiritual guidance on how to develop the courage to safely escape their abusers, and restore their hope, confidence and joy. Packed with real scenarios, advice, resources and affirmations, readers will be able to:

Recognize the signs, patterns and strategies of an abusive partner •Identify damaging effects of assault, rape, stalking and other abusive situations •Access spiritual and professional help during the relationship and after it’s ended •Confront and overcome fear as you move forward with your life •Create a safe escape plan •Prevent future involvement with potential abusers

#SpeakLife into rebuilding, restoring and reclaiming what is divinely yours because you are no longer a victim. You are a survivor with a testimony that will further heal and liberate yourself, your family and your community from the suffering of domestic violence. Together, we will show you how.

About The Authors:

profile_pic1La Shana Spann was born in Reading Pa in 1973 to Willie Spann and Cynthia Spann. Early years of her life was based on moving from home to home, but her dreams and energy made her stronger in having to endure the unfair turn of events that would shape her life. Not having a father to grow and love, she turned to her Grandfather and Grandmother for moral and spiritual love and help. La Shana was violated by a family member early years of her life, which led her to experience emptiness and trust. She recovered it in finding her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at the St James church in Reading Pa .This is where her life got put back together for her to strive and to go forth.

She had a passion in helping others and being a nurse, but motherhood would step in and place another challenge in her path. Most people would have let that stop them at such and early age of peer pressure. But La Shana, she would quote ,”I refuse having a child at an early age get in the way of pursuing my dreams, I shall be a woman and honor my God” in that time period it was much tougher than it is today to have a baby. No MTV shows to rock people about children. The choice was hers to have a baby or abort, she chose life. And in life we learn that La Shana could accomplish her dream and beyond! Even though life can be hard, she made her mark for a better world. “The Third Shift”, an autobiography by former nurse La Shana Spann depicting one woman’s lifelong journey against the odds.

profile_pic2Beginning his professional music career as a teen, McKinley Horton first played keyboards and toured for several years with Harold Melvin and his legendary group, The Blue Notes. Now, a veteran music producer and songwriter, McKinley has created such hits as Vanessa Williams’ smash Dreamin and Eugene Wild’s Gotta Get You Home Tonight. He has been a collaborator with legendary music producers Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Organized Noize, Sleepy Brown & Outkast, TLC, Foxy Brown, CeeLo Green and countless other industry giants. His talents have also contributed to hit film soundtracks for such features as Shaft2000, Snakes On A Plane, Money Train and Miami Vice for Michael Mann.

Today, Mckinley is benchmarking his success in the music world to expand his creatively into television, film, music licensing and book publishing. Most recently he co-authored a book The Third Shift with La Shana Spann, and he continues to build successful brands. He is Chief Operating Officer for Shamack Pictures.

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Actor and Writer Sandy Yu is Today’s Honoree

sandyyuSandy Yu was born in the Philippines but calls Los Angeles, California her home. After receiving her degree in Mathematics from UCLA, she went against all that is logical and started to pursue a career as an actor and a writer.

She recently played a supporting role in a film directed by Andy Dylan that stars Billy Gallo (“Crash,” “Pretty Woman”) and Kristen Renton (Sons of Anarchy). She has also been in various tv and commercial projects including, a comedy spoof on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and a campaign with that earned a Telly Award for commercials.

In 2014, Sandy created and starred in the award-winning web series, “Miss Guidance” that has screened in numerous film festivals in Canada and cities across the US, including at the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Her performance garnered her a nomination for OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTRESS in a comedy at the 2015 LA Web Fest. Her previous writing’s also been showcased in shows produced by Hereandnow Theatre Company and Actors At Play.

In addition to film work and her writing, she’s also been blessed to appear in theater productions presented by Playwrights’ Arena, East West Players, Grove Theatre Center and Company of Angels and, has toured all over the US with Hereandnow Theatre Company. A recent highlight was playing the lead role in the 2013 world premiere of DALLAS NON-STOP (LA Times Critic’s Choice) presented by Playwrights’ Arena.

She trained as a comedy improviser at the Upright Citizens Brigade and regularly performed with her indie team, Hot Moms, throughout Los Angeles. She continues her comedy training at the Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop working with Emmy award-winning director, Michael Lembeck, and his sister, Helaine Lembeck. She also completed a summer intensive program from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2010 and has since studied with acting coach Billy O’Leary, and actor/director/mentor Elizabeth Sung.

Sandy is a self-proclaimed jill-of-all-trades who enjoys a hearty laugh, a productive afternoon in a coffee shop and anything chocolate. She dreams on working with Ms. Sandra Bullock and on continuing to make people laugh in her very own tv sitcom.

 Visit for more information.
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The Lifestyle Protector Lynn Williams is Today’s Honoree

lynnwilliamsLynn Williams is a successful financial professional, marketer, business owner and CEO. As a professional financial advisor and president of The Lifestyle Protector, Lynn is motivated to see business owners and professionals do more with their money.

Today Lynn brings the skills, experience and expertise from chartered accounting and relationship marketing together in a personable and professional approach. So if you’re looking to do more with your money you’ll benefit from straightforward, easily digestible strategic wealth and lifestyle planning advice.

More than four decades ago, Lynn’s father started in Saskatchewan a legacy of protecting people’s lives and lifestyles. Lynn carries on her father’s dedication to helping clients protect what they have and create what they want through clear financial goal-setting, tax savings and smart investing.

She enjoys nurturing financial confidence so clients take measurable steps towards meeting their aims and aspirations. Why not connect with Lynn today …

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Student Media Journalist Olivia Quinn Davila is Today’s Honoree

oliviaquinndavilaPresently, I am going into my third year at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. While this school is widely recognized for its strength in broadcast journalism, my interests lie faithfully in print journalism and online media development.

My anticipated graduation from Arizona State with my Bachelor of Arts is in May 2018. Post graduation, I would like to continue my education through a graduate program and potentially launching a company that focuses on the  development and implementation of media platforms for companies or working as a professor for a university.

As nine months out of the year are spent on campus, my day-to-day life consists heavily of completing projects, engaging with my school resources and attempting to stay sane through non-academic activities. When my schedule frees up during the summer, I try to make it a priority to volunteer with local groups, go out to the ranch and ride the horses and travel when possible.

If you have any additional questions or were unable to find something please visit

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