Author Gael McCool is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

When challenges come your way, how confident are you that you know when it’s best to use your head, follow your heart, or trust your gut feelings?

In Be Wise NowGael McCool helps you discover–and learn to use–your natural and acquired gifts and strengths so you can deal decisively with the obstacles that life delivers daily to your doorstep and inbox.

By learning how to listen faithfully to the deep wisdom that already resides inside you, you’ll begin to realize that no hurt has ever destroyed your essence and that no challenge or setback has ever truly beaten you.

After reading this helpful guide, you’ll know how to honor and make use of the life lessons and opportunities that have–and will continue to–come your way. You’ll be empowered to engage in conscious living as you transform yourself and the world around you.

About The Author:

Gael McCool helps people turn their problems into a powerful source of purpose. She is an inspirational teacher, guide, and developer of tools for personal transformation.

For over 35 years she has taught individuals, executives, and companies to engage the life-changing powers of self-awareness, accountability, and conscious choice to make a difference in themselves and in the world around them. She is the founder, President, and Chief Creative Coach at FEEL Inc.

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Musical Genius Bill Protzmann is Today’s Honoree

Bill started piano lessons at three years old. He grew up playing and performing and realized very early on that the discipline of playing the piano was also a behavioral healthcare practice. When he began seeking non-traditional audiences — Alzheimer’s patients and people struggling with physical or emotional injuries, stressed-out businesspeople, parents, caregivers — he began to understand the true power of music as a tool.

He has been a witness to the power of music throughout his life, and speaks openly about how he has used music as self-intervention in his own behavioral health care, including confronting suicidal tendencies. His volunteer work in the field brings him into constant contact with people who are or have been homeless, abused substances, are combat-injured or are caregivers.

This led Bill to the idea that guides him every day:

Between “music as entertainment” and “music therapy” is the powerful opportunity to use music as a tool.  Bill calls that opportunity “music care.”

Bill’s fascination with the near-medicinal effects of music has caused him to study the topic widely and stay constantly engaged with the most recent research. You can trust his 20+ years’ experience teaching people just like you and your team how to use music functionally in everyday situations:

  • Improve performance at work
  • Strengthen communication and relationship skills
  • Take better care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically.

Bill’s work was recognized by the National Council for Behavioral Healthcare with an “Oscar” for Artistic Expression in 2014:

Visit   for more information.

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Author Ilene English is Today’s Honoree

Born and raised in Irvington, New Jersey, Ilene was the youngest of six, a tag end kid raised in the middle of a shopping center, as her father refused to sell the family home because he was almost done paying off 30 years of mortgage payments. Grocery stores and stores of every kind were built around their house. Because her mother was seriously ill most of her childhood with heart disease, Ilene was something of a lost child. But in spite of this, she was a free spirit, smart, cute, creative and spontaneous, her life fueled by an innate sense of optimism and determination.

Ilene was an early psychedelic pioneer, experimenting with LSD during a time when it was still legal, and its effects not yet fully comprehended. During the early sixties, she, along with an entire community of fellow trippers, innocently thought that they could change the world into one that valued love over materialism, particularly though the use of psychedelic drugs.

Years later, Ilene is now a licensed psychotherapist.  She helps people reunite with their innate wisdom, so they can experience more of the love, connection and happiness that she believes is every human’s birthright.  She helps people develop a deep knowing of who they are and what they stand for. 

This, her first book, is her discovery about herself and life, and her journey to become who she is today.  She is happy to connect with readers. 

Visit for more information.

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Innovation Expert Amy Simpkins is Today’s Honoree

Amy Simpkins has an engineer’s brain and a poet’s heart. Her life’s work has been centered around the integration of seemingly unrelated things and the subsequent solution of wickedly hard problems.

Ms. Simpkins is a speaker, author, and thought leader in innovation. She facilitates massive leaps forward by helping individuals and organizations with big ideas make connections they’ve been missing. She believes that innovation is for everyone and holds the key to both personal fulfillment and lasting global change. She is the author of Spiral: A Catalyst for Innovation and Expansion, a new approach to the creative process fusing engineering design methodology with cycles of nature and entrepreneurship.

Ms. Simpkins is also CEO of the renewable energy startup muGrid Analytics. muGrid solves problems at the edge of energy technology and economics using math and modeling, and is dedicated to creating a sustainable energy future for the planet, one project at a time. As a young, female executive in the tech world, she puts her theories about disruptive innovation and bringing your whole self to work into practice every single day.

Previously, Ms. Simpkins designed, integrated, and operated spacecraft at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. During her 10-year tenure as an aspiring Spacecraft Systems Architect, she worked on diverse programs such as Juno, Stardust-NExT, Orion, and Space Radar, as well as spent time in dynamic idea incubation groups for new and exciting aerospace innovation.

Ms. Simpkins holds an SB in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and an MS in Astronautical Engineering from the University of Southern California. She is a messy chef, a world traveler, a taekwondo green belt, a homeschooling mom of three, and a tough cookie in the Colorado backcountry.

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Musical Artist JustJohn is Today’s Honoree

“Black Fathers Day is a project designed to highlight the perspective of a young black dad in America. ATL based (and Jxn, Mississippi raised) artist/guitar player JustJohn. turned his innermost thoughts into an audio masterpieces.

By design, Black Father’s Day takes its listeners on an under represented but relatable journey. In a therapeutic effort, JustJohn. opens up about his experiences with college, relationships, and life altering decisions. All while figuring out how to father a 4 year old. Black Father’s Day is scheduled to release this Father’s Day, June 16th 2019 on all major platforms.”

JustJohn., born Justin Johnson, is a talented rapper/songwriter and musician from Jackson, MS. His relationship with music began as a child but his sound has since blossomed into a genre crossing multi-generational experience.

Between the different instruments he plays and his versatile lyricism JustJohn. is unlike any hip hop artist of his time. JustJohn. consistently manages to create music that is relatable, conceptually artistic, and catchy. In fact, the artist often combines honesty and entertainment to easily provide insight for marginalized groups of people such as young active fathers in America.

JustJohn. credits many artist/bands such as Little Richard, Led Zeppelin, Pastor Troy, Fall Out Boy and OutKast as early influences. This diverse set of early influencers (along with his individual passions) produce a rockstar vibe unlike all others. Simply put: If rock could rap, it would sound like JustJohn.

For more information visit


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Media Host Josh Rodriguez is Today’s Honoree

Josh Rodriguez is a charismatic on-air personality and live event emcee who specializes in sports and entertainment. As a TV Host, Josh has worked for various media companies including AfterBuzz TV (“The Weekly Pass” with Bonnie-Jill Laflin, NFL Weekly, NBA Playoff Review),  Black Hollywood Live (Sports Weekly), with appearances on The Fumble.

As a Podcast host, Josh has featured sports shows on the Forward Mile Podcast Network (10 Minute Drill), and hosts his own NBA Podcast “The Dime with Josh Rodriguez”. He also can be seen and heard on the popular podcast “Straight Talk With Ross Mathews” where is known to Straight Talkers as “JRod”. As a music producer, he started his hosting career as a VJ for ZTV’s Indie Music Video Countdown Show.

Josh currently lives in Los Angeles, California as he continues to pursue a career in Television Hosting and Music Production.  On his down time, he enjoys making music and harnesses a huge passion for sports particularly basketball. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Rider University in Arts, specializing in Radio/Television Track.

Visit for more information. 

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Author Gary Collins is Today’s Honoree

Gary Collins has a very interesting and unique background that includes military intelligence, Special Agent for the U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Collins’ background and expert knowledge brings a much-needed perspective to today’s areas of simple living, health, nutrition, entrepreneurship, self-help and being more self-reliant. He holds an AS degree in Exercise Science, BS in Criminal Justice, and MS in Forensic Science.

Gary was raised in the High Desert at the basin of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in a rural part of California. He now lives off-the-grid part of the year in a remote area of NE Washington State, and the other part of year exploring in his travel trailer with his trusty black lab Barney.

He enjoyed, and considers himself lucky to have grown up in a very small town experiencing fishing, hunting, and anything outdoors from a very young age. He has been involved in organized sports, nutrition, and fitness for almost four decades. He is also an active follower and teacher of what he calls “life simplification.” He often says:

“Today we’re bombarded by too much stress, not enough time for personal fulfillment, and failing to take care of our health… there has to be a better way!”

In addition to being a best selling author, he has taught at the University College level, consulted and trained college level athletes, and been interviewed for his expertise on various subjects by CBS Sports, Coast to Coast AM, The RT Network, and FOX News to name a few.

His website, and The Simple Life book series (his total lifestyle reboot), blows the lid off of conventional life and wellness expectations, and is considered essential for every person seeking a simpler, and happier life.

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