Author RA Anderson is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

Two puffin friends are exploring Iceland looking for two little lost lambs, but on the way, they discover their predator the Artic Fox and other animals in Iceland too difficult to ignore. The puffin parents are searching for these two little one’s while realizing Iceland is more than their puffin colony’s cliffs—they find Whooper Swans and a family of sheep in the middle of the street!

Would you like to know what Árni and Birta do when they see a wild reindeer, or what Árni’s parents say when they see turf houses that look like huge burrows? Come along as we explore Iceland, the farmlands, and how Iceland can grow their own fruit when the temperatures are so cold!

In this second book of the Iceland: The Puffin Explorers series, Árni and Birta meet Icelandic horses, sheep, and reindeer, and experience other natural wonders of Iceland. Fun facts are presented throughout the adventure to share interesting things about Icelandic farms and animals, like how sheep roam freely and are protected by laws if they are in the middle of the road.Illustrated with actual photographs taken while the author explored the beautiful country of Iceland, this eye catching picture book is sure to mesmerize young readers.

About The Author:

Author RA Anderson is a wanderer who has lived all over, from California to Belize, and currently, home is a town called Rome, in Georgia that is!

A lifelong passion for creative writing and photography became her life. Her award-winning photographs have been featured in table books, magazines and front-page news, and her writing has been published in magazines, poetry books and children’s books. Her If Pets Could Talk series includes Cats, Dogs, Farm Animals and A Service Dog. Iceland, The Puffin Explorers Series is her newest children’s series. She also recently released a YA book, Girl Sailing Aboard the Western Star.

Three boys—her heart and soul—call her Mom. She and her husband are recent empty-nesters, leaving them more time to travel.

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Jazz Fuel Founder Matt Fripp is Today’s Honoree

My name’s Matt Fripp and I’ve worked as a booking agent & artist manager for jazz musicians for almost 10 years now.

I’ve booked more than 1,500 gigs in that time and have been lucky enough to go to a lot of great festivals and clubs around the world.

I’m based in Europe (which is where a lot of my artists perform), but I’ve also organised gigs and tours in North America & Asia.

Jazz has been a big passion of mine since I was a kid. I started out as a saxophonist, studying a 4-year jazz degree at a London conservatoire, and feel pretty lucky to call ‘going to gigs & listening to music’ my job!

I got started on the business side of music by managing a good friend of mine (Anthony Strong, who I still represent today) and eventually took on a job as a booking agent at a London music group which worked across management, PR & touring with a huge range of jazz talent.

Over the next 6 years there I represented around 20 artists including Kyle Eastwood, Marius Neset, Anthony Strong, Get The Blessing, Natalie Williams, Empirical, Troyka, China Moses, Tim Garland, Food (Iain Ballamy & Thomas Strønen), Hailey Tuck & Michael Wollny.

Today I’m based between London & Paris and, alongside running this site, I do worldwide bookings and management for a small roster of brilliant artists.

From musician to agent

Perhaps due to my own journey from musician to agent, I’m really keen to show people what needs to be done – aside from playing great music – to build a career and reach an ever-growing audience of jazz fans.

I created Jazzfuel in 2016 to share ideas, tools & tips from me (and colleagues around the world), so that you can speed up progress with your own project, whatever level you’re currently at.

If you’re motivated to raise your profile – and can set aside a little time to do this – I’m confident I can show you some useful things to get you moving faster!

Visit for more information.

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Drummer and Composer Dr. Mark Lomax, II is Today’s Honoree

“Lomax is the rare drummer who leaves you wanting more, leading his bandmates through a strikingly terse, brilliantly counterintuitive and ultimately joyous series of explorations.”- Lucid Culture

Dr. Mark Lomax, II, critically acclaimed composer, recording artist, drummer, activist, and educator is a Wexner Center for the Arts at the Ohio State University Artist Residency 2018 Award recipient. A highly sought-after lecturer, Lomax specializes in the socio-political, and spiritual aspects of African-American art, music, race, and the usage of the arts to build community.  These ideas are documented in his TED Talk Activating The Transformative Power Of Trust.

Lomax adamantly declares that “there has never been a time in my life that music was not a part of me.” Heavily influenced by his father, a pastor, and mother, a composer of gospel music, Lomax was introduced to gospel and jazz at an early age. He continued his study of gospel music with Dr. Raymond Wise, founder of the Center for the Gospel Arts.

Besides performing with gospel choirs around the country, Lomax also boasts impressive jazz credentials. He has toured with the Delfeayo Marsalis Sextet and worked with notable artists such as Clark Terry, Marlon Jordan, Azar Lawrence, Bennie Maupin, Billy Harper, Nicholas Payton, Ellis Marsalis, and Wessel Anderson, among others. Jazz Times says Lomax’s “forceful drumming would have made Elvin Jones proud.”

Dr. Lomax who was also a 2017 Denison University Mellon Artist-In-Residence, holds a Doctor of Music Arts degree in composition from The Ohio State University. His myriad experiences have allowed him to create a unique blend of styles in his music. Whether he’s interpreting the Negro Spiritual through jazz, arranging gospel music for a symphony orchestra, or performing his original works, his music is relevant, probing, and inspiring.

In one of the timeliest and unprecedented pieces of work of our history, Lomax released 400: An Afrikan Epic in January 2019. This composition ambitiously tells the story of the Afrikan diaspora over the course of a 12 album cycle. It is divided into thirds and explores thousands of years of the history that is pre-colonial Afrika, the Ma’afa (400 years between 1619 and 2019), and Afro-futurism expressing a vision of what Blacks in America will heal toward in the next 400 years. The Wexner Center for the Arts supported the project. Quoted in a Columbus Monthly profile of the project, Lane Czaplinski, Wexner performing arts director says, “Mark is an absolute experimentalist … and this huge, deep project will look at the legacy of jazz from the past all the way to the future.” Lomax also calls 400: An Afrikan Epic, an opportunity to celebrate the resilience, brilliance, strength, genius, and creativity of a people who continue to endure while offering a transformative view of the future.

Please visit for more information.

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Author and Podcast Host Angel Charmaine is Today’s Honoree

Author of Speak with Chic: One woman. Ten truths. and its companion God, I’ve Got Questions: 10 Bible Studies for Women Workbook. I am the mother of four fabulous humans, an inspirational conversationalist, author, and international educator. I have over eighteen years of experience as a teacher, coach, and advocate for underserved and diverse populations. Although I have worked within state, federal, and international arenas, it’s forty years of life experiences and lessons lived and learned as a daughter, mother, wife, sister and friend that have better prepared me for my life’s journey. My story mirrors so many untold stories of little girls who survived and thrived despite growing up in the projects of Georgia, childhood sexual abuse, a single-parent mom who battled drug addiction, and so much more.  After marriage, motherhood, depression and divorce, I discovered my life’s purpose while driving down Dean’s Bridge Road in Augusta, GA sobbing and asking God all the questions for which I had no answers. He simply said to me, “none of it was originally designed for you, and none of it will destroy you.”

I realized at one of the lowest points in my life that my pain had purpose. I resolved to support individuals who have lost hope in God, life and themselves. My mission is to be the premiere supporter of kingdom visions by reviving dreams and empowering others to walk in their divine purpose.  I share my personal story of resiliency and faith to help others overcome adversity by acknowledging, embracing and sharing their truths and testimonies, and I share my financial blessings to help people who are having a difficult time helping themselves.

At the center of my philosophy is the belief that authentic conversations, connections, and tangible assistance increase resiliency and help individuals recover more quickly from difficult situations. People make better life decisions when they are part of safe communities where they feel connected enough to share their stories without judgement and receive help from people who genuinely have a desire to see them prosper in their spirit, soul and body. Through Speak up Sis!, I am able to provide safe space and facilitate conversations through both group and one-on-one empowerment sessions. I am a passionate, dynamic, effective teacher and speaker with a desire to help transform the lives of women who think their 12-year old dreams are dead. I utilize a  spiritual approach combined with an outside-the-box perspective to help you breakthrough challenges to reach your goals and live in purpose.

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The Content Factory CEO Kari DePhillips is Today’s Honoree

I’m the CEO of The Content Factory, a digital PR agency that specializes in SEO and social media marketing. I started TCF in 2010 with $500 and some SEO skills, and the company is now one of the top SEO agencies in the English-speaking world. Our portfolio features a wide variety of clients, including Astroglide, Fairtrade America, enterprise-level SaaS companies and a lot of others in between.

My team and I have been featured in Forbes, Adweek, Inc, Entrepreneur and many other media outlets for our digital marketing expertise and work culture. Thrive named me a “limit-breaking female founder” and NBC News referred to me as a “CEO who takes job perks to the max” due to the fact that all of TCF’s employees work from home, or wherever there’s WiFi. I’m an influencer in the digital nomad space (even called a “digital nomad role model” in Glamour), and have worked from over a dozen different countries in the last year.

As a result, we save an average of 500 hours – each – every year by skipping the “get ready” routine and daily commute to an office. My agency’s overhead is low, and I pass that savings on to our clients. Because TCF embraces digital nomadry, I’m able to attract and hire top talent from all over the US.

Over the years I’ve become an evangelist for the work-from-home (or anywhere) lifestyle, particularly for women. I co-host the Workationing podcast, which follows Kelly Chase and I as we transition to full-time digital nomads and travel the world. In my spare time, I co-admin the Workationing and Sisters in SEO Facebook groups, cage dive with sharks, race cars and fly planes.

Visit for more information.

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Greer Consulting, Inc. President Jason Greer is Today’s Honoree

Jason Greer is the president of Greer Consulting, Inc. (GCI). GCI is a labor and employee relations management firm that focuses on helping companies solve issues that keep executives up at night.

“In terms of scaling for 2020, businesses need to focus on tapping into the core strengths of their employees. So often Companies will outsource to compensate for perceived needs when the reality is that their employees understand the business needs just as well, and at times better, then they are given credit for. Employees want to contribute to the success of a company but they often feel as though their voices do not count.”

Greer Consulting, Inc.’s patented Deep Dive Assessment services can help Senior Care Companies:

  1. Reduce turnover rate by as much as 40%
  2. Increase employee satisfaction scores by 30%
  3. Mitigate diversity issues in the workplace
  4. Build successful relationships between managers and employees

We solve the problems that keep you and your management team awake at night!

Greer Consulting, Inc. has experienced incredible success in the field of labor relations due to our unique ability to combine our experience in Labor Relations, Counseling Psychology and Organizational Development. GCI utilizes registered persuaders as well as labor attorneys to assist large and small businesses across multiple industries to overcome their internal employee relations struggles.

Greer Consulting, Inc. offers the patented GCI Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion (DEI) model that addresses the critical issue of psychology of Diversity, the legality issues of diversity and the financial/management areas of successful diversity organization while optimizing the performance of your employees and creating a culture of management excellence.

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Serial Entrepreneur and Podcast Host Mike Watts is Today’s Honoree

Mike Watts is an experienced entrepreneur who has 6 startup companies under his belt including founding three consecutive multi-million dollar companies in the last 10 years. Mike has successful exits from three companies including one for over $6 million and he even struck a deal with Daymond John from Shark Tank. Mike currently serves as CEO of LoveHandle, a fast-growing American manufacturer of patented custom smartphone grips and accessories where he leads a team of 30 full-time employees. Mike is a regular keynote speaker for entrepreneur and inventor groups as well a guest professor at Texas A M University’s entrepreneur program in College Station. Mike is a 2-time winner of the Aggie 100 Award for fastest growing companies and has been listed on the Fortune 5000. Mike is currently launching his own business podcast – The Mike Watts Show – focused on sharing the detailed stories of failures and successes throughout his start-up journeys culminating in actionable and practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Mike has his own professional production studio on-site for interviews and remote podcasts.

Visit for more information.

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