Author Greg Grant is Today’s Honoree for Friday May 6th, 2016

gREGgRANTWriting has been said to have a positive impact on physical well- being. University of Texas at Austin psychologist and researcher, James Pennebaker, believes that writing about stressful events helps you come to terms with them, thus reducing the impact these stressors have on your physical health.

Author Greg Grant found this to be true when he began writing poetry in 2003 to cope with his mental illness. In his new book, “Let’s Fly,” Grant has written poetry through the eyes of a man with Cerebral Palsy. “Let’s Fly” is made up of 58 eclectic poems covering a wide variety of subjects such as parties, mental illness, age, acceptance and prayer.

“I hope this book will display how people who are disabled are capable of the same achievements as everyone else,” said Grant. “I want to inspire others who are living with a mental illness to hold nothing back when chasing their dreams.”

Through “Let’s Fly,” Grant intends to spread acceptance of people with mental disabilities and show how they grapple the same feelings and concerns as those without a mental disability. As readers sift through the various poems they are likely to feel a kinship towards Grant as his poems describe topics everyone can relate to.

“Let’s Fly” is intended for readers of all ages. Grant’s poetry offers valuable morals for young readers, while reminding adults of truths they may have forgotten.

About the Author:

Greg Grant began writing poetry in 2003 to cope with is mild Cerebral Palsy. Grant enjoys writing about good friends, life, love and happiness. Grant is passionate about inspiring others who live with a mental illness to hold nothing back when chasing their dreams. Grant lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Visit Greg Grant for more information.

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Noire3000 Photo Studios CEO James C. Lewis is Today’s Honoree for Thursday May 5th, 20167

JamesCLewisJames Cornelius Lewis is a native of Statesboro, GA, following graduation from High School he relocated to Atlanta,GA where he received his undergraduate degree in Visual Communications from the Art Institute of Atlanta.

After working in the corporate world of advertising & marketing for 10yrs, James decided to launch his own photography studio in 2008. Noire3000 | N3K Photo Studios is a one stop creative shop located in the great city of Atlanta,GA. This studio offers you the best of photography, graphic design and illustration. In October 2013 James was invited to London,England for his very first International Photo Exhibition entitled THE ORISHA EXPERIENCE.

Following this great success, his works went on to be featured in the National Museum of Modern Culture in Stockholm, Sweden, along with commissioned works for the Tabanka Crew African Peoples Dance Ensemble of Oslo, Norway. James is also the visionary behind the 2014 photo series entitled ICONS OF THE BIBLE, where he depicted all of the biblical
characters as people of color. As of 2016 James has gone on to begin another series entitled AFRICAN KINGS which is currently on exhibition in  Paris France from May 3rd – May 8th.

To view more of James’s work please visit:

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Media Mogul Porcilla “Ziggy” Charlton is Today’s Honoree for Wednesday May 4th, 2016

ZiggyPorcilla Charlton is a fierce millennial who epitomizes her life’s mantra, “if you believe it, you can achieve it!” Not only has her beliefs and confidence led her to the unimaginable, but this now, model, media journalist and host, believes that at age 23, she is just getting started!

Young, vivacious and fearless, she’s accomplished within just 3 years, what many others only aspire to achieve. She credits God, her drive and ambition, as well as her family’s support in manifesting dreams, and the establishment of her “She is Ziggy” empire!

Given the nickname “Ziggy” by her grandmother, this Bartow, FL native has made strides in the fashion and media industries. It is obvious that, in order to successfully thrive, one must possess determination and perseverance. Winning “Best Anchor” and being nominated for many other media awards within her school district, she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in journalism. Being her high school’s class president and involvement in her community outlined a promising future for her, early on.

From pageantry contest to runway model training, Ziggy became equipped with necessary skills needed to pursue journalism at an early age. She developed a true love for runway modeling, while training with “Walk This Way Productions,” a model-coaching and fashion agency. Continuing to train and showcase all over the southeast region, she began her career as a freelancemodel in 2013.

Ziggy partnered with global, award-winning brand, Allusions by A.Lekay Swimwear, for a facet of print-modeling activations and runway projects. Infact, Ziggy made her debut, gracing the runways at New York Fashion Week in September 2014. Living out every fashion models dreams, Ziggy has also been featured via an array of media outlets including WFLA’s Daytime Fashion Segment, Teen Faces Magazine, Rebellious Magazine, Ellements Magazine, The Lakeland Ledger, Buzz Feed, Huffington Post, BET Networks, PEOPLE, and

Ziggy has been selected to partner with corporations including Verizon Wireless in their 2015 “Potential of Us” Campaign in Atlanta, GA, AARP’s 2015 National Convention for their “Hip at 50 Fashion Moment,” in Miami, FL, and RAW Artist’s Fashion Showcase in Philadelphia, PA. Porcilla was a part of history as model with Lakeland’s first fashion week, showcasing at the 2015 Lakeland Fashion Week. From collaborating with brands like Grier Co., Jay Hunt Designs and Infinite E Designs to modeling with boutiques
across Central FL, the She Is Ziggy brand continues to elevate.

Fueled by her first-love in media, Ziggy has been called upon to host, speak and chronicle many events. She’s served as guest speaker for the2015 “Grow Your Business” Networking Seminar. Though she is constantly elevating as a model and media personality, she still finds time to serve her community.

Ziggy believes in First Lady Michelle Obama’s words, “it’s not about the money that you make, but about the difference you make in the lives of others.” For her efforts in building a stronger community, inspiring young girls, and making a difference in the lives of others, she’s dedicated time and has volunteered with the 2014 Earth Day event with Girls Inc.,
National PAL Mentoring Day hosted by the Police Athletic League, as well as Sweetheart Seminar Day with the Polk School Board, Teen Parent Program.

As a well versed, young woman, she has leveraged her relationships as model and media personality. With such an innovative approach, she coupled her love for modeling and passion for journalism; ripping the runway and hosting the 2015 Interstate 4 Fashion Showcase. From the rep carpet to the runway, the She Is Ziggy brand embodies what it means to have confidence!

As a fashion model, media personality, and community servant, the She Is Ziggy Brand continues to wow those whom she encounters. Her spectrum of brilliance and her first love in broadcast media led her to her most recent venture; “In The Zone With Ziggy (ITZWZ).” ITZWZ is a series of interviews where she chronicles events and gets up close and personal with emerging entrepreneurs.

From the runways, to breaking out, and not succumbing to the fashion industry’s standards of what a model should be, Ziggy has proven that “if you can believe it, you really can achieve it!” Her innovative approach in giving new business owners a platform to share their stories and give exposure to their businesses, to coverage at red carpet events, ITZWZ is a inspirational media outlet. Her goal is to help others achieve their
dreams, just as ‘SHE IS’ doing!

Visit Ziggy for more information.

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Author Tracey McLean is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday May 3rd, 2016

TracyMcLeanAn Award winning Author Tracey Mclean is a Virginia native. She is the CEO of Adyme Enterprise. Tracey Mclean has a vivid imagination that she loves sharing with you and she lets you in her world of imagination with her books and music. Tracey Mclean first book Shaquana Hill (Stripped) is based on a true story and the book also has a sound track. Author Tracey McLean Is very strong in her beliefs and put GOD before all. Her favorite quote “Many follow but few are chosen.” Author Tracey Mclean is (CHOSEN). Every book has a sound track.

Award winning author, dancer, possessor of a vivid imagination, Virginia native Tracey Mclean is a Richmond success story.  Mother of ten, stepmother of eight, Tracey Mclean understands the importance of diligence and dedication. CEO of Adyme Enterprise, Tracey never turns down an opportunity for greatness; staring in a new reality show called Baby Momma’s is just the tip of the iceberg.

TraceyMcLeanAs to date, Tracey Mclean has released a variety of literature, from fiction to autobiographical under her own publishing company Adyme Publishing. Her most notable pieces are [Shaquana Hill?] Stripped is based on a true story (about what?), Memoirs of a Baby Mother, Dirty Laundry, Memoirs of a Baby Father,  erotic series called Chocolate and children series called King Uriah, all accompanied by themed soundtracks.  Multifaceted, Tracey McLean is very spiritual person who believes in putting God first in all things. Her favorite quote “Many follow but only a few are chosen” has been proven prophetic when it comes to Tracey’s life, personally and professionally.

Under the umbrella of Adyme Enterprise is Tracey musical endeavor Adyme Entertainment; where she manages up and coming local/regional break through artists such as (VTG- VA The Group AJA’The Group JAZZMENN ZOE, TROY THE RaPPER, TAEM pl??)

Currently, Tracey is working as a talk show host of her own show The Tracey Mclean Show.

Visit Tracey McLean for more information.

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Afro-Deeziak TV Co-Host Gracie L. Phoenix is Today’s Honoree for Monday May 2nd, 2016

GraciePhoenixGrace L. Phoenix is a US native, born in Detroit, Michigan – home of the
Motown Era. She is widely known as “Gracie Phoenix” or “The Lady Gracie”.
Gracie grew up with a natural love for all types of musical genres. As she
grew older, she started to explore music from different cultures around the
world. Being introduced to so many different styles of music is what
motivated her get involved in the music industry.

In 2009, she traveled to Dakar, Senegal and Brazzaville, Congo and was
introduced to African music. Being that Gracie is African American, the
connection to African music was natural and effortless so, Gracie decided
to stick with it. Because Gracie has always had an ear for good music, she
thought it best to find great artists and help promote them; hence, G.P.
International Music group was born and was founded in early 2010.

In 2011, she began looking for and eventually promoting African music
artists via her radio show: Afro-Deeziak Radio which aired on the TradioV
Network (Formerly known as WKRP Radio) and in a very short while, her name
gradually began to grow in African communities globally. Within a few
months of promoting only African music, Gracie added Caribbean music to the
roster, since African music and Caribbean music can blend very easily and
because the audience for both genres are similar in demographic.

During the 2011 BET Awards, Gracie traveled to Los Angeles to interview the
African nominees. She had a chance to Interview Fally Ipupa, Tuface Idibia
and David Monsoh. Gracie has had the pleasure of inviting Ghanaian
comedian, Michael Blackson as a live guest in the studio and has
subsequently interviewed various African & Caribbean music artists such as:
Dencia, Kelly Hansome, Zone Fam, Maurice Kirya, Tolumide and Mr. Vegas

For the 2011 Bite My Music Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Gracie was a
celebrity judge for the African music category. Gracie has also been
featured in magazines and newspapers in Zambia and Malawi.

In fall of 2015, Gracie teamed up with The Specialists Network and began
filming for her TV show: Afro-Deeziak TV with her co-host, Khysin Bless.
Afro-Deeziak TV airs on Comcast Networks, channel 26 in Atlanta, GA and is
launching in Summer of 2016. We showcase music videos from African and
Caribbean artists. Afro-Deeziak TV also gets exclusive interviews from
major R&B, Hip Hop and Neo Soul music artists to show our audience that we
have a love for all musical genres. We have interviewed Mobb Deep, The
Floacist of Floetry and Method Man and Redman. And many more are on the
way! We are always accepting music vidoes from arising artists as well. Gracie’s passion for anything related to Afro/Caribbean Entertainment arts is unparalleled!

Visit Gracie Phoenix for more information.

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Author Chris Lancashire is Today’s Honoree for Friday April 29th, 2016

ChrisLancashireAs a healthcare professional for 35 years Chris Lancashire has assisted in the care of bringing babies into the world, and assisted in the care of those leaving the world. However, upon the cancer diagnosis of Lancashire’s son, Andrew, she found how her professional life would provide the anchor for not just other families, but in her own son’s cancer journey.

In her new book, “Beyond Courage,” author Chris Lancashire seeks to raise awareness of the bone cancer, Chondroblastic Osteosarcoma, found among children, predominantly teenagers, and young adults. “Beyond Courage” began as a journal of Lancashire’s only child and son, Andrew, and his fight against Chrondroblastic Osteosarcoma.

Chris Lancashire works with as a moderator on the Discussion Group for Chondroblastic Osteosarcoma.

Visit Chris Lancashire for more information.

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Model and Actor Kellen Marcus is Today’s Honoree for Thursday April 28th, 2016

KellemMarcusWhen you think of a person that will go to extreme measures to be successful, think of Kellen Marcus. He has proving multiple times that he has what it takes in the acting and modeling industry. Marcus has been featured in “Disney’s let it shine on Disney Network, “Single Ladies” on BET Network, “U.S.A Satisfaction on NBC Universal/Sony, he mastered the character “Ted” in the movie Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and played as “Camron” in a short film called Frat Life. He also has an extensive modeling career.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Kellen was adopted at 3 months by a married couple who raised him as their own. He currently resides in Atlanta, Ga where he studies Marketing Major at Georgia Southern University.  His parents saw the multi-talented abilities within him and knew they had been given a child who is destined with a purpose. Kellen is a humble, energetic, loyal, funny, hardworking, smart, self-motivate and determined leader.  Moreover, he is very well-rounded and can adapt to any environment or setting.

At a young age, he began to realize that he was talented in many areas. One of his first passions was playing sports. During his high school years he took many by storm in the game of football and basketball, he decided to take his career further by participating in Rugby, playing on the collegiate and Men’s Division l levels respectively. He enjoyed the pace and the physical and mental challenges that come with controlling the ball, and ultimately winning games. As he got older he continued to discover more of his talents such as acting, modeling, singing and his writing continued to develop as well. As an adult, he took his acting and modeling serious by going to training to better his skills and learning more techniques. Kellen

Kellen lives by his favorite quote, “Life and everything in the universe were created on positive energy. So why would you ever think that it’s against you?”  He strongly professes that everything is a thought process and based on optimistic thoughts, negativity is a choice. He truly believes in making a connection with a higher source, and strives to create positive vibes in everything he does. In hopes of one day making a name known for himself, he wishes that it will help connect him to his biological parents.  He stands firm in his love for God and his belief of staying and doing things in His will. Kellen understands that although he is imperfect, being transparent will allow others to see he flaws, struggles, and mistakes. All in all, you will witness a seed grow into a deeply rooted tree that will share its fruits with others. He is definitely equipped to take the world by storm with his multi-talented approach to living to the fullest of his ability and making his career path a beacon of light and inspiration to those around him.

Visit Kellen Marcus for more information.

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