Incredible Tiny Homes Founder Randy Jones is Today’s Honoree

Incredible Tiny Homes represents a dream to provide affordable and comfortable housing for everyone. Randy Jones founded Incredible Tiny Homes in Morristown, Tennessee in 2014 with a passion to pursue a professional standard of craftsmanship in the Tiny Home industry. Incredible Tiny Homes builds your home indoors at our not-so-tiny warehouse. We ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship, from beginning to end, as you work with us to customize and build your Incredible Tiny Home.

Given their tiny square footage, tiny homes are creating a huge impact on real estate markets. “Tiny home” and “tiny home living” is a new trend where homebuyers can build their own home at a significantly affordable cost than a conventional home. This movement which was originally a backlash towards consumerism, and started in the 80’s, has taken over the last few years and more and more people are not only choosing to live in a tiny home but to live in tiny home communities. Homeowners are freeing themselves from mortgages and the urge to keep up with the Joneses by building and purchasing a “tiny home.”

Randy Jones started his Incredible Tiny Home business using borrowed tools and has since built a business on helping people find a sense of pride in home ownership and minimalism. Randy has built over 100 homes and does so at a fraction of his competitor’s pricing.

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Relationship Coach Riana Milne is Today’s Honoree

#1 Best Selling author, Certified Relationship, Love & Life Coach for Singles and Couples, Certified Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Riana Milne (“The Life & Love Transformation Expert”), focuses on increasing a Client’s personal growth and self-esteem while improving their holistic health for mind, body, and spirit. She specializes in helping women and men of all ages through the impact of Childhood, Dating or Relationship Trauma and difficult transitions leading to overall Life Transformation and Successful relationships for individuals, couples and families in private practice for over 18 years in Egg Harbor Township, NJ and in Delray Beach, Florida. She takes an active Coaching role with her Client as they explore together the many avenues to their optimum emotional and over-all health and wellness, both individually and in relationships. She helps Singles attract Emotionally Healthy, Evolved and Conscious Love and guides Couples to transform their relationships from Toxic to Terrific. Riana’s Holistic Coaching approach to Holistic personal growth and change for mind and spirit is core to all her endeavors. Riana believes every human being is unique and deserves an individual, fresh perspective on their overall health to reach their personal and relationship goals, divine purpose, and ultimate sense of happiness.

She had always wanted to help people with healing using motivational, educational and spiritual approaches so went for her Masters in 1997 in Clinical Counseling Psychology for the humanistic and scientific approaches she also now uses – Person-Centered, Cognitive-Behavioral and Solution-Focused therapies. She received her 3-part, 92-credits Master of Arts Degree from Rowan University of NJ  in Applied Clinical and Counseling Psychology in August 2000, with a 3.98 GPA and awards in the National Honor Society in Psychology (Psi Chi) and the National Honor & Leadership Society of Graduate Students (Alpha Epsilon Lambda). She has taught at the college level for the State of NJ – future Addictions Counselors – at Stockton College of NJ; and in earlier years taught Professional Development and Marketing at Gannon University in Erie, PA.

Riana established a private practice, Therapy by the Sea, LLC in year 2000 in southern NJ, and soon found she wanted to reach even more people so chose to become a Singles & Couples Certified Relationship and Life Coach with the Relationship Coaching Institute, and took many courses in 2009 and 2010 to become a Certified Coach. This resulted in her free App, My Relationship Coach, that launched in 2013 so she was able to Coach “beyond the walls of an office” by using webinars and virtual coaching through SKYPE and by phone. Shortly after that she developed an intensive VIP Coaching Program for both Singles (Dating to Mating) and Couples (Relationship Rescue) and started coaching in person as well as globally by Skype and Zoom.

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Born Fanatic Author Michael McCormack is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:  The bond between a father and son can be just a special and unique as it is tumultuous and challenging. Add in a father whose attitude varies dependent upon the outcome of his pro-football career and the dynamic becomes all the more chaotic. This is the foundation for the story of Michael McCormack and his father in his April 2018 release, Born Fanatic: My Life in the Grip of the NFL.

From his first breath, McCormack’s life was football. As the oldest son of the world champion Cleveland Brown, former head coach to the Eagles and Seahawks, and NFL Hall of Famer with whom he shares the same name, McCormack has watched literally from the sidelines as his father’s career would make or break more than six hundred Sundays in his life. And these Sunday games just scratched the surface as McCormack began a lifelong journey as a ‘born fanatic’ in the cauldron of professional football.

No ordinary football memoir, in McCormack’s Born Fanatic, he offers a glimpse into his unique experience with football fanaticism, leaving fans and readers alike both nodding with understanding and surprised by his insights into one of America’s most beloved pastimes. Few individuals have learned about pro football from the classroom of life the way McCormack has and through his storytelling — woven with research and insights from his “insider perspective” — readers are given a deep look into what makes football fanatics tick and inspires them to meet the challenge of recovering the most important thing about pro football before it’s too late.

About The Author:  Oldest son and namesake of a world champion Cleveland Brown and NFL Hall of Famer, Michael McCormack is a lawyer, writer, speaker and, still to this day, pro football fanatic living outside of Seattle, WA. His wife, Melissa, and their blended family of five kids give him a hard time about his endless use of sports metaphors, but he gets the last laugh as the best fantasy footballer in the house. McCormack shares his lifelong journey in the grip of the NFL with his debut memoir, Born Fanatic.

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Amazon Bestselling Author and Entrepreneurial Success Coach Virginia Phillips is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:  Virginia Phillips has spent her career helping others achieve their dreams through entrepreneurship. Her coaching and mentoring have enabled many business owners to realize their full potential. Now, the bestselling author of Yes, You Can! Your Roadmap to Dream, Create, and Profit is extending this help to others by offering a free copy of her book through her website for a limited time.

Yes, You Can! helps business owners find the keys to success by guiding them through strategic planning and changing their mindsets to those that breed success. By focusing on existing strengths and “small beginnings,” Phillips advises to those who are struggling to find emotional safety and true leadership to utilize intelligent data and determine what really matters to them.

Critics have been highly positive in their reviews of the book. According to one, “Yes, You Can! lays out a roadmap to overcome struggles and define your future by your own set of rules. It you want take-aways in personal development, communication, business, and success, read this book!”

Phillips notes, “No matter who you are or where you are in life, reaching your true dreams can be a challenge, and the quest can leave you feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled with your life and accomplishments. Every day is a gift, but all too often, you are too busy with the daily routine to dream, design, and create the life that you are meant to have.”

About Virginia Phillips: Virginia Phillips is a bestselling author, international speaker, and entrepreneurial coach. Her unique ability to build valuable relationships with others from a variety of backgrounds has made her a sought-after expert. She was awarded the VIP Woman of the Year Circle of Excellence Award for 2017-18 and was also nominated for the Best of Colorado Springs for 2018.

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Author Stephen Stohn is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

“Whatever It Takes”— both a mantra and the theme song to the Degrassi television franchise — is also the title of iconic powerhouse music and television producer Stephen Stohn’s new memoir written with longtime collaborator and Juno award-winning songwriter Christopher Ward.

WHATEVER IT TAKES: Life Lessons from Degrassi and Elsewhere in the World of Music and Television is a star-studded, rock ’n’ roll trip through generations of Canadian show business from the small screen to the silver screen, from vinyl to platinum, and from dimly-lit performance clubs to sell-out stadium tours.

Inside, Stohn–who has been at the heart of the entertainment industry for more than forty years–gives readers a VIP Pass to the roller-coaster ride of a lifetime, sharing priceless experience and unique insights into how dreams are turned into reality. His stories are deftly woven into a philosophy of struggle and self-belief that shape his understanding of success. His is the story of an exploring mind, an adventurous pursuit of experience, crushing failures, and the willingness to see things in a different way.

“Whatever It Takes brings us on the adventure of [Stohn’s] lifetime and tells us all the secrets behind the insanely popular Degrassi franchise and the twisting turns of an ever-changing music business. It’s a must-read for anybody who is thinking about getting into a life in entertainment as a career.”

– Kevin Smith
Filmmaker, podcaster, and author

Peppered with cameos by an array of superstar celebrities who started from the bottom and now grace the world’s stages, WHATEVER IT TAKES is part memoir and part workbook for those of us striving to reach for the heavens and be our best selves. In short, it is a Zen manual for self-awareness and personal growth disguised as a trip down memory lane from backstage to the backlot.

About The Author:

STEPHEN STOHN is a highly regarded Canadian entertainment lawyer but is probably best known as executive producer of the various Degrassi television series, receiving multiple honours including four Primetime Emmy nominations and the prestigious Peabody Award. Degrassi is currently airing new episodes on Netflix worldwide in over two hundred territories and seventeen different languages. For two decades Stephen was also executive producer of the telecast of Canada’s music awards show The Juno Awards, and during that period was a director and then chair of the organization responsible for The Juno Awards. He lives in Toronto.

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Nigerian Singer/Songwriter MARENIKAE is Today’s Honoree

With a name as iconic as the culture she represents, MARENIKAE is the embodiment of West African pride and culture, fused with the glamour and sophistication of old Hollywood.The statuesque Nigerian singer/songwriter is beyond multi-talented with current projects ranging from music, to art to fashion. When asked how she manages to juggle multiple pursuits she suggests never being told she was limited.

MARENIKAE grew up in Nigeria and recalls writing songs and poetry as early as age fourteen. Her approach to songwriting stemmed from a fascination with spoken word and attending numerous poetry and writing workshops. MARENIKAE credits listening to great orators as the key to perfecting her songwriting skills. She discovered the melodic timing in spoken word resembled her natural writing style and translated to the melodies she discovered in song.

Growing up MARENIKAE was exposed to various types of music and cites a myriad of artists as influences; from Nigerian artists like 9ice, styl-plus, Dare Art-Alade,fela and plantashun boys all the way to the Backstreet Boys, Freddie Mercury, Daughtry, Dwele and Raheem Devaughn. Throughout her teen years she worked to create a signature sound relying heavily on neo-soul and afro-pop music..The end result is AFROMERGE a perfect blend of her beloved Nigerian Rhythms and neo soul with electronic and AC nuances throughout laced with a whole lot of attitude.

In an effort to distribute her own music and to assist other artists like herself, MARENIKAE founded “The Zuchia Nexus” an independent label geared towards becoming a meeting place for international producers, songwriters and artists to support each other while exchanging ideas and cross promoting.

As if being the flagship artist on her own label wasn’t enough, MARENIKAE also started a fashion line entitled, MAKAN GID’N. The urban line focuses on luxe
African wear with an urban twist. Much like its founder, MAKAN GID’N is a blend of West African culture meshed with urban streetwear. For MARENIKAE, MAKAN GID’N was her way of creating memorable costuming for her performances. The line represented her music perfectly and allowed her to create an atmosphere that would entertain and educate fans about her native homeland.

Today MARENIKAE is planning for the release of her debut album, titled AJEBUTTER (worthy of its own Afro-womanist socio-political conversation). She plans to return home to Nigeria for an additional press tour for the album.  She is looking to increase her fan base and find additional opportunities for “The Zuchia Nexus”. After debuting her MAKAN GID’N fall line in 2016 Ragtrade Atlanta, MARENIKAE is looking forward to introducing fashionistas across the country to a line that connects her heartland with the homeland.

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Beauty Resides In My Image Founder Robin Barnes is Today’s Honoree

I would like to share with you the vision of how BRimi got started. Let me first start off by saying this vision came from God.

The story…

It all started when I was driving on 285, a highway in Atlanta, Georgia. I travel this highway five days a week. One day in 2006, I called my best friend and was talking with her on the phone about many things, but this day I brought up the subject about giving back. I said, “we go to work everyday for years, then one day it hits you, that you must give back.”

We’ve all been afforded a great life, with different journeys of change and challenges, but I felt like I had something to now offer, whether it was inspiring someone to be better, stronger, or kinder. I knew I had something. It was during that conversation, I realized I wanted to do something for girls. I’d noticed a change in how some girls were carrying themselves, as if their self-confidence was in jeopardy.

From that moment, my mind was thinking about what to do and how to do it. I initially thought about a name. With much thought, I started with different letters, but wanted “beauty” to be the focus of it, but ensuring that girls understood that the beauty I was speaking of referred to their OWN beauty (inside and out). After much thought and toiling, God sent me the name BRIMI (Beauty Resides In My Image). When this was given to me, I knew what it meant and that I needed to spread the word to girls and express to them that beauty does reside in their OWN image.

I told God that I could handle this mission, because I truly believed in the message and understood what he wanted me to do. He explained to me that my sole mission was to remind girls that they were made in the image that he created and not to second guess that.

To fast forward this story to 2013, I gathered a team together and thus BRimi was born. Although the vision was sent to me in 2006, I know now that I had more growing to do in preparation for this mission. I had to see the team I needed to work with revealed to me. I am clear that now is the time to share the BRIMI message with the world.

I want to “thank you” for taking the time to read this message and I hope you support BRimi too.

Visit for more information.

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