76ers Partner, Fanatics Founder and The ALL In Challenge Creator Michael Rubin is Today’s Honoree

The ALL IN Challenge aims to be the world’s largest digital fundraiser in history by raising tens of millions of dollars to feed those in need. Food insecurity is a mounting issue but never more important than during COVID-19 and the unprecedented shortage of food resources our nation is facing. Among those most in need: students who rely on currently closed schools for several of their meals each week; the newly unemployed who are facing uncertain circumstances; and a vulnerable elderly population sequestered in their homes without access to food.

The ALL IN Challenge was created and built by Fanatics founder and executive chairman Michael Rubin, along with Alan Tisch, Gary Vaynerchuk, with support from the entire Fanatics team, all on behalf of the All In Challenge Foundation. Rubin came up with the idea, and then immediately brought in one of his closest friends, entrepreneur Alan Tisch. Shortly thereafter, communications strategist Gary Vaynerchuk joined the team to help launch the movement. Through conversations with his friends in sports and entertainment, Michael knew there would be immediate interest in helping raise money for this important cause.

Through the newly created ALL IN Challenge, sponsored by the All In Challenge Foundation, the world’s preeminent sports, music and entertainment figures will donate their most prized possessions and be challenged to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will be both available for online auction and as giveaways. The All In Challenge Foundation and Fanatics sit at the unique crossroads of working with nearly every league, team and athlete in this country (as well as many internationally), while having many connections to entertainers and celebrities who are friends, but also sports fans. Together, the ALL IN Challenge will hopefully raise tens of millions of dollars to tackle this problem head-on.

Visit https://www.fanatics.com/all-in-about/x-12145544+z-9510415-3308888210 for more information.

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Life Camp Founder Erica Ford is Today’s Honoree

“I co-founded LIFE Camp because the number of funerals I was attending for young people made me think there HAD to be something else.  There had to be another way… Gun violence is not a problem that is specific to one neighborhood, city or state. Gun violence has permeated our national conscience.  It is a disease that is spreading and needs to be stopped.I believe it’s imperative that we attempt to understand people on both sides of the pistol. They both need our help, because hurt people hurt people. This is the philosophy of LIFE Camp and this is why we have been able to stop so many potentially violent situations.” – Erica Ford

An internationally-recognized and widely-respected peacemaker, Erica Ford has been at the forefront of reducing youth and community violence in New York City and beyond for over 30 years.

Believing in the power of partnership, Erica has championed personal and systemic approaches to conflict resolution worldwide. Through LIFE Camp, Inc.’s groundbreaking programs, Erica has empowered thousands of individuals and families to break the cycle of violence and promote peace. Erica’s concept for increasing safety has been adopted and implemented by New York City resulting in a 10% reduction in violence citywide.

Through the years, Erica’s dedication to reducing violence among New Yorkers has garnered countless awards, accolades and praise by notable public figures such as former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Oprah Winfrey and hip hop mogul Russell Simmons. Her recognized leadership has brought extensive travel and teaching opportunities in prisons, community centers, high schools, college campuses and conferences throughout the world.

Erica Ford is widely respected as one of the most diligent and hardworking activists of her generation. She is uncompromisingly dedicated to improving the lives of Black and Latino youth and the community-at-large.  For more than 30 years, this outstanding leader and internationally recognized peace activist has led the effort to combat violence and inspire youth in devastated communities.

Visit https://www.peaceisalifestyle.com/about-us/founder for more information.

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Episode 14

Please join us tomorrow at 12 noon EST as we have an Live Exclusive Interview with Trent Tucker on Episode 14 of Life Skill Life School on Facebook Live as we discuss 1. Growing up in Flint, Michigan 2. Playing against legends in the Big Ten 3. The NBA and MJ 4. How is life now in Minnesota.


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Gopher It

Wednesday’s Word is to Gopher it. Life is short and tomorrow is not promised so today is a great day to Gopher it. If you see an opportunity, a chance to see or be something different Gopher it. In the near future I will be interviewing Trent Tucker who had his jersey retired by the University of Minnesota so when I knew I had the maroon and gold fabric in my bag I had to Gopher it. The crown represents the Prince in all of us as he looks down on his beloved city of Minneapolis with hope that people come together to be emancipated and not just to party like its 1999. The you question you have to ask yourself daily is are you going to Gopher It?

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Podcast Host David All is Today’s Honoree

David is classically-trained as a speechwriter, and worked for a US Senator, pioneered social media in politics, and led storytelling projects for Google, Intel, Burning Man and Better Business Bureau. He is an oral historian, healer and produces two podcasts about the nature and patterns of transformation in real world stories.

David All runs a fantastic podcast called Belly of the Beast. With his guests, he discusses getting knocked down and getting up again. He asks insightful questions and authentically listens to the answers. He provides important conversations that are missing in our modern, fast-paced world.

Visit https://davidall.com  and https://inourbelly.com for more information.

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Podcast Host Evan McDermod is Today’s Honoree

Evan McDermod is a teacher, healer and consciousness explorer. In June of 2017, Evan experienced what can only be described as a Quantum Spiritual Awakening. Upon analyzing his life situation, he realized he was not living to his highest potential and true purpose.

Since, Evan has dedicated his life to making the world a better place. He realizes his true purpose is to reconnect people with the interconnectivity that exists between all life. We all have a purpose inside of us, a unique talent, that can be used to help the greater good. Work with Evan to help identify what that looks like for you.

The Podcast:

A Mindfulness Podcast telling the story of interconnectedness. We are dedicated to bettering the human condition and bringing us together as one. Let’s explore new ideas, expand our worldview, and create a planet where everybody has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.  Available on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Visit https://www.evanmcdermod.org/about for more information.

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Science Fiction Author Yvette Kendall is Today’s Honoree

Yvette Kendall is an American Author from the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Kendall is the author of *“The GOD Maps” SciFi Series and the creator of the new SciFi sub-genre “Biblical Futurism”*. Her initial offering of The GOD Maps, Volume One (the first in the trilogy series) has been met with an instant fan-base and great reviews! Volume I was released in April of 2019 and she is working hard to complete Volumes II & III of that Trilogy. The GOD Maps has become a source intellectual debate among readers due to is well-meshed theme of Religion and Science.

“Biblical Futurism is a new sub-genre of Sci-Fiction/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction; that is based on contents of the bible and other well-known (lesser-known) religions and religious sects.  Whereas biblical accounts and allegory are given plausible SciFi explanations.  It’s also where Science and Technology are merged with the prophecies and revelations provided by scriptures.”

Recently, Kendall became the first female writer for a Zombie Anthology published by Caliber Comics. This experience catapulted her into the world of comic book content development. In addition to that, Kendall will be publishing her own brand of Zombie Anthologies named *”The American Zombie Chronicles”* and a Children’s Zombie Collection under her publishing company Stravard Lux Publishing House, which includes Element 99 Publications, the in-house comic book publication. The first book in that children’s collection is called “A Zombie For Mommy!”.

Visit http://yvettekendall.com/ for more information.

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