Pilgrimage Leader Carolyn Ewing Cobelo is Today’s Honoree

carolyn_cobeloCarolyn E. Cobelo is an internationally known spiritual healer, channel, author, filmmaker who has inspired thousands of people worldwide to open their hearts to the Divine. Carolyn’s spiritual journey began in 1978 with an initiation from an Indian guru which activated her healing and channeling abilities. She began her healing practice in Gestalt therapy, and eventually worked alongside Barbara Brennan in New York. A few years later she established the School of Akashic Evolution, which integrated hands-on-healing, channeling, and Transpersonal Psychology in New York and Argentina.

Carolyn has written ten spiritual books, invented a spiritual board game, directed two award-winning documentary films on the power of sacred space, and has produced two metaphysical film festivals. Over 100,000 people have downloaded Carolyn’s materials and she regularly appears on successful teleseminars, such as Awakening with the Masters and Inner Healing Compass with Karen & Salma.

Visit Carolyn Ewing Cobelo for more information.

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Tennessee State University Director of International Education Mark Brinkley is Today’s Honoree

MarkBrinkleyMark Brinkley is the Director of International Education in the Office of Diversity and International Affairs (ODIA) at Tennessee State University. ODIA engages the university’s multicultural community by providing intercultural and collaborative initiatives that support the strategic goals of TSU. He is native of Nashville with more than 20 years of experience in corporate America working for Fortune 500 companies such as the US Army, Mobil Oil and The Coca-Cola Company. He has a B.S. in engineering with a concentration in economics from the United State Military Academy at West Point and an MBA in operations from Emory University.

ODIA aspires to provide an inclusive learning environment for all students, faculty, and staff through shared experiences, relationship building, and international programming.

Mark Brinkley co-developed and engages TSU students with The Scholar in U Model for professional development. The undergraduate student is challenged to include the scholarly experiences–leadership, service learning, research, globalization, and pre-professional organizations into their degree programs. Students develop competence in the principles of undergraduate learning to include core communication and quantitative skills, analysis, critical thinking, integration and application of knowledge. Accountability, morals, and ethics are stressed through curricular and co-curricular activities. These experiences build on TSU’s long tradition and commitment to Think, Work, and Serve. The student’s experiences include continuous intellectual growth and they graduate being better-prepared to face global challenges.

Visit Mark Brinkley for more information

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Cardiologist Arthur E. Constantine is Today’s Honoree

DrConstantineLife is often about the heart and what consumes it. Matters of the heart, whether physical or spiritual, are not to be taken lightly.

Cardiologist Arthur E. Constantine has helped patients from all walks of life over the course of his 24-year career. The most important discovery he has made is that there is an inseparable intertwining of the physical and spiritual bindings of the heart.

“We all must take personal responsibility for our physical and spiritual health,” Constantine said. “Our habits shape how we live our lives.”

Constantine’s new book, “It’s Always the Heart,” offers valuable, life changing clinical andAlwaysTheHeart spiritual insights into the prevention of and recovery from heart disease. Readers discover what it means to be completed healed in mind, spirit and body.

With equal measures of diet and exercise guidance and Bible-based insight, “It’s Always the Heart” shares 10 patient stories, each with a different physical heart ailment rooted in a parallel spiritual heart problem.

Through these patient stories and other insights in his new book, Constantine demonstrates that all obstacles in life can only be overcome by changing the heart, which in turn will affect finances, attitude, relationships, addictions, overall health, etc.

“Everyone is busy but all have to balance and prioritize the important things including preparing healthy meals, engaging in daily exercise, and studying a spiritual message daily,” Constantine said. “This world has a heart problem both physical and spiritual and it is time to unclog these clogged arteries.”

About the author:

Arthur E. Constantine, MD, earned a medical degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and completed a cardiology fellowship at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Ga. He is a cardiologist practicing at the Heart Group/St. Thomas Heart at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville.


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Insights of a Yogi Author Mish Mockovic Martin is Today’s Honoree

InsightsYogiCoverForced to face her addictions and a paralyzing back injury, yoga instructor Mish Mockovic Martin quickly learned that yoga has a much higher purpose than physical fitness.

Martin’s new guide, “Insights of a Yogi,” chronicles the events that led to her seriously injury and the important life lessons she learned about how yoga heals the mind, body and soul. Readers are introduced to the applications of the practice – including poses, terminology and the body’s seven chakras – and how yoga can improve their lives.

“We as a society are overwhelmed by stress and pressure to simply survive in a competitive and cutthroat world,” Martin said. “To find a practice that offers discipline and structure, strengthens the body, relieves tension, and provides peace is a fabulous thing.”

Already a student of yoga, Martin was able to heal the aspects of her life that led to destructive behaviors and ultimately her spinal injury by embracing the yogic philosophy in her day-to-day life. She shares her new book to inspire others to do the same.

“Insights of a Yogi” teaches readers how embarking on a yogic journey can heal aspects of their lives, encourage them to take responsibility of their actions, and help them learn to know and love themselves.

“Yoga is for everyone, not just the super fit or hippy,” Martin said. “It is time to address health needs and requirements for general well-being, and yoga has the answers.”

About the author:

Mish Mockovic Martin, a dedicated yogi, attained a teaching diploma from Satyananda Ashram, trained with Louisa Seer, Manu Jois, Simon Borg-Oliver, and Glen Ceresoli, and took Ayurvedic courses in Sri Lanka. She has dedicated her life and career to the ancient holistic science of yoga and its transformative power.

Visit Mish Mockovic Martin for more information.

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Author Dr. Paul Murray is Today’s Honoree

DrMurrayDr. Paul Murray is an ordained minister and has served in ministry for more than 20 years. He is the Senior Pastor of the Lighthouse Church and holds his ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ (ALJC). Dr. Murray holds leadership positions within the ALJC where he serves on the General Board. He is the District Superintendent of the New York / Mid-Atlantic Region, which oversees ministers and churches in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and the District of Columbia. In addition, Dr. Murray has 6 churches established under his ministry located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Georgia, and internationally in Nairobi, Kenya and Oslo, Norway. Dr. Murray is proud to be connected in fellowship and ministry with One Way Churches International (OWCI) and serves as their Director of World Missions.

Dr. Murray is a featured speaker and preacher at leadership conferences, conventions, convocations, global symposiums, and special services for churches, Christian organizations, NGO’s and government entities. Dr. Murray is serving as National Co-Chairman along with New York Times Bestseller, Dr. Robert Schuller for the Coalition for American Renewal.

Prior to his ministerial calling, Dr. Murray served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the country of Tunisia. His work began at a fishing port where he aided local community businessmen in developing a marketing and business plan that allowed them to establish a fishing co-operative. Dr. Murray continued in the heart of Tunisia working with Beekeepers again in developing a business and marketing plan to create a co-op so local beekeepers could pull their resources together to sell their honey and grow their individual businesses. From his Peace Corps experience, Dr. Murray said, “This certainly has been the toughest job I ever loved and I feel I received much more then I ever gave to the people of Tunisia”

For the past twelve years Dr. Murray has served as CEO of Vision Ministries International, a 501 (c) 3 Faith-based organization he co-founded. As a result of this global ministry, Murray has become an internationally sought after consultant and speaker traveling throughout the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Far East, Asia, and Central America building coalitions through service and faith. He works with churches in building infrastructure and presenting leadership training and development processes.

Dr. Murray has assisted NGO’s and foreign governments in presenting conflict-resolution strategies, humanitarian and emergency aid-relief processes, along with healthcare education around the world. An invited speaker at the United Nations in New York and in Kenya and presenter at global leadership conferences around the world, Murray brings forth a practical spiritual dimension and application as the founding building blocks for churches, faith-based NGO’s and governments to harness resources and talents which bring forth social change through moral and innovative leadership.

BrokenBookDr. Murray was awarded his Doctoral Degree in Pastoral Leadership and Management at Howard University’s School of Divinity; In addition, he holds a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling and a Master of Art in Religion from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. His undergraduate degree comes from the University of Phoenix where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Services.

Dr. Murray is the Author of “Broken” which is the how-to when it comes to picking up the pieces and becoming whole again after a personal downfall.  BOSS Publishing worked with Dr. Paul Murray to make this literary dream come true.

Dr. Murray also writes monthly for the ‘Apostolic Witness’, an international Christian magazine. He serves on several national, regional and local non-profit boards and has received numerous awards for his community and ministry efforts that include two U.S. Presidential Citations, Police Chaplain of the Year Award and the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drum Majors Award.

Dr. Murray and his wife Rachel are the proud parents of two daughters and one son who each are growing into true servant leaders in their own rights.

Visit Dr. Murray for more information.

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Girl Talk Foundation Founder Janine Davis is Today’s Honoree

JanineDavisJANINE DAVIS is a motivational speaker and the Founder and Executive Director of Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. Janine’s candid, no-nonsense delivery has captured audiences from teenage girls to corporate executives. She is an award-winning 22-year radio veteran and entertainment journalist. Janine frequently makes guest appearances and serves as a featured host for various television affiliates including ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC.

Having interviewed multiple celebrities from L.L. Cool J., Janet Jackson, and Alicia Keys to national dignitaries including Democratic National Presidential Candidate, now Commander-In-Chief Barack Obama, Janine was determined to fulfill her purpose and destiny. With that, she stepped out on faith and veered away from her full-time radio career and the entertainment industry to focus her talent on preparing young people for success and challenging adults to tap into their inner passion. Janine has strategically transformed her love for entertainment into an edgy educational tool that has engaged over 10,000 teens and adults.

Janine’s quest for purpose led her to establish Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. – a non-profit agency designed to empower young girls ages 11-16 to be leaders. Since its inception, Girl Talk has served over 5000 girls through various interactive workshops ranging from health and hygiene to finance and etiquette. In addition, Janine originated Girl Talk’s Annual Prom Project, which has received national attention for its collection and distribution of gently used and new gowns to high school girls. In the last ten years, the effort has collected over 6000 gowns.

Janine has been recognized in Lowe’s Black History Month campaign as an Outstanding Community Leader. She has been the recipient of the prestigious Pride Magazine Youth Empowerment Award for her work with young girls and in Pride Magazine’s quarterly publication, she was named among one of the “51 Most Powerful Women. Charlotte Eye Magazine has named Janine as “One To Watch”.

Janine lives by the motto: “Once you discover your greatness, you can be greater than great.”

Visit Janine Davis for more information.



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Animal Healer and Author Diane Weinmann is Today’s Honoree

dianeDiane Weinmann truly believes that your companion animals are a constant source of joy.  They help you heal physically by lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and related physical problems, while they provide unconditional love and loyalty.

Through interspecies telepathic communication, I can help companion animals to have a “voice”.  I’ve learned how animals think and perceive the world.  Together, we come to an “agreement” on many different types of issues, heal on different levels and promote a closer relationship between you and your pet.  Healing can occur on an emotional, physical or spiritual basis.

My dedication to animals has led me to communicate with them via telepathic means.  As we communicate, I sense they are in need of healing in physical, emotional, or spiritual terms.  Their “cries” for help lead me to study Reiki, Healing Touch for Animals (HTA), TTOUCH and Color Harmonics.

I have worked in the telepathic animal communication field for many years.  I voice concerns for both living and deceased animals that want to be heard.  I have studied Animal Communications under the direction of Dr. Agnes Thomas.

I am a Reiki Master.  Reiki is a Japanese method of healing; the term represents the Universal life Energy which is all around us.  Applied for the purpose of healing, Reiki accelerates the body’s ability to heal physical ailments and opens the mind and spirit.  The Usui System of Reiki is a natural healing art which uses Reiki in those ways.

diane and catAs a Healing Touch for Animal Practitioner, I use the bio-energy field of the animal’s body to promote wellness.  HTA is at the forefront of holistic animal health care.  It provides specific energy techniques and a hand-on application that works on all species of animals.  HTA uses basic science to maintain and regulate a healthy immune system for animals.

As a Telepathic Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) and Color Harmonics Practitioner, and with my course work in TTouch, the services I provide come from years of love, training and dedication to our animal friends.  Together we can help you and your animal companion become happier, healthier and improve his/her quality of life.

Visit Diane Weinmann for more information.

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