Artist and Author Zoe Summer is Today’s Honoree

ZoEvery person no matter their age, race, gender or any other classification has battled low self-esteem at some time in their life. Low self-esteem can lead to the formation of bad habits, hurt relationships and self-sabotaging behaviors.

That is why author and artist Zoe Summer has created her new inspirational book, “You Are Enough.” This uplifting guide aims to help readers learn to enact brief, daily routines that can help them rebuild a positive self-image, which is exactly what she did for herself.

“I have a passion for taking photos of flowers,” said Summer. “I find it inspiring and therapeutic.”

The book contains 30 photos of different flowers accompanied by inspiring “you are” statements that readers can embrace to start their day on a positive note of self-reenforcement.

Zoe Summer was spotlighted on the Hay House Network’s “Bright, New Voices” a radio show which averages more than 2 million hits per month, to listen to Zoe Summer’s interview click here:

Zoe Summer was chosen as one of ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2016 by ART Tour International Magazine with over 2.1 Million Readers, 3500 YouTube Subscribers and 500,000 YouTube Views. Zoe is also an Art Trendsetter and the Founder of “The Luxury Art Movement.”

Zoe Summer resides in California and she is available for Speaking Engagements Worldwide. You can connect with her by email or direct message her on Instagram @ZoeSummerAuthor.

Visit Zoe Summer for more information.

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Anti Bullying Advocate Tina Pool is Today’s Honoree

Author_Tina_PoolTina Pool is a leader and stand for change. She has many years of leadership experience dealing with youth which began as early as college, where she mentored for the Upward Bound Program at Rust College. Tina leads by example, educate and equip the young with tools to succeed in life.

Everywhere she goes, she inspires people with her passion and she knows her purpose is to save many lives from the epidemic of bullying. Her survival story of bullying for ten years, has given her authority and expertise to lead in this capacity. In 2011, she became an author and released her debut title, Diary of a Bullied Child: Smell of Stardom. Through her ministry, she was able to connect with many bullied children and build their confidence through times of uncertainty, doubt and despair. In 2014, she released her 2nd title, Future Superstars: A Story about Bullying. In both books, it highlights why children become targets and inspires kids to conquer their destinies as future superstars.

TLC_LeaderAs an author and motivational speaker, Tina has had the honor of being featured on many different shows such as: Fox 13 Good Morning Memphis, Renee Bobb Radio Show, Family Life Radio, SistahSpeak Radio Show, Conversations with Ann Haney and most recently, The Tennessee Tribune.

Later, she founded TLC Organization, Tomorrow’s Leaders for Change. Through her organization, mentorship became the driving force of where TLC advocates obesity awareness and bullying prevention strategies to youth. She was able to expand her O.B.E.Y program into 3 Nashville Public Schools, partnering with YMCA of Middle Tennessee and Nashville After Zone (NAZA). Her mission is to save our youth, and with your help, this mission will be accomplished!

Visit for more information.

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Empowement Coach Renee Bobb is Today’s Honoree

Renee Bobb

Renee Bobb is an authority in the field of self-publishing and small business development. Her company, R.B.I. Enterprise is a Training and Development Firm, specializing in Career Empowerment, Small Business Development, Financial Empowerment and Book Publishing Training.

Renee is the winner of the 2012 Tennessee Titan Quarterback Volunteer of the Year Award. In 2005 Renee also won the Small Business Administration, Virginia Women In Business Champion of the Year Award. One of the highlights of Renee’s career is having served in the United States Navy as a Telecommunications Operator.

As Career a Small Business Coach, she helps to empower veteran women that desire to change their lives. Renee has nine non-fiction books published including; Financial Empowerment: A Practical Approach to Getting Your Financial Life in Order and her top-seller, Start Smart: A Women’s Entrepreneur Guide to Starting a Small Business.

One of the highlights of Renee’s career is serving in the United States Navy as a Telecommunications Operator. Over the past three years Renee has worked with Operation Stand Down, Nashville, Inc., as the Assistant Employment Coordinator and Grant Manager. She specialized in matching honorably discharged veterans with jobs available primarily in the Metro Nashville area. Renee creates employment training curriculum for homeless Veterans, manage $500,000 grant funded Mission Green Weatherization training program. Currently Renee manages the Supportive Services for Veterans and their Families (SSVF) with an $850,000 grant from the Veterans Administration.

Renee has several contracts with non-profit agencies in which she teaches Career Development and Financial Empowerment workshops. She is also the creator and coordinator of the Nashville Women’s Empowerment Workshop. She will host the 6th event on Saturday, January 25, 2014 The event is designed to educate and empower women about small business growth and development. Her passion is to pour into women all the tools they need to start and expand a business to create economic impact in the community.

As a TV Talk Show Host, Renee produced a TV Show called “The Author’s Review”, which aired on the Public Broadcast Station in Richmond, VA and Charlottesville, VA. Her show reaches over 2 million households. Renee’s TV Show has won the 2006-2007 Broadcast of Excellence Award for Charlottesville Comcast Cable.

In 2007, Renee launched “Empowerment Talk for Today’s Women”which airs on Due to the success of the show, it has been on the air in the Nashville, TN market on WMDB 760 AM and 880 AM. With so many talents to share, public media is no stranger to Renee.

Renee currently serves on the Board of Directors for Safe Haven Family Shelter located in Nashville, TN. Her volunteer service in the community has won her runner up for the Nashville Homeless Commission Volunteer of the Year Award in 2012.

Renee is a graduate of Norfolk State University and holds B.S. Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Business Administration, Marketing and Social Work. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated.

Visit Renee Bobb for more information.

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Know Your Worth Radio Host Aaron Jordan is Today’s Honoree

AaronJordanAaron Jordan Jr. aka ‘Mr. Know Your Worth ‘Making a Variable Difference in the Lives of Many

By Deborah A. Culp

Aaron Jordan Jr. is called by many names and each of them has been well earned. ‘Mr. Know Your Worth’ (KYW) stems from his ‘Know your Worth’ Movement which includes (but is not limited to) an Annual Women’s Conference, bestseller listed books, workbooks to accommodate the books, a radio show and focus group for the show and workshops.  A bevy of speaking engagements – which can be tailored to fit the intended audiences and a soon, a full tangible product line to further crystallize the KYW brand and movement ahead.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               His audiences consist of both men and women, but mainly women. Teaching was clearly a part of his calling. He doesn’t get it twisted and he faithfully shares honest, key information with his eager audience. Via his impacting radio show (Know Your Worth) or in a seminar or public speaker setting. “Know when your Boo is being straight with you”, sounds catchy? Perhaps but in order to reach deep, he goes deep. The “Know Your Worth Brand” is all about educating his audience (no matter what size) about their invaluable, self worth. If one doesn’t know their worth, they may have no worth and it shows in their daily walk.  So often it’s the first step in allowing others to decrease another person’s value.

On Sunday, October 2, 2016 “Know Your Worth Presents 2nd Annual – Know Your Worth KYWWomen’s Relationship Conference Come Walk the Purple Carpet In Nashville.”  This year’s impacting guest speakers and participants are: Lady Shaunte’, Stellar Award Winning  Radio Personality and Mistress of Ceremonies, Tiffany Harden, CEO Once In a Wifertime- Speaker, Jae Henderson, Bestselling Author and Speaker, Michael Warren, Author, Speaker & Radio Personality and noted Reality TV Stars & Ministry Leaders, Marcus and Latisha Tankard.

As it did last year, a portion of the event proceeds will benefit the Mending Hearts, Inc organization. Based in the heart of Nashville, TN., and Mending Hearts, Inc.  Welcomes all clients who are seeking change from a life of drugs and alcohol addiction.

Aaron and the KYW brand and conference deals with a plethora of life situations: abused, domestic violence, low or no self esteem. Self loathing, substance abuse issues or spiritual bankruptcy, these are just a few issues that he and his team, (including his lovely wife Ashley Jordan) has helped raise awareness about and even more importantly, he has helped countless individuals to get to a better place in their lives, and stay there. Hence the  basis of the “Know Your Worth” Brand.

It didn’t happen overnight, one day Aaron and his supporters saw that the “Know Your Worth” brand had become a global movement. Through years of hard work, through a combination of components. Such as social media and his radio show, various speaking engagement and more.  Why? Because he and his concept are very real and they both get down and stay on point!

Support by his beautiful wife and life partner Mrs. Ashley Jordan, we asked her to briefly describe “her Aaron” and the reply was genuine, heartfelt and brought tears of joy to our faces.

“It’s true that they say opposites attract. My husband is very outgoing and I’m very reserved and actually quite shy. Nevertheless we work. He prayed for God to send him his God’s gift. My prayer list was a lot more detailed and very specific and God gave me above and beyond what I asked for or imagined in a husband. Neither of us can see ourselves without the other. Our love grows exponentially daily. Two imperfect people in an imperfect marriage that Gods love brought together so therefore, we ride the waves of this journey the best way we know how, holding on to each other for dear life and coasting,” stated Ashley.

*So save the date and mark it down now, join him at the “Know Your Worth Presents 2nd Annual Know Your worth Women’s Relationship Conference – Come Walk the Purple Carpet In Nashville.”

Tickets are affordably prices and there is still time for Sponsorships and to help support a deserving movement. The Sunday October 2nd event will be held at the Cool Springs Marriot, 700 Cool Springs Boulevard, Franklin, TN 37067 – (615) 208-3261

Visit Aaron Jordan for more information.

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1400 Miles Founder Davis Tucker is Today’s Honoree

1400Founder, Davis Tucker began the 1400 Miles journey in September of 2013 motivated by his Brewmaster at NxNW Restaurant and Brewery and longtime friend, Don Thompson’s inspirational recovery from prostate cancer. In 2013, Davis wanted raise awareness about prostate health after he realized how little men speak about prostate health, and how crucial being able to discuss it with a doctor and family member can be to prolong a life. So, Davis used his two passions, bikes and beers, to begin to break down the social barrier, and spark a conversation about prostate health.

So, on Tuesday, September 24, 2013, Davis got on his road bike, and began the two week, 1,400 mile trek from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado in time for the Great American Beer Festival. Two weeks later, many climbs, tears, fears, scrapes and sore muscles, Davis rolled into Denver just in time to talk beers with 50,000 people!

One year later (2014), the organization grew to include the Austin Community Ride (one day ride with multiple distance options and same start/end location), and The Big Ride grew from 1 to 7 (3 rode the entire ride, and 4 joined for a stage).

In 2015, the organization continued to grow, adding a second Community Ride, Youngsville Community Ride, and The Big Ride grew into 14 (8 cyclists rode the entire ride and 7 joined on for a stage).

The journey has been tough, we have learned a lot, grown significantly, and are continuing to get inspired!

Visit 1400 Miles for more information.

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Reality TV Star Nick Tokman is Today’s Honoree

NickTokman“There is something intrinsically inside us that compels us to do what we want to do. By ignoring that voice inside us, we are not ourselves completely. By changing that voice inside us, we change the world into a better world collectively.”

Nick Tokman, a.k.a. “Sunshine” from the Emmy-winning show “Deadliest Catch” (Discovery Channel) has never been afraid to turn his dreams into reality. For the last four years, Nick has had one of the most dangerous jobs in the world as a commercial crab fisherman in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska. On a daily basis, he has worked 20+-hour days wrestling 800-pound steel crab pots, 30’ rogue waves, extreme cold and freezing spray.

Nick is a native of Western Massachusetts. He graduated from the prestigious John Molson School of Business in Montreal, QC, while making ends meet by being a suit salesman by day, a janitor by night and delivering pizza on the weekends.  One day, in his grandparents’ living room, his grandfather introduced him to “Deadliest Catch”. Nick immediately felt a strong passion and an inner calling to go crab fishing in Alaska. Although his family did not want him to go, and even cut off funding for school, Nick went to Alaska in search of work. After running out of money, pawning the gold necklace his mother gave to him, struggling through a series of setbacks and staying in a homeless shelter, Nick eventually found his dream job on a dreamboat, the “Northwestern.”

At 27, Nick achieved his dream of becoming a successful crab fisherman. Now, he’s leaving the show to pursue a path as a motivational speaker as he shares his story and inspires others, especially children, to pursue their dreams.

Visit Nick Tokman for more information.


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Author Joshua Derowe is Today’s Honoree

51lJom_3ImL._SY400_Sometimes the life being lived isn’t all it could be. One author shows just how much can be accomplished and cherished in one lifetime.

In “Green Memories,” author Joshua Derowe entices readers with an in-depth look at his life as a loyal Irishman, the trials and tribulations he endured and the true love that made it all worth it. Derowe wished for one thing before his death, for his sons to finish the story following his life and the love story that continues on.

“My father lived an extraordinary life,” Derowe’s son said. “He lived 10 lifetimes compared to others living today and everyone should have the ability to live the way he did.”

Derowe spent his last few years writing his memories from years past with the hope that his sons would finish the process for him. Today, though Derowe is no longer here, his stories and his past live on through his sons and in his book.

“My father wanted his words and his memories to live on,” Derowe’s son said. “My brother and I have put everything we have into making sure his dreams and his wishes were met.”

About the Author:

Joshua Derowe was born in 1914 in Belfast, Ireland, and spent his life as many different people: solider, worker, husband, father. He and his wife Rita raised two sons in New Jersey where they worked hard and fast for the lives they always wanted for their children.

Visit Josuah Derowe for more information.

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