My Hometown Heroes Founder Danny Heinsohn is Today’s Honoree

hometownheroesIn 2010, Danny Heinsohn celebrated his 10th year of brain cancer remission by founding My Hometown Heroes.  The goal was to raise $10,000, symbolic of the decade milestone of being cancer free.  Since 2011, we have awarded 26 college bound young adult cancer survivors with allocations of $1000 and $2500.

At the beginning of 2014, Danny published his book For A Reason and declared that his mission was to distribute $1 Million dollars in scholarship money by 2020, his 20th year remission from brain cancer.  This is why:

Every year, over 70,000 young adults between the ages of 15 and 39 are diagnosed with cancer.
– National Cancer Institute

The average Class of 2014 graduate with student-loan debt has to pay back some $33,000.
-Wall Street Journal

65.9% of high school graduates were enrolled in colleges and universities.
–Bureau of Labor Statistics (2013)

My Hometown Heroes is a 501(c)3 organization designed to provide scholarships for young adult cancer survivors between the ages of 17 and 39.  Our mission is to financially assist and recognize these amazing individuals who are pursuing a college education.  Through community outreach, collaboration, and creativity we inspire with stories of hope and progress.

In August of 2009, founder, Danny Heinsohn decided to register to compete in Ironman Canada 2010 to celebrate his 10th year of brain cancer remission. In May 1999 through July 2000, Danny’s friends, family, and medical team were his heroes as he battled through three craniotomies, followed by twelve months of chemotherapy to the brain. They were his hope and inspiration through the tough times.

Not long after he registered for Ironman Canada, Danny wanted to raise $10,000 to symbolize 10 years of remission as he trained for the big race. He brought together a few of his trusted colleagues and it was decided that My Hometown Heroes would be a scholarship fund for young cancer survivors.

Visit for more information.

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Social Media Specialist Kayla Chatkiewicz is Today’s Honoree

katemsI’m a 23 year old, Social Media Specialist! I graduated from York University with a Geography & History background and completed a Social Media Graduate Certificate Program at Seneca College. In March 2013, I created my own online community organization called Keep S’Myelin, found on various Social Media feeds. Its main purpose is to spread Multiple Sclerosis awareness worldwide!

About Keep SMyelin:

“I’m thankful for my struggle, because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.”

You’re probably asking yourself, “what does “Keep S’Myelin” mean? Keep S’Myelin is an online community-organization found on social feeds such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The goal of this group is to simply raise Multiple Sclerosis awareness worldwide. A handful of people already know what “Keep S’Myelin” is. Its simple. KEEP SMILING! But to those who don’t already know, why is my version spelled differently? You’ll notice a  between the S and the M in S’Myelin. Now what is ‘Myelin’? Myelin is the protective layer that surrounds our nerves. You have it, I have it, even my cat has it – although it may be called something else in animal terms. In MS, our own immune systems are attacking the Myelin.

Think of it like this, your television works by getting signals through connecting a wire to an outlet. That wire (our nerves) is covered by plastic (myelin). If mice eat at that plastic covering, signals from the outlet wont transport as efficiently to the television. Thus, your TV wont work properly!

Thats what MS is! My own immune system is attacking my myelin, causing 95+ symptoms such as numbness and tingling, dizziness, fatigue, etc. It affects approximately 2.5 million people worldwide – and growing – but not everyone has heard of MS. So thats why I created Keep S’Myelin – so even those who are unaffected will have some insight.

Visit for more information.

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International Literacy Consultant Dr. Connie Hebert is Today’s Honoree

drconnieDr. Connie Hebert is a nationally acclaimed expert at teaching kids so they will grow smart and appreciative. She motivates, engages, and inspires parents and educators with her energetic style and passionate expertise. She has presented seminars, model lessons, and inspirational keynote addresses for parents and educators in 47 states, at national and European education conferences, and in 3 countries. She is the author of a new and exciting book for parents: The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids (Morgan James/NYC). Other published works include Catch a Falling Reader, Catch a Falling Writer, Catch a Falling Teacher.

Dr. Connie served a decade as senior national consultant for Staff Development for Educators, a Treasures™ reading program consultant and national speaker for Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, NYC, and a national speaker for Harcourt School Publishers (Orlando, FL). She has a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and a Masters degree in Reading Education. Dr. Connie is a member of Rotary Club International, West Springfield, MA.

Field experience includes Director of Reading, Elementary classroom teacher in 7 school districts, Reading Recovery specialist in 3 districts, and language arts instructor for 3 MA colleges. She serves as an online education instructor for Nova Southeastern University’s Fischler Graduate School of Education/Reading.

Visit Dr. Connie at for more information.

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Author Gordon Tredgold is Today’s Honoree

gordontredgoldGordon Tredgold, known as the Leader’s Leader, inspires leaders to develop engaged teams with clear plans so they can revolutionize their results.

Gordon has always had the unique ability to assess difficult situations, determine what could be done differently and then create simple, easy to understand and easy to implement solutions, which deliver sustainable results FAST.

Originally from Leeds, England, Gordon’s early passions were rugby and mathematics, and although he was usually one of the smallest players, Gordon loved to lead from the front, surprising his bigger opponents with his technique and tenacity. Discovering his analytical skills helped other people identify a different and more effective way to do things, and his passion for being part of a winning team, Gordon turned these into a professional purpose.

At the start of his career, Gordon was keen for rapid advancement and decided to take on the most difficult challenges available; the tough jobs that no one else wanted to do or that people thought would fail. He recognized these opportunities as a FAST way to rise through the ranks. Knowing that nothing succeeds as quickly as success, Gordon believed that triumphing in areas where other people thought it couldn’t be done was the best use of his analytical skills and his fierce determination to succeed. This approach allowed him to challenge traditional thinking and come up with innovative solutions.

Both rapid advancement and results did occur and ever since, Gordon has worked with companies all over the world leading them to revolutionary results that have created stronger, more efficient teams, raised up leaders for the new millennium and ultimately, delivered a positive impact on bottom line revenue.

Focusing on turnarounds, operational excellence, transformational change and strategic implementation, Gordon is passionate about identifying simple methodologies that are able to be quickly implemented, and that generate immediate benefits for people and companies.

With a particular expertise in Driving Change, Service Delivery, and a variety of core competencies, including Target and Project Management, Strategic Analysis, Process Improvements and Best Practices, Technology and Business Linkage Planning, Capital Planning and Investment Control and C+ Levels and Board of Management Liaison, Gordon is the authority on getting F.A.S.T. results His nearly thirty years of expertise, work experience on three continents, and leading global teams and careers with billion dollar companies such as Henkel, Deutsche Post DHL and Cable and Wireless, have won him worldwide accolades and the distinguished honor of being recognized as the Number One Leadership Expert to follow on Twitter.

Heralded in Inc. Magazine as one of the top 100 Leadership and Management Experts and Speakers, Gordon is also ranked #2 on the Top 15 Must Read Leadership Blogs and #4 on the Top 50 Most Socially Shared Leadership Blogs. He is also a Visiting Professor at Staffordshire University, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and a member of the National Speaker’s Association.

Gordon provides both consulting and coaching services and works with groups and individuals. He is also the author of two books on Leadership, currently working on a third.

Visit for more information.

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Author Julie Obradovic is Today’s Honoree

julieoIn her poignant account, Julie Obradovic discusses her heart-rending struggle with her daughter’s autism and her subsequent quest for answers. She reveals the feelings of depression and helplessness brought on by the diagnosis and her initial inability to find help. Unwilling to give up, however, Obradovic began fighting, finding a treatment for her daughter and going on to campaign on behalf of others. An Unfortunate Coincidence is the result of this fight. The account takes its readers through the political, historical, and scientific developments behind the greatest medical controversy of our time, including:

The findings of the vaccine injury compensation program
Investigations of CDC fraud and the subsequent congressional hearings and findings
The identical symptoms of autism and mercury poisoning
Eyewitness reports of families and educators
The author’s struggle to present her point of view and the backlash intended to silence it

Ultimately, An Unfortunate Coincidence will ask the readers to take a closer look at the evidence uncovered by ten years of research and decide just how many coincidence claims they are willing to accept.

About The Author:

Julie Obradovic is an author, an educator, and an advocate. For over a decade, she has focused on improving the lives of families and children affected by autism. She hosts the #ChatAutism podcast for Generation Rescue; has worked as an assistant to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; and was a consultant to the documentary film, Trace Amounts. Prior to focusing on autism advocacy, she was a full time educator and administrator. Her first book, An Unfortunate Coincidence, is a memoir about her child’s regression into autism, how it happened, and what she learned along the way. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and children.

Visit for more information.

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COTERIE Company Founder Joanna Bailey is Today’s Honoree

joannabaileyI am an awarded & published event designer, professional foodie, business strategist and multi-passionate entrepreneur with expertise in brand development, efficiency and big scary leaps of faith in the rapidly-evolving knowledge economy. I have had the pleasure of consulting for more than 60 brands + coach people from all walks of life {SAHMs to founders, athletes to politicians}. I help people achieve greater clarity, engagement, fulfillment + impact.

Known as a vocal advocate and leader among female change makers, I work with women who are done apologizing for being awesome. I’m not a one trick pony darling, and neither are you. Stop making excuses for why you have so many balls in the air. It is no one’s business how many projects you take on. I help individuals bring focus to their gifts and understand their greater purpose in life.

I will help you clean house. The first thing most clients say to me is “I think I need to do more of …” or “Should I start doing…?”. We are conditioned to think in more, when the reality is that what you’re likely suffering from is an abundance of things that are jamming up your creative prowess. You don’t necessarily need more. You need better. I start with what needs to be eliminated. If it doesn’t serve you, it goes bye-bye. That rings true for everything, from the club membership you never use to the people in your life who are energy vampires. Is it selfish? No. Self-first is not selfish. Write that down.

I am fiercely committed to helping people come alive through the pursuit of big ideas. My superpowers are helping to craft a compelling vision, collaboratively developing strategy and systems with clear, measurable outcomes, and incorporating the latest tools and technology during the process of execution and feedback. All of this is delivered with a positive, encouraging outlook mixed with Jedi-level organization and structure, and healthy kick-in-the-butt accountability.

I am also passionate about healthy living, and will teach you why what you eat speaks volumes about your self-worth. Why does that matter? Because the drive thru only makes you as cheap + easy as the food you find there. We will talk about your sleep patterns, the relationships that you give your time and energy to, what your core desired feelings are {CDF = core desired feelings} and how all those things = your Vitality Quotient. I don’t care so much about your CV, but your VQ matters big time.

Visit for more information.

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Dr. Jamie J. Hardy is Today’s Honoree

drjamiehardyDr. Jamie J. Hardy PharmD, BCPS, MS (Dr. Jamie) –is an experienced and well respected board-certified pharmacist. She travels throughout the globe speaking at conferences, companies, churches, and universities shedding light on proven strategies so young women can design the life of their dreams.  Her relatable yet medically sound approach to making lasting lifestyle changes has earned her the title of “The Lifestyle Pharmacist” by audiences and colleagues.

Dr. Jamie is highly sought after by print, online, radio, and TV media outlets to provide a fresh perspective on stress management, clean eating and finding balance through detoxing and meditation. Dr. Jamie is the Founder and Chief Lifestyle Curator of Innovative Wellness LLC, a lifestyle company that provides coaching and live workshops to teach young women who are busy juggling careers, businesses, and relationships to be fit, fabulous, and fulfilled without prescribed pills.

Through her videos, books, blogs, and programs she equips them with the tools necessary to implement changes in their lifestyle that enhance the quality of their health and ultimately their LIFE. Leveraging her 11 years of clinical pharmacy experience, Dr. Jamie is the host of her popular YouTube series “It’s all about the LIFESTYLE!” Her mission is simple- to provide her followers The Fab Squad with actionable strategies to LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE. Dr. Jamie’s high energy approach to THE STAGE is the perfect blend of laughter, sass, and reliable health information. Those that have experienced her live KEYNOTE presentations describe her as MAGNETIC.

Dr. Jamie combines her medical expertise with a NEW and vibrant approach that feels more like spending time with your best friend, that just happens to be a Doctor. Dr. Jamie is very passionate about increasing the visibility of “lifestyle pharmacy” to the world. She obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy and her Master of Science in Pharmacy Leadership from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. Dr. Jamie completed a PGY-1 Residency at LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans and is a graduate of the ASHP Pharmacy Leadership Academy.

Visit for more information.

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