Author David Grant is Today’s Honoree

davidgrantDavid Grant has a masters degree in ancient history. He is responsible for a number of international patents stemming from ideas that set out to challenge the status quo in one way or another, life experience which gave him his tenets : always challenge accepted norms, the past is never dead, and believe what you read at your peril.

Unsurprisingly, he set out to question and contest the ‘standard model’ (as he puts it) of the Macedonian king. The result is In Search of the Lost Testament of Alexander the Great. Grant explains his rationale for writing it: ‘After reading the available texts, both the ancient testimony and modern reconstructions, I was dissatisfied with conclusions drawn to date and suspicious of an opacity that ought to have been black and white.’

‘I graduated from an easy grazer of information, to an inquisitive browser of competing sources, to a chewer of contentious fat, and on to a voracious devourer of the still unexplained, in my own gradus ad Parnassum and a correspondent Masters degree with a thesis on Alexander. This book retraces the path of that ascent, and it was substantially written to answer my own questions about the man and his era. The journey took me in many unexpected directions, some oblique, but all relevant to the heart of the investigation, and all retained here.’

Grant now resides in London and is embarking upon his next book about Alexander’s campaigns in the Persian Empire. He is fortunate enough to be in contact with the anthropologist who heads the osteoarchaeological research at the tomb sites in ancient Macedonia, results from which are providing unique insight into their occupants, who may well include the family of Alexander the Great.

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Art Historian Ann Millett-Gallant is Today’s Honoree

annmilletgallantAnn is an art historian, disability studies scholar, and visual artist who specializes in painting and collage. She holds a PhD in art history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and currently serves as a Senior Lecturer for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She teaches classes on modern and contemporary art, disability studies, and gender studies. Her book, The Disabled Body in Contemporary Art, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2010. She has recently published her memoir, Re-Membering: Putting Mind and Body Back Together Following Traumatic Brain Injury.

Ann has been able to come back from setbacks that, for others, might have been debilitating. Ann was born a congenital amputee, but nevertheless has had a successful career, earning her PhD in Art History from University of North Carolina – Greensboro. In 2007, Ann was hit by a car and suffered a traumatic brain injury – causing significant short- and long-term memory loss. This would be difficult for anyone, let alone someone who had already had to learn to live with her disability. Despite the obvious difficulties, Ann learned to maintain a positive outlook, partially through her art. She is a phenomenal painter whose works celebrate the disabled body, and has turned to collage to express her non-linear sense of time after her brain injury. Ann’s story may seem unbelievable, but it is real. She is, on top of it all, an incredibly hard-working, energetic, and intellectually ambitious person.

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Author Dr. Patricia McConnell is Today’s Honoree

patriciamcconnellTHE EDUCATION OF WILL is more than a book about the relationship McConnell maintained with her dog, Will. Throughout the narrative, McConnell confesses all the dark corners of her youth. She allows us to be a witness to her interactions with her father, who discouraged her from aspiring for more because of her “monthlies.” As she struggled with her self-esteem, McConnell became a young woman who needed to rebel against her father’s misconceptions about women, excelling at everything she did and even developing an eating disorder. She was a victim to sexual assault at the hands of her big sister’s boyfriend and watched a man fall to his death right before her eyes. These events eventually progressed into paranoia and other psychological anxieties. McConnell buried these traumas for decades, but when she meets Will, the troubled Border Collie who also suffers from fear and aggression, her repressed anguish is triggered. We are granted access to dive into a union that is in desperate need of healing. Patricia writes, “Every night when I closed the drapes in the upstairs bedroom, I was afraid there would be a strange man standing under the yard light, staring back at me… I began to see Willie as not so much my therapy dog but the reason I needed therapy myself.”Patricia McConnell, PhD, CAAB is an Ethologist and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist who has consulted with pet owners for over twenty years about serious behavioral problems, specializing in canine aggression. She taught “The Biology and Philosophy of Human/Animal Relationships” in the Department of Zoology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for twenty five-years and speaks around the world about canine behavior and training. 

Dr. McConnell is the author of eleven books on training and behavioral problems, as well as the critically acclaimed books The Other End of the Leash (translated into 14 languages), For the Love of a Dog, and Tales of Two Species. Her newest book, The Education of Will, is a memoir focusing on healing from trauma in both people and dogs. 

Patricia and her husband live with their working Border Collies Willie and Maggie, her King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Tootsie, outside of Madison, WI, along with a very spoiled flock of sheep.

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White Men As Full Diversity Partners Co Founder Michael Welp is Today’s Honoree

michaelwelpMichael is known for his authenticity, trust-building style and his expertise in the use of experiential learning to create transformative, lasting impact in the organizations he supports.

In 1995, Michael partnered with Bill Proudman to co-found White Men As Diversity Partners, and for thirty years has worked extensively with leadership teams in organizations around the world to grow courageous leadership skills, transform conflict, and create cultures of full inclusion.

Michael is the author of the recently published book, Four Days To Change: 12 Radical Habits to Overcome Bias and Thrive in a Diverse World. Four Days To Change is based on 20 years of pioneering workshops engaging white male leaders and building leadership skills. Earlier in his career Michael facilitated interracial team-building with over a dozen South African corporations in his work with Outward Bound. His research on how white men learn about diversity led to founding WMFDP.

He is a member of the NTL Institute and earned his PhD and graduate degrees from American University and Fielding Graduate University.

He’s a regular blogger for MARC—Men Advocating Real Change—an initiative of Catalyst, the leading nonprofit organization expanding opportunities for women in business. He has co-authored three field guides on skill building for leadership and diversity partnerships.

About his new book, Michael says:

“I wrote the book to change the world! Yes, I know. Sort of like boiling the ocean. Along with my partner, Bill Proudman, and all of WMFDP’s staff and consultants, we are on a mission.” 

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No Magic Bullets Author Rob Waite is Today’s Honoree

nomagicbulletsRob Waite has been an international senior executive at Fortune 500 companies, CEO of a large privately held company, and CEO of a successful private equity-backed entity recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies. He has served on numerous corporate boards and has lived and worked in Europe, Latin America, and Canada.

His business leadership experiences include turn-arounds, start-ups, rapid growth enterprises, integration of acquisitions, formation and operation of international joint-ventures, complex change initiatives and elite executive recruitment.

Currently, Rob serves as a Managing Director with the firm Allen.Associates, a retained senior executive search and leadership advisory firm where his practice serves major corporate accounts and private equity firms.

Clients of Allen.Associates consider Rob as a trusted advisor; who brings rigorous process to their searches, and value his counsel, which is both candid and direct.

Board Member

Rob is a sought after board member. He has served on a diverse group of corporate boards and served on the Board of Directors of SCORE, a public/private partnership who’s 11,000 volunteers mentor and coach small business leaders.

He has also serves on Advisory Boards, including a tenure of ten-years on the Advisory Board of a Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers portfolio company.

Author & Writer

Rob’s broad scope of experience and success at top U.S. corporations, private equity portfolio companies, and entrepreneurial pursuits has informed his business insights and writing. His first book, The Lost Art of General Management, was a global success. He was invited as a guest writer to newspapers and magazines, including Business Journals, Capital Business & Finance Magazine and Sales & Service Excellence Magazine. His syndicated article, “Death by PowerPoint”, was picked up by Inc. Magazine.

Now, with his recently released book, No Magic Bullets: Hard Things Great Executives and Entrepreneurs Know—and Do, Rob adds to his accumulated experience the unique perspective of a recruiter at the elite level. He also conducted in-depth interviews with 14 top-tier executives, which in combination led to his innovative of Seven Capabilities essential to business mastery and success.

Keynote Speaker & Executive Development Leader

Rob’s wide ranging background as an executive, board member, senior recruiter and noted author have led to him being tapped as a Keynote Speaker at corporate events, industry association conventions, and other groups.

In addition to his Keynote speaking, Rob custom creates Executive Development Programs for corporations and other groups that are designed to their specific needs and interests. These programs are built on the framework of “The Seven Capabilities”, which is the heart of his book, No Magic Bullets.

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Popular Beauty Inc., CEO Alfinike Love is Today’s Honoree

popularbeautyAlfinike, known as “A.Love” by her devotees, strives to create today’s most sought after hairstyles through a combination of charisma, skill, and artistic flair. The San Diego-born hair genius embraces her New York and Atlanta heritage to inspire her innovative approach. The resultant superfly vibe is unrivaled in the hair scene. Whether it’s an updo for that special night out, or a trendy cut to complement your natural locks, A.Love has the styling solution.

A.Love CEO of Popular Beauty Inc., currently lives, loves, and works in Phoenix, Arizona catering to a diverse and devoted clientele. Popular Beauty boasts an array of virgin hairs, cosmetics, and A.Love’s own line of all natural products. Her patented oils, beauty teas, and scalp cleansers are carefully designed to soothe, smooth, and sculpt all types, textures, and styles of hair. Growing in leaps and bounds, this classy little boutique attracts a clientele devoted to improved hair health and an array of all-natural products.  

A protege of Kim Kimble, A.Love has worked with a multitude of celebrities and their wives in preparation for red carpet events, high-end fashion shows, and political events. On- or off-camera, her unique hairstyles kept them picture perfect. Through her mentor, A.Love developed the ability to recreate looks through visuals and descriptions, allowing her to literally draw inspiration from thin air. She puts this talent to good use at Popular Beauty Inc., where her talents include (but are definitely not limited to) extensions, natural locks, updo’s, fantasy styles, and natural hair.

At Popular Beauty Inc., the passion and energy is evident in every aspect your experience! A.Love and her all-natural products are here to spread a message of love, confidence, and health, one person at a time.

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Twist & Stylez Natural Hair Salon Founder Sharon Cooper is Today’s Honoree

twistsstylesMy name is Sharon Cooper, Founder/Owner of Twist & Stylez Natural Hair Salon and I have over 20 experience as a Natural Hair Stylist/Educator. I am from Washington DC, where I found my passion for doing hair at the age of 14.

I am currently a Licensed Cosmetologist blessing Washington DC and Phoenix Arizona with my skills and passion for styling and maintaining natural hair. In 2002 I decided to become a Specialist in Natural Hair Care.

I strongly believe that continued education, passion,experience and a strong work ethic is vital to your career growth as a beauty professional.

I specialize in artistic natural styles, locs, twist, thinning, balding and alopecia, all while caring for each clients hair to maintain its health.

I only use all-natural products that are made with plant extracts, essential oils and other natural derivatives.

I have trained with the Best in the Industry, Talia Waajid, Celebrity Stylist Patric Bradley, Chet Bennett, and Makeup artist to the stars Danessa Myricks.

Here at Twist & Stylez we focus on educating our clients on the proper care of their natural hair.

Visit for more information.

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