Inspirational Leader Trent Shelton is Today’s Honoree

TrentSheltonWho is Trent Shelton?

To some, he’s a motivational speaker. To others, he’s a previous NFL football player, but to Trent Shelton, he is just a man who wants to help lives.   Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, raised in Fort Worth, Texas, as a child, all Trent wanted to be when he grew up was a professional football player. While he achieved his childhood dream, the former NFL player’s career was a shaky one where he felt incomplete while constantly chasing after worldly things to temporarily fulfill the voids in his life. It wasn’t until Trent hit his lowest point, after being released from multiple NFL teams along with the birth of his son, that he decided to work on becoming the best person he could be.

In March of 2009, Trent picked up his iPhone and started sharing two-minute videos of his progress as a means of helping him stay accountable while bettering his life. He ended each of his videos with “It’s RehabTime.” A couple years later, those two-minute videos evolved into RehabTime Organization, a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to promote change for the better by uplifting, empowering, and demonstrating that “change starts with you,” from the inside out, through the development of faith, self, fitness, relationships and leadership.

Today, on average, Trent reaches over 35 million people a week through his daily messages and videos. The motivational speaker has over 3 million Facebook fans, over 350k Instagram followers, and over 200k Twitter followers, all of which he refers to as his community of “Rehabbers.” Trent is the best-selling author of three self-help books, with his fourth self-help journal, It All Starts with You, set to release Spring 2015. By following his calling, Trent has been able to travel all over the world to places like Sweden, London, Canada, Turks & Caicos, Bermuda, and across the U.S., to share his testimony and offer people messages of change and hope.

Although Trent was motivated to become a better man by the birth of his son and through many of life’s adversities he faced, he calls his greatest accomplishment helping people strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ through RehabTime. While the former professional athlete once dreamed about a lasting career in the league, he now knows that God’s vision for his life is better than he could have ever imagined.

Visit Trent Shelton for more information.

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Author Bun Yom is Today’s Honoree

BunYomThe Cambodian Genocide (1975-1979) is in the top 10 worst cases of genocide in the world. This tragedy took the lives of approximately 25 percent of the population, nearly two million Cambodians.  As a Cambodian American who survived, Bun Yom, lives to share his personal story of struggle.

During the rule of the communist-run organization, Khmer Rouge, all Cambodians were denied their basic human rights and forced into harsh agricultural work. In Yom’s new memoir, “Tomorrow I’m Dead,” he sheds light on life of enslavement and the hardship and cruelty the Cambodian people endured.

Through his stories of courage and perseverance, Yom retells his life working in the “killing fields”, his rescue that resulted in serving in the Cambodian Freedom Army, his life as a refugee, and his immigration to the United States to reconnect with his lost family.

“This memoir is a chance to document the experiences I survived at a young age,” Yom said. “By sharing my story, I hope to inform and motivate others to live purposefully and strive to make the world a better place.”

About the author:

Born in Pailin, Cambodia, Bun Yom lived a relatively normal childhood until the age of 14 when the Khmer Rouge took over. After being rescued, he became the greatest leader in the Cambodian Freedom Army. He holds two black belts in Tae Kwon Do. This is Yom’s first book. Currently, he resides in Ellensburg, Washington.

Visit Bun Yom for more information.

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Phil Verruto, Chairman and co-founder of MedSign International Corporation is Today’s Honoree

DailyCompanionPhil Verruto is the  Chairman and co-founder of MedSign International Corporation, the parent company of Daily Companion. Here is how he feels about changes in the personal emergency response market.

“The embedded industry leaders have made no significant changes in the personal emergency response market since the 1990s.  The sophisticated Daily Companion is a first of its kind in this emergency market space. We expect to secure a significant share of the senior emergency call industry with our new high end product.”

Daily Companion Healthcare & Medical Alert System:

* One-touch to Call Center from home station or smartphone
* Global secure access to critical health information and meds
* Provide First Responders instant access to emergency caller’s health information and prescription meds
* Smartphone apps with GPS tracking
* Automatic notification of your loved ones in case of an emergency
* Simple plug-in home station uses standard phone line
* Push a button to call physician
* Registered Nurse on Call 24/7
* Daily healthcare reminders
* Brain challenging exercises
* Built-in speakerphone system

Fireman and Paramedic Jake Heflin states, “Not knowing what medications the patient is on can be an obstacle to saving a life.  First Responders can bridge the gap for the callers in crisis that have a Daily Companion listing all their meds. No more wasting  precious minutes searching through cabinets and drawers to find prescription bottles.  Everything EMTs need is right there on the Daily Companion.”

Robert Engler, R.B. Fire Chief and Paramedic states, “Having reliable, accurate information is critical early in an EMS response. MedSign’s Daily Companion system of providing these valuable facts will help us to save even more lives.”

About MedSign International Corporation:

The Company focuses on the manufacturing and marketing of their patented Daily Companion, a home-based personal healthcare and medical alert system. The system includes subscriber-based services that unites healthcare management apps, such as its reminder calendar and daily brain-challenging exercises, with an emergency communication system that can connect the customer to their physician, Companion’s Nurse on Call, and the emergency call center. Products include the Daily Companion Home Base Station, and integrated Medical Alert Apps for iPhone, Android Smartphone, and flip phone users.

Visit Phil Verutto for more information. Media Contact for interviews:



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Author Oliver Jobson is Today’s Honoree

OliverJobsonBook“Pick up the Bible!” These are the exact words author Oliver Jobson heard when he was contemplating suicide one night. This mysterious authoritative voice compelled Jobson to open the Bible and read The Lord’s Prayer. This event started his new journey.

Jobson’s new memoir “Saved from Suicide by The Lord’s Prayer” encompasses his journey with religion and spirituality, starting with his adolescent years as an acolyte in the Roman Catholic Church, and through his military career.

He presents a biographical testimonial surrounding his relationship with a source that manifests in his life at critical times and saves him from the possibility of death. Jobson has researched religion and spirituality his whole life. He has travelled extensively, visiting Peru, France, the Vatican, Indonesia, Israel, Ghana, India and more, where he learned from priests, rabbis and yogis, spending years in prayer and meditation.

Visit Oliver Jobson for more information.


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3 Minute Manager Creator Nigel Dessau is Today’s Honoree

NigelDessauNigel Dessau is a national award-winning Marketing professional with over 25 years of experience leading corporate marketing and communications for several multi-million and billion dollar companies. He began his career working for IBM, serving customers and partners in the UK and the US. Since then, Dessau has held senior executive and CMO roles  several Fortune 500 companies including StorageTek, Sun Microsystems, and Stratus Technologies.

Dessau is also the driving force behind the website ‘The 3 Minute Mentor’ which provides simple, easy to follow career guidance in easy to follow three minute videos. The website is followed by thousands of subscribers from all over the world and has been turned in a book titled Become a 21st Century Executive – Breaking Away from the Pack.

Previously, as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of AMD, he was responsible for the company’s global marketing, image and campaign strategies. At Sun Microsystems, Dessau was Senior Vice President of Storage Marketing and Senior Vice President of Alliances and Licensing. Prior to that, he was Chief Marketing Officer of StorageTek and spent 19 years at IBM. While at IBM, Dessau managed the worldwide launch of IBM eServer zSeries and headed up marketing programs for the S/390 brand. As part of the Corporate Marketing Team, he led the marketing strategy behind e-business and the transition to On Demand Business.

Nigel was born and educated in Nottingham, England and lives with his wife in Boston.

Visit Nigel Dessau for more information.

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Bamzy Baby Productions Founder Raymond “Bamzy” Manson is Today’s Honoree

BamzyRaymond “Bamzy” Manson, Founder and CEO of Bamzy Baby Productions, LLC, is prestigious selling author of Bamzy Baby Thinking Cap. Mr. Manson’s signature name “Bamzy Baby” is how his vision commenced in producing this extraordinary learning objective. The company design was influenced by Bamzy’s passion to inspire kids globally with the Bamzy Baby Thinking Capconcept. His philosophy “if you believe it, you can achieve it” has driven awareness for many intellect professionals.

Bamzy” is a native of New Orleans, LA and graduate from O. Perry Walker High School. He attended Southern University at New Orleans pursuing a 4 year track scholarship. Mr. Manson background includes 15 years of service for Covidien Pharmaceuticals in Atlanta, Ga. He is also Founder of AOP where he demonstrates his gift of humanity bringing family and friends together with collaborated social events. In addition to being an inspiring business owner, Bamzy invests his leadership initiatives mentoring to the youth as host for “Real Teen Talk Show” in metro Atlanta.

Rising author, producer, mentor, song writer and motivational speaker Raymond “Bamzy” Manson is on Ready..Set..Go! with his God given assignments!

Visit Raymond “Bamzy” Manson

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Squatchi Co Founders Amy Carabajal and Debra Rosenbloum are Today’s Honoree

SquatchiSquatchi® was created after a straw broke the camel’s back.

Amy Town Carabajal had just had “one of those” shopping trips.  The frustrating fight with her children erupted when they tried to buy shoes.  It was just too much. Even after the clash was over, the family left the store with no shoes.  It happened every time.

Amy was thrilled when online shoe shopping popped up.  Free shipping!  You can’t beat that.  But what if you buy shoes that don’t fit?  With kids, that happens.  Then you’re stuck, schlepping around town to ship them back.  Amy tried stopping into a shoe store or department store to size the kids up.  But, kids are smart. They hated those places and made no secret of it!

There had to be a better way.

Amy looked for a sizing solution, but the few options available were inaccurate, hard-to-use or just plain silly.  In 2008, after commiserating with friends and fellow parents, Amy realized parents needed a reliable, durable, fun home-sizing solution.  This was how Squatchi® began.

In 2011, Amy and her good friend Debra Rosenbloum began brainstorming, designing, researching and writing the business plan.  After nine months, the concept of a foot growth chart and shoe-sizer for kids leapt from dream to reality!  Squatchi®, the Bigfoot Sizer for Little Feet, was born!

Amy Carabajal

Co-founder Amy is the mom of three girls, and lives in Atlanta, GA.

She has a business background with prior experience in corporate America and as a real estate professional.  Amy has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and drive, with a natural passion to help others make their lives better and easier.  Squatchi® was a good fit for Amy!

Debra Rosenbloum

Debra has two children and also resides in Atlanta, GA.  She has an extensive background in complex technology sales.  Starting and building a company has always been a passion of Debra’s, so she was drawn to helping develop Squatchi®.  Providing ideas and products to improve the lifestyles of others is her main motivation.

Visit Squatchi for more information.

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