TravelEyez Founder Yvonne Graber is Today’s Honoree

yvonnegraberAbout TravelEyes:

TravelEyez is a chic fashion accessory that allows you to store and secure multiple pairs of eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses or a cell phone to a purse, a backpack, luggage handle, diaper bag, stroller, bicycle, gym bag, beach bag – or any other item that has a strap or handle!

This accessory has a unique and patented formula for using colored zippers to create and connect multiple glasses cases. The cases can be used to store and secure most smart phones, car keys, money /credit cards, jewelry, or anything else that the user doesn’t want to keep in a pocket or lose in the bottom of a purse.

TravelEyez cases are made of black lightweight spacer mesh and are accented with six fun colored zippers that can be mixed and matched. The cases come in standard and large sizes and are sold in pairs.

It is the most convenient way to keep your reading glasses at hand, your sunglasses at your fingertips – and your cell phone and accessories from being lost in the abyss of whatever purse or bag you’re carrying!

About TravelEyes Founder Yvonne Graber:

Ever since I was about 13 years old I have always found a way to make money whether it was baby-sitting, crocheting fashion hairpieces, or selling costume/fine jewelry, I was always entrepreneurial. I also had a flair for the arts. I wanted to be an interior designer, so after graduating high school at 16, I applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

I was accepted and received my degree in interior design. I worked in the residential field for three years and then was offered an opportunity to enter the children’s fashion world and so it began.

I spent 25 plus years in the garment industry, climbing the corporate ladder to eventually become Director of Manufacturing. I constantly had to prove my value in a male-dominated industry. I traveled all over Central America to manufacturing factories, overseeing production and quality control. Traveling to these remote areas was often difficult and uncomfortable, but necessary. I prevailed, thus gaining the respect of the factory owners and their employees.

As I began to see the future of the garment industry in the United States shrinking, I knew I had to change careers and reinvent myself, finding a new career path where I would not face age or gender discrimination as well as being recession proof. I had some technical savvy and the foresight to begin to focus my energies toward a the growing field of IT. In 2000, I went back to school on the weekends for six months to complete coursework as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). To gain experience I took a job doing telephone tech support with wages of $9.00 per hour, from a previous six figure income, it was quite the struggle. I often cried as I drove to work. I worked there for one and half years until, through a friend, I secured a position at IBM as a field technician and worked there for almost two years. I had been working nights for IBM and then during the day I had begun to set the wheels in motion to begin my own business.

I started Computer Community Hospital (CCH) because I knew that I could service clients differently than other companies, since I was not a ‘geek’ or a ‘nerd’. I had been ‘the client’ for many years and was often made to feel stupid by the IT people who were servicing computers for the companies for which I worked. I knew IT service individuals who projected this superior attitude, and I knew that was not what I wanted to do. When I decided to go into the computer business, I promised myself that I would not make people feel stupid, that I would educate them by explaining what they needed to know in terms they would understand.

TravelEyez™ is a new innovative product that is easy to connect and stylish–assists anyone on-the-go. Are you tired of losing your accessories in the bottom of your bag, or going for a walk and always forget your phone or sunglasses… after years of frustration, TravelEyez™ is the unique fashion accessory and the answer to the everyday quandary of how to keep your sunglasses, phone or any kind of accessory easily accessible.

“I want to share my chic and practical solution with the “on-the-go” public and how the uses are endless from sporting bags like golf and tennis; children’s strollers and for people that use walkers too,” said Yvonne Graber, Inventor of TravelEyez™.

Visit for more information.

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Author Crystal Oculee is Today’s Honoree

crystaloculeeCrystal Oculee is the author of Your Personal Money Diary and the well-received #1 best selling book in retirement planning Get Your Hand Out Of My Purse! I’m Not Giving You My Money! Crystal is an experienced licensed retirement income strategist, national financial motivational speaker, CNN contributor, Personal Money Trainer™ and radio personality appearing on KFI, KTLK, KRLA, KDAR and KKLA. She has been featured at many events such as the California Women’s Conference, Los Angeles Women’s Expo, Mary Kay, NARFE, Screen Actor’s Guild, An Empowered Woman and more.

Crystal has always worked towards empowering women by giving them the tools to help them get the results they want in a world where women are disadvantaged. Crystal is passionate about helping women deal with the unique financial challenges they face – not the “one size fits all” solutions that are typically dictated. With a deep understanding of women’s issues and a passion for change, she has taught thousands of women to take positive action in their lives, stand up for themselves, and say, “Get your hand out of my purse! I’m not giving you my money!”

To purchase Crystal Oculee’s best selling book Get Your Hand Out Of My Purse! I’m Not Giving You My Money!, go to Amazon.

Visit for more information.

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Unity Braids & Beauty Owner Darielle Magee is Today’s Honoree

dariellemageeDarielle Magee is a Michigan native who began her career as a dancing performing artist at a young age.  Through venues such as community events, public and private non-profit functions, high school extra curricula activities, and more, Magee used her talents of dancing, hair styling, choreography and modeling to help in the personal growth and development of others.  After graduating high school she opened Beyond 4 Wallz, her first hair salon where she trained and provided opportunities for new/novice stylists entering the hair world of professionalism. She mentored each stylist by sharing her artistic styling and business skills while encouraging them to strive to reach their fullest potential.

Presently, Magee is a professional natural hair stylist and the owner of Unity Braids & Beauty located in Phoenix Arizona. Her vision is to provide a salon atmosphere where clients feel welcome and stylists feel appreciated. Magee handpicks the stylist, so all the work done at the salon reflects her philosophies, consummate professionalism, exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Her clientele includes celebrities, business professionals, children and more. All are welcome.

To set up an appointment contact Darielle at:  Unity Braids & Beauty 2512 E. Thomas Rd., Ste 9 Phoenix, AZ 85016 or call (586) 935-2409 and for more information please go to

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; Behold your own beauty” –  Darielle A. Magee

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Author David Grant is Today’s Honoree

davidgrantDavid Grant has a masters degree in ancient history. He is responsible for a number of international patents stemming from ideas that set out to challenge the status quo in one way or another, life experience which gave him his tenets : always challenge accepted norms, the past is never dead, and believe what you read at your peril.

Unsurprisingly, he set out to question and contest the ‘standard model’ (as he puts it) of the Macedonian king. The result is In Search of the Lost Testament of Alexander the Great. Grant explains his rationale for writing it: ‘After reading the available texts, both the ancient testimony and modern reconstructions, I was dissatisfied with conclusions drawn to date and suspicious of an opacity that ought to have been black and white.’

‘I graduated from an easy grazer of information, to an inquisitive browser of competing sources, to a chewer of contentious fat, and on to a voracious devourer of the still unexplained, in my own gradus ad Parnassum and a correspondent Masters degree with a thesis on Alexander. This book retraces the path of that ascent, and it was substantially written to answer my own questions about the man and his era. The journey took me in many unexpected directions, some oblique, but all relevant to the heart of the investigation, and all retained here.’

Grant now resides in London and is embarking upon his next book about Alexander’s campaigns in the Persian Empire. He is fortunate enough to be in contact with the anthropologist who heads the osteoarchaeological research at the tomb sites in ancient Macedonia, results from which are providing unique insight into their occupants, who may well include the family of Alexander the Great.

Visit for more information.

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Art Historian Ann Millett-Gallant is Today’s Honoree

annmilletgallantAnn is an art historian, disability studies scholar, and visual artist who specializes in painting and collage. She holds a PhD in art history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and currently serves as a Senior Lecturer for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She teaches classes on modern and contemporary art, disability studies, and gender studies. Her book, The Disabled Body in Contemporary Art, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2010. She has recently published her memoir, Re-Membering: Putting Mind and Body Back Together Following Traumatic Brain Injury.

Ann has been able to come back from setbacks that, for others, might have been debilitating. Ann was born a congenital amputee, but nevertheless has had a successful career, earning her PhD in Art History from University of North Carolina – Greensboro. In 2007, Ann was hit by a car and suffered a traumatic brain injury – causing significant short- and long-term memory loss. This would be difficult for anyone, let alone someone who had already had to learn to live with her disability. Despite the obvious difficulties, Ann learned to maintain a positive outlook, partially through her art. She is a phenomenal painter whose works celebrate the disabled body, and has turned to collage to express her non-linear sense of time after her brain injury. Ann’s story may seem unbelievable, but it is real. She is, on top of it all, an incredibly hard-working, energetic, and intellectually ambitious person.

Visit for more information.

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Author Dr. Patricia McConnell is Today’s Honoree

patriciamcconnellTHE EDUCATION OF WILL is more than a book about the relationship McConnell maintained with her dog, Will. Throughout the narrative, McConnell confesses all the dark corners of her youth. She allows us to be a witness to her interactions with her father, who discouraged her from aspiring for more because of her “monthlies.” As she struggled with her self-esteem, McConnell became a young woman who needed to rebel against her father’s misconceptions about women, excelling at everything she did and even developing an eating disorder. She was a victim to sexual assault at the hands of her big sister’s boyfriend and watched a man fall to his death right before her eyes. These events eventually progressed into paranoia and other psychological anxieties. McConnell buried these traumas for decades, but when she meets Will, the troubled Border Collie who also suffers from fear and aggression, her repressed anguish is triggered. We are granted access to dive into a union that is in desperate need of healing. Patricia writes, “Every night when I closed the drapes in the upstairs bedroom, I was afraid there would be a strange man standing under the yard light, staring back at me… I began to see Willie as not so much my therapy dog but the reason I needed therapy myself.”Patricia McConnell, PhD, CAAB is an Ethologist and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist who has consulted with pet owners for over twenty years about serious behavioral problems, specializing in canine aggression. She taught “The Biology and Philosophy of Human/Animal Relationships” in the Department of Zoology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for twenty five-years and speaks around the world about canine behavior and training. 

Dr. McConnell is the author of eleven books on training and behavioral problems, as well as the critically acclaimed books The Other End of the Leash (translated into 14 languages), For the Love of a Dog, and Tales of Two Species. Her newest book, The Education of Will, is a memoir focusing on healing from trauma in both people and dogs. 

Patricia and her husband live with their working Border Collies Willie and Maggie, her King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Tootsie, outside of Madison, WI, along with a very spoiled flock of sheep.

Visit for more information.

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White Men As Full Diversity Partners Co Founder Michael Welp is Today’s Honoree

michaelwelpMichael is known for his authenticity, trust-building style and his expertise in the use of experiential learning to create transformative, lasting impact in the organizations he supports.

In 1995, Michael partnered with Bill Proudman to co-found White Men As Diversity Partners, and for thirty years has worked extensively with leadership teams in organizations around the world to grow courageous leadership skills, transform conflict, and create cultures of full inclusion.

Michael is the author of the recently published book, Four Days To Change: 12 Radical Habits to Overcome Bias and Thrive in a Diverse World. Four Days To Change is based on 20 years of pioneering workshops engaging white male leaders and building leadership skills. Earlier in his career Michael facilitated interracial team-building with over a dozen South African corporations in his work with Outward Bound. His research on how white men learn about diversity led to founding WMFDP.

He is a member of the NTL Institute and earned his PhD and graduate degrees from American University and Fielding Graduate University.

He’s a regular blogger for MARC—Men Advocating Real Change—an initiative of Catalyst, the leading nonprofit organization expanding opportunities for women in business. He has co-authored three field guides on skill building for leadership and diversity partnerships.

About his new book, Michael says:

“I wrote the book to change the world! Yes, I know. Sort of like boiling the ocean. Along with my partner, Bill Proudman, and all of WMFDP’s staff and consultants, we are on a mission.” 

Visit for more information.

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