Charles Oakley is Today’s Honoree

Charles Oakley Interview took place at the Selah Freedom event in Atlanta, Georgia during Super Bowl 53 Weekend. Charles Oakley who is an American former professional basketball player was a member of the National Basketball Association’s Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards and Houston Rockets. A power forward, he consistently ranked as one of the best rebounders in the NBA. In 2017, he was confirmed to both play and coach the Killer 3’s for the debut of the BIG3, a new basketball league focusing on 3-on-3 basketball.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Oakley attended John Hay High School and Virginia Union University, a Division II historically black university in Richmond, Virginia. As a senior in 1984–85, Oakley led Division II in rebounding with an average 17.3 per game.

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Weight Loss Warrior Chad Dean is Today’s Honoree

Since the release of I’m In Here Somewhere: Memoir of a Food Addict (Jan 15, 2019), the memoir of Chad Dean (the weight loss warrior behind My 600-lb Life’s biggest success story), as told to and written by Celeste Prater, we’ve seen Dean share his story with The Today Show, NY Post, In Touch Weekly and more.

I’m In Here Somewhere: Memoir of a Food Addict

Weighing in at 701 pounds, Chad Dean was dying. Or rather, killing himself. This big man was gleefully traipsing down the road paved with chocolate and lined with donuts while steadily committing food suicide. It’s an ugly word chock full of sadness and heartache, yet the scrumptiously delicious things he continuously shoved into his mouth on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis might as well have been a loaded gun.

Then, something clicked. He saw the light—and woke up. Dean got his act together, lost 400 pounds, and is now a proud member of the five percent club. Only five out of 100 people succeeds in keeping the weight off after gastric bypass surgery.

Through Prater, Dean relays his own personal journey with obesity beginning from childhood until two years after his gastric bypass. I’m In Here Somewhere spills out intimate details of Dean’s life. Readers will witness as Dean fights hard, stumbles, gets back to his feet, and battles like a warrior to right the wrong he’s done to his body. Dean also comes to terms with personal demons that led him to this predicament in the first place. Audiences will see the one thing that Dean never lost in this epic battle was his irreverent humor, positivity, and strong confidence.

Though most of the book is told from Dean’s point of view, his wife and “better half,” Ayesha, is also given a voice. The banter between the couple gives an intimate look into the depths of their love as the pair recount meeting at a truck stop where Ayesha worked and Dean frequented on his drives as a trucker, what it was like for Ayesha as an African-American to date a white man for the first time, and the moment they both realized Ayesha’s daughter and autistic son were truly Dean’s children, too.

As one of the few weight-loss journeys documented from a male perspective, I’m In Here Somewhere is a refreshing look on a demographic that doesn’t often show weakness and failure.  Dean’s blatant admittance of his failures remains positive and uses humor to keep the light on something normally left in the shadows. This book focuses on the continuous denying, lying, and excuses of the obese. Dean also notes the hard and intangible cost of his indifference.

“I got to look at my life as if a movie was playing out on the screen,” says Dean. “It’s so easy to watch the deadly patterns building all the way from childhood through the moment I began screaming for help. The future is the opposite of my beginning. In the beginning, I was killing myself. So as for the future…I’m just going to live.”

Connect with Chad Dean on Facebook.

Connect with Celeste Prater on Facebook @CelestePraterAuthor, Twitter @Celeste_Prater, Instagram @CelestePraterAuthor and visit

I’m In Here Somewhere: Memoir of a Food Addict is available in print at BookBaby and ebook on Amazon and other retailers.


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ProActive Budget CEO Ryan J. Clark is Today’s Honoree

Ryan J. Clark began his career in the real estate market, flipping 5 houses at the age of 18. Later, as a mortgage broker, he found that his true passion was in teaching people about money.

In 2004, Ryan entered the financial services industry, and in his first 3 months set a new sales record. Since then he has qualified for MDRT 5 times, and in 2011 he qualified as a Top of the Table producer putting him in the top 1% of advisors in the world. He’s achieved the Centurion and Guardian Hero awards and most recently was added as a Wall of Fame producer.

In 2014 he authored his first book, The Order of Wealth, which explains a simple process anyone can use to create and keep wealth.

Ryan’s Goal is to provide better tools, systems, and training to clients allowing them to achieve real financial freedom long term.

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Success Guru Sheryl Grant is Today’s Honoree

After winning Ms Olympia while also managing to be a top performer in my Silicon Valley career (a job that was draining my spirit by the day), I discovered that I only found true happiness and performed the best when I was FIT not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

So I quit my job and went to the drawing board. All 2018 we were hard at work here at SGE building our products/services with the goal of helping women find and conquer the barriers that hold them back from their dreams; From aspiring Entrepreneurs to those looking to simply find purpose.

Over that time we’ve developed the FIT program, to help women retrain their minds, bodies and spirits to prepare them to march forward and deliver their own unique and priceless gift to the world!

FIT, standing for (F)aith: How to visualize and BELIEVE in your dream, (I)ntuition: How to develop your inner compass to easily find what is for you and what isn’t, and (T)enacity: How to construct systems and networks that allow you to overcome ANY adversity and make “possible” dreams INEVITABLE dreams.

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Author Boby Beavers is Today’s Honoree

Inspired by the beauty of the Australian coast, author Boby Beavers has published his tragic romance novel, “Between the Fields”, that pays tribute to the Sunshine Coast’s surfing scene in the 1970’s and introduces readers to a timeliness romance between two individuals who meet a tragic fate.

The story follows the life of Alexander Scott, a privileged man with a painful past living a nomadic surfer’s life. His life forever changes when he meets a beautiful and caring woman named Julianne Cameron, who helps him find emotional stability and a sense of peace.

While planning their future together, a terrible car accident threatens their future together and forever changes the lives of the people around them.

This romance is impactful to readers as Beavers delivers extraordinary detail that brings the story to life. Beavers developed this story over the course of many years and remained devoted towards telling this romantic tale.

“I’ve walked in the steps of my lead character and imagined his story as incidents have evolved around me,” Beavers said. “I’ve lived the story even though it never really happened”.

“Between the Fields” is a novel filled with profound characters, moments of deep reflection and a unique story that will grip readers and tug at their emotional heartstrings.

About the author

Boby Beavers is a resident of Sherwood QLD and the Sunshine Coast in Australia. He has worked in the area for decades in administration. Now retired, he spends his time continuing to surf and write alongside the beautiful Australia coast. For more about the book, visit the author’s website:


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All Sports Community Service, Inc. Founder Tyrone Keys is Today’s Honoree

To some, Tyrone Keys may be noteworthy because of his personal accomplishments on the football field as a defensive Most Valuable Player (MVP) in high school and college, or former Super Bowl XX Chicago Bears defensive end.

Tyrone, however, remembered to give honor to whom honor is due, and graciously acknowledged his mentor’s words at Callaway High School, Coach Odell Jenkins: “Sow a thought … reap a word. Sow a word … reap an action. Sow an action … reap a destiny. Sow into a destiny … reap character”.

Tyrone is from Jackson, Mississippi, where he was named a High School All-American and voted defensive MVP of the year in the state of Mississippi in 1977. His high school team also won the state championship in 1976.

Tyrone accepted the thoughts and words of his mentor and allowed them to fuel his purpose for attending Mississippi State University. His determination to make a significant impact for this university catapulted him into making 26 career sacks (second highest in the school’s history) and being selected All-Southeastern Conference (All SEC) three consecutive seasons, 1977-1980. Tyrone also played a key role in one of Mississippi State’s biggest wins by making the game saving tackle and forcing the Alabama University quarterback to fumble on the last play. He helped to seal a 6-3 Mississippi State win over then number one ranked Alabama. Mississippi State’s win achieved a 9-2 record for the year, the best season in the school’s history. They broke Alabama’s 25 game winning streak, and Keys helped the team earn a berth to the 1980 Sun Bowl. Tyrone was elected to the Senior Bowl that year.

After graduating from Mississippi State in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education, Tyrone began his nine-year professional football career. Tyrone was the 5th Round (113th player) draft pick, defensive end, for the 1981 New York Jets. However, he decided to start his career for two seasons in the Canadian Football League with the British Columbia (BC) Lions.

In 1983, Keys returned to the National Football League (NFL) to launch a successful seven-year career. He signed with the Chicago Bears as a defensive end where he remained through the 1985 Super Bowl XX Championship year (46-10 over the New England Patriots). The Bears were 18-1 and their only loss was to the Miami Dolphins eight weeks prior to the Super Bowl, December 2, 1985. The Bears-vs.-Dolphins game had the highest number of viewers in the history of football. Keys and his team mates produced the Super Bowl Shuffle on the next day, December 3, 1985. Tyrone was the keyboardist in the Super Bowl Shuffle video which was nominated for a GRAMMY Award and sold over a million copies.

His next stop was the pre-Super Bowl Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1986-1987. Keys retired from the NFL after a career ending injury with the pre-Super Bowl San Diego Chargers in 1989.

Keys founded “All Sports Community Service, Inc.” in 1993 as a non-profit mentoring and scholarship organization dedicated to helping challenged youth in Tampa, Florida, achieve their dream of attending college. Keys taught his students the idea that the skills from the playing field could be parlayed onto the field of life. Since 1993, All Sports has assisted hundreds of students obtain over $20 million in support towards their college education from all over this country and in England as well. All Sports students are mentored through a combination of academics, community service and sports. Great emphasis is placed on returning to the community to assist the next generation. All Sports is now seeing the Full Circle Participation in action with its students returning to invest time, energy and scholarship funds into the program and the community.

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Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health New York Food Service Manager Doug Patton is Today’s Honoree

In his 20 years on the job, Patton has always tried to keep a sunny disposition – and plenty of so-called “dad jokes” on hand. (e.g., “Where do ships go when they are sick? Well, the dock of course!”)

Patton’s kind, caring attitude – and positive approach to all he does – lifts the spirits of the individuals in our care and our employees every day.

Humor: The secret ingredient

Several years ago – to lighten the mood in Devereux New York’s business office – Patton began adding jokes to food service bills he submitted to his team members.

“I wanted to let my colleagues know that I cared about them, and to show them that life is not all about business,” said Patton. “All the jokes I share are corny, short and clean, and typically tie into a given holiday or life experience.”

Patton also strives to bring smiles to the faces of the youth he serves at Devereux New York. One day, when a student – who was helping him mop the dining room floor – seemed down, Patton cracked a joke and encouraged him to come up with one of his own.

“After a few weeks, the student finally told me his joke. It turns out, his whole classroom got involved,” shared Patton. “This opened the door and enabled me to form stronger relationships with our students. I visit them at lunch to hear their latest jokes. They even made me a poster with some of their favorites.”

Lunch with a side of wit

Recently, Patton began adding jokes – printed on tiny strips of paper – to the boxed lunches he creates for various meetings held on campus. Diners eagerly eat up his unwavering wit, along with his team’s tasty eggplant, tomato and mozzarella sandwiches, guacamole and strawberry shortcake.

“The jokes add a personal touch to our boxed lunches,” explained Patton. “I consider everyone who walks through our doors – individuals, employees and visitors alike – to be family. I do things like this because that is what family does for family.”

During a recent visit, Devereux’s national Quality Improvement (QI) team praised Patton for his deliciously thoughtful meals.

“We want to thank Doug and his staff for everything they do to help brighten the day of all who visit Devereux New York – and for truly exemplifying the values of Servant Leadership by putting people first,” the QI team said. “What better way to bring people together than through good food and good jokes?

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