NiteLite Pictures Executive Producer Harry Lowell is Today’s Honoree

Harry is the founder and Executive Producer of NiteLite Pictures.  He is an award-winning television producer whose innovative style and creative energy established his strong reputation for delivering quality projects for some of the biggest networks and advertising clients around.   Harry has an exceptional ability to remain true to the creative while navigating complex projects, timelines and budgets, whether it’s a network reality series or a Super Bowl commercial.

He began his career as a television commercial producer working with national, high-profile brands and advertising agencies, winning numerous awards including multiple Clio Awards, Chicago Film Festival Award, New York Fest Award, One Show, London Advertising Award and multiple TOP 10 Super Bowl ads including the #1 Super Bowl spot in 2016.

Harry expanded his television career while working with Disney producing theatrical trailers, television promos, commercials and pilots.  Since then he has developed and produced television episodes, series, pilots and specials for networks including Discovery Channel, Syfy, History Channel, truTV, ESPN, Oxygen Channel – with an emphasis on strong storytelling and compelling characters.

A Chicagoan at heart, Harry is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and a hockey fan who resides in Los Angeles, California.

Visit for more information.

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Podcast Host Jake Jorgovan is Today’s Honoree

Jake Jorgovan is a creator and entrepreneur and the founder of two companies.

At Lead Cookie, we help B2B sales teams generate more leads through done-for-you Linkedin Prospecting. The service is 100% risk free as we have a 30 day money back guarantee. I scaled Lead Cookie from Zero to $33k MRR as a productized service in 6 months.

At Outbound Creative, we help agencies win their dream clients through custom consulting.

Prior to starting Lead Cookie he ran business development for a video production agency and won the business of multiple Fortune 500 clients and A-List touring artists.

Jake doesn’t have an office and doesn’t meet clients in person. Instead he works remotely and travels all over the world. So far he has visited 18 different countries and the number is rising.

Current Location: Franconia, New Hampshire, United States

Along the way he launched a podcast called Working Without Pants where he interviews  agency owners and consultants to uncover the secrets of their success.

Jake also publishes a regular newsletter about winning new clients for agency owners and consultants.

You can find him on Linkedin here. or go to for more information.

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Coach Merideth Bisiker is Today’s Honoree

Merideth Bisiker, B.A., is a Certified Holistic Life Coach (Radiant Coaches Academy) and Certified Money Coach (CMC)® (Money Coaching Institute) who helps men and women create healthy relationships with money. She’s also the Director of Education and Technology with Radiant Coaches Academy.

Merideth uses a holistic and traditional life coaching method to help her clients move toward the future they want. She also leans on 24 years of experience working in banking and finance to provide her clients with resources and tools for their finances.

Merideth lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and raises her pre-teen daughter and younger daughter with high-functioning autism and ADHD with her husband of decades. She loves to escape into the forest to refresh, and she balances her work with singing in a classic rock cover band.

Visit for more information.

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Artistik Approach Member and Artistik Lounge Co-Founder Eso Tolson is Today’s Honoree

Eso Tolson is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in Memphis, TN. He specializes in hand-lettering for branding, editorial, and commercial projects. As principal and creative director at Memphis based design agency Cheers Creative, he also builds brand visuals and websites for creative professionals and social causes. As an artist, Eso lends his hand lettering style to commissioned projects for clients including Downtown Memphis Commission, Story Gatherings Conference, Teach For America, and social activist/comedian Franchesca Ramsey.

As a lover of community, pop culture, and inner city life, he uses type to cultivate city pride and promote positive social messages. In 2015, he created the campaign “Embrace Your Inner Memphis” which focuses on inspiring a sense of pride for the city of Memphis, TN. The campaign has been adopted locally as a connecting theme by community members, leaders and visiting celebrities. It has also succeeded in having a global reach to Memphians across the country and as far away as Sydney, Jerusalem and Singapore.

Eso has been awarded an Artist Residency at Memphis Slimhouse Collaboratory, a community art and music space. He was also invited to be one of the founding Artists In Residence at Crosstown Arts and Concourse, a 1 million+ square foot development designed to integrate the arts, business and residential sectors of Memphis, TN. These residencies have yielded numerous exhibitions, workshops and artist talks.

The creative light inside stays alive in the world of Eso as he Co-Founded  a monthly musical showcase called Artistik Lounge along with being one half of Artistik Approach, an a cappella musical duo. The gift of Eso keeps on giving  as he launched a city pride campaign called Embrace Your Inner Memphis based on one of his hand-lettered pieces.

Eso graduated from Memphis College of Art with an emphasis in Design Arts and is passionate about music, good typography, and wine.

Visit for more information.


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Life Recalibration Expert Allen Vaysberg is Today’s Honoree

Allen Vaysberg’s mission is to empower the growth of the modern individual. He does so by providing practical tools and inspiration enabling them to become well-rounded people who understand their purpose, live their essence and continue to expand all areas of their life in a harmonious way.

Allen is a Life Recalibration Expert and creator of the SEAMLESS method who facilitates people’s transition from unfulfilled and stressed to doing what they love and being at peace. He speaks on life purpose, career change, health and wellness, love and the recalibration process and runs online programs helping people re-calibrate their lives.

Allen is as comfortable discussing complex esoteric concepts as talking sports. He effortlessly weaves mainstream and mysterious into relatable concepts that the listeners/readers can immediately apply to their lives. He resides in Chicago with his wife and two children.

For more information about Allen’s work please visit

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Fit Money Author and Financial Advisor Julia Carlson is Today’s Honoree

Julia Carlson is a celebrated Financial Advisor and has been named by Forbes as one of the Best-In-State Wealth Advisors in America. Her book, “Fit Money”, is dedicated to helping readers find peace of mind and pursue financial freedom. After devoting her time to getting in shape, Julia found that the same focus she had applied to her fitness training could be applied in other aspects of her life. Through her book, she walks her readers through seven steps that guide them through the journey of becoming financially fit.

Fit Money: 7 Steps to Get Your Financial Life in Shape, reviews real-life examples in an approachable style to explain how these steps help take the fear out of finances, empower readers to act, and inspire them to pursue financial freedom. The seven steps outlined in Julia’s book include Desire, Determination and Discipline; Healthy Money Mindset; Relationships and Money; Proper Protection; Fit Money Navigator; Overcome the Debt Binge; and Plan and Invest for the Future.

Visit for more information.

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Vantage Network Co – Founder Jeff Hood is Today’s Honoree

Jeff has spent over 18 years in outsourcing and consulting, focusing specifically on offshore outsourcing. He has held sales and leadership roles in companies such as HCL Technologies, Zensar and GSS Infotec, and has experience in building and managing global sales forces across multiple continents and countries.

Jeff specializes in providing strategic and technical consulting services to organizations seeking “value-added” solutions for their business initiatives leveraging offshore delivery engines.

How Advantage Network Works:

A contributor makes a donation via credit card to a nonprofit organization using the Vantage Network.

The contributor receives a tracking ID associated with their donation that they can use to track how their donation is spent by the nonprofit organization, similar to tracking a package.

The nonprofit organization receives the donation in its Vantage Account and spends the donation via the Vantage Mobile Pay app.

Every purchase they make using the donation is tracked on the Vantage Network using the NEM Blockchain.

The contributor enters their tracking ID on the Vantage Network Portal to see all transactions tied to their donation and gets a report of overall campaign fund usage.

Visit for more information.

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