Author and Psychic Matt Fraser is Today’s Honoree

Growing up with a psychic mother and grandmother, it probably shouldn’t have been a surprise that I had inherited the family gift. But when your biggest concerns are what flavor of ice cream to choose, strange voices calling out to you in an empty room are not exactly on the menu.

I remember being terrified to go to bed because almost every night I would hear whispers and voices in my empty room, all trying to get my attention. I’m lucky I had a mother and grandmother to soothe my fears, but I remember vividly that having to accept these unwanted visitors was a difficult process for me.

Soon after, I began seeing full-body apparitions standing in my doorway and passing through my room. This sparked a whole new level of concern and anxiety for me as I knew these occurrences were increasing but I didn’t know what it meant… or how far they would go to get my attention. If you recall the movie, The Sixth Sense, you’ll have an idea of what I was going through… and trust me, it’s scarier in real life!

I was so fearful and reluctant to embrace my ability, that around the time I started middle school, I tried to shut it off and bury it completely… which turned out to be a long tradition in my family’s legacy.

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The Non Profit Author and Consultant Oliver Dorsey is Today’s Honoree

Oliver Dorsey, II (MA) is President of Dorsey Consulting and Training, Incorporated including Dorsey Non-Profit Solutions in Decatur, GA. This visionary leader holds the Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Physical Education and Recreation and a Masters of Arts Degree in Organizational Management. He received CMBI Certification in 2014. Oliver has more than 20 years of experience in both the nonprofit and for profits arena working with Boys & Girls Club organizations in Houston, Texas and the State of Georgia including Metropolitan Atlanta, and the Northeast and Northwest Georgia regions as well as providing training and consultative services for learning communities nationwide.

For more than 18 years, he has served as a senior manager and executive with a sound track record in transforming organizational infrastructure, strengthening boards of directors, grant writing and fundraising.  His position with Dorsey Consulting and Training allows him to partner with for profits and nonprofits in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, South Carolina and other states- providing direction in resource development/fundraising, grant writing, strategic planning, nonprofit formation/501c3 and board development and other learning communities opportunities. His extraordinary performance as a leader in Dorsey Consulting and Training, Incorporated is far reaching and exemplary is positioning the firm for greater accomplishments. He has provided leadership in partnering, leveraging, navigates the pathways for DC&T. He is the author of two books: Nonprofit Board Development Leveraging Opportunities and Individual Giving Campaign Development for Nonprofits.

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Author Lauren Chelec Cafritz is Today’s Honoree

Internationally known breathwork teacher, speaker, and first-time author Lauren Chelec Cafritz has released Breath LOVE, a highly inspirational and transformative self-help memoir published by Charlotte-based Warren Publishing. This engaging book brings breathwork to everyone in a fun and accessible way so they can “breathe like it’s summer,” relax, and hold on to that carefree feeling as fall begins. Part memoir, part inspiration, part instruction, Chelec Cafritz empowers people to see that anything is possible when they connect to their breath.

Using her personal journey and teaching experiences, Chelec Cafritz helps readers understand how to take control of their lives, master their emotions, and promote their physical well-being through the process of breathing. She takes readers on an informational and experiential journey toward emotional liberation, physical wellness, and mental well-being.

Chelec Cafritz was inspired to reach larger audiences after she witnessed the effect breathwork had in both her life and in the lives of her clients. As a past sufferer of chronic pain and anxiety, she brings a unique perspective to her breathwork facilitation throughout her inspirational 161-page book.

“I wrote Breath LOVE with a lot of love and joy,” said Chelec Cafritz. “I wanted to mainstream breathwork and share everything I know about it in a way that was easy and accessible. I want people to know that no matter what they are going through, they are never alone; your breath is your best friend. Breath LOVE is ultimately about empowerment and self-love.”

Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind-spirit practice using conscious connected breathing techniques for inner peace, enhanced well-being, and personal transformation.

“Breath introduced me to my emotional wisdom and mastery,” said Chelec Cafritz. “I gained my emotional maturity and the way I respond to the world through breath––in ways I didn’t even know possible. This is my opportunity to share this gift with the world.”

About Lauren Chelec Cafritz:

Lauren Chelec Cafritz is an internationally-known breathwork teacher, speaker, and author. She is also the founder of Experience Breath. She facilitates breathwork for executive teams, nonprofits, government agencies, corporations and schools, and also hosts breath retreats and workshops across the country. Chelec Cafritz has been featured in several national publications, radio shows, blogs and podcasts. She is trained and certified in Integrative Breathwork and Transformational Breath® and has studied with world-renowned breathwork founders and leaders. She is the national representative for the International Breathwork Foundation and is a member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.

Breath LOVE is available at,,, or wherever books are sold. For more information about Chelec Cafritz and her book, please visit Lauren Chelec Cafritz is available for interviews and book signings.

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Your Digital Undertaker Sharon Hartung is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

If you are an adult Canadian who uses e-mail and surfs the internet, this book is for you. In a unique and humorous way, this former military officer and tech executive shares what she’s learned about the estate industry and the taboo topic of preparing for one’s own death. Preparing for death doesn’t need to be scary or foreboding. It can actually be liberating and energizing. Join Your Digital Undertaker in an exploration of death in the digital age in Canada, which lifts the lid on how the deathcare and estate industry works today, and tackles it through the project management and digital lens.

This exploration includes simple diagrams, easy to understand scenarios, and user options that require only a couple of mouse clicks. You’ll learn your digital life is not isolated from your physical life, as technology is the new player at the estate planning table. Cracking the code to digital death and its afterlife requires deciphering the code for your regular and physical life. By the end of this book, you should feel armed with questions and a perspective on how to tackle your digital life in the context of your overall estate.

You might even walk away inspired to get on with dealing with your will and estate plan with estate planning professionals. If you are a named executor in a will or appointed in a Power of Attorney, this book is for you as well, as it might motivate you to ask a lot more questions about your role before you get handed “digital hell in a hand basket”. For those having the challenging conversations with their parents, family members or clients, let Your Digital Undertaker ask some of the basic questions and open the door for a meaningful discussion….

About The Author:

Sharon Hartung, Captain (Ret’d), PEng, MSc, BEng, PMP®, CD, rmc, is a retired aerospace engineering officer from the Royal Canadian Air Force and former technology executive from IBM. She has been providing information technology management advice to clients for over 30 years. Recognized as an innovator throughout her career, Sharon is currently an entrepreneur in the estate industry. With her experience in information technology, project management and consulting, Sharon brings a unique multiple disciplinary approach to managing digital assets in estate planning and estate administration. Sharon is currently a Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) affiliate and committee member of the STEP Global Digital Assets Special Interest Group.

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The Black Santa Company Founder Baron Davis is Today’s Honoree

Founded by the NBA’s Baron Davis, The Black Santa Company celebrates diversity in storytelling through engaging content and high quality products. We’re a character-focused company driven by vivid imaginations, positivity, and year-round giving. Black Santa and Cecilia are the first of many colorful characters coming your way.

With all that’s going on in this country, and particularly in the African-American community, I want to offer heroes and role models through storytelling. Black Santa is the first character. His mission is to celebrate diversity, the joy of giving and the magic of good. He’s here to bring people together and have fun.” – Baron Davis.

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BrainTap Technology™ Creator Dr. Patrick Porter is Today’s Honoree

According to Neuroscience expert, Dr. Patrick Porter, festive stress can affect your health more than you realize. Luckily, there are many things you can do to deactivate the body’s stress response.

“Stress changes the brain in many ways, from impairing short-term memory to increasing the likelihood of mental health disturbances. It’s important that we learn to manage this stress, especially this time of year…”

..says Dr. Porter. After the holidays, people feel mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. And it’s totally understandable, this time of year has a lot of moving parts. The planning and preparation for social gatherings, gift-giving, and travel is a drain on mental energy. The physical demands of shopping, baking and decorating (not to mention excessive eating) impacts our bodies.

“Since we know this stress is coming, we can ready our brain for it. To do this we must shift our cognitive strategies to respond to the changes in our environment,” says Dr. Porter.

So how can we shift our cognitive strategies? According to Dr. Porter, simply being mindful of your emotions is the first step. Actively observing your own thoughts and feelings helps you better understand where the stress is coming from so you can manage it more effectively. Mindfulness activities like meditating and journaling can help. Making sleep a priority is also key. Our bodies and brains repair themselves during our sleep cycles. When the quality or quantity of our sleep is poor, we miss out on the restoration process. We are less focused, less resilient, and we have fewer internal resources for managing stress and anxiety.

Remember, a little mindfulness and self-care go a long way. The holidays are meant to be a joyful time but if you are stressed and miserable, no one wins. It’s vital to include yourself in the season of giving. Carving out time for self-care prevents burnout and makes for a happier healthier holiday.

Dr. Porter is sharing tips and actionable advice people can use to tame festive stress, reduce anxiety, and improve mental and physical wellness this holiday season.

About Dr. Porter:

Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD, is an award-winning author and speaker who has devoted his career to neuroscience and brainwave entrainment. As the creator of BrainTap Technology™, Porter has emerged as a leader in the digital health and wellness field. BrainTap’s digital tools and mind development apps use Creative Visualization and Relaxation, a biohacking technique that has made tremendous advances in treating mental, physical, and emotional health issues. Braintap has been praised for helping people overcome stress and insomnia, lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, accelerate learning, and much more.

For more information please visit

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Olivia’s Organics President and CEO Mark DeMichaelis is Today’s Honoree

Olivia’s Organics, a leading supplier of organic tender leaf greens, spinach and celery hearts, recently announced a donation to the Greater Boston Food Bank as part of a special day-long telethon helping to shed light on food insecurity throughout the Bay State. Olivia DeMichaelis and Mark DeMichaelis, children of Olivia’s Organics President and CEO Mark DeMichaelis, presented the $2,500 donation on behalf of the Olivia’s Organics Children’s Foundation.

“My family has always taught us the importance of giving back and supporting those less fortunate,” said 17-year-old Mark DeMichaelis. “The telethon was a tremendous experience in what it means to put those beliefs into action.”

“I grew up learning about the important work of the Greater Boston Food Bank,” said President and CEO Mark DeMichaelis. “The opportunity to present this donation today is extremely meaningful, and I’m proud of my family’s role in fostering healthy habits and a better life for everyone in our community.”

The donation comes from proceeds of Olivia’s Organics sales and will go towards Greater Boston Food Bank’s mission of working to end hunger across Eastern Massachusetts by providing our neighbors in need the healthy food and resources necessary to thrive.

“Olivia’s has been a tremendous partner and force for good in our community for a long time,” said Catherine D’Amato, President and CEO of the Greater Boston Food Bank. “We’re grateful for their ongoing support. To receive this donation from the real-life Olivia behind Olivia’s Organics was particularly exciting.”

Last year, the DeMichaelis family was honored at the Greater Boston Food Bank Women Fighting Hunger Annual Breakfast.

“Olivia’s is a longtime believer in the Greater Boston Food Bank and the important work it does in our communities,” said President and CEO, Mark DeMichaelis. “This particular event was something special for me, though. As a father and the owner of our family business, I was so proud to see my own children presenting the donation and sharing the values we’ve worked to instill in our family and our business. It’s a day I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”


About Olivia’s Organics Commitment to Giving Back

The Olivia’s Organics Children’s Foundation was created to support community-based charitable programs wherever Olivia’s products are sold. With every Olivia’s purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the Foundation to support the work of many deserving local organizations. In addition to The Greater Boston Food Bank, the Foundation supports the Food Bank for New York City, Autism Speaks and the Kids Clothes Club.

Olivia’s Organics has also recently embarked on another way to give back and say thanks in local communities. This summer, Olivia’s began an in initiative known as the Random Acts of Freshness Tour. To date, Olivia’s employees, Olivia and her brothers, Mark and John, have visited more than 70 police and fire stations around the Greater Boston area. With each visit, the Olivia’s team offers a healthy and tasty lunch and thanks personal responders for keeping their communities safe. Olivia’s plans to expand the tour to include teachers, veterans’ affairs groups, health and human services organizations and other non-profits in the coming months.

About Olivia’s Organics

Olivia’s Organics brand is committed to providing the freshest and very best organic produce. From salad mixes to baby kale, cooking greens and more, Olivia’s nutrient-packed offerings are grown, harvested and packaged with a concern for people and the planet. With every Olivia’s Organics purchase, a percentage of proceeds goes directly to the Olivia’s Organics Children’s Foundation, which invests in opportunities and programs for children who live in the communities where Olivia’s Organics products are sold. For more information, visit  

About the Greater Boston Food Bank

The Greater Boston Food Bank is the largest hunger-relief organization in New England and among the largest food banks in the country. Through the compassion and commitment of our supporters, staff, partners and volunteers, The Greater Boston Food Bank takes a bold, innovative and multi-pronged approach to achieve our mission to end hunger.

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