Emerging Leaders Academy Director Clyde Terry is Today’s Honoree

clydeterryClyde Terry is known by many and loved by all, his specialty is bringing awareness of “Life Itself” which has currently transformed the lives of men and women returning home from prison, gang members and individuals who just want positive reinforcement in there daily lives. Clyde Terry has created a path for all walks of life looking to break the cycle of despair and violence.

Sergeant Terry is a 20-year veteran of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and former U.S. Marine. In 2003, he took a leave of absence from the Sheriff’s Department to assist the U.S. State Department as an International Police advisor in their rebuilding efforts in Iraq.

The experience changed his life. Soon after his return to Los Angeles, he began working directly with ex-prisoners, gang members and homeless youth to transform their outlook and their lives.

In 2009, Clyde was asked to lead the Sheriff Department’s Emerging Leaders Academy. Only one percent of the participants, that is  (probationers, gang members and parolees newly released from prison),  have failed to remain crime-free. Many have returned to school to obtain their high school diplomas or GED’s and enrolled in college making the efforts that Clyde Terry has fought for something to talk about. Clyde states before one of his Emerging Leaders class starts “I am not here to give you anything,  im just here to remind you what you already have.”

Sheriff Clyde Terry has been making huge efforts to change lives and in most cases has given the belief of life back to individuals who were once thought lost making Sherriff Clyde Terry a real Los Angeles super hero.

Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) is a partnership, between the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles Urban League, Goodwill of Southern Los Angeles County and the Agape International Spiritual Center, to create an educational program for gang members, “at risk” persons, new contributors (ex-offenders) and community members.

The Emerging Leaders Academy provides a path of opportunities empowering participants to take a new direction in life. The program was created to provide a life skills component to the participant population, as well as providing them with essential career development skills for traditional employment, opportunities behind the scenes in the film/TV industry, entrepreneurship and creative writing as an alternative to criminal behavior and violence.

Visit Clyde Terry for more information.


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Body Construct Owner Lori-Ann Marchese is Today’s Honoree

loriannFitness Celebrity and Owner of Body Construct Lori-Ann Marchese, was born and raised in New Britain, CT. In 2008 Lori-Ann graduated Tunxis College with a Degree in Science and passing The Northeast Regional Boards she also practiced as a Dental Hygienist. Before taking on an education in science and health she was training in the gym with male trainers and only gaining frustrating results! Male Trainers just didn’t have an understanding of a woman’s body needs! Soon after graduating college, she started competing in fitness competitions. She applied her health education and knowledge and truly enjoyed seeing her body transform. Lori-Ann has built a fitness competition platform with many titles under her belt. She was a former Mrs. Connecticut 2013, winning her overall WBFF Pro card at Fitness Atlantic leading her to compete at Worlds Montreal WBFF Pro Championship receiving Top 3 Pro Champion in 2014. She also held the titles for Miss Bikini NY Fitness America, Miss Model NY Fitness America, Miss Bikini New England and more.

In 2011, Lori-Ann created Body Construct, LLC. With her passion always in fitness, health and helping other women, she applied her experience, special top workout techniques, education of Health, Science and Nutrition to create immaculate results for her clients! Her Results have been noticed locally, nationally and worldwide ever since. Body Construct continues to grow its clientele and has been changing women’s lives daily.

Lori-Ann had the honor of being rated one of the World’s Top Trainers by Huffington Post December 2014 amongst several other trainers including 2 trainers from NBC’s Biggest Loser. Lori-Ann has appeared on Bravo TV as a Fitness Star cast member on Game of Crowns, New York Post, In Touch Weekly, Entertainment Tonight, People’s Magazine, Star Magazine, OK! Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Show Biz Tonight, and local news stations and newspapers such as NBC CT, Fox CT, WTNH, The Rhode Show, ESPN Radio, and more! She has landed over 8 Fitness Magazine Covers worldwide and as a successful fitness entrepreneur and Fitness Expert on Millennium Magazine Cover December 2014. In 2015 she was featured in Bella New York Magazine Donald Trump Special Cover Edition as a showcased Fitness Celebrity and Expert.

Lori-Ann also believes in giving back. Lori-Ann’s heart is helping local homeless children and Homeless Pets. Several times a year Body Construct runs drives, events, fundraisers for Toys, Thanksgiving Food Items, Back to School Supplies and more. We have donated to The Village for Children, Mercy Shelter, and several times a year to our City of New Britain Friendship Homeless Shelter to support our local community homeless children where our business is located. “Our children need us, as a team we can make a difference in our community.”In addition, several times a year Guest Hosting The Celebrity Catwalk NYC Charity Event, to help raise money for New York City Homeless Pets.

“Body Construct has been my dream and passion since age of 16 years; I live and breathe my work! Nothing makes me more proud then to see big smile and knowing I helped changed someone’s life.”

We are always working on new projects and creations, just never know what is up next for Body Construct and Lori-Ann Marchese!

Visit  http://Www.bodyconstructfit.com for more information.

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Natural Healer Dr. David Williams is Today’s Honoree

drdavidwilliamsA medical researcher, biochemist, and chiropractor, Dr. David Williams has developed a reputation as one of the world’s leading authorities on natural healing.

Dr. Williams’ exclusive natural treatments and remedies, often uncovered in far-flung places such as the African Bush or Australian Outback, are usually years ahead of those offered by conventional medicine. Dr. Williams’ degrees and academic affiliations include multiple bachelor’s degrees, a Doctor of Chiropractic from Texas Chiropractic College, and research projects at the University of Houston, University of Texas at San Antonio, and Rice University.

Today Dr. Williams is active primarily as an author, speaker, and adviser for the research and development of nutritional supplements. He joined the Healthy Directions family of experts in 1995.

Unique Mission, Unique Journey

Dr. Williams’ mission is to provide those committed to good health the best resources available to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself. His solutions are as unique as his personal journey.

Dr. Williams grew up on a farm in a small town in the Texas panhandle, an experience that keenly developed his problem-solving abilities and instilled in him the importance of simple values such as honesty and helping your neighbor. After graduating from Southwest Texas State University, Dr. Williams began working as an adjuster for a health insurance company. He observed that accident victims who received chiropractic care experienced better long-term outcomes than those who received conventional medical treatments. This insight prompted Dr. Williams to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and led him to establish what became the largest non-invasive medical facility in central Texas at the time. His highly individual and holistic approach to treatment attracted many people with difficult concerns. To help these patients, Dr. Williams began devoting more time to research. Later, he sold his practice to pursue research full time.

Visit www.drdavidwilliams.com for more information.

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The Last True Roller Derby Author Larry Smith is Today’s Honoree

larysmithSupporters traveled across the county to cheer on their favorite team, adoring fans showered their favorite athletes with gifts, and families gathered around the television to watch the game.

No, these fans weren’t supporting their local football, basketball or even baseball team – they were fans of the roller derby.

Author and former professional skater Larry Smith spent most of his young adult life traveling around North America as an award-winning member of the National Roller Derby League. Smith details his exciting years in the sport in his new book, “The Last ‘True’ Roller Derby.”

“What people know as roller derby now is more for show than a real sporting event,” Smith said. “The roller derby as it used to be is relatively unknown anymore, but it’s such a vital part of American sporting history.”

Smith retired from roller derby in 1973 when the National Roller Derby League was sold to an entertainment group. He now resides in California and works as a real estate broker. Although his career in roller derby is over, he continues to teach others about the sport that was so important to him and hundreds of thousands of spectators.

About the Author:

Larry Smith became hooked on derby games at age twelve after watching Mickey Rooney’s movie, “Fireball.” By mowing lawns and raking leaves, he earned enough money to buy a pair of clip-on skates and went on to join Roller Derby School.

Smith grew up in a family that struggled to make ends meet and traveled all over the western United States in search of jobs. His family’s vagabond lifestyle was a perfect fit for joining the Derby and he subsequently traveled to over 200 venues a year throughout North America for the next 10 years.

Smith is now a successful real estate broker and manages a RE/MAX real estate office in Livermore, Calif.

Visit http://thelasttruerollerderby.com/ for more information.



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Author April Kirkwood is Today’s Honoree

Relationship ExpertApril Kirkwood first fell in love with Frankie Valli as a young farm girl in Ohio when she attended her first Four Seasons concert. For nearly a decade after, she and her family attended shows whenever the group came to their area. At age 16, Kirkwood was invited backstage and ended up in bed with Valli that night, sealing the deal on her love for him.

For the next two decades, Kirkwood traveled with Valli numerous times, often being mistaken as the one person she wished she was his wife.

But he would never marry her. Despite being raised by a group of strong women in a house filled with Pentecostal hymns & depression, Kirkwood grappled with the rejection that affected her values, goals, and concept of what kind of man she needs to have to be happy.

Kirkwood struggled with relationships until she had a pivotal conversation with a girlfriend while sunbathing on a beach in Florida. Now Kirkland, a strong yet still fragile woman, shares insights about seldom talked about learned behaviors of lust and romance during critical adolescent times.

Frankie ValliThis relatively untouched developmental milestone is key to raising healthy daughters and to heal areas in a person’s hearts and minds that keep people stuck in repeating dissatisfying romantic commitments.

For every woman who has loved a powerful man and every woman who can’t seem to find a healthy relationship, Kirkwood, who holds two Masters degrees in counseling, has found through intense study and soul searching the right answers to questions about misplaced love.

About The Book:

Big Girls Do Cry is the story that Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons fans have been waiting for, a look into the glitz and the glory that was the Jersey Boys’ story as witnessed by one of the group’s biggest fans.

In the tradition of scandalous tell-all’s by rock groupie loyalty like Bebe Buell, Pamela des Barres, and Pattie Floyd comes a feisty and fun new voice: April Kirkwood. Our intrepid narrator is a sassy blonde Ohioan, a fun-loving flirt with a love of music and Italian men. And she has one of the craziest stories in Four Seasons history.

An innocent childhood friendship with one of music’s biggest stars led to a scandalous teenage romance, which soon blossomed into a stormy off-and-on affair for the next few decades. Yet through thick and thin, Kirkwood managed to find time to have a rollercoaster love life that you won’t soon forget.

Visit April Kirkwood for more information.

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Author R.A. Baldwin is Today’s Honoree

For R.A. Baldwin, DVM, caring for animals was more than just his profession.  From dogs and cats to livestock and circus animals, even the occasional Bob Cat, Baldwin treated them all with compassion during his time as a veterinarian in rural northeast Wyoming from 1951 to 1964.

“Tails of the Prairie” is Baldwin’s memoir told in a series of short stories about practicing veterinary medicine in a Wyoming that was still untamed.

Assisted by his wife Harriet and two children, he maintained a successful practice despite having to deal with a succession of colorful owners, unique medical mysteries as well as daunting weather and travel challenges.

Now he has decided to record his “tails of the prairie” so he can share them with the reading public.

About The Author:

Dr. Baldwin grew up in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. After his service in World War II, he earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from what is now Michigan State University and later his Master of Science degree from Colorado State University.    Following his experiences in Wyoming and an 18 year career with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, he and Harriet retired to their 155-acre farm in the Shenandoah Valley of southern Virginia.

For more information, visit http://www.TailsofthePrairie.com


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Author Anthony Baxter is Today’s Honoree

51d6dyo6fql-_sy400_A new beginning for oneself, and a future of educating others

A recovering addict and former criminal, Anthony Baxter rebuilt his life and follows his dream of becoming a psychologist. Baxter continues to inspire others who have experienced similar struggles through his inspirational memoir about the long journey from being a prisoner to receiving his PhD.

In his new memoir, “From Prisoner to PhD,” Anthony Baxter discusses rebuilding his life after his criminal past and how one dream and hard work can turn into a miracle. Baxter reminds readers that an education cannot only take you further in life, but others around you as well.

“I have spent the last three decades acting as a professor, research consultant, and community activist seeking positive change in education,” Baxter said.

Baxter guides readers through his traumatic experiences and struggles and shows how he found a new life of hard work and a desire to change other’s lives. Through an inspiring dream and a strong education, Baxter opened this pathway to a new life for himself and other former prisoners and addicts.

“My commitment to stop drinking denotes a turning point away from living my life from the outside in and towards living my life form the inside out,” Baxter said. “Whatever the circumstances that led to the formation of a maladaptive identity, such as prisoner or addict, a person can and should correct the situation by creating a more positive and productive identity.”

About the Author:

Author, Dr. Anthony Baxter, was a high school drop out with a criminal record and addiction issues. Inspired by a dream to become a psychologist, he is now a Stanford graduate and former marine who has come full circle, and teaches others about bouncing back from setbacks in life and how they can use education as a way to redefine themselves. Baxter currently lives in California.

Visit http://www.fromprisonertophd.com for more information.

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