Brooklyn United Music and Arts Program Executive Director Ty Brown is Today’s Honoree

About Ty Brown:

Ty Brown is the Founder & Executive Director at Brooklyn United Music and Arts Program,  a community based organization that serves New York City Youth. Mr. Brown is a youth advocate, entrepreneur and renowned community organizer.  Ty’s reach has expanded on a national and international scale, so his humble nature may surprise you. If you’ve attended a Brooklyn Nets game, watched the Macy’s Day Parade, or took a look at President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, than you may have received a glimpse of Ty’s work first hand.  Mr. Brown and Brooklyn United Music and Arts Program has been seen and heard in media all over the USA.

About The Brooklyn United Music and Arts Program:

The Brooklyn United Music and Arts Program (BU) is a community-based organization that serves New York City youth. As an art form, marching band combines the elements of musicianship and pageantry and allows each student to participate in an all encompassing and life changing activity. Brooklyn United is focused on the development of youth through Academic Support, Character Development, Skills Building and Performance Opportunities. It is through these pillars that we strive to build strong, well rounded, healthy, confident and capable young people.

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Author Kyle Bryant is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

Kyle Bryant has a remarkable story and is teaching us about living in the “now.” His forthcoming book Shifting Into High Gear – February 26, 2019(HCI) is part memoir, part travelogue, designed to leave us rethinking the limitations of our own life. Publisher’s Weekly calls it, “a powerful memoir,” and “a valuable gift of insight.”

His story, as chronicled in the book, is about a young man living with the fatal progressive neuro-muscular disorder, Friedreich’s ataxia, and how he turned his grave diagnosis into a life-affirming mission to reframe how we see ourselves when faced with overwhelming challenges. As you travel with Kyle across America on his recumbent tricycle — including participating in the world’s toughest race – Race for America, these grueling rides become a compelling backdrop for ILLUMINATING life lessons and HEARTFELT and HUMOROUS ruminations.

Link to the EPK for the full story. <>
“Shifting Into High Gear chronicles a true American hero who teaches us that even when the stakes are high or bad days are upon us, those of us given this mixed blessing of pain and purpose simply have no other choice but to keep moving forward. I consider this book a gift for those of us who empathize from our own health challenges as well as anyone interested in making the most of every moment of their lives. Ride on, Kyle!”

About Kyle:

At age 17 Kyle Bryant was devastated when he was diagnosed with a rare, debilitating, life-shortening disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia. Walkers, wheelchairs, vision loss, hearing loss and a pre-mature death were all in his future.

However Kyle took this bleak situation and turned it into an opportunity to provide hope to the FA community and empower others, riding his recumbent trike thousands of miles and raising millions for FA research.

Now Kyle shares his outlook about how to turn adversity into opportunity in his keynote speeches. Kyle is sure to change perspectives and inspire your audience to action.

Kyle graduated from University of California at Davis with a degree in Civil Engineering. Worked 5 years as an engineer before finding his calling through cycling and spreading empowerment to others. As the founder/director of rideATAXIA for the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA), Kyle and his team produce family friendly bike rides across the country to empower those with FA and raise funds for research. rideATAXIA currently has 5 locations nationwide and has raised over $3 million for FA research since 2007. Kyle’s favorite place to be is on his Catrike and he is probably on the road or bike trail at this very moment.

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Success Coach Jacqueline Julien is Today’s Honoree

Hey You! Thanks for stopping by! Pull up a seat and I’ll tell you a little about myself.   I always thought I was good at managing my time. I met all my deadlines at school and work (even though meeting some of those deadlines meant burning the midnight oil and copious amounts of Mountain Dew). I had all my to-do lists, back of envelope scribbled notes, and post it notes all centrally located in a pile on my desk. I told myself that my workspace was an ‘organized mess’. My to-do list traveled with me week to week. I remember one time when I finally crossed something off my to-do list after it been on it for 6 months. I joked about it because hey, aren’t we all soooooo busy! Then I decided to start a business*.

So much to do!

I didn’t know what needed to get done first. I wanted to do everything all at once. I’d work on a little bit of my website, then get sidetracked trying to contact clients and then I needed to work on social media. I felt stressed out, overwhelmed and overworked. I felt I needed to spend all my time on my business and when I spent time with my family I felt guilty because I wasn’t present with them and I was waiting for bed time so I could get back to my business tasks. I tried about every time management technique I could find. I read the advice of million dollar business owners about productivity (get up early, make your bed, don’t go to bed until everything was done, blah, blah, blah). What the gurus were saying just wasn’t work for me.

Holy light-bulb moment, Batman!

I went back to my roots in clinical psychology to understand how our minds can influence our productivity. I got a deeper understanding of what was standing between me and getting my work done. I realized that people work differently and what works for some doesn’t work for others. I had been fighting against myself trying to be productive. I stopped focusing on what didn’t work for me (hello, I’m soooo not a morning person). I found a way to prioritize tasks that wasn’t just about how important a task was (ummm, everything seems important!) but about how it impacted my business.

Fast forward to present day…

I am running a productivity coaching business (isn’t that why you are checkin’ me out) without always feeling overwhelmed and overworked. I find myself accomplishing my tasks and having time left over. I’m not feeling pulled in a million directions. I enjoy the time I spend with my family because I’m not worried about what is happening with my business. I stick out like a sore thumb at parties because I’m not “bragging” about how busy I am. I’ve taken everything that I have learned from psychology, owning a business, time-management and productivity and developed a 4 phase system tailored to the individual, with supportive accountability to crush the obstacles in the way of being a productivity powerhouse. Now, I help other overwhelmed entrepreneurs break through their barriers to productivity so they can get more done in less time and enjoy the freedom of owning a business.

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Executive Director of Devereux Connecticut Maryann Campbell is Today’s Honoree

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health President and CEO Carl E. Clark II recently honored Executive Director of Devereux Connecticut – The Glenholme School Maryann Campbell for her years of exceptional leadership and service to the organization.

Maryann Campbell, who will officially retire as executive director of Devereux Connecticut – The Glenholme School on Jan. 31, 2019, was honored recently for her decades of exceptional leadership and service to the organization.

During a recent meeting of Devereux’s leadership team, Campbell was surprised by her colleagues with a “Resolution of Appreciation and Gratitude,” which was approved by Devereux’s national Board of Trustees. The resolution thanked Campbell for her 42 years of “unwavering support, wisdom and energy,” and praised her for “embodying Devereux’s mission in her every action.”

“I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of Devereux for all of these years, and was impressed and moved by the resolution,” said Campbell. “I’m proud of the work we do on a daily basis for our students and families at The Glenholme School, and the successes we’ve achieved along the way. The words of the resolution perfectly encapsulated my long-term commitment to excellence and equally coalesced my personal and work life as it was meant to be. Having adopted my daughter from Devereux, who had her own experiences at The Glenholme School, it means the a great deal to me for her to see this resolution.”

A commitment to serve

Campbell’s upcoming retirement follows more than four decades of service, leadership and vision for the Washington, Conn.-based special needs boarding and day school for students with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette syndrome, depression, anxiety and other learning differences.

Campbell began her career with Devereux in 1976 as The Glenholme School’s assistant executive administrator. In 1987, she was promoted to assistant executive director, and in 2007, she was named executive director, overseeing the school’s day-to-day operational, educational, clinical and administrative functions.

Campbell is succeeded by Noah D. Noyes, who most recently served as The Glenholme School’s operations manager. He officially assumed his new role as executive director on Nov. 1, 2018

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Country Music Artist Janie Fricke is Today’s Honoree

“All I ever wanted to do was sing.” Janie Fricke has gone from Indiana farm girl to internationally acclaimed recording artist throughout her career. She was born in South Whitley, Indiana, and raised on a 400-acre farm where her father taught her how to play guitar. From county fairs to corporate trade shows, live concerts, in recording studios, or before millions on television, Fricke’s individual sound and performance personality has captivated audiences around the world.

Fricke began her career singing in a “little church up the road” where her mother played piano. She sang at local coffeehouses, high school events, as well as her way through college where she obtained her degree from Indiana University in elementary education. Fricke then chose a musical career, working in Memphis, Dallas and Los Angeles. There, as one of the marketing industry’s most successful jingle singers, her voice became known to millions as the voice for such advertising giants as United Airlines, Coca-Cola, 7-Up, and Red Lobster. Her voice led her to singing sessions for Country artists such as Loretta Lynn, Eddie Rabbitt, Crystal Gayle, Ronnie Milsap, Barbara Mandrell, Mel Tillis, Johnny Duncan and others. She has also been given the privilege to sing on albums for Charlie Rich and Elvis Presley, after their deaths. It was a line in Johnny Duncan’s single Stranger that ultimately gained the most attention for Fricke. When it hit the top of the charts in 1977, fans wanted to know who sang the line, “Shut out the light and lead me…” The music industry took notice as her voice was heard on duets with Merle Haggard, Moe Bandy and others, leading her to her first major recording contract.

Fricke soon began to dominate the country charts with smash hits such as Don’t Worry ‘ Bout Me Baby, He’s a Heartache and You’re Heart’s Not In It. It was only a matter of time before she started winning awards. Included among them are: Country Music Association’s Female Vocalist of the Year, Music City News Female Vocalist of the Year, “Billboard” Top Country Female Vocalist, “Cash Bed’ Top Country Female Vocalist, Academy of Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year, British-based Country Music Round Up Most Popular International Female Solo Act, and she was chosen to the Country Music Hall of Fame Walkway of Stars. Twice she has been nominated for the coveted (Grammy Award, once for her It ain’t Easy Being Easy In her recording career, Janie has released 23 albums and 36 hit singles.

When she relaxes she spends time with her Husband Jeff and her animals. She attends church near her home. Remembering from childhood the importance of her confirmation. Thankful for her blessings, Janie feels these values have helped her become the woman she is today. From an Indiana farm girl to an internationally acclaimed recording artist, she has never lost the pure heart and love of music that launched her career. And today, Janie Fricke sings on..

Visit for more information.

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Keeping Families Connected Founder Letitia Scott is Today’s Honoree

As founder of Keeping Families Connected I want to take just a moment to introduce myself and our organization. KFC is a federally recognized non-profit organization in the DFW metroplex. We provide free transportation, breakfast and lunch to and from correctional facilities for families of incarcerated loved-ones, especially for kids/children that have incarcerated parents.

Our organization was birthed by Letitia Scott out of a personal desire to make meaningful contributions to the lives of those who are incarcerated and the family members they are separated from. At KFC we don’t believe the bars have to become barriers. Keeping Families Connected is a passion for Letitia because she lost her 17 year old son (her only son) to a car wreck 3 weeks before his 18th birthday. Letitia tells us that God showed her on three different occasions Thursday, Friday and Saturday that her son was going to die and she wouldn’t believe so this is one of the main reasons Keeping Families Connected exists.

Keeping Families Connected has been sustained with Letitia’s personal funds for 3 years and 4 months now, with some donations from individuals and fundraisers.

Our greatest need is vans and we are working to purchase our 1st van really soon as we have been renting vans, cars, vehicles etc. for 3 years now. If we were to receive a large donation at this time, it would go to purchase a van so that we can keep doing what we are doing.

We provide services for the children and families all year around, as we recently had our 2nd Annual Back To School Connect Fest, in which it was funded with a few donations and supplies from Mayor Mike Rawlings office, the rest Letitia provided out of pocket.

Keeping Families Connected gave out 160 back packs filled with supplies as well purchased uniforms for some of the families.

Lack of money and distance are often the reasons family members don’t visit their loved-ones as often as they would like. Our mission is to fill that gap. With the generous donations of our supporters and the efforts of our volunteer staff we are keeping families connected week after week, month after month, year after year.

We have been blessed to be able to sustain and serve the families that we help for as long as we have without having to close our doors and we plan to become a household name and because the need is so great in the United States as there are 2.7 million children with parents that are incarcerated, we plan to birth Keeping Families Connected in more states in the near future.

Visit for more information.

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The Date Safe Project Founder Mike Domitrz is Today’s Honoree

One of the early experts for helping create a culture of respect, Mike Domitrz shares critical skill sets with audiences of all ages and demographics – for helping people live a life founded in respect – from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Why Mike Domitrz? Decades before mainstream America was discussing “Asking First” or sexual harassment cases were on the cover of every major media publication, Domitrz was being brought in by leading educational institutions and the U.S. military to help them pursue a new standard of consent and respect.

With Mike being the author of 3 books and an award-winning DVD, you get one of the world’s leading influencers and thought-leaders on the topic of Respect.

You may have seen Mike on NBC Dateline as a featured subject matter expert; being quoted in international news publications; or have heard him on one of the many podcasts he’s been featured on. Or you may heard him as the host of The RESPECT Podcast with Mike Domitrz.

For Mike, his mission is personal. When he was 19-years-old, his sister Cheri was raped. From her strength and courage of being a survivor, Mike became inspired to speak out and make a positive impact.

Mike founded The Date Safe Project which conducts trainings for tens of thousands each year. Today, small and large companies and associations are turning to Mike Domitrz to help them do what he has done for universities and the US Military – Create a Culture of Respect throughout their organization.

Mike’s extensive experience and incredible talent as a speaker enables him to connect with audiences of all ages in honest, unique conversations that are always built on creating positive behavioral change for each individual. Imagine teaching 15-year-olds about “Asking First” and then later that same day talking with Admirals and Generals about creating mutually amazing relationships. You know Mike will be able to connect with each person in your audience.

Visit for more information.

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