Author Hollis Lance Liebman is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

Complete Physique is the all-in-one 12-week guide to obtaining and maintaining the body you always wanted, from transformation specialist and author, Hollis Lance Liebman.

Complete Physique redefines the body sculpting process, providing the answers you need to get the best body possible while maintaining gains. Progressive workouts create safe, effective and innovative ways to energize your workout and improve your gains.

Complete Physique covers every aspect of whole body fitness, including peaking tips for getting yourself into top condition, how to burn fat while building lean muscle, and much more while also addressing the numerous mental and emotional hurdles involved in finally getting the body you want.

Presenting a comprehensive nutrition plan, Complete Physique includes plant-based vegan-friendly alternatives that support your body while you concentrate on getting fit, burning fat and building lean muscle. Up-to-date advice on how to incorporate supplements, and which supplements work best for your specific needs are also included.

Complete Physique also includes comprehensive online support via the social media, community forums, and website featuring additional content such as exclusive exercise videos, nutritional tips, live updates from authors, and more.

About the Author

Hollis Lance Liebman is a fitness magazine editor, national bodybuilding champion and author of numerous titles on fitness and exercise.

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Armoured One Co-Founder/CEO Tom Czyz is Today’s Honoree

Tom is a SWAT Team Operator and former Homicide Detective who is a father of 6 and husband to a city high school teacher. He began Armoured One because he realized after the Sandy Hook attack in 2012 that he could not keep his own kids safe while they were at school. Tom put together the best active shooter experts he could find from SWAT Team members, elite Military personnel, and Federal Agents to ensure he was creating a company that could do it right. Armoured One has former FBI active shooter profilers, Homeland Security active shooter subject matter experts, Navy Seals, Delta Force and Secret Service Agents who help create programs that are overseen by school teachers that make sure the instruction is taught in a way that is received the best. Armoured One sends investigators to school active shooter attacks, like the one in Parkland Florida, to reinvestigate the scene to make sure that the training and recommendations being made by Armoured One are working. Armoured One’s active shooter training has been taught to tens of thousands of school staff members across the nation and is received at over a 97% rating of excellent. Armoured One’s training and products have been proven to work in an real active shooter school attack where no lives were lost.

Tom is a SWAT Team Operator, Police Academy Instructor, NYS DCJS Firearms Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Less Lethal Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, DARE I&II Instructor Certified, Instructor Development Certified, Police Crime Scene and Evidence Specialist Course Certified, Chemical Munitions Instructor, General Topics Instructor, Woodland Tactics Certified, Critical Incident Management Certified, National Incident Management System Certified, Interdiction for Terrorism Course Certified, Explosive Response to Terrorism Bombings Certified, Field Training Officer. Tom has over 17 years as a police officer and is still currently working as a Deputy in NYS and is on SWAT. Tom has had years of experience in high stress and high-risk emergency situations.

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Fog Creek Software Content Marketer Maurice Cherry is Today’s Honoree

Maurice Cherry is a content marketer at Fog Creek Software, a company dedicated to creating products that enable every person and every team to make thoughtful, useful software. Maurice was formerly the principal and creative director at Lunch, a multidisciplinary studio in Atlanta, GA that helped creative brands craft messages and tell stories for their targeted audiences, including fostering relationships with underrepresented communities. Past clients and collaborators included Facebook, MailChimp, Vox Media, NIKE, Mediabistro, Site5, SitePoint, and The City of Atlanta.

Maurice is a pioneering digital creator who is most well-known for the Black Weblog Awards, the Web’s longest running event celebrating Black bloggers, video bloggers, and podcasters. Other projects of Maurice’s include the award-winning podcast Revision Path28 Days of the Web, and The Year of Tea. His projects and overall design work and advocacy have been recognized by Apple, NPR, News One, AIGA, HOW, Print, The Dieline, Creative Market, Buffer, the Columbia Journalism Review, and The Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

Maurice is also an educator, and has built curricula and taught courses on web design, web development, email marketing, WordPress, and podcasting for thousands of students over the past ten years.

Maurice is the 2018 recipient of the Steven Heller Prize for Cultural Commentary from AIGA, was named as one of GDUSA’s “People to Watch” in 2018, and was named one of Atlanta’s “Power 30 Under 30″ in the field of Science and Technology by the Apex Society. Maurice was also selected as one of HP’s “50 Tech Tastemakers” in conjunction with Black Web 2.0, and was also selected by Atlanta Tribune as one of 2014’s Young Professionals.

Maurice holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Morehouse College and a Masters degree in telecommunications management from Keller Graduate School of Management.

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Author and The F.A.A.B Foundation Founder Michele “Mimi” Evans is Today’s Honoree

Michele “Mimi” Evans hails from Washington, DC. She is a married mother who had a vision to start a non-profit organization that would focus on issues effecting today’s youth. As a child, Mimi suffered abuse and bullying both at home and in school. Mimi was bullied from elementary school until her freshmen year of high school practically by the same group of girls.

At home, Mimi suffered verbal, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her father from the ages of 9 -14. Domestic violence between her parents and siblings was also an everyday occurrence.  After being removed from her home and placed in a group home, and eventually two foster homes, she suffered from severe depression. Mimi attempted suicide four times between the ages of 14 and 16. Mimi knew that there are other youth that are currently dealing with situations like hers, however, with the dawn of social media, Mimi saw firsthand how the internet was a new and anonymous way for bullies to attack their victims.

With prayer and the encouragement of family and friends, Mimi started The F.A.A.B Foundation (Fighting Against Abuse & Bullying) to help youth that may be experiencing some of these life-altering issues by providing them with the tools she did not have, to share her strength, and offer hope, encouragement and solutions to children, youth and parents.

About The Book:

“I Am a Survivor: Stories of Tragedy & Triumph is a powerful book encompassing the stories of several empowered women who have survived many forms of abuse who have overcome to thrive and now share their stories with the world. As we gain healing from telling our truths, we hope for healing and strength to those who read them.”

Seven abuse survivor’s tell their stories of tragedy and how they overcame to walk into triumph; healing themselves as they seek to heal and help others.

For more information please visit or

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Author Raffy Boudjikanian is Today’s Honoree

About the Book:

In this era of ethnic and religious wars, mass displacements, and forced migrations, it’s important to look at the short and long-term effects of such geographic and cultural traumas. In JOURNEY THROUGH GENOCIDE: Stories of Survivors and the Dead CBC national reporter Raffy Boudjikanian looks at three humanitarian crises: Darfuri refugee camps in Chad, Kigali in Rwanda, and the ruins of ancient villages in Turkey, which a century ago were part of Armenia.

Boudjikanian interviewed refugees, survivors, and descendants of survivors. In Chad he meets families displaced by massacres in the Darfur region of neighboring Sudan, their ordeal still raw. In Rwanda, much of the displaced population is now struggling with justice and reconciliation. And in Turkey, the author explores what it means to still be afraid a century after his own ancestors were caught in the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Boudjikanian recounts these as well as his own views and experiences, resulting in a personal and compassionate essay exploring the effects of genocide on a population as well as the lingering effects of it on future generations.

About the Author:

RAFFY BOUDJIKANIAN is a journalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, covering national and international affairs. He is currently based in Edmonton and has worked as a journalist in a number of places around the world, from Central America to France to Montreal. He is of Armenian descent and was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in the middle of that country’s Civil War. Raffy’s family moved to Montreal when he was seven and he graduated from Concordia University in journalism and political science.

At four years old, Raffy learned about the 1915 Armenian Genocide, where some of his ancestors were killed while others were exiled. This awakened his interest in international affairs and conflicts, which he continues to report on today. In 2006, he traveled to Nicaragua to cover its presidential election as a freelance journalist. In 2012, Raffy went to Chad, Rwanda and Turkey to meet genocide survivors and hear their stories first-hand in order to understand the direct impact of crimes against humanity on their lives. Journey through Genocide: Stories of Survivors and the Dead is the result of that trip.

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Kids4Community Founder Kenan Pala is Today’s Honoree

Kenan, is a 13 year old 7th grader from San Diego (Mayor Faulconer already proclaimed 1/23 Kenan Pala Day in San Diego) Kenan’s created his non-profit Kids4Community when he was 11 years old and their programs to fund programs for homeless, education and more has just hit the $500,000 mark in just two years.

Kids4Community was founded by young community organizer Kenan Pala with the help of friends and family. Kenan’s primary goal was to encourage other children his age and younger (like his brother) to get involved in their communities. Kenan’s first major charitable project was setting the Guinness World Record for largest mosaic created using cardboard boxes in 2016. Together, he and his fellow students did a food drive to collect cereal boxes and then put them together to set a record that is officially recognized by Guinness using cereal boxes destined for a local food bank.

Besides, his charity work, Kenan is also on track to be a track and field olympian and has wrote for national columns about his training and work ethic.

Visit for more information.

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Boss Squad Entertainment Artist Extream Bling is Today’s Honoree

Boss Squad Entertainment’s recording artist Extream Bling is an extremely popular staple in the Atlanta music scene. He is known for his infectious style and unique sound some describe as “rap gone trap/party music”. His personality and vibe are a direct reflection of his raw talent promising him both longevity and success in the entertainment industry.

Extream has collaborated with a multitude of artists including Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Snootie Wild and Scooter, just to name a few. His current singles “Dope” and “100’s & 50’s” featuring Yung Thug are produced by Big Hurt and Big Frazeand he  definitely have the DJs support. Both singles are being played in numerous clubs and on urban stations throughout the southeast. Extream’s previous project “Show and Prove 2” was hosted by Bigga Rankin and DJ Ace released July of 2014. The mixtape features Duct Tape Entertainment’s Big Bank Black, Young Thug, Scooter, and Peewee Longway with production from heavy hitters Komplexx, DJ Plugg, and Big Hurt. His recent live performance dates include opening for August Alsina at Obsessions nightclub in Atlanta and alongside Snootie Wild and Que in Greenville, SC, and a 10 city college tour.

“Dope” the single was released in August of 2015 produced by hit maker Big Fraze. Giving Extream Bling a new lane within his music, he ventured into EDM working with hit producer J Padron creating EDM Trap records like “Scream” and “Cruise Control”. His fans call his music “trap gone rap”. Moving into 2017 Extream Bling shocked his fans with his latest single BALANCE. The record represents “taking the good with the bad” and “balancing it out” in todays world.

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