Weight Loss and Fitness Expert Timothy Perry is Today’s Honoree

Timothy Perry also known as BigSlim is a certified fitness instructor, church musician and he also works in the work in the Crisp County School System.

Timothy Perry AKA BigSlim

Mr. Perry teaches fitness and cycling class at Destiny Fitness in Cordele, Cordele, Ga. and SWGA Fitness Center in Americus, Ga.

Timothy is a native of Americus, Ga. And on May 1st, 2017 he will be celebrating his 4th year anniversary of an incredible weight loss journey.

For almost 20 years he lived as an obese man and his weight even reached the heights of almost 400 pounds. After being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure the choice was simple for BigSlim and that was to live or die.  

Realizing the love of life that God had giving him BIG SLIM (Believing In God Shapes Lives Into Miracles) chose to live.

Now Timothy Perry is on a mission to keep building his platform to change lives through the vehicles of Weight Loss motivation, Inspirational programs, Fitness classes in order to  help others be open to live out their health and fitness dreams.

Every day he wakes up looking forward to seeing what the day has and to keep pushing the  journey. It’s a lifestyle, and I wouldn’t trade it!

Timothy Perry has been featured on WFXL Fox 31 News, Albany, Ga. WRBL News 3, Columbus, Ga. Americus Times-Recorder, Americus, Ga.

Also Check him out on The Slimmer Circle Podcast/Inner Circle. Episode: From Big to Slim w/ Timothy Perry On Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Visit https://instagram.com/bigslimfitness for more information.

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Gospel Artist and Minister Zach Landry is Today’s Honoree

Zach Landry

Growing up in Vacherie, Louisiana, Zachariah D Landry had a gift and love of music he did not realize. He found himself sitting at a keyboard listening to music then duplicating it. He was told, “Maybe you should take this serious. Not too many people are able to play by ear.” Zack, as he is called by his family and friends, began to play the organ and piano at age 15. He was then placed in classes where he learn how to read music. It did not take long for his family to realize that he was given the gift of music by God.

The family’s faith was tried and tested. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina displaced Zack and his family. Times were hard but his faith grew stronger. At that time, he realized what the songwriter meant when he wrote, “Because He Lives.” Zack realized that it was God who had the final say because He held tomorrow. Through this adversity, Zack wrote several songs, “Lord, We Say Thank You” and “I Realize.” He realized his purpose is to win souls for Christ throughout the nation with music.

Visit https://www.iamasound.org/ for more information. 

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Blessings Of Chronic Illness Founder Sara Gruber is Today’s Honoree

How living with chronic illness is helping me grow. I’ve known something wasn’t right with my health for the past 20 years. I felt ill (dizzy, heart palpitations, anxious, bouts of weakness, heat intolerance…) but functioned fairly well. Doctors couldn’t pinpoint the cause and anxiety was blamed. On the outside, I was thriving as a mother, wife, PR strategist, church member, and friend. My biggest concern was an overbooked schedule.

Shortly after my 40th birthday, everything changed. Overnight, I went from jogging two miles a day to being bed bound and needing a wheelchair. I could no longer stand long enough to make meals or even shower myself. I was weak, dizzy, and often confused. I had no idea what was going on and I was terrified. With a lot of persistence and the help of compassionate and dedicated doctors, it was discovered that I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), a form of dysautonomia.  Basically, my autonomic nervous system no longer regulates my automatic body functions well. This includes my blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature. While debilitating and incurable, this illness is not fatal. It is something I can live with and hopefully learn to thrive with.

I have good and bad days, healthy seasons, and periods of flare ups. Every day I am learning more about how to care for my new body and how to protect and grow my spirit through this battle. Believe you me, when you become trapped in a body that no longer works; your spirit has to fight to stay positive, sane, and find the light in every day.

Along this journey, I am learning that we can discover the best parts of ourselves while being ill. It’s in these moments that we go deeper into what matters and what doesn’t, who we want to be, and who we want to be with. The best way I can describe it is that you live with the shadow of death. You know how after a loved one passes away, you have this period of clarity where you’re better able to prioritize what matters? That’s what living with illness is like.

Chronic illness is a teacher—for those who are sick and everyone who loves them. It’s not the teacher I would have chosen, but it’s the teacher I have.

Visit www.blessingsofchronicillness.com for more information.

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Author Dr. Cornelius Grove is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

A Mirror for Americans: What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about Teaching Students Who Excel discusses not only what happens in East Asian schools and classrooms but also, and more significantly, the values that shape how teachers there instruct and interact with their pupils. By revealing the nature of teacher-pupil relationships in East Asia, Grove enables readers to step back and reassess our American ways of thinking about teachers, pupils, academic learning, and classroom processes.

Why did Grove entitle this book A Mirror for Americans? People who’ve had experience in an unfamiliar culture often remark that they now see their own culture with fresh eyes. It’s as though they’ve looked into a mirror and seen alternative possibilities for their lives. They realize their home culture has features that aren’t “givens” but instead are choices. Different choices could be made.

The mirror provided by A Mirror for Americans enables readers to see that East Asian teachers’ methods actually are not vastly different from American teacher’s methods. The big difference that yields those superior students is the underlying values that drive East Asians’ approach to children and their classroom learning.

The most basic value-difference is that individualism is exceptionally strong here in the U.S., whereas in East Asia, family- and community-focused values have prevailed across centuries.

About The Author:

Author Cornelius N. Grove holds a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Johns Hopkins and a Doctor of Education from Columbia. He has had a decades-long fascination with the cultural factors that affect children’s ability to learn in school. At a 2005 conference in Singapore, he spoke about the two instructional styles found around the world. In 2013 he wrote The Aptitude Myth: How an Ancient Belief Came to Undermine Children’s Learning Today, a historical study of why most Americans believe that inborn ability determines school performance. For two recently published encyclopedias (2015 and 2017), he wrote entries on “pedagogy across cultures.” And now with A Mirror for Americans and The Drive to Learn, he is revealing the complementary roles played by home and school in building children’s academic prowess.

Visit https://amirrorforamericans.info/about-the-book/ for more information.

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Tiny Tots and Tikes Founder Cynthia Jackson is Today’s Honoree

Cynthia Jackson

Black and Brown children live rarely see images that look like them, now a mom has launched a line of wall decals to change that.

Inspired by her young daughter, Pastor, mom, and founder of Tiny Tots and Tikes, Cynthia Jackson created a line of decals that reflect positive and creative Black images so that little Black girls and boys will be inspired through their walls. 

“Mommy, why don’t I have white hair and why does my skin look like this?” Well, these were questions that I was definitely not expecting to ever hear from my little daughter. I was so surprised, shocked and confused. I really couldn’t understand why my little pretty black princess was questioning the beauty of her hair and skin. 

After much thought about this surreal moment, I realized that I had completely underestimated the impact on my daughter’s self image when I decided to enroll her in a predominately white pre-school and when I was appointed as a pastor of a predominately white church. My daughter was receiving conflicting messages about her self image because everyone and everything around her at the time were white.

As a result of her inner struggle, we threw everything into overdrive and spent much time affirming our daughter even more. We also became intentional with purchasing toys and room decor that reflected positive and creative black images to reaffirm her beautiful blackness.

To further this effort, my husband and I began a small business and have made it our mission to produce various products that will reflect positive and creative black images so that little black girls and boys will be inspired and proud of the way they look.

Visit https://www.tinytotsandtikes.com/pages/our-story for more information.

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TRACI.net General Manager and President Darin Gull is Today’s Honoree

Darin Gull

“We try to determine the best fit for each and every one of our customers because no two customers are the same,” says Darin Gull, General Manager and President of TRACI.net.

Founded in 1987 as a Mainframe Voice Messaging Service, TRACI.net has adapted to the ever-changing Communications Industry.

In 1997, TRACI.net kicked off their Internet Services Division, which rapidly became the fastest growing division of the company. Specializing in Server Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Internet Access, Nationwide dial-up and wholesale web hosting. TRACI.net prides themselves in their commitment to customer service. Being an employee-owned company, each interaction with TRACI.net puts you in touch with a shareholder.

In 2004 TRACI.net launched their Hosted VoIP Division. Targeted towards small to midsize businesses, their Hosted VoIP service eliminates the costs of owning and maintaining a traditional PBX. Businesses can save money while having more features than a traditional PBX system. The best part is that the PBX server is maintained and controlled by TRACI.net, which means no hardware upgrades or service contracts as with a traditional PBX.

TRACI.net is also one of the largest privately held voice service providers in the state of Florida. TRACI.net’s diverse portfolio of products and services, along with a commitment to stay at the forefront of the Communications Industry, is the reason for their thirty years of success.

TRACI.net is dedicated to providing customized solutions to meet your business requirements. They have the resources to keep their customers at the forefront of the Information Age. Let TRACI.net bring you closer to the world and the information you desperately need. The solution is closer than you think.

In case you were wondering…. TRACI is an acronym for –

Visit http://www.traci.net/ for more information.

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The “X” for Boys Founder King Randall is Today’s Honoree

King Randall

King Randall is a 21 year old community shifter and the founder of the “X” for Boys organization in Albany, Ga where the motto is, “Let US Make Man”

He hosts a variety of workshops teaching young men automotive repair such as changing brakes and oil. He also has workshops teaching home improvement such as replacing light fixtures, toilets, and painting.

King Randall is also a chef. He graduated at the age of 17 with a degree in Culinary Arts from Albany Technical College before even graduating high school. He was the first black, Georgia Restaurant Association Student of the Year in 2016. He led Westover High School’s Culinary Arts Team to Second Place in the state culinary championships in 2016 and 2017. With these skills, he has also taught the young men in his program basic cooking skills in different workshops.

He hosts a weekly book club for boys to improve literacy skills and also to teach very important life skills growing into a young man.

King Randall also started a bowling league for boys to get them into sports other than football and basketball. This will lead to potential scholarship opportunities for the boys as well as being another outlet for them to release stress.

He also assists in feeding children weekly in at-risk communities and making sure they have a meal before bed. This is because many children only have a meal at school.

He has recently rebirthed the Iconic “I Am A Man” March, from the 1960s, in Albany, Georgia. It started the new wave of men’s mental health Awareness in the city.

King Randall has spearheaded movements that have shifted the atmosphere of the city of Albany and he is just now getting the ball rolling. 

Visit https://thexforboys.org/ for more information.

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Autism Author Michael Mace is Today’s honoree

Michael Mace was born in Paris, France. He is now living in the USA. He has lived with autistic people for many years and has a passion for autism advocacy. He is also a Translator (English/French) and a Lifestyle Educator. His wife Lindie loves to do medical massage, she has a passion for a healthy lifestyle and is a Lifestyle Coach.

He recently published the book, How To Make Autistic Children Happy: A Tribute To “The Little Prince.”

Here is what Michael says about his book:

“These are true stories of autistic children who don’t communicate at all, who don’t even understand what communication is. These children are at the very end of the autism spectrum.

When we received these children, most of them had never used their hands, never washed themselves, never eaten by themselves, and never got dressed by themselves. Some had never walked but were crawling on the floor. Some were throwing themselves, head first, against the walls, others were biting their wrists to blood. A simple glance at them could trigger one of these violent acts of self-destruction.

Yet, just a few months with us changed their lives. Their faces reflect joy, pure joy. In fact, we had the best results in the world. What did we do to make this change? This is what this book is about.

Most educative projects aimed at autistic people are about drugging them, training them, domesticating them; let’s confess it: it’s about taming them. We have chosen another path. It is NOT even about making them speak by all means we can. It is better, much better than that. It is about finding a lifestyle in which both speaking and autistic people can take part. It is about making opportunities for these children to take initiatives, to decide in their daily life.”

For more information and to purchase Michael’s book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08WZLZ14M/ref=cm_sw_su_dp

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Australian Property Investor Lloyd Edge is Today’s Honoree

Lloyd Edge

Lloyd Edge is a passionate property investor who has achieved financial independence through strategic property investing. Lloyd is a property strategist and buyers agent who works on behalf of buyers. He holds a Diploma in Property Services, is a fully licensed real estate agent and holds buyers’ agent licences in multiple states. Lloyd is also a member of Property Investment Professionals Australia (PIPA) and Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW).

Lloyd has been nominated several times as a finalist in the REINSW awards and REB Awards for excellence in the category of buyers’ agent. In 2018 he received ‘Your Investment Property’ Top Buyers’ Agent award and Aus Property professionals, under Lloyd’s leadership was a finalist in the REINSW awards for best buyers’ agency in 2018 and 2019.

Lloyd has recently completed a book on his property investing journey and investment strategies and has signed with an International publisher. It is due for release in 2020.

In 17 years as a property investor and developer, Lloyd has accumulated a property portfolio worth over $12 million that is cash flow positive. A former teacher, Lloyd’s investment strategies allowed him to retire from the rat race and now he helps clients achieve their own financial and lifestyle goals.

Lloyd and his wife Renee have featured in property investment magazines including Australian Property Investor, Smart Property Investor and Your Investment Property, as well as The Daily Telegraph. Lloyd has also been interviewed on top rating radio stations 2GB and 2UE.

Visit https://www.auspropertyprofessionals.com.au/about-us/our-team/ for more information   

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Growth Wise Founder Jim Treadway is Today’s Honoree

Jim founded Growth Wise in 2017 after tutoring on his own since he was 11. Having studied at Harvard and the London School of Economics and worked as an expert in personality type (Myers Briggs focus), Jim devoted his attention to tutoring teens and infusing their mindsets with as much resilience and self-awareness as possible.

Jim specializes in SAT and ACT prep, and his growth mindset approach shows teens not just how to hack the test, but how to hack their minds. Jim’s students use Wim Hof breathwork and NLP to overcome test anxiety and limiting beliefs in order to achieve scores higher than they thought possible. They learn how the mental habits they bring to the test are same ones they bring to the rest of life’s challenges; as they upgrade their testtaking, they upgrade their mindsets for life, too

Jim hires tutors who are similarly growth-focused and renowned by clients for their warmth, patience, and conscientiousness (hyperlink here to the page of tutor testimonials). Together, Growth Wise covers all subjects from middle school through university, as well as test prep and college essays.

Visit https://www.growthwise.us/ for more information   

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