Chalkin’ Social Founder David Schoonmaker is Today’s Honoree

In 2016 by David Schoonmaker, a 47-year old marketing professional who realized he was socializing much less face to face and making less new friends each year. David watched a Ted Talk presentation by Robert Waldinger called, ‘What Makes a Good Life?”, an ongoing 75-year Harvard study on adult development in which he concludes, “Socializing with friends, family, and the community makes people happier and healthier.”

After just loving this presentation, David knew it was time for change, so, he created a prototype mesh trucker hat, with a small DIY chalkboard attached to the front, with “HELLO” written on it. He wandered around downtown Manhattan and realized people ‘got it’ right away and would smile and say “Hello!”, “Great idea!”, or “I miss meeting people!”

Schoonmaker, created Chalkin’ Social® ( ) to improve camaraderie in homes, schools, and healthcare practices. The hats are being utilized by parents and teachers who work with children that have autism, social anxiety, hearing impairment, shyness, and others. Chalkin’ Social hats are also making their appearances in boardrooms across the US.

Each Chalkin’ Social® hat comes with two removable custom chalkboards (MED & LRG), one custom metal chalk clip, one pack of assorted color chalk, mini-eraser, instruction card, and a double snap-back-closure (upgrade from original styles).

Visit for more information.


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Nutrition Expert Marlisa Brown is Today’s Honoree

Marlisa is president of Total Wellness Inc., for more than 20 years working with more than 18,000 clients specializing in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weight loss, gastrointestinal disorders, celiac disease, medical nutrition therapies personal development, nutrition/culinary programs, corporate wellness and more.

Over the past 22 years Marlisa has given hundreds of presentations and some of her clients include the NY Jets, The Kennedy Space Center, Pratt and Whitney, Honeywell, Hofstra & Adelphi Universities Lilco, Guardian Life, Brookhaven National Labs, Goldman Sachs, Guardian Life, Tiffany, Dean Witter Reynolds, Pall Corp, Bank of New York, Sony, Liz Claiborne, and Ethicon and more.  In addition Marlisa worked at the corporate office of Lackmann Culinary Services as their Wellness Coordinator for over a ten year period.

Marlisa has made numerous television appearances including Fox 5, Fios, CNN,  5 years on “International Healthy Cooking” for The American Heart Association where Marlisa wrote and appeared on every show and she has recently piloted a diabetes cooking show on foodytv “Defeating Diabetes in Your Kitchen”, in addition she has been a member of the dLife TV Professional Council.

Marlisa has a bachelor’s degree in marketing 1982 and a graduate degree in nutrition 1994 from C.W. Post/Long Island University, and she has also studied at the Culinary Institute of America.

Marlisa is author of “Gluten-Free Hassle Free”, “The Gluten-Free Hassle-Free Cookbook” and “Easy, Gluten-Free” and has a new book “Marketing is Like Fishing” due to release in November 2016.  In addition she has contributed to many publications includingSalute, Scholastic, Shape, Food Service Management, Newsday, Parenting Magazine, Weight Training for Dummies, and Sports Nutrition Medicine and Rehabilitation .  She has also written and contributed to many programs including, Richard Simmons’  Food Mover Program, cookbooks, recipe cards and web site, Kathy Smiths’ Project You II for Diabetes, Jorge Cruises’ The 3-Hour Diet Cookbook, and Leslie Sansones Walk Away the Pounds, (green,yellow,and red meal plan).

Marlisa has served as an officer on many boards including the nutrition chair for the International Association of Culinary Professionals, BOD member of The Gluten Intolerance Group of Long Island and past president, media representative, and public relations chair of the New York State Dietetic Association.  Marlisa is a recipient of the 2011 Diabetes Educator of the Year from the DCE of The American Dietetic Association,  The Emerging Dietetic Leader Award from the American Dietetic Association, Dietitian of the year from The Long Island Dietetic Association, Best Nutritionist Long Island from the L.I Press, and the Community Service Award from C.W. Post/Long Island University.

Visit for more information.

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Author Megan Edwards is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

When a wildfire destroyed her home and worldly possessions in the hills above Los Angeles, it didn’t take Megan Edwards long to recognize an opportunity. It took her husband a little longer (“Give me five minutes to grieve!”), but they were both soon planning to make the most of their sudden “stufflessness” and hit the road. They did so a few months later in a freshly built four-wheel-drive motorhome that was even more unusual because of the office in the back instead of a bedroom. This all happened back when “Internet” had not yet entered the lexicon but “email” had. The mobile office would allow Edwards to file stories with the newspapers she wrote for by cell phone. That was the idea, at least. At the beginning of 1994, cell service was patchy, unreliable, and expensive.

They also thought they’d be traveling for six months or so, when, they believed, they’d settle down and get back to normal. But five years and thousands of miles later, they were still on the road. In that time, they’d watched the Internet grow from a mysterious fad prized by people in remote locales into an unstoppable universal phenomenon. They started a website,, to share road tripping tips and ideas. Slowly, their dream of being “at work, at home, and on the road, all at the same grand time” became a reality.

About Megan Edwards:

Megan Edwards is the award-winning author of FULL SERVICE BLONDE, GETTING OFF ON FRANK SINATRA, and STRINGS: A LOVE STORY. All three novels were first-place winners of Benjamin Franklin book awards in 2018. Edwards is also the author of ROADS FROM THE ASHES: AN ODYSSEY IN REAL LIFE ON THE VIRTUAL FRONTIER, a memoir of her five-year adventure living and working on the road during the dawn of the Internet. At home in Las Vegas, Nevada, where there’s never a shortage of fascinating material and inspiration, Edwards is working on her next novel.

Visit for more information.

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Author and Real Estate Expert Constance Carter is Today’s Honoree

Hi, I’m Constance Carter, and to say that I’m blessed is an understatement.

I’m a Wife, Mother of 4, CEO of one of the fastest growing real-estate brokerages in Northern California, Best-Selling Author, Wealth Advocate… and I’m on a mission.

A mission to help others create the life of their dreams

You see, this wasn’t always the case. If you’ve read my story on Black Enterprise or Huffington Post, you’d know that I’ve been where millions of Americans are currently.

Laid-off, broke, and chasing a dream while trying to take care of my family and trying not to repeat the mistakes that I learned growing up.

Wanting better but not knowing how to do better, other than sheer determination.

So after years of hard work and a number of failures including a bankruptcy, foreclosure, and short sales. I’ve come to the place where I’ve always wanted to be.

Not because I gross over a million dollars a year from my real-estate business and investments, but because I get to share the Roadmap (insert link to mywealthroadmap) to how I got here so that I can help others just like you. Just like me.

Wealth is a holistic experience and I’m so blessed that I’ve been able to help thousands who thought it was an impossibility through key strategies including Goal Setting, Pushing Past your F.E.A.R.S, Real Estate Investing, Money Management, and Credit Education,

Location is no longer a limitation, as I’m able to help people all over the country through my training programs.

I invite you to join me in taking the road less traveled to get you to the place you always wanted to be.

Visit for more information. 

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Chapter BE Creator and Founder Kirsten Blake is Today’s Honoree

Kïrsten Blake is the the creator and founder of Chapter BE. A passionate educator and mentor, Kïrsten works as a chief facilitator helping individuals reframe their personal narratives and (re)connect with their internal BEing and ultimately, a greater humanity.

In 2011, Kïrsten took a step back from her position in the public education reform sector in pursuit of reframing her own story so that she could put her BEing at the center of her life decisions. The process was one of relearning how to connect to her heart-center, and unlearning many of the things that had become so ingrained in her while being in the traditional workforce. There, Chapter BE was born.

Kïrsten’s work and curiosities have inspired her dedication to education, human connection, and issues of equity. Since 2011, she has interviewed nearly 600 people highlighting and sharing their stories of BEing in hopes to inspire and help others (re)connect with their own BEing and find connections to our common humanity. These stories have been highlighted in The Huffington Post, Ignite Denver and TEDxCherryCreek.

Kïrsten has a B.A. from The College of Wooster, an M.A. in Education from Columbia University, and is a Certified Brain-Based Success Coach.

Visit for more information.

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Fresh Eggs Daily Blogger Lisa Steele is Today’s Honoree

About the Author | With an audience of hundreds of thousands that spans the globe, I am well-recognized as the creative force behind Fresh Eggs Daily®, the most popular destination for natural chicken and duck keeping advice on the internet.

Fifth Generation Chicken Keeper | A fifth-generation chicken keeper who has been around chickens most of my life, I have been raising my own backyard flock since 2009 and sharing my farming adventures on my wildly popular blog and Facebook pages, charming readers and drawing them to Fresh Eggs Daily® in record numbers to help them learn how to keep their flocks safe from predators, how to build strong immune systems, and how to keep them healthy and happy without using antibiotics or other commercial medications.

Homeopathy has become such a hot topic for people of all walks of life, both in their own lives and that of their animals, so by focusing on natural methods, I have really tapped into the current trend in chicken keeping.

Master Gardener and Herbalist | A Maine Master Gardener and aspiring herbalist dedicated to raising my own animals as naturally as possible, I offer practical, down-to-earth and time-tested homeopathic advice for raising chickens using herbs and other holistic preventives and remedies – and show my readers how to have some fun while doing it.

In addition to chicken keeping tips, I also share DIY projects for the coop and run using repurposed materials, natural household and personal products, gardening ideas, and recipes using fresh eggs, vegetables and herbs.

I grew up on a small farm across the street from my grandparents chicken farm in central Massachusetts and raised chickens and rabbits growing up. Our family always had a large vegetable garden, which is where my love of working in the soil began.

After heading off to college and a short stint on Wall Street (where I grew herbs on the windowsill of my tiny apartment!), I am back on a New England farm once again, doing what I love and proud to be carrying on my family tradition.

Visit for more information.

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Fitness Foundry Founder Julio A. Salado is Today’s Honoree

Fitness Foundry personal training is based on exercise science and holistic arts. My philosophy is rooted in diligence, consistency, openmindedness and passion. My A.I.M. is to Assess, Initiate and Motivate you to meet your fitness goal. The ultimate goal will be self-efficacy.

I am a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Recognized Certified Personal Trainer with Distinction. My experience includes over ten years of strength & conditioning training with disciplines in bodybuilding, TRX suspension training, Olympic lifts, kettle bells, power lifting, post rehabilitation, senior training, cross training, sports performance, Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and personal training business development.

I am a native of Boston, MA., and the  founder of, a leading online resource for health and wellness. For over a decade, I have guided countless individuals from all levels of fitness to achieve their body sculpting and personal training goals. I am also an educator and continuing education provider.

I am the author of BREAK OUT of Breaking Even! 3 Step Method for PROVEN Long-Term Weight Loss” and “How to Become an A-List Personal Trainer”.  My unique blend of western exercise science and holistic arts has been featured in numerous TV shows, in print, and online including: “Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s Senior Count TV Show”,” ‘Health and Family Magazine’ , “Fitness Professional Online”, “Boston Globe , “Boston Magazine , “Doug Holt’s Coffee Talk Podcast” and “Top Personal Trainers Answer Your Questions” published by Regency Publishing.

Fitness Foundry is unique because of its seamless integration of exercise science and Yin and Yang universal principles – specifically for developing Movement, Performance, Skill and Self-Efficacy.

For more information please visit


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