Author and True Blue Life Insurance Founder Brian Greenberg is Today’s Honoree

“Brian takes the topic of marketing and breaks it down into manageable, understandable steps.  From the entrepreneur just starting out, to the seasoned executive who may have hit a rut, to everyone in between, Brian shows how to use inbound marketing, a group of systems that work on their own to bring organizations business.  He provides wonderful information with a straightforward perspective that is easy to understand and implement.” 

Marques Colston, Super Bowl Champion, former wide receiver for New Orleans Saints, and business owner

In a recent Gallop poll, sales professionals were ranked lower in honesty than the US Congress.  That may account for why consumers are increasingly looking to peers rather than companies, gurus, thought leaders, and “experts” for advice on what to buy, watch, read, listen to and eat.  Online companies such as Amazon and TripAdvisor are successful mainly because of user-generated reviews.  As marketing analytics become more precise, consumers will continue to grow more suspicious, and the companies that will thrive in this environment are the ones whose salesmen don’t sell!

Marketing guru and expert, Brian Greenberg, has published a new book that provides entrepreneurs, small and large businesses with proven methods for long-term marketing success.  THE SALESMAN WHO DOESN’T SELL shows readers how to build successful reputations by leveraging reviews, social media, websites, and marketing efforts that will spur sales all without ever having to pick up a phone.

“Each year entrepreneurs and business owners are bombarded with books and articles telling them how to be successful,” says Greenberg. “I want to help business owners cut through the clutter and understand the obstacles they face when it comes to marketing their companies.  I know because I’ve been through it all and found a better way…better methods for understanding long-term marketing success.”

A successful SEO marketing professional with decades of experience developing passive-income businesses online, Greenberg―the salesman who doesn’t sell―shares his unique, time-honed strategies to drastically increase sales without putting in overtime hours. Brian’s system answers customer questions, addresses any objections, and persuades customers to a buying decision without needing to talk to customers.

Customer happiness is quickly becoming the leading metric in predicting future revenue growth. Business owners must be open to taking a loss on some transactions and doing away with black and white rules in regard to customer issues. Brian believes that if you run your business with a focus on customers happiness and you properly leverage the social proof you build up, over time your business will grow exponentially. Customers will begin to come to you, rather than you trying to attract customers.

The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell is an indispensable resource for any professional looking to increase business, from doctors to restaurant owners to e-commerce entrepreneurs.  Brian Greenberg is giving away 5,000 free downloads of the audio version of his book to entrepreneurs and up to 5 of their employees to show that ethical and transparent business practices are better for even the most profit preoccupied executives.  To get a free download, go to

About the Author

Brian J. Greenberg has founded businesses in e-commerce, marketing, and financial services. He has generated over 100 million in revenue from his businesses, collected over 10,000 reviews and testimonials from customers, been named one of the most creative people in financial services, and has been called The Salesman who doesn’t sell. As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, Brian believes in building integrity into everything he does, operating a business for the long term with a strong reputation, and a commitment to exceptional customer service. Brian is founder and president of True Blue Life Insurance whose mission is to be transparent, honest and helpful to their customers without ever bugging or pushing them.  He currently resides in Phoenix, AZ.

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Author and Speech Coach J.R. Steele is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

Finally! A speech book that awakens and enlightens speakers of any level. Your Best Speech Ever begins with an in depth exploration into the fear, dread and phobias public speaking often evokes in people and examines the stress or anxiety response many experience. Specific strategies are outlined to conquer the fear and speak confidently to audiences of any size or speeches for any purpose. Any great speech is comprised of two components, the design and the delivery.

Your Best Speech Ever delves deeply into each aspect featuring real solutions for building your best speech ever. For the design of the speech, tried and tested Speech Formula breaks down each necessary ingredient and the step-by-step process for combing the ingredients makes it easy to follow especially since each book gives one free speech on The accompanying speech writing web application is transforming how one writes a speech.

The Speech Formula web application literally guides you through the speech writing process through a series of prompts, when you are complete, your speech, your cards and your slides are finished. To nail the delivery, Your Best Speech Ever features the Ten Delivery Principles sure to transform any speaker. Author J.R. Steele’s systematic approach is a breath of fresh air to speakers of any level. Unlike the overly-generalized tips most public speaking books provide, Your Best Speech Ever includes tools of engagement like self-awareness quizzes, numbered lists, cognitive exercises, motivational quotes and surveys all while punctuating it with a unique sense of humor and wit. Each chapter highlights practice speeches designed to reinforce the principles, build technique and confidence. Communication is at the core of every dream we have. Thus, the benefits of becoming a more confident speaker are far reaching. Quite often, lives are transformed and dreams are achieved. Begin your journey to create Your Best Speech Ever today.

About The Author:

J.R. Steele is thrilled to help clients reach their full potential through the lessons learned in speech. Since 1998, she has both designed and delivered and speeches to a wide ray of audiences. She has taught hundreds of speech courses at Barry University and Broward College. Non-profits and corporations frequently call upon her to provide executive coaching and workshops for clients.

Companies like American Express, Ryder and AIMCO have relied upon her to advance team members’ ability to communicate and strategically meet company objectives. As a business owner, she has served on the board of Broward chapter of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners). She frequently is called upon as a guest speaker to promote public speaking and leadership skills to organizations like Community Foundation of Broward, SCORE as well as various Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs.

She received her M.S. degree from Ithaca College and B.S. from Nova Southeastern University with a B.S. Degree. She loves hot yoga and to traveling to exotic destinations.

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Author Chloe Hung is Today’s Honoree

Amazon Bestselling Author Chloe Hung celebrates her newest accolade by offering her new book, Strength in Numbers, FREE to those who visit her website.

Chloe Hung, an international career and financial consultant turned author, is passionate about the power of actuarial science. In her new Amazon bestselling book, Strength in Numbers: An In-Depth Look at Actuarial Science for Math Enthusiasts, Hung offers insight into what actuaries do and why this field is one of the fastest-growing in the world.

As an actuary and a lifelong pursuer of mathematical knowledge, Hung realized that her field seemed somewhat inaccessible to many college students, even those who loved math.

According to Hung, “Many students have a tough time deciding on their college degree. They fear making the wrong choice. Some are really passionate about math but have no idea which path to pursue in university. Some may have heard of actuarial science but have no idea what is it all about.

Her new book, Strength in Numbers, puts those fears to rest and offers a simple, candid look at actuarial science.

Designed to benefit both novice actuaries and those with years in the field, Strength in Numbers is packed with practical tips and useful insights about the actuarial industry. The book offers advice on how to pursue a math passion as an actuary; the requirements for the degree; tips for selecting the right school; the facts about the actuarial industry; the best way to land an internship or full-time job; the skill set required to be successful as an actuary; challenges faced by the profession; and misconceptions about actuaries. Strength in Numbers will help students decide definitively if actuarial science is the right course for them.

Critics are supportive of the book, noting: “Strength in Numbers demystifies what actuarial science is all about and why students should or should not pursue this path. If you want to learn about this mysterious industry that is relatively unknown to many around the world, read this book!”


During her years as a student, author Chloe Hung found actuarial studies to be particularly challenging and often wondered if she had made the right decision to study this topic. She also struggled to find a job in the industry upon graduation. After learning more about investing and applying her math skills to this field, Hung learned the secrets of how to use actuarial science outside of the industry. She now shares this knowledge with readers in her new book, Strength in Numbers.

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The Sales Evangelist Donald Kelly is Today’s Honoree

Let me guess: you are new to sales or are an entrepreneur who is frustrated with the amount of money you are making. The crazy thing is you know you could do a lot better, but you don’t know how to improve or where to start.

Maybe you have been selling for years, but the evolving sales landscape with social selling practices and changes in buying behaviors has you confused. You are looking for ways to sharpen your selling skills. I know. I’ve been there. We want to find more qualified leads, close more business and earn more money. That is why I created “The Sales Evangelist.”

This is a place where sellers of all levels can get the education needed to overcome the most challenging obstacles salespeople are facing. I offer a lot of this education through our podcast, The Sales Evangelist, which has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, South Florida Business Journal and UpStart.

Ever since I was a kid, sales was in my DNA. Growing up in Jamaica, I watched my dad work as an entrepreneur and saw my mom hustling to create a better way of life for us. I instantly fell in love with the art of selling. I was that kid in the front yard selling cookies, candies, mangoes or whatever I could sell.

But, just like you, I wasn’t always successful. I was part of that 80% who brought in 20% of the business and I hated that! I wanted to be part of the top-performing 20% who brought in 80% of business. I was sick of not making the money I knew I deserved.

Fortunately, I was granted the opportunity to receive expert, professional sales training. I read sales books, learned from the top performers, and I hustled harder than ever before. As a result, I began to close more business. I was a selling machine! I was making commission, paying off debt and earning the income to take care of my family. The satisfaction of being a confident seller changed my life and it empowered me to DO BIG THINGS.

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Marketing Mentor Jaclyn Mellone is Today’s Honoree

As a mindset and marketing mentor, speaker and co-hostess of the All Up In Your Lady Business podcast, I help passionate, creative entrepreneurs channel their zone of genius, tackle their inner mean girls, and build Know, Love and Trust with themselves and their tribe.

When I’m not helping entrepreneurs create their own version of success, from the inside out, you can find me spending time with my husband Chris, our 2 adorable children, Eleanor and Marshall or being lounged on by my fur-child, Louie… most likely in a sea of naked Barbies and dismantled Lego sets. I love to connect on Instagram (@jaclyn_mellone), and in my Facebook group (Marketing + Mindset for Personal Brands) … usually with my favorite Black Toasted Almond cuppa joe from Dunkin’ Donuts in hand!

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Comedian Lateef Lovejoy is Today’s Honoree

Lateef is an an extremely gifted entertainer, who made his show business debut as a witty 12 year old on ITV’s famous morning gameshow “Mousetrap”. After that experience on the big screen he has never looked back. Not many performers can boast of having exceptional skills in all the main areas of the performing arts, lateef has these multi-faceted skills in abundance!

As an Actor he has trained at the legendary Young Actors Theatre and to date has work on a range of Feature Film, TV, Radio and Theatre projects, both in the UK and internationally, and has recently completed writing, starring, and producing has own comedy sketch show pilot “HeSaidSheSaid”.

Lateef also has tremendous comedic talent and is one of the most unique and distinctive acts on the comedy circuit, and vastly gaining the reputation of becoming a force to to reckoned with, both on the Black, Mainstream, and International comedy circuits.  Lateef played to sold out shows at the Oude Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam and the Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam when he toured Holland and has featured in many of the UK’s top comedy clubs and venues.

In addition to this Lateef has also recently made  International  Stand-up debuts in Belgium,  Nigeria, Jersey,  Sweden, Norway, and South Africa  as well as taking New York by storm when he performed at the legendary  Comic Strip, Times Square Comedy Club, and The Comedy Celler in Greenwich Village, and has also played the World Famous Comedy Store in LA in addition to the Improv and Laugh Factory comedy clubs.

Always looking to explore his boundaries the past few  years have  been exceptional for lateef as he was made one of the faces of the Channel 4 Slash Music promotion that  generated heavy rotation on channel 4, E4, and Internet promotions, as well as playing the comedy creation “Father Kissmass” for Kiss 100’s “All I Want For Kissmass”  successful radio promo in addition to being chosen as the official face of the ITV Hub and the commercial mascot for major energy brand U Switch as seen on TV and all major media platforms and already has over 4 million views on YouTube.

Visit for more information.


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Brains Over Blonde CEO Anna Wood is Today’s Honoree

Anna Wood is the founder/CEO of Brains over Blonde (, a feminist lifestyle platform for women who REFUSE to choose between femininity and success. Brains over Blonde provides sassy, badassy career and life advice through free content, tools, inspiration, and coaching.

Anna grew up in Silicon Valley and is obsessed with female empowerment, innovation, and leadership. She has a Stanford MBA and led sales at Google. She’s worked with major brands including Netflix, J.Crew, and Airbnb.

Anna’s passion for supporting strong women started early. In undergrad at UC Berkeley, she wrote her honors thesis on diversity in the workplace. All the while, she was also helping women look and feel beautiful as a personal stylist. While at Google, she facilitated the Unconscious Bias course and ran wellness programs. She trained to be a personal and professional coach at Stanford.

Along the way, Anna often felt pressure to choose between femininity and success, but she refused to do so. She LOVES being a woman, and believes her female identity has contributed to her success. Instead of waiting around for a major societal change, she created her own lane and founded Brains over Blonde.

Anna recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. When she’s not inspiring the modern woman, Anna can be found traveling the world with her fiancé, lounging at the beach, or listening to her favorite podcasts.

Visit for more information.

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