Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation, Inc. Founder Lori A. Manns is Today’s Honoree

Lori A. Manns is CEO of Quality Media Consultant Group, a business consultancy firm specializing in marketing, sales and media strategies that help businesses experience increased clientele, brand visibility and more revenue. Lori is a master, marketing and sales coach as well as business strategist that helps corporations and small business owners to grow their businesses by utilizing magnetic marketing strategies and soulful yet
strategic sales solutions. Lori is a national media buyer and proficient in placing advertising campaigns across all platforms including: TV, radio, Internet, print, direct mail and outdoor advertising.

Since establishing QMC Group in 2009, Lori has received the following awards & recognition: the Spotlight Award by Atlantan Magazine (2016), Legacy Award by the Live Your Legacy Summit (2015), Executive of the Year Award by Women in Leadership Development and Empowerment, W.I.L.D.E., Inc (2014) and the Rising in Community Excellence Award by RICE, Inc; (2014). Lori also received the SWIBA Business on the Rise Award by Stiletto Woman Media in 2013, Super Tuesday Awards finalist honor by Atlanta Business League in 2012 and Business Superstar Award by People You Need To Know Magazine in 2010. In addition, Lori has been featured as an honoree in the Who’s Who in Black Atlanta Publication each year from 2010 to 2017.

Prior to founding QMC Group, Lori served as Senior Multi-Media Account Manager for two of the largest radio groups in the country, CBS Radio and Cox Radio. During her tenure with CBS Radio and Cox Radio, Lori serviced Fortune 500 companies and provided advertising, sales and marketing solutions resulting in a profitable return on investment for her clientele.

Manns has career experience in business development, marketing communications, brand development and messaging, media buying. Lori functions as a marketing consultant, media buyer and business strategist to various small and medium size businesses in Georgia and across the U.S. With a strong passion for philanthropy Lori enjoys giving back. She has been a community fundraiser for various Atlanta charities. Manns is founder and president of Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation, Inc.(LHTYF), an Atlanta based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to fostering and promoting children’s health. Lori’s personal mission is to empower youth to lead healthier lifestyles so they are positioned to be better leaders for the next generation.

Ms. Manns holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Auburn University in Montgomery and is a graduate of the 2010 Class of Leadership Dekalb. Her professional affiliations include; Forbes Coaches Council, National Sales Network, Dekalb Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Dekalb. Lori is also founder of Trailblazer Business Mastermind;™ an business development program for entrepreneurs ready for
next level success coaching, mentorship and accountability.

In her spare time, Lori volunteers for such organizations as the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Hosea Feed the Hungry, American Cancer Society, the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women & Children, Inc., and Hagar’s House a division of Decatur Cooperative Ministry as well as LHTYF, Inc.

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Author Dr. Charles R. Bailey is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

The impact and tragedy of war do not end when the guns fall silent…

Ten to fifteen percent of all Vietnamese with disabilities are probably Agent Orange victims…

Agent Orange is a humanitarian concern we are doing something about.

More than four decades after the Vietnam War, the United States and Vietnam are just beginning to address the negative consequences of Agent Orange, the dioxin-contaminated herbicide used during the war. In this groundbreaking book, two leading experts on Agent Orange and its aftermath explore current scientific understandings of the chemical and consider the promising solutions to addressing the consequences of its use.

Authors Dr. Le Ke Son and Dr. Charles R. Bailey outline the moral reasoning for a fuller American response and present further steps the United States and Vietnam can each take in a joint humanitarian initiative to resolve the legacy of Agent Orange/dioxin in Vietnam. They address the critical issues of whether dioxin pollution still exists in Vietnam, what needs to be done to finish the job of cleanup, how many victims of Agent Orange carry out their lives today, and the impact of Agent Orange on relations between the United States and Vietnam.

…From Enemies to Partners offers a way forward that acknowledges the past while looking to the future.

— Dr. Edwin A. Martini, author of Agent Orange: History, Science, and the Politics of Uncertainty

About The Author:

Charles R. Bailey is a public policy specialist with a Ph.D. in agricultural economics. He was the Ford Foundation representative in Vietnam and headed the foundation’s Hanoi office for a decade from 1997 to 2007. He then led the Ford Foundation’s initiative on Agent Orange/dioxin from New York before moving the project to the Aspen Institute in 2011. Bailey has worked to mobilize attention and resources in the United States, assess progress on the ground in Vietnam and present independent findings and analysis through public reports, meetings with officials and convenings of key stakeholders.

“From Enemies to Partners” co-author, Le Ke Son, is a medical doctor with a Ph.D. in toxicology and led the government of Vietnam’s efforts to find an equitable way forward on the Agent Orange legacy with the U.S. government. He first directed the Agent Orange Victims Fund at the Vietnam Red Cross and then moved to become the leader of the Office of the National Steering Committee for the Overcoming of the Consequences of Toxic Chemicals used by the USA in the War in Vietnam (known as Committee 33), and concurrently, vice director general of the Vietnam Environmental Administration and Vietnamese co-chair of the United States-Vietnam Joint Advisory Committee.

In writing From Enemies to Partners Son and Bailey have drawn on their firsthand experiences with Agent Orange and its legacy accumulated over the last two decades. They also interviewed nearly 40 other Americans and Vietnamese to unearth their insights on what has happened and the way ahead. Son’s knowledge, credibility and access now enable him to conduct a thorough review of Agent Orange/dioxin issues in Vietnam. Bailey’s long engagement with Agent Orange/dioxin and his familiarity with the key players on the U.S. side enable him to explore the U.S. perspective fully.

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Author and Retired NYPD Executive Chief Surgeon Dr. Gregory Fried is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

Responding to police officers being shot or seriously injured in the line of duty, however, brings the pressure to an even higher level—especially in the middle of one of the worst crime waves in New York City’s history.

Fried looks back at a career that began in the 1970s and continued beyond the September 11 terrorist attacks.

He also recalls the out-of-control violence that spread throughout New York during his years of service. It was open season on police officers, and he gives readers an intimate look at the life of a police surgeon and what really happens when a police officer is shot in the line of duty.

Fried also relives the nightmare of surviving the collapse of the South Tower on Sept. 11, 2001. Broken ribs, herniated disks, fractured bones in his spine, and a massive internal bleed would effectively end his surgical career, but it did nothing to dampen his spirit.

About The Author:

Gregory Fried, M.D. attended Cornell University and NYU Medical School. He began his career at Bellevue Hospital as a general surgeon and became the Executive Chief Surgeon for the New York Police Department. He was a first responder on 9/11 and was almost killed when the South Tower collapsed. While the terrorist attacks effectively ended his surgical career, he continues to stay active pursuing numerous civic and private interests

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Wall Of Excellence

When I visit Nashville one of my favorite places to visit is the College of Business Wall of Excellence Scholarship and Development Fund which is on the downtown Avon Williams campus at Tennessee State University. As a college student I looked at a blank wall and God gave me a vision to not only make money but to also provide a way for students to stay in school. I told Andre Lee about my idea and together we made it happen with the help of others and over 25 years later it is still bearing fruit. Dream big but find a way to live your dreams.

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Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital CEO Doug Padgett is Today’s Honoree

Few non-physicians have impacted the field of pediatric rehabilitation as profoundly as has Doug Padgett, chief executive officer and co-owner of Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Southern California. As one of the nation’s pioneers in providing personalized habitation and rehabilitation services for children with developmental needs, Totally Kids today stands as a model for what it takes to inspire medically fragile children to attain their greatest potential and highest possible level of independence – physically, mentally and socially.

Doug earned his bachelor’s degree in organizational behavior from the University of San Francisco. He brought to Totally Kids a background in subacute care for seniors and leveraged that knowledge to bring about regulatory changes that addressed the medical needs of children. In working with State of California Department of Health officials and state legislators, Doug helped lead the fight for pediatric subacute clinical and rate-setting regulations – as well as education, safety climate and research – that paved the way for excellence in pediatric rehab care.

Since 1971 Totally Kids has served children with a heart-driven passion and was the first in the state of California to contract with Medi-Cal for pediatric subacute care. Through innovation and enhancements, it continues to serve as a national prototype for the delivery of specialized and individualized care and, as a result, has gained widespread recognition within the medical and scientific communities.

With that as a foundation, and under Doug’s leadership, Totally Kids has systematically expanded its portfolio to include a full array of resources that serve children who are recovering from physical trauma or surgery, or have suffered catastrophic illness, and those dependent on technology. Today, in addition to pediatric subacute care, Totally Kids offers highly acclaimed and proven-effective programs in acute pediatric rehabilitation (both inpatient and outpatient), pediatric day health and residential intermediate care.

Just as Totally Kids blazed new trails in subacute care for children, Doug and his team continue to find new ways to approach acute pediatric rehabilitation. As a result, children at Totally Kids are achieving better outcomes and seeing clinical improvement in far less time than historical expectations. Totally Kids is accomplishing this by focusing on each child’s unique developmental needs and is complementing its caring staff with the smart use of such cutting-edge technologies in pediatric rehabilitation such as EKSO Bionic Exoskeleton, virtual reality and biofeedback.

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AspenCross Wealth Management Founder Eric Jansen is Today’s Honoree

Eric is the Founder, President and Chief Investment Officer of AspenCross Wealth Management, and chairs the firm’s Investment Committee.  With over 29 years of experience in both client facing and investment portfolio design and management roles, he is an accomplished and highly respected wealth management professional.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Framingham State University in 1987, and is a graduate of Purdue University’s Professional Management Institute. In addition, he earned the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation from the American College.  He also proudly served in the Military Intelligence branch of the United States Army Reserve for nearly a decade.

Prior to founding AspenCross Wealth Management in 2001, Eric served as a Managing Partner and Wealth Management Professional for John Hancock Financial Services, working exclusively with high net worth, and ultra-high net worth individuals and families in developing multi-generational wealth transfer strategies and integrated investment management solutions.

Eric is responsible for the strategic direction of the company, it’s overall investment philosophy, all aspects of the client experience, and serves as the firm’s “Chief Culture Officer”.

If asked why after nearly fifteen years of working with a small select clientele, would he want to launch his own firm, Eric will enthusiastically and passionately tell you that he wanted to create an organization focused exclusively in the retirement marketplace, that could serve a broader range of clients in a highly differentiated way. Today, by using state of the art technology, and a team based approach, AWM is able to deliver fee-based, virtual pre-and post retirement planning, combined with institutional quality investment management to individuals located throughout the United States.

In addition, breaking away from common industry practice, Eric wanted all AWM advisors to be salaried full-time employees, not commission-based financial representatives, enabling every AWM team member to focus 100% of their efforts on delivering un-biased, highly personalized advice and guidance to the firm’s clients and their families, not on earning a commission or vying for some company sales award.

As a financial services firm focused exclusively in the retirement planning marketplace, his firm’s professional culture and business philosophy seem to be resonating well with clients.

Visit for more information.

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Incredible Tiny Homes Founder Randy Jones is Today’s Honoree

Incredible Tiny Homes represents a dream to provide affordable and comfortable housing for everyone. Randy Jones founded Incredible Tiny Homes in Morristown, Tennessee in 2014 with a passion to pursue a professional standard of craftsmanship in the Tiny Home industry. Incredible Tiny Homes builds your home indoors at our not-so-tiny warehouse. We ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship, from beginning to end, as you work with us to customize and build your Incredible Tiny Home.

Given their tiny square footage, tiny homes are creating a huge impact on real estate markets. “Tiny home” and “tiny home living” is a new trend where homebuyers can build their own home at a significantly affordable cost than a conventional home. This movement which was originally a backlash towards consumerism, and started in the 80’s, has taken over the last few years and more and more people are not only choosing to live in a tiny home but to live in tiny home communities. Homeowners are freeing themselves from mortgages and the urge to keep up with the Joneses by building and purchasing a “tiny home.”

Randy Jones started his Incredible Tiny Home business using borrowed tools and has since built a business on helping people find a sense of pride in home ownership and minimalism. Randy has built over 100 homes and does so at a fraction of his competitor’s pricing.

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