Seattle Improv Classes Founder Chad Elliot Founder is Today’s Honoree

My goal with Seattle Improv Classes is to:

  • Guarantee that anyone can feel comfortable, confident and creative  expressing their ideas — whether to one person or hundreds.
  • Make people’s lives happier, more fun and more fulfilling.
  • Create a warm, open, excited community of people who have fun learning together.

There are a number of things you’ll only get from Seattle Improv Classes:

  • A 100% guarantee on all classes. If you don’t feel got 10X what you paid for your class, then you can have your money back.
  • Personalization. That’s why all classes include one-on-one phone calls. I get to learn more about you, your goals and your challenges. In that coaching, we play fun games and you get feedback on what you personally can do to progress faster.
  • Advanced teaching and psychology. Many improv teachers have studied acting and nothing else. You’re classes with me will be influenced by roughly 500 hundreds hours of training in how to teach effectively. That training is used to make your learning simpler, easier and faster.
  • Purposeful selection. There are hundreds and hundreds of improv games. I’ve spent a great deal of time and effort to eliminate the clutter and only select the handful that are the most effective.In your classes at SIC, you’ll find all of the games meet a number of criteria: 1. They’re fun. 2. They have a clear purpose that contributes to the main goal of that class. 3. The skills it teaches are useful in life, not just on stage.
  • A warm, friendly, open atmosphere. I realize that most people come to these classes to break out of their comfort zone and overcome challenges. People are often nervous, anxious and yet hopeful. I bend over backward to ensure you feel safe and secure, so that you can expand beyond your former limitations.You’ll share an amazing experience with your classmates. That’s part of why you’ll get a bonus dinner as part of your class. It provides a fun, easy opportunity to connect and make new friends with wonderful people.

I realize that you’re probably not here to become an actor. You’re here for much more than that. If you’re like most people, you want to become more confident thinking on your feet. And, you want to be more creative, expressive and in the moment. You may view this as an opportunity to begin breaking through limitations, roadblocks and fears in other areas of your life. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Plus, if you want to communicate more effectively, you’re in the right place. You’ll learn to tell engaging stories, become more dynamic and express yourself with greater charisma. You’ll gain strategies that will help you create a more positive impression in business and socially.​

If you have any questions, you can always ask. If you have any fears, you can always ask. If you are excited and want to know what to sign up for first, you can always ask!​

Visit for more information.

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Media Consultant Latonya Mechelle is Today’s Honoree


I am one that’s always smiling.  I am one who lives life to the fullest.  I am one who never meets a stranger.  I am one who gets high off of making others smile.  I am one that is all about energy and I strive daily to share mine with the world.  I am LOVE!! I Am LATONYA MECHELLE, the Owner of TYGEREYEZ 360…….

I am an Inspirational Speaker, trained by the Legendary, Les Brown, who uses my transparency and life experiences to motivate my audience.   I am a Life Coach who is far from traditional but as effective as they come.  I really love coaching kids but I do well with adults too. I am a Radio Personality who caters to spotlighting black men.  I am a Media Guru who has dedicated my life to creating entities that bring about positivity and empowerment to our everyday people. I don’t like what’s today’s media is presenting, so I’ve created my own positive media network.  Which is why it was so important for me to create the Dear Black Men Network where I do nothing but showcase positive black men worldwide.  My creative mind, love for people and my over 20 years of combined experience in the U.S. Air Force, Corporate World, Private Sector, Entertainment Industry allows me to be one of the most dedicated and precise Publicist that you will ever see.   I am

As a Consultant that also provides Public Relations and Back Office Support Services, I only work with clients who understand and operates in good ENERGY. Whether it’s my online magazine, newsletters, radio show or tv, our media is based on showcasing people who are making a difference in today’s society and who are living their dreams out loud.  We are about constantly having opportunities to increase change and empower self.

If you’re interested in working with me in any capacity, please feel free to reach out to me. I write about people,  places, and events.  So, if you believe that you, your event and/or place of business deserves to be showcased, contact me.  Please note, in all I do, I’m very honest and I do not sugar coat when it comes to my opinion and expertise.  So make sure you are ready No hard feelings,  this is strictly business.  Nothing personal.


TygerEyez 360 is your One Stop Shop for all your Media Needs. We are a dedicated, serious about their clients Public Relation Agent’s Dream.  From Corporate to Social, our team can provide your Photography, Interviews and Write Up needs.   We also have our own In-house Graphic/Web Site Designer and Social Media Guru.

We are the home of our online magazine, La’Red Magazine, the Dear Black Men Network, Dear Black Men with LaTonya MeChelle Radio Show, Dear Black Men Live Web-based Talk Show and In Love with LaTonya MeChelle Web-based Talk Show.

Everyone’s needs are different so we make sure we take the time to tailor each of our clients to their mission requirements.

If it’s to have us attend your event, have us create your marketing material, to be interviewed, to promote with us or some other project, contact us for your free One on One Consultation.

Visit for more information.

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The Prentice School Executive Director Alicia Maciel is Today’s Honoree

As Executive Director of The Prentice School, a private, nonprofit, nonpublic (NPS) academic school, which offers unparalleled learning experiences to bright students with learning differences, Alicia Maciel knows the importance of the role education plays in the communities and businesses. As a respected Harvard business graduate, she believes that people are a business’s strongest asset, which is one of the reasons she has been chosen to be honored by the National Hispanic Business Women Association with The NHBWA Woman of the Year Award for her commitment to community service and education.

NHBWA says the luncheon serves as a platform to recognize outstanding individuals for their professional achievements and their contributions to the community.

Maciel will receive this prestigious award at the association’s 17th Annual Women of the Year Awards and Scholarship Luncheon on May 25th.

“I feel so strongly about NHBWA’s mission to help support and promote Hispanic women-owned businesses and am honored to be a recipient of this award,” Maciel said. “Hispanic women-owned businesses have a very large impact to the overall economy. In fact, they are the fastest growing subset of women-owned businesses in the U.S. employing 550,400 US workers in 2016. Before becoming executive director, I had my own business and as a Hispanic businesswoman myself I know the challenges of starting your own business. Mentorship, education and community support are an important aspect of helping people succeed.”

The 2016 State of Women-Owned Business Report reports that Hispanic women-owned businesses lead the way among ethnic businesswomen by starting over 1.9 million businesses that generated over $97 billion in revenue for 2016.

Maciel was nominated for this honor by The Prentice School board member and Wells Fargo SVP of National Diverse Segments Director Patty Juarez because of “the leadership she has shown as The Prentice School’s executive director and the numerous positive changes she has made at the school.”

“I am so happy to see Alicia honored,” Juarez added. “She is a committed, effective leader with incredible leadership abilities. I’m amazed at the work she does every day.”

“For the future of business to succeed, you need the right people to do the job which is why education and community are so important together. If you don’t have the right people, you can’t have a successful business. Education shapes and creates the path for people’s future, making sure our community and business communities are strong,” Maciel added. “Hispanic women in business can give you 97 billion reasons why that matters.”

To that point, the NHBWA awards educational scholarships to students pursuing a college education in an effort to develop the next generation of leaders. The awards ceremony is attended by over 200 community leaders, corporate representatives, business owners and students.

As the executive director of The Prentice School, which has transformed the lives of thousands of students with learning differences such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADHD, anxiety, and visual processing and executive function disorders, Maciel has dedicated herself to leading and challenging new ways for an educated and prosperous future for all of her students, despite any challenges. She is completely aligned with NHBWA’s mission to encourage women to develop their business and professional goals through education and mutual support.

Parents and donors, as well as educational and healthcare professionals, interested in learning more about Alicia Maciel and The Prentice School should visit for additional information.


Founded in 1986, The Prentice School is a private, nonprofit academic school located in North Tustin, California and is a certified nonpublic school (NPS) through the California Department of Education and is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The Prentice approach is designed to engage students on three learning pathways, including auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Using evidence-based curriculum and instructional methodologies, a structured literacy approach, multi-sensory instructional strategies, and ongoing progress monitoring, The Prentice School offers an unparalleled learning experience to students with learning differences who possess average-to-high intelligence, whose needs have not been met in a more traditional classroom setting.

You can learn more about The Prentice School at or call (714) 244.4600

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Children’s Rights Supporters Swizz Beatz and Comedian Monroe Martin are Today’s Honoree

May is a month marked by students celebrating academic feats and achievements. However, May is also National Foster Care Awareness Month, and for the more than 670,000 who spend time in U.S. foster care every year, the month of May can tell a very different story. To “school” the nation on the challenges foster youth face when attaining their education, in and after their time in state care, Children’s Rights and FosterClub have today released a new spoken word PSA as a part of Children’s Rights fifth annual storytelling campaign, Fostering The Future.

Grammy Award-winning producer and Children’s Rights supporter Swizz Beatz explains, “Education in this country is a fundamental right for every child, but right now, we are turning our backs on our foster youth. We all need to do whatever we can to help make sure these kids’ voices are heard. They’re not someone else’s responsibility; they’re all of ours. Let’s foster their futures by really fostering their education.”

Adds Sandy Santana, Children’s Rights Executive Director: “As a society, we are failing thousands of our most vulnerable children. It is unconscionable that youth in foster care face multiple barriers to accessing their educations, and the young adults in this video know better than anyone else that changes must be made. We are honored to work with them.”

* Fewer than 60 percent of foster teens graduate high school by age 19.
* Only 4 percent of foster alumni go on to receive a college degree by age 26.
* The average reading level of 17 and 18 year old foster youth is 7th grade.
* 50 percent of foster youth become incarcerated within the first two years of aging out.
* 31 percent become homeless within the first two years of aging out.
* On average, they miss 5 weeks of school per year.

“This puts a face and a voice to a problem of which so many Americans are sadly unaware,” states Celeste Bodner, FosterClub Executive Director and Founder. “FosterClub is about helping to empower current and former foster youth to advocate on their own behalf, and this PSA does just that. It amplifies the voices and educational needs of a population that is rarely seen or heard.”

Eight of the nine individuals featured are members of FosterClub’s vast national network of current and former foster youth. Joining them is comedian and foster alum Monroe Martin.

“Look, trying to get an education in foster care is no joke,” Martin says. “And the first step to systemic change is raising mass awareness about the fact that the problem even exists. Storytelling, whether it’s through comedy or a PSA is the most effective way to do that.”

Children’s Rights’ 2017 campaign can be viewed by visiting or by doing a search of the hashtag #FosterMyEducation.


Fighting to transform America’s failing child welfare, juvenile justice, education and healthcare systems is one of the most important social justice movements of our time. Through strategic advocacy and legal action, Children’s Rights holds state governments accountable to America’s most vulnerable children. A national watchdog organization since 1995, Children’s Rights fights to protect and defend the rights of young people, because we believe that children have the right to the best possible futures. For more information, please visit


FosterClub is the national network for young people currently in, or who have experienced, the foster care system. Every 2 minutes, a child’s life changes as they enter foster care. For more than 513,000 young people living in foster care across the nation, FosterClub is a place to turn for advice, information and hope. FosterClub’s website, publications, events and annual AllStar internship program offer the tools and resources these youth need to connect with one another, to share their experiences and insights, and to achieve personal success. For more information, please visit

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Podcast Host Paul Potratz is Today’s Honoree

“It’s Who You Are, Not What You Do” – Why Not Both?

We usually think of “who we are” and “what we do” as being two different things. If someone asks you who you are, you might respond by talking about things like your background or history, your interests, or your values and morals. If someone asks you what you do, chances are they want to know about your job or profession – how you make a living. The common expression says, “It’s who you are, not what you do,” but who says it can’t be both?

When I was first starting out in the professional world, I spent years doing jobs I hated just to pay the bills and counting down the hours until I could leave the office and go home. But if you’re spending every day waiting for it to be over, what are you actually striving for? Your goal should be to merge who you are with what you do – incorporate what you stand for into your work – so that going to work doesn’t actually feel like “work.”

The day I realized this was the day my life changed. I stopped working jobs I didn’t care about and started making my dream of becoming a professional photographer a reality. I pooled my creative talent with my analytical skill and made a living for myself. Eventually, this led to me building my own marketing agency from the ground up. Now, my wife Christy and I own and operate Potratz, a brand experience and engagement agency in Schenectady, NY.

Visit for more information.

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Podcast Host Drew Taddia is Today’s Honoree

My name is Drew Taddia, and I’m the host of Exploring Mind and Body.

The shows inspiration really came from helping people. I understand the frustration out there with so much information, too much information. Gimmicks, sales pitches and empty promises. I wanted to offer something that could actually improve lives. And that’s quality information that people can trust and actually use.

Exploring Mind and Body is a Nationally Syndicated talk radio show which currently airs on:

  •  96.5 CKFM in Olds, AB at 8pm on Sunday
  • 106.5 in Vegreville, AB at 8pm on Sunday
  • 590 CJCW in Sussex, NB at 7:30am on Sunday
  • Radio Laurier in Waterloo, On 3pm on Tuesday
  • CKLU 96.7 in Sudbury, On at 6:30pm on Thursday

The main focus is information based, interview format and is 30 minutes in length.

The short story is, after traveling the world as a professional athlete following my passion of baseball for the better part of 10 years, I stopped for a brief moment and started running a health and fitness business. Wanting to find a bigger platform to help change lives and improve health I approached the local radio station to see if we can work together.

To make a long story short, the whirlwind of life and business, successes and failure and more particularly interviews and air time, 5 years later the show is going strong!

We recently launched a new App specific for EM&B which can be found HERE.

Some of my more popular interviews include (click on the title to listen to the full show):

For more information please visit

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Entertainer MichaelStar is Today’s Honoree

Michael Theo Johnson, began singing at the age of two where he would belt out his rendition of “My sunshine has come” by Angie Stone while walking around the house with a microphone. Michaelstar’s mother left New York with Michael when he was 3 years old; she wanted to make a difference in how and where she raised her only child. Moving to Atlanta was a life changing
experience for both Michaelstar and his mom. This relocation was the best thing, because it allowed Michaelstar to discover his musical and acting abilities. This multitalented artist has been performing for several years while still pursuing his acting career. He has auditioned and landed the lead roles in over fifty plays and musicals throughout Georgia.

Michaelstar briefly took vocal and piano lessons at the Gwinnett School of Music. Along with his theater achievements, MichaelStar has performed for many charity events, such as Hosea Feed The Hungry and the Breast Cancer Awareness Program to name a few, performing his vocal and dance skills. MichaelStar has been featured on Comcast television and WAEN TV. Currently, MichaelStar is signed with a Talent Agency called Real People Models and Talent agency where he is frequently called out to casting calls for movies and commercial roles. Michael’s father is also a well known recording Reggae artist who has been singing and performing since he was seven years old. MichaelStar gets his inspiration from his father, Usher, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder and The Temptations.

Michaelstar is not only a musician, but also an actor anti-bullying advocate and entrepreneur! Winning the 2014 Hot New Artist Award at the Clean Music Movement Awards in Atlanta to performing at various charity events around the city.

Visit for more information.

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