Author and Founder of Whole Person Integrative Eating (WPIE) Deborah Kesten is Today’s Honoree

Deborah Kesten, M.P.H., is an international nutrition researcher, award-winning author and medical/health writer, with a specialty in preventing and reversing obesity and heart disease. She served as Nutritionist on Dean Ornish, M.D.’s first clinical trial for reversing heart disease through lifestyle changes, the results of which were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. She has served as Director of Nutrition at cardiovascular clinics in Europe and on the Board of Directors of the American Heart Association, San Francisco.

Kesten has published more than 400 nutrition and health articles. Her first book, Feeding the Body, Nourishing the Soul, received the first-place gold award in the Spirituality category from the Independent Publisher Book Awards. Whole Person Integrative Eating has been honored with the No.1 gold, best-book award in the Health category by Book Excellence Awards. She is a VIP Contributor at Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, and is married to behavioral scientist and co-author of Whole Person Integrative Eating, Larry Scherwitz, Ph.D.

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Bullying Expert Bullseye The Clown is Today’s Honoree

Bullseye The Clown may seem like an unlikely bullying expert, but with over 25 years experience navigating around and developing innovative tactics to dealing with bullies, he is a one of a kind force to be reckoned with. Don’t let the makeup, red nose and colorful clown shoes fool you, he takes no prisoners when coaching the bullied how to stand up, speak out and reclaim their authority over their bullies.

Unapologetic, Bullseye The Clown uses wit, charm and humor to deliver training and coaching that to some may seem a little controversial and overly simplistic.

Bullseye The Clown received his Bachelor of Arts in Comprehensive Theater and Communications from Ashland University. Throughout his career as an actor and stand-up comedian, he employed psychodrama techniques and the secrets of body language to not only read what the bully is truly thinking but to also create “characters” to get himself out of some very compelling situations.

Bullseye is so passionate about helping those who feel unloved, under-appreciated and disregarded by society that he is revealing a number of survival tips and suggestions in his upcoming book, Bullseye On Bullying: Survival Tips To Beating The Bullies, as well as tackling topics like these weekly on his Youtube show, Bullseye On Bullying.

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Hollywood Branded CEO Stacy Jones is Today’s Honoree

Stacy Jones is the CEO and founder of Hollywood Branded, a Los Angeles influencer marketing, branded content and product placement agency established in 2007, and host of the podcast Marketing Mistakes (& How To Avoid Them).  Stacy has over twenty-three years of leadership experience building global entertainment branding campaigns for top Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of brands, including BlackBerry, Bumble, Canadian Club, Lacoste and Pilot Pen.

Acknowledged as an expert in the field, she has appeared on the BBC, CNN and MSNBC; spoken at conferences around the globe; and been featured in dozens of media outlets, including Forbes, Advertising Age, Hollywood Reporter, and The Financial Times.

In fact, you have likely read or heard Stacy’s name recently after she and her agency experienced their own moment of fame when they went viral around the world – amassing over 4 billion media impressions digitally, in print and on TV in every country around the world, earning the agency over $65 million in media value. This all occurred after Stacy was interviewed by Market Watch, CNBC, Business Insider and Money regarding the potential product placement costs, and the PR value Starbucks received, from being mistaken for a cup seen in Game of Thrones.  Not only did Starbucks go viral – Stacy and Hollywood Branded did too.

Stacy received a BFA in Theater Production & Scenic Design from the University of Arizona – which provided the perfect launchpad to have her help bring the worlds of productions and brands together.   

Visit for more information.

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Author and Creative Coach Jeff Leisawitz is Today’s Honoree

Jeff Leisawitz burns with a mission— to inspire and teach writers, artists, songwriters, musicians, filmmakers, solopreneurs, arts organizations (and every other human with a heartbeat) to amp up their vision, tap into their potential and shine in the world.

Besides being a creativity coach, Jeff is an award-winning musician/ producer, a critically acclaimed author and internationally distributed filmmaker who has devoted his life to creativity.

As the guy behind Electron Love Theory, Jeff fused interviews with Seattle’s WTO demonstrators into electronic music, garnering more than a quarter million downloads worldwide. Jeff has released five studio albums and has landed thousands of music placements in film, TV and multimedia for clients like HBO, MTV, Discovery, Microsoft, NBC and many others. His album of electronic U2 cover songs has been streamed over a million times around the world.

As the founding writer for Seattle’s taste-making alternative rock station 107.7 The End, he chronicled the alternative grunge scene in the 90s.

After training as a Life Coach and practicing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Re-Patterning) Jeff landed a gig as an adjunct faculty member at Pacific Lutheran University— teaching college students to rock. (Seriously!)

Jeff’s critically acclaimed book Not F*ing Around— The No Bullish*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground has helped thousands of creatives step forward in their work and creativity.

When businesses, schools and organizations like Brown Paper TicketsTacoma School of the ArtsGage Academy of ArtNorthwest Film ForumASQ and others need to amp up the creativity, Jeff leads workshops, webinars, retreats and other events to fire up the creative spirit and empower people to tune  into their true potential.

Visit for more information.

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Royalty Spirits Founder Chaunci King is Today’s Honoree

Chaunci King of Royalty Spirits*, the first African American woman to own a spirits company in the Pacific Northwest, boasting fun flavors like Miru pear-infused vodka and caramel-colored Rex rye

whiskey. Highlighting rich taste, high quality and longevity, Miru is an ultra premium vodka made from pure Pacific Cascades spring water and grain, distilled multiple times to rid of any impurities to ensure a smooth mouthful. Originating from an old wives tale about the saurian goddess of the sea and inspired by female dominance and divine stature, each bottle of Miru features the goddess form, signifying the beauty of the bottles and the power of the drinks. Rex is artfully aged in charred Bordeaux wine barrels, and it’s essence overloads your palate with a rich, smooth finish. The company is debuting three non-alcoholic one-of-a-kind cocktail mixers infused with CBD, for teas, iced coffees, mocktails and more with full mobile bartending services.

On September 2020, the company hosted the first ever Women In Business Expo with registered women vendors from across the county, introducing women-owned brands to new opportunities, enhancing consumer awareness and igniting a movement towards women-owned companies. The Women In Business Expo will not only celebrate the bounty of women creators, but also facilitate long-lasting business relationships.

More about Chaunci:

Chaunci King founded Royalty Spirits, LLC in 2014 in the heart of Portland Oregon. Rex rye whiskey hit the market in 2017, selling in liquor stores and restaurants throughout Oregon. As a company of women innovators, Royalty Spirits has been involved in the Heel2Heel entrepreneur development workshop, and has partnered with The Society hotel, Canopy hotel, Kentucky Derby at Portland Meadows, The Bite Oregon and Vanport Jazz festival, to name a few.

Please visit the website at for more information. 

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Book Coach Amanda Polick is Today’s Honoree

At the age of 23, Amanda Polick decided to “retire” from acting, improv and sketch comedy to pursue a college degree and then a career in magazines. Two weeks after she graduated, Amanda started a one year editorial fellowship with Time Inc’s Cooking Light magazine and before the year was up, she was hired as the company’s first dedicated segment producer for Facebook Live. Amanda has since morphed her love of entertainment, video production and food writing into a book coaching business to guide professionals in those fields through the book writing process. She believes every person has a story to tell, but often, they can’t see how to do it or even what it is. And that’s why her main goal is to connect people to their best stories because they’re so much closer than they think.

Visit for more information.

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Author Jeannie Burlowski is Today’s Honoree

I’m a full-time academic strategist and speaker. My 344-page book LAUNCH: How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt-Free and Into Jobs They Love Afterward lays out clear, step-by-step strategies that empower parents to get their kids through high quality, best-fit colleges debt-free—and then directly into jobs they love afterward.

My expertise in this field comes from over 23 years of helping students apply to highly competitive law, medical, business, and graduate schools. During those years, I became a curator (think: a person who collects and catalogs valuable artifacts for a museum) of every good idea for succeeding brilliantly in college, graduating debt-free, and moving directly into satisfying and well-paying career after college. (And sailing straight into law, medical, business, or grad school, if that is a goal.)

In January of 2017 I packaged up every debt-free college and career strategy I know into one book you can have delivered straight to your doorstep.

Parents need only read one chapter of LAUNCH every 1–3 months while their kids are in middle school and high school, and they’ll know every viable debt-free college and career strategy at exactly the right time to implement it.

For more information please visit


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Interracial Dating Central Founder Robert Thompson is Today’s Honoree

Since June 12, 1967 also known as “Loving Day” named for the landmark Supreme Court case Loving v Virginia which legalized interracial marriage in the United States, interracial and interethnic marriages and relationships have been on the rise, with  
numbers steadily growing each decade. According to the U.S. Census Bureau 2012-2016, interracial marriages have increased from 7.4% (in 2000) up to 10.2%. As of 2020, people who identify as being in an interracial relationship or marriage hovers around 15% of the U.S. population. The majority of mixed-race relationships continue to surround major metropolitan hubs and significantly taper out in more rural communities America’s heartland still making it challenging to feel at ease.  Ironically, it was an Australian man who launched the world’s largest online interracial dating community, InterracialDatingCentral, back in 2004, sixteen years before popular culture made it as widely accepted as it is today. Robert Thompson was in the U.S. on a work visa in the early 2000s, working 14 hour days at a Silicon Valley startup and looking to date while in the states. “being Australian, I didn’t have many of the racial hang ups that Americans have, and I was open to dating all types of women,” he recalls. “I remember reaching out to women on, and some of the Black women would respond with comments like, ‘Step off White Boy,’ and the like. I was taken aback.”

Eventually, Robert connected with an African-born (Robert declines to mention her exact nationality) woman and the two started dating. “I was miserable at my job and wanted to be an entrepreneur. My then girlfriend suggested I create a dating website for Black women who were open to or looking to date across racial and ethnic lines, so I launched the website

We eventually broke up and one night I was on my own dating site and met another African women who became my wife.”  In 2004, Thompson launched his second website,, to accommodate all singles open to dating outside their race and the website quickly exploded in popularity. With 10 million members, worldwide, thousands of documented success stories and 2 million followers on social media, InterracialDatingCentral remains more than a dating website. “Apart from making matches, we’ve been at the forefront of advocacy for mixed-race couples and mixed-race families for nearly two decades. You would be surprised how many people around the world still depend on us to meet someone, but also for support and to find a community of likeminded people, especially those who live in small cities where interracial relationships, marriages and families are still not the norm,” explains Thompson.   

Visit for more information.

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Filmmaker and Film Producer Tim Tortora is Today’s Honoree

I started working in Hollywood over 30 years ago as a tape operator in a recording studio and work my way up through the ranks to the C-Suite by 2008. I learned a lot along the way… I worked with some amazing people…. Worked for some of the biggest companies ( Harpo Films, Mandalay Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Disney, TriStar Pictures, Columbia Pictures) and did it all having no family connection or friends who sat in key positions in the business.

I have been fortunate enough to work on some amazing product in marketing, physical production, distribution and finance. The credits include Terminator 2, Total Recall, Bugsy, The Doors, Tuesdays With Morrie, Jackass The Movie, Burton Snowboards, the Benji franchise and almost 60  TV movies for Lifetime, TNT and Hallmark Channel.

When I started working in entertainment, all I wanted was to run a Hollywood studio (and, of course, the glamorous lifestyle that comes along with the job).

The next 15 years were focused on doing nothing but pursuing that goal.  At age 30, I was the Head of Production for Harpo Films; and with each rung I climbed higher up the ladder, I was closer to achieving my dreams.

It took another 10 years, and the prospect of flying myself out of Mexico as a fugitive, for me to realize that what I wanted as an 18 year-old no longer existed.  The business had changed and what I now wanted as a 40-year-old was to live a life that had roots – and nothing to do with the inside of a plane, a hotel, or an airport.

After working in the trenches of film production at the highest levels for almost 25 years, successfully avoiding the Hollywood Con Man, my own greed finally got the best of me.

Now dedicated to helping young hungry dreamers & tech millionaires avoid sinking their hard earned money and time into a lousy film investment that will NEVER see a single penny returned.  In my book, I’ll take you on an adventure that will help you navigate and participate in Hollywood without being ripped off. A unique roadmap for how not to get duped in Hollywood.

Visit for more information.

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Mobile Escape Founder Eric Reynolds and Paul Harvey are Today’s Honoree

Eric Reynolds is a Co-founder of Mobile Escape as well as an author and MBA grad. Together with business partner Paul Harvey, Eric grew Mobile Escape to be one of the most innovative escape room companies in Canada. Mobile Escape has serviced hundreds of thousands of guests in their Mobile Units with an emphasis on education and the goal to #awakenwonder. In addition to their Mobile Escape rooms, Eric’s company innovated a new genre of Escape Puzzles called Tabletop Escape Games. When COVID hit their business, they reinvented themselves to develop Escape Mail, which has expanded rapidly across Canada, most of the US, and over a dozen countries. Eric is delighted to be able to design experiences for thousands of Escape Mailers and puzzle solvers worldwide. 

Paul Co-founded Mobile Escape with the vision of creating a sustainable business that was intrinsically beneficial to the communities it served. Paul did not thrive in a traditional classroom – he was the kid that had a hard time sitting down and being quiet long enough to read two sentences without staring off into space or talking with his neighbour. Paul helped start Mobile Escape with a desire to see students like himself thrive in a unique learning environment and discover, not how smart they are, but how they are smart. Paul graduated from Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in International Community Development. Upon graduation he and his wife, Kara, spent a year and a half on staff with Youth With A Mission based out of New Zealand. Paul applies his creative nature to the business by helping create each one of Mobile Escape’s original puzzles, as well as financial know-how and passion for sustainable development.

Visit for more information.

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