Designer Pups of Alabama LLC Founder LaCorie Jones is Today’s Honoree

My name is LaCorie Jones. We are located in Madison, Alabama. I was raised on a farm in Town Creek, Alabama. My family has raised cows, horses, pigs, cats, and dogs my entire life! I purchased my own herd of 10 cows in the 5th grade. I witnessed every aspect of the farming business by shadowing my father. I witnessed him assist cows give birth as a small child. I showed cows/steers in competition as a preteen before getting deeper into playing basketball, track, cross country, softball, cheerleading, and band in high school.

I went on to attend UAB and graduated with a degree in psychology and criminal justice. I have been in the social work field for 14 years and currently supervise a unit of social workers. My daughter loves animals and aspires to be a veterinarian after her soccer career. After growing up around various animals she always loved animals but her most desired pet was a dog. We learned that she is allergic to dog dander.

After doing a ton of research and consulting with her allergy specialist we decided that a miniature poodle would be perfect for her. We purchased our first miniature poodle in 2018! Poodles are highly intelligent, loyal, great family pets, calm temperaments, athletic, and most importantly hypoallergenic. Poodles do not shed, as they have hair vs fur, therefore are the safest option for people with dog allergies such as my daughter.

Our family fell in love with the breed and my daughter has not had any dog related health issues! Poodles are like a box of chocolates, you can’t just have one! We have now decided to spread the love by blessing the word with this wonderful hypoallergenic breed ethically and responsibly! I will only allow my pups to be adopted by families who I feel are a perfect fit and able to provide them with a great life! I never want any of my pups to end up in a shelter.

Visit for more information.

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