Bungee Brand Founder Darrell Alston is Today’s Honoree

After sketching 250+ designs from his jail cell and developing a business plan from prison, Darrell Alston reached his dream of launching his own luxury sneaker business Bungee Oblečení with three retail partners in Philadelphia beginning in Dec. 2020. Less than one year later, his dream reaches a new level through a national partnership with Foot Locker.  They will be selling his shoes online and in select stores starting with the Philadelphia market. Foot Locker has plans to expand Bungee’s distribution in other markets across the country including Atlanta, Miami, and more.

Originally an aspiring rapper who toured with Nelly, Lil’ Kim, and Jermaine Dupri, Alston used earnings from a record label deal to fund the sale of drugs in the late 1990s. It led to his incarceration of more than eleven years.

He realized his skill as a designer during his time at Graterford Prison and began conceptualizing the idea to launch a luxury sneaker brand. Alston spent his free time in prison sketching unique sneaker designs. When he was released, he acquired a barbershop to earn money and became a motivational speaker to help inner-city youth avoid the mistakes he made.

With investor backing and mentorship from former boxing legend Bernard Hopkins, Alston proved he was legitimate and officially launched Bungee Oblečení during the pandemic. The company releases multiple new shoe designs each season, while also developing an upscale apparel line.

Foot Locker added Bungee Oblecení in November 2021 as part of its Leading Education and Economic Development Initiative program, which committed $200 million to building Black sneaker and apparel businesses worldwide over the next five years.

Bungee Oblečení shoes are priced between $170 to $195 per pair. The company features an elevated line of luxury shoes and clothing, with inspiration from the Philadelphia skyline to the music world to California sunsets.

Visit https://bungeebrand.com/ for more information.

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