It’s Me, Charlotte Blogger Charlotte Dupont is Today’s Honoree for Monday November 9th, 2015

CharlotteBloggerHi—my name is Charlotte and I am a California native turned global citizen. I am passionate about cultivating a life of wellness, adventure and happiness. I’m currently traveling the world while learning what it means to live a vibrant and balanced life filled with authentic experiences, deep relationships and a green juice, or two. This is a blog dedicated to sharing my journey of living a vibrant life with you. I want to be my best self and want to teach you to be yours. I want to welcome you on this powerful journey. What do you say!?

Writing an about me page is incredibly hard. There is so much I want to share with you all. Can we just have a massive friend date and learn about each others lives and why you have ended up on my site? I would love that. I’ll do my best to sum up a little bit about me and the purpose of my site here…

Mission: Through my blog, I want to teach you to live vibrantly, everyday. Over the last decade, I have found how proper nutrition, lifestyle habits and self-love can create radical shifts in our lives. I want to extend the knowledge and personal experiences I have so you can be the best and most authentic version of yourself.

About me: I am a California girl with a Pacific Northwest flair. I am currently traveling the world and living/working as a digital nomad. My background is in journalism and photography and I use the skills I developed in school to create content for this blog and a variety of online publications. I also host food photography and styling workshops, photograph cookbooks, write for a variety of online and print publications and work as a health coach. I am an extremely extroverted and open person. I enjoy connecting with people of all walks of life. Wow—is that enough about me?

It’s me, Charlotte: This blog is the culmination of my passion for vibrant living, travel, healthy food and female entreprenuership. This is my sacred space and as I evolve as a human being, so does this blog. That’s why it’s called It’s me, Charlotte—it is the evolution of what I learn through my personal experiences.

Visit Charlotte for more information.


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