Masculine Shoe Designer Hasan Yates is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday November 10th, 2015

Hasan Yates with Big Tigger of V103

Hasan Yates with Big Tigger of V103

Our company was founded by CEO and entrepreneur Hasan Yates in 2014 with visions of creating a total brand. Born in 1985 Hasan always had a passion for fashion and creating new things to stand out from the crowd.

He came up with the name Masculine from researching his birth name meaning strength and boldness. Along with help from his wife Shaterica who’s also the CFO and Co-founder of the company, they have created a line of luxurious shoes and heels to satisfy any shoe addict desires.

Her line of course for woman is not Masculine, it’s The S.K.Y Collection from her original name. With our shoes being hand-crafted in Italy from 100% genuine Italian leather, there is no mistaking the quality in them.

Look out for our clothing and accessories coming to accommodate our footwear, it should be a movement worth the wait to see evolve into the vision once dreamed of.

Visit Hasan Yates for more information.


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