Author Nazeeh Z. Abdul-Hakeem is Today’s Honoree for Friday November 6th, 2015

ATHAANIslam in America is becoming increasingly more common. In his new book, “The Athaan in the Bull City: Building Durham’s Islamic Community,” author Nazeeh Abdul-Hakeem details the impact Black American Muslims have had on localizing Islam in Durham, North Carolina.

Since becoming a Muslim in 1979, Nazeeh Abdul-Hakeem has played an integral role in expanding the Islamic community in Durham, North Carolina by becoming the founder of Jamaat Ibad Ar-Rahman, Inc.; the place of worship for the largest Muslim community in Durham, North Carolina.

The Athaan in the Bull City” provides history from more than thirty years showing how Islam’s foundations in Durham rest upon the lives of Black American Muslims. The book also gives insight to the international perspective immigrant Muslims have provided through the years.

“Being Muslim in American Society is very challenging,” said Nazeeh Abdul-Hakeem. “Achieving unity among people of various races, backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, and languages takes a lifetime.”

The Athaan in the Bull City” will open readers up to the diversity found in the American religious experience and better acquaint them with a religion they hear of frequently but know little about.

About the author

Nazeeh Z. Abdul-Hakeem, a retired city planner for Durham, North Carolina, became a Muslim in 1979. He made several major and minor pilgrimages to Makkah and Madinah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and visited Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. He and Olaiya, his wife, have been married since 1982.

Visit Nazeeh Z. Abdul-Hakeem for more information.


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