The Let Us Make Man Motivator Keene Walker is Today’s Honoree

KWThe young, passionate, dynamic, and masterful motivator known for his countless achievements, Keene M. Walker trains and encourages thousands through his speeches and seminars which take place at events throughout the country. Keene inspires and empowers many with his heartfelt and triumphant life story.

Much of Keene’s strength is rooted in his upbringing in Thomaston, Georgia. Although he was born into poverty, and forced to grow up on rough streets and live in a row house that lacked even a bathtub, Keene overcame many of life’s stumbling blocks by turning them into stepping stones. Keene shares his story and much more in his soon to be released book, Teachers, We Are Crying Out! If You Don’t Respond, We Know the Streets Will After several near death experiences, Keene M. Walker decided it was time to change his life, as he refused to let his past determine his future. Instead, he chose to learn from the past, plan for the future, and make the best of the present.

In 1992, Keene graduated from Upson High School. He then journeyed to Montgomery, Alabama to continue his education at Alabama State University. In 1996, Keene graduated Summa Cum Laude from Alabama State, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Science Education. At the age of twenty-two, he became a public school teacher for Montgomery Public Schools (MPS). Within a few short years, Keene’s innate gift for teaching received recognition when he was honored as both a Golden Apple Teacher of the Week and a Golden Apple Teacher of the Year in 2001.

Although academics were his primary focus as a teacher, Keene also managed to inspire students in the fine arts. His talents in this area were recognized in 2001 when he was awarded the Choral Music Department’s Teacher of the Year Honor at George Washington Carver High School. In 2001, Keene moved from Montgomery to Atlanta, where his talent for educating and motivating continued to grow and impact others. He was recognized as the Teacher of the Month in 2002 and STAR Teacher in 2003 at North Clayton High School in College Park, GA.

As his abilities constantly increased in recognition and esteem, Keene often found himself mentoring new teachers, and leading seminars, workshops, and lectures on goal setting, time management, positive self-concept, and leadership skills for well-known agencies and institutions. After recognizing the high demand for his services, Keene decided to focus his skills to accomplish a greater goal. In 2006, he founded Dare 2 Care Technologies, LLC. Keene’s passion, which also serves as the mission of Dare 2 Care Technologies, is to elevate the educational, cultural, financial, and spiritual well-being of humanity.

It is truly Keene’s life goal to bring hope out of hopelessness, as he helps those trapped in the cycle of poverty and despair. In addition to his inspiring work as an educator, Keene has been featured as the Special Guest Speaker for Keith L. Brown’s 20/20 Enterprises, and has spoken at conferences with other world famous speakers, including George C. Fraser, M.L. King III, Reverend Joseph Lowery, and Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Keene has often been interviewed on radio talk shows and television networks due to his unique courage and stirring passion for educating and empowering students. He maintains alliances with organizations such as NEA, SCLC, SAEOPP, B-CAP, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. As a husband, father, teacher, counselor, and mentor, Keene remains committed to fighting for civil rights, social justice and educational equality.

He is a trailblazer that constantly motivates students, as he helps them to achieve goals of matriculating into institutions of higher education. Keene’s message is simple, yet powerful: You can do what you want to do and be what you want to be, if you accept the fact that there are no elevators to success…everyone must take the stairs! Keene constantly cites himself as an example of the positive and powerful impact education, motivation, and self-determination can have on one’s life. He believes that if he can overcome such obstacles to become a success story, anyone can!

Recognizing The Genius in Black Youth is a workshop that Keene recently taught at Let Us Make Man in Columbus, Ga.

This workshop will provide a roadmap for recognizing the genius in Black Youth; Specifically, identifying their strengths and talents and applying these skills to produce the greatest outcomes.  Additionally, techniques and strategies for motivating Black Youth, raising the performance bar and exceeding expectations to maximize educational outcomes will be presented.

If you are interested in booking Keene Walker for a speaking engagement or training, he can be reached via email at: He may also be reached by phone at (770) 374-3902.

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