Startup Brother Will Mitchell is Today’s Honoree

WillMitchellWill has been making money as an internet entrepreneur since he was thirteen years old. He started out importing products from China and selling them domestically.

After losing interest in that at 16, he moved on to launching a series of small websites and businesses and began learning advanced marketing techniques through much trial and error.

At 19, Will helped launch the social network and cashed out by 20. At that point, he decided to go back into business for himself and began doing consulting work for local businesses…

He is now the owner of Clear Presence Media, an online marketing agency that helps small businesses leverage the power of internet marketing. Will’s deep understanding of what is working online in marketing and entrepreneurship is unparalleled, and he is constantly working to keep his knowledge on the bleeding edge.

Visit Will Mitchell for more information.

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1 Response to Startup Brother Will Mitchell is Today’s Honoree

  1. This guy is like my HERO! YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Great honoree!

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