Today’s Honoree is Self Publishing Expert Ivin Viljoen

My claim to fame is that I have  written my first book in 3 days and published that book in two weeks  paving the way for me to become a self publishing expert. If you Google
my name, you will find many entries and articles I either wrote or  hosted. They are some of the many resources I have either written of or  preached about in my ministry career. I have also built and moderated  two websites that formed part of my youth work. Hey, you’ll even find  one or two negative articles about me on Google, but I’m sure all of us
who has spent over a year in their niche have had some kind of  persecution.

I have ever been trying to start a Church and after my seventh year  realized that perhaps that was not what I was supposed to do. Even  though ministry has always made me excited, and preaching even more, my struggles have made me realize that I am in the wrong business. I have a  dream, as Dr. Martin Luther King once said, and that is to write.

I am of the opinion that to have published ones work is the pinnacle in  writers’ success. And that I have set out to do. I have been blogging  since 2006 and forged a successful blog by the end of 2007 writing a  column from a Christian perspective. I have written thousands of  articles, many of them published on the internet, wrote a Bible College
curriculum, wrote scripts for a Cartoon series and wrote a couple books
of which one is already published.

My dream since I was little was to become a writer. Always trying to  preach the way I write, I realized even though I have pretty much honed  the craft of public speaking, I had many mountains to conquer in this  business. I figured since I have a passion for it, and it formed such a  big part of my ministry, I might as well pursue doing it for a living
writing with a purpose.

Going through around a month of planning, I eventually started my self  publishing blog, Authopublisher. I hope to provide immaculate value here  as I put my passion into what I do.”

Ivin Viljoen has been a student of Commenting for close to seven years. During his many year of blogging he has formulated a blueprint to build new brands and launch new websites or blogs by simply using commenting as a marketing tool. The Commenting Blueprint is a course jam packed with more than 50 videos that delves into every single commenting strategy available online today. Get the 411, find strategies, tools and even get help with your commenting admin. Launches soon, sign up for a free video today!

Visit Ivin Viljoen for more information.

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2 Responses to Today’s Honoree is Self Publishing Expert Ivin Viljoen

  1. I LOVE Ivin!!! He interviewed me at the beginning of the year. He’s just great! 🙂

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