Today’s Honoree is the World’s Largest Athlete Emanuel Yarbrough

For more than two decades, Emanuel “Tiny” Yarbrough  has taken on challenges that most would think impossible and consistently proven       that he has the focus and etermination to master any endeavor.  At 6 feet 8 inches and more than 625 pounds, Tiny is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest professional athlete in the world. This former World Sumo Champion and World Super-Heavyweight Judo Champion, has built an impressive track record of success   in several sports, toppling champion caliber athletes along the way.

Despite his size, which many regard  as an advantage, Tiny has battled fiercely with both external and internal opponents during his entire career. Throughout his journey, he has learned tough lessons including how defeat can lead to victory and that the greatest benefit of fame is its ability to bring attention to important issues affecting the lives of millions.

Perhaps Tiny’s greatest achievement has been his record of inspiring and motivating others. For millions seeking confidence, better health or a better life, Tiny represents a living example of success. He proudly welcomes being a role model, delivering his message loudly and consistently, “You Are All Winners”!


Tiny  has won several World and US National Wrestling, Judo and Sumo       Championships, and is recognized worldwide as “International Sumo’s Greatest Ambassador”. Tiny gives Sumo clinics and has made personal appearances in Japan, India, Canada, France, Poland, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, and Martinique, as  well as, many states throughout the USA. He is a board member of  the Sumo Kids Foundation in NY and recently accepted an offer to  become an active staff member. Tiny loves to coach and mentor young people.


Tiny has appeared in more than 20 film and television programs internationally. Memorable performances include a recurring role on the HBO series “OZ”, the Spelling/Sony film “Hart and High Season”, Bolywood         film “Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi”, starring Indian actor Akshay Kumar, the German movie “Sumo Bruno”, and the Japanese film “Legend of a Devil”. In addition, Tiny was a finalist  on the “Weakest Link”, and was featured in the documentary “Sumo East & West”. Tiny also appears in  the “Morning Glory” movie trailer.


Tiny  has appeared in more than two-dozen commercials for major US and Japanese corporations, including Motorola, Smart Beep, Pure Water Company, Japan Air, and others.


Tiny  has shared his experiences on talk shows, in magazines and at live       events around the world. He has appeared on such programs as Tonight       Show with Jay Leno, Regis and Kelly, Roseanne, Late Night with David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Conan O’Brian, Thomas Gottschalk Show in Germany and others.


Tiny attracts attention! He has been profiled on such programs as CNN       Showbiz Today, Nightline, Fox & Friends in the Morning, 20/20, Good Morning America  ESPN “Cold Pizza”, ABC World News, EXTRA, MTV’s Total Request Live, and others. 

Tiny has also been profiled in such publications as: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Village Voice, Philadelphia Inquirer, Japan’s Van Van Sumo, Sumo World Magazine, GQ, Sports Illustrated, Jet, Ebony, Giant Robot, Vibe Magazine, and others.

Tiny writes as an Advice Columnist for the art magazine “Giant Robot Magazine” and is a contributing writer for the new online magazine “No Strings Attached”. His is featured in celebrity photographer Howard Schatz’s seminal photographic  record, “Athlete”.


Tiny  is certified as 4th Dan/Yodan by Nihon Sumo Renmei in 1996.  He was the Sumo World and North American Sumo Champion in 1996 and 1997, and has been a Member of the U.S. National Team since 1992.  A former High School and NCAA Division II All-American and Freshman All-American Wrestler and Football player (Morgan State University), Tiny also competed in Mixed Martial Arts competitions, including Ultimate Fighting Championship 3, Pride 3 (Tokyo Japan), and WUSA Shootboxing Championship (Tokyo Japan).

Visit Emanuel Yarbrough for more information

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