Satsang House Founder Maggie Kelly is Today’s Honoree

Maggie brings over eleven years of experience and study under Deepak Chopra and a dozen years of daily meditation practice in a new type of hybrid contemplative approach to her clients. It’s this integrative approach which causes life-long transformative success in clients feeling paralyzed, disempowered and living a life without purpose.

After her son was born chronically ill with a life-shortening, chronic, progressive and incurable disease, Maggie hit a wall in her life which catapulted her into re-evaluating her life’s purpose and direction. Once she began her inward journey to explore how she is best suited to use her gifts and talents to serve humanity, Maggie left her high-paying corporate job in one of the most influential media companies in the world to begin anew.

Maggie is committed to creating world peace one person at a time through her reservoir of practical tips, tools and practices. Maggie further incorporates the practice of meditation, mindfulness and “deep looking” to guide your listeners into how to live a life of meaning and purpose. She has devoted her life to ensuring none of us wake up on our deathbed wishing we had lived life differently.

Maggie is a tremendous source of inspiration and pure joy to those who come in contact with her. She is also a highly engaging, insightful and intuitive guest. Maggie will leave your audience with  several inspiring teachings, words of wisdom and practical tools to implement into their own lives.

Visit for more information.

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