Greer Consulting, Inc. President Jason Greer is Today’s Honoree

Jason Greer is the president of Greer Consulting, Inc. (GCI). GCI is a labor and employee relations management firm that focuses on helping companies solve issues that keep executives up at night.

“In terms of scaling for 2020, businesses need to focus on tapping into the core strengths of their employees. So often Companies will outsource to compensate for perceived needs when the reality is that their employees understand the business needs just as well, and at times better, then they are given credit for. Employees want to contribute to the success of a company but they often feel as though their voices do not count.”

Greer Consulting, Inc.’s patented Deep Dive Assessment services can help Senior Care Companies:

  1. Reduce turnover rate by as much as 40%
  2. Increase employee satisfaction scores by 30%
  3. Mitigate diversity issues in the workplace
  4. Build successful relationships between managers and employees

We solve the problems that keep you and your management team awake at night!

Greer Consulting, Inc. has experienced incredible success in the field of labor relations due to our unique ability to combine our experience in Labor Relations, Counseling Psychology and Organizational Development. GCI utilizes registered persuaders as well as labor attorneys to assist large and small businesses across multiple industries to overcome their internal employee relations struggles.

Greer Consulting, Inc. offers the patented GCI Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion (DEI) model that addresses the critical issue of psychology of Diversity, the legality issues of diversity and the financial/management areas of successful diversity organization while optimizing the performance of your employees and creating a culture of management excellence.

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