The Content Factory CEO Kari DePhillips is Today’s Honoree

I’m the CEO of The Content Factory, a digital PR agency that specializes in SEO and social media marketing. I started TCF in 2010 with $500 and some SEO skills, and the company is now one of the top SEO agencies in the English-speaking world. Our portfolio features a wide variety of clients, including Astroglide, Fairtrade America, enterprise-level SaaS companies and a lot of others in between.

My team and I have been featured in Forbes, Adweek, Inc, Entrepreneur and many other media outlets for our digital marketing expertise and work culture. Thrive named me a “limit-breaking female founder” and NBC News referred to me as a “CEO who takes job perks to the max” due to the fact that all of TCF’s employees work from home, or wherever there’s WiFi. I’m an influencer in the digital nomad space (even called a “digital nomad role model” in Glamour), and have worked from over a dozen different countries in the last year.

As a result, we save an average of 500 hours – each – every year by skipping the “get ready” routine and daily commute to an office. My agency’s overhead is low, and I pass that savings on to our clients. Because TCF embraces digital nomadry, I’m able to attract and hire top talent from all over the US.

Over the years I’ve become an evangelist for the work-from-home (or anywhere) lifestyle, particularly for women. I co-host the Workationing podcast, which follows Kelly Chase and I as we transition to full-time digital nomads and travel the world. In my spare time, I co-admin the Workationing and Sisters in SEO Facebook groups, cage dive with sharks, race cars and fly planes.

Visit for more information.

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