Dr. Tracy Thomas is Today’s Honoree

Founder, creator, and clinical director of The Live Your Potential Academy – The most transformational recovery system in the world. Dr. T is a licensed psychologist, an interventionist, a recovery strategist, and a performance coach.

She’s helped hundreds of struggling clients, fully recover from complex emotional and behavioral disorders and completely remove them from their lives. Dr. T knows people and knows how to get results.

As a Clinician, Coach, Speaker, Consultant, and Strategist, she turns her clients into leaders who take charge of their own lives and change the very way they exist. Dr. T is passionate about changing the way clients recover themselves from emotional and behavioral disorders, so they can experience their full potential.

She’s driven every day to bring relief as well as the capacity for emotional and behavioral mastery to suffering people everywhere. In addition to running her national company Dr. Tracy Inc., Dr. T has worked with top executives, leaders, and celebrities, equipping them with the resources to fully recover and live out their potential.

She’s been published and cited in over a dozen national magazines for her unique approach to mastering life’s twist and turns, and her new book, The Method: A Practical Path to Your Living Your Purpose and Potential, will be out in early 2018.

Visit https://www.drtracyinc.com/about/ for more information.

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