Hassan “KYD Works” Barrow is Today’s Honoree

Dear Lost Fathers:

My name is Hassan “Kyd Works” Barrow Artist, business owner, actor.  Most have known me the past few years for one of two things Music and Fitness.

For almost 2 years and until recently privately dealt with the pain and angst of being separated from my twin sons.

Not seperated by choice but through the manipulation of the legal system ie. Family Court by their mother.

Once our personal relationship ended she did all she could to end my relationship with our boys. From false allegations, to attempts to have me arrested without cause. She did all she could to manipulate the system and violate my rights as their father.

My children till this day are still withheld from me and I am still fighting in court. My case is unique but not uncommon, many fathers like myself are fighting for rights that never should have been violated. To be clear I only speak on behalf of the “fit fathers” the ones like myself that never had any issue with his children, are actively in their children’s lives or fighting to be in court.

The family court system has been one sided for quite some time and through my organization Lost Fathers I plan to help educate assist fathers on their mission to be a parent.

In our society it is too easy and expected to blame the male when a relationship goes sideways and it seems the courts make judgments based on this.

I will continue to use my situation and voice to shed light on dark situations happening across America in family court.

Visit http://www.kydworks.com/about-kyd-works/ for more information

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