Author and Summit Financial Partners, Inc. Founder Jennifer Luzzatto is Today’s Honoree

Jennifer began her career in the financial services industry 30 years ago as a fixed-income trader in a regional brokerage firm. This background paved the way for her to join a commercial bank where she managed personal trust accounts, institutional portfolios, and a municipal bond mutual fund.

In 1999, Jennifer transitioned from her career in banking to financial planning and investment advisory services when she founded Summit Financial Partners in Richmond, Virginia. She has offered fee-only advice to individuals and corporations from the beginning.

Jennifer’s straightforward financial planning and investment philosophy emphasizes highly diversified portfolios, being faithful to regular savings contributions, and to developing a strategy that clients can maintain on a long term basis.

After living in many parts of the country, Jennifer settled in Richmond over 35 years ago. After almost 26 years of marriage, her husband lost his battle with Leukemia. Jennifer has a 11-year-old daughter and one “All American” breed dog.

Jennifer is passionate about her clients and her relationships with them on a human level. You can often hear Jennifer commenting that her clients are never far from her thoughts. Jennifer is an active member of her church and enjoys spending time with her family in the mountains of Virginia.

She is also the author of Inheriting Chaos with Compassion. Inspired by Jennifer’s personal experience and informed by her three decades in the financial services industry, Inheriting Chaos with Compassion will get you through the tangled financial legacy your loved one left behind.

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