Skees Family Foundation Founder Suzanne Skees is Today’s Honoree

As founder of the Skees Family Foundation, her principal is that everyone deserves the chance of a fulfilling future, and that starts with a simple paycheck. Suzanne is shining a light on their mission to support self-help programs in the U.S and developing countries in education and job creation.  Their work has served to provide thousands of resources and jobs around the world.

Suzanne’s goal however is even deeper as she believes and supports working in a job that makes you fulfilled/happy and serves a purpose not only for you but others. In doing so, she has worked all over the world interviewing people in her MY JOB book series whereby she profiles 15 people of all walks of life to show that while our jobs connect us, they are not what define us. Instead, it’s a drive to do better for yourselves and the ones you love. All proceeds go back to the foundation.

In  MY JOB People at Work Around the World, Book 2 , author Suzanne Skees profiles fifteen professionals from all corners of the globe, seeking to understand how our work shapes our lives. The fascinating people that Skees meets work in all kinds of industries: health and recovery, education and finance, agribusiness and processing, tourism and culture, and diplomacy and peace.

MY JOB explores the dignity, identity, economic viability, and inherent challenges of each occupation, asking such provoking questions as: How has the definition and notion of a job shifted in recent years? How does one land in a particular job, and what causes one to flourish or flounder in it? How does our job shape our sense of identity?

As Skees explores how our experiences, interests, and views help determine the career we pursue and how the career, in turn, continues to shape our identity, readers just may discover that while the fields, countries, and cultures we work in are different, the intricate ways in which our work effects our lives are universal.

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