Baby Jack & Company CEO Kelley Legler is Today’s Honoree

Kelley Legler is a native to the Milwaukee area, growing up in New Berlin and raising her family in the vicinity of Hales Corners. She took to sewing immediately when she was let go from her marketing job after having first born Jack. Since having children Jackson and Bailey, she turned a craft fair hobby into a national brand of selling tag blankets and toys all over the U.S. and world!  The Learning Lovey™ originated from Jack’s very first blanket, an ABC fleece print that he still enjoys eight years later. She shares her intimate story about how Ribbon Loops Give Her Anxiety and how she is inspired to create prints.

Each and every transition of growth, Baby Jack and Company has stayed true to providing vibrant colors of prints for their customers to enjoy. Now, together as a family, they sketch and design prints using basic shapes, letters, numbers and key strokes to encourage early learning with their products.

How did it all begin?

After seeing the love of ribbons that her son Jack had, Kelley developed an alternative tag blanket in 2011 by sewing ribbons closed into tabs to prevent fingers from getting stuck in loops. She personally designs all the prints and runs the business with the help of her family. It’s a true family business as her children, Jack and Bailey, not only help with ideas for designs but also with sketching using basic shapes, letters, numbers and keystrokes.

Why baby Jack?

– Educationally designs for early learning of shapes, colors, letters, numbers

– Vibrant colors alluring to all ages

– Soft, appealing textures with a focus on sensory needs

– Ribbons sewn shut for additional safety

– Focus on product quality and longevity

Visit for more information.

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