Author Frank Miceli is Today’s Honoree

Retired Professor Frank Miceli has compiled in his new book “Meditations from Washington Square” an assortment of narrative poems: vignettes that span the course of his life. Some stem from childhood; others describe a person or a situation he recently encountered.

Miceli lives in an apartment across the street from Washington Square Park. He uses the park as his front yard. During warm days, he sits on a park bench, observes people, reads, listens to music, thinks, and ultimately reminisces while he enjoys the sun. After several months of introspection and reconsideration, he wrote down some of his thoughts.

This collection features poems both intimate and thematic. They are randomly ordered. Miceli writes simply but with perception and sensitivity. His vignettes are not structured as traditional poems. Rather, they are personal, easily accessible, and relatable. He has enriched his writing with curiosity, wit, and a sense of humanity.

Washington Square Park is located at the southern end of Fifth Avenue in the Greenwich Village locale of Manhattan. It is best known for its arch which honors George Washington. The park is typically filled with people sitting on benches, walking dogs, playing with children, performing, demonstrating, conversing, going to and coming from classes at NYU, playing and listening to music, relaxing on the grass, enjoying or deliberating about life.

About the Author

Frank Miceli is a lifelong New Yorker: he grew up in the city and on Long Island. After serving in the US Army during the Korean War, he attended New York University, where he received a PhD. Miceli is the author of the novel “The Seventh Month” and has contributed to many American Education publications. For 50 years, he has lived on Washington Square.

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