Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Dodier is Today’s Honoree

As a clinical nutritionist, honors graduate from Institute of Holistic Nutrition and the creator of the Dodier Protocol (an integrative approach which incorporates primary foods, nutrient therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy and mind-body connection in the treatment of disease) I’m about to help you overcome your health crises.

The Dodier Protocol is predicated on strengthening your mind-body connection to enable you to decode the messages your body is sending you the only way it knows how: through symptoms of weight-gain, pain and discomfort.

By teaching you how to listen and observe your body in a curious and compassionate way, I’ll help you make necessary lifestyle changes and heal your body naturally with food.

As a clinical nutritionist, former-corporate VP and recovering Type-A personality, I specialize in helping busy, results-orientated women like you who:

  • Have been blindsided by some kind of health crises that you just didn’t see coming.
  • Have been tested, prodded and poked by countless M.D.s who are unwilling or unable to advise you on gentler, kinder alternative ways to alleviate your symptoms.
  • Have been self-medicating your way through pain and discomfort with your drug of choice only for matters to become progressively worse.
  • Find it hard to put yourself first and your health your priority when there are so many other people placing demands on your time.
  • Are struggling to lose the weight you gained as a result of your health challenge.
  • Dealing with cravings that you never experienced before and just can’t seem to say no to.
  • Are finding it hard to stay grounded and emotionally balanced.
  • Want to experience what it’s like to feel happy, present and at peace in your body once again.

Visit https://www.stephaniedodier.com/about/ for more information.

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