Domino Thinking Strategist Alison Donaghey is Today’s Honoree

Thought Strategist … what an ideal way to describe Alison Donaghey who also serves as a speaker, successful business owner, consultant and author of Think Opposite: Using the Domino Effect to Change Your Business, Change the World.  Alison specializes in challenging people to suspend their belief and explore the opposite of what they believe.  Then they proceed with clarity because they either remain firm in their original belief or they shift to a point of view that they are more aligned with.  She can share countless examples of how encouraging others to question their status quo often leads to improvements not only in their world but the world.

This way of thinking became an instrumental way for Alison to grow her painting business.  When she began her business as a single mom on welfare she had many contrary thoughts to mainstream thinking.  If she had followed popular culture she would never have started the business or work to see it grow to a six-figure income within five years.  Thinking Opposite is clearly powerful … look at what it did for Alison.

This Think Opposite Woman is an adventure-seeker and loves life out on the edge.  It makes sense that the topics of her Think Opposite Radio Show are edgy and controversial.  She likes to lead people to question why they believe what they believe so they do not become part of the huge problem of echo chambers in our world.

Alison speaks from the heart and is led by a desire to improve conditions whether that is in someone’s business or their life.  We all benefit when we strive to make things better and question the status quo.  When Alison addresses her global audiences she captures theirntion and leads them to deeper clarity and creative thinking and problem solving.

Visit for more information.

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