Author David L. Roberts is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday January 26th, 2016

PycheA child should never be judged by his or her behavioral characteristics. This is the mantra of licensed clinical psychologist and author David L. Roberts, BA, MS, MS, Ph.D., a firm believer that the right tools and support go a long way in helping at-risk kids and adults gain the internal perspective they need to successfully move forward in life.

Roberts’ newest book reflects this mantra. “Psyche-Soul-ology” is an informative guide for anyone with a vested interest in mentoring troubled, at-risk and high-risk kids. A companion to the author’s previous work, “At the Mercy of Externals,” Roberts’ latest edition provides clinical insights in easy-to-digest terms, relatable real-life case examples, and proven approaches.

The real-life case examples shared in “Psyche-Soul-ology” touch on everything from myths to misperceptions related to issues of psychological development, sexuality, addiction, criminality, and intelligence, coupled with proven approaches that maximize efforts to reach and guide kids successfully.

“Not every child can be saved, however, most of them can be saved as long as we as professionals treat them with the respect and support they deserve,” Roberts said. “I am very proud to share my thoughts and insights with anyone and everyone who is interested in understanding at least some of the realities of human nature.”

An extension of his life’s work and passion, Roberts currently runs ProKids, Inc., a private practice that offers services focused on advocacy, counseling, redirection and support. For more information visit

About the author

David L. Roberts, BA, MS, MS, Ph.D., earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, now under Alliant International University. He is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in the field of psychology and nearly 20 years working specifically with young children through late adolescence utilizing various individual and family therapy approaches. Dr. Roberts now runs ProKids Inc., and lives in Mobile, Alabama. In addition to “At the Mercy of Externals” and “Psyche-Soul-ology,” his previous work includes a five-volume kit entitled “ProKids, Inc; The Message and the Movement: A Guide for Parents and Professionals,” which encompasses his first two books, a program called Kits in Touch Against Violence Cadets, his thesis and his dissertation.

Visit David L. Roberts for more information.


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