Everything and a Happy Ending Author Tia Shurina is Today’s Honoree for Monday January 25th, 2016

HappyEndingThe Bill Cosby scandal still manages to grab headiness in 2016 as it highlights the fact a celebrity’s outside public persona may not be reflective of the individual’s inside private life and that comedians in particular, many times, have hidden realities that aren’t so funny, nor forthright about with the fans who adore them and fuel their ride to fame. Bill Cosby was protégé to a number of comedians. Ray Romano is one of those who would mimic his brand of humor and imitate his style to incredible worldwide success. Ray stars in a new HBO series debuting this Valentine’s Day. VINYL, a rock & roll drama, has Ray making a significant leap into a role far outside the character that garnered him the status of devoted yet bumbling man-child husband reputation which was the bedrock of his popularity. The persona he perpetuated and built up along with his stardom locked him in a pigeon hole though. Tia Shurina’s new book, Everything and a Happy Ending, sheds light on the reality that sometimes Hollywood’s biggest successes aren’t always so “true”. Her memoir details how their old friendship turned to a secreted emotional love affair that would replace Bill Cosby as Ray’s motivator and mentor and how she was able to help him flip a sad reality into a fantastical new life.

Tia Shurina’s resonating, insightful, time-lined memoir was published recently by Mascot Books. Her writing was the secret agent of change that is the highlight of Ray Romano’s career transformation. As she transitioned through her own real life roles; daughter, wife and ex-wife, career “assistant”, mom and friend, she became the muse for one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. In that powerful role she enabled him to emerge from his cocoon and step into his own real and “reel” life metamorphosis.

Throughout her book Shurina illuminates her awakening and transformation, staying committed to embracing the high road towards nourishment, satisfaction and recognition while exuding strength, courage and kindness. Her story shares her journey to give and also receive love without domination, submission, or sublimation.

Everything and a Happy Ending demonstrates a path of support and giving freely by allowing one’s inspiration to assist others on their life’s physical and spiritual journey. Her memoir takes the reader through sorrow and tribulation leading to growth, clarity, peace, release and joy as she recounts three interwoven circles and love stories with a few of the most important men in her life. Tia chronicles how her early relationship with her father set the foundation for her long marriage to her now ex-husband and then shared how her adult relationship with her dad “set the stage” for a unique and beautiful love story with the comedian and actor. She details how her faith is eternally strengthened as her own re-birth inspired her old and special friend to grow and evolve himself. Tia has been his shadow muse and mentor since a poignant and powerful reconnection became the catalyst for her privately shared personal evolution which became the root and core of Romano’s own journey of “soul work”. That inspiration allowed him to achieve some of the greatest successes of his career.

Shurina states, “my dad’s advice to me when I was younger was, “hold your form”. It took many years to see the significance of his insight. Those bellwether words were integral to embracing my faith, finding joy within (and without!), allowing “true” love, gifting sacrifice, giving in peace and empowering others to reconnect and rise to their own truths and best form.”

This enticing timeline memoir is a tour de force of one woman’s emergence in singular empowerment and the recognition of the interconnected heart, balancing the spiritual and the material, and her selfless, unconditional giving to another to help liberate him from a life ruled by the chains of Hollywood status and driven by the adulation of celebrity.

Through the sharing of her intimate mental, emotional, financial, spiritual and physical journey Tia hopes it will drive others to claim their authentic self…their most powerful “true” self.

Shurina says, “It’s my prayer that in reading my book, another woman who is feeling dissatisfied in her life can feel a spark of optimistic possibility and decide to take a babystep forward”.

Visit Tia Shurina for more information.

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