Reach 4 Your Dreamz Inc Founder Gwennetta Wright is Today’s Honoree

GwenWrBorn November 25th 1978, Gwennetta Wright is a young entrepreneur who is a living representation that dreams can come true. Gwennetta Wright started on her journey as an entrepreneur in Sept 2006 when she opened the doors of Xpert Tax Service. Wright is a woman who believes that any dream is reachable if you have faith in the Lord above and are willing to work hard and sacrifice to obtain it.

Her entrepreneur story is this; in 2006, Gwen found the strength to trust in God and follow her dream. She had been working at a factory going on 10 years at that time, while for the last 2 years doing income taxes seasonal working as an independent contractor under another tax office. She “really” did love doing taxes and wanted to learn all about the craft. So, in early 2006 she found the strength to resign at her 60,000 a year job that had become strained and took a 25,000 a year flexible job to walk out on faith an open up her on tax office named “Xpert Tax Service” in Columbus, Ga. The amazing thing is opening up this office was strictly done on faith. She did not have money saved and she did not have to get any loans but somehow God made it happen.

xpertToday, year 2014; Xpert Tax Service is still up and running. She owns Xpert Tax Service LLC in Columbus and Stone Mountain Ga. In 2007, Gwen obtained a real estate license and also won an award for Quick Closer in year 2007. In year 2008, Gwen had been given a vision from God to give back to the community. She wanted to take her blessings and be a blessing to others. So, she had this vision to have a big family event where you show love by bringing families together to eat a real Christmas Dinner, play games, give away toys, and show love for Christmas. The event was called Xpert Tax Service Toy-Give-Away Christmas Event. The event fed 1000 individuals a “real” Christmas dinner and gave away over 1000 toys and gifts. Gwennetta funded 95% of the event that 1st year out of her own pockets and continue to fund majority of the event today. Today under Gwen vision the event has happen every year since 2008. She also has been able to do the event in Riverdale Ga. her home of residence since 2008. The only change that she made to the event is the name. In year 2012; when she started her 501c3 nonprofit, she transferred the event under it to hopefully one day to see the vision of the event transformed into something bigger than her.

Reach4YourDreamzAmong the other businesses Gwen owns today is Reach 4 Your Dreamz Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit and a boutique named Fashionizta. Reach 4 Your Dreamz Inc. is on the move. She views this as her optimal way to be able to give back. Reach 4 Your Dreamz Inc. is an enrichment program designed to engage the youth and adults in activities that develop their inner self to obtain their personal, financial, or career goals. Reach 4 Your Dreamz has hosted and will host for year 2014 four big events that will give back to the community.

In Gwen words, “I believe in motivating the people around me to live their purpose in life. I walk by blind faith in everything that I do and know that the sky is the limit. I do not just consider myself a business owner, I was put on this earth to be a leader and to take the blessings that the Lord has stored upon me through my business and give back to my community”

Visit Gwenetta Wright for more information.

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