Unbeaten Champion Frank Dux is Today’s Honoree

FrankDuxFrank Dux is one of the most intriguing and interesting men alive today. Most people know him from the classic action film which documents his life, Bloodsport.  In it,  Jean Claude Van Damme portrays him in one of the most incredible stories written about a young man who grows up to become the unbeaten champion-the first non-oriental- to win the fight in a centuries long competition known as the Kumite.

Frank Dux is one of those people who never has anything bad to say about anyone. Always ready to help the underdog or lend a helping hand to anyone less fortunate. He is a man with a vision driven by a passion to help underprivileged children and who often uses his celebrated status and image for fundraising events. In spite of his good  nature, he has often been the target of ridicule because his life has been so amazing that it is difficult for some people to accept that they are hearing about one single man, for Frank Dux in his mere 59 years, has lived multiple lifetimes.

He is responsible for developing a water purification system to help people in rural areas have sustainable safe drinking water, was instrumental in helping the Soviets recover a dangerous chemical that threatened world safety and helped to avert a nuclear bomb while in active service as a covert operative agent, disclosed in the book The Secret Man.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has awarded him with the rank of Admiral in recognition of his service and today he continues to inspire people through public speaking on the topic of Overcoming Adversity, Betrayal and Crisis, all three of which have not ever destroyed his faith in humanity or his desire to make this world a better place.

Visit Frank Dux for more information.

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