Inventors Society of South Florida President Leo Mazur is Today’s Honoree

InventorsSocietyWorking in and around the electrical field for over 40 years has given Leo Mazur the unique opportunity to partially satisfy his natural curiosity about almost every type of industrial process, mechanical device and commercial endeavor, as well as giving him an understanding of legal, marketing and business procedures.

Having worked in the homes of people from all walks of life and social structures, from the richest to the poorest, he has ingratiated himself as part of the family, thereby obtaining first hand observations that he can use to view products from their perspective.

A life long do-it-yourselfer, he makes his own prototypes, does his own research, and has written and prosecuted his own patent overcoming a difficult rejection.

As a public speaker, he has dynamic presentations regarding various inventor related subjects such as Making Your Own Prototypes, Investing in Inventions, Budgeting for Success, Gathering Marketing Information and of course An Overview for the New or Would-Be Inventor.

In The News

This 95-year old Delray man invents a better screwdriver, a Sun-Sentinel article 6/25/2013 (PDF)

The Great Invention: From Idea to Product, a CBS12 News video 2/15/2013


“For as long as I’ve known Leo, he has talked about getting Industry and the Independent Inventor together. Here’s a guy who takes the theories and practices of the corporate world and uses them on his own projects while teaching others to do the same.

Leo and the members of his organization are among the most businesslike and progressive groups in the country. Leo is a huge asset to the inventing community. Thank you for all that you do.”

Stephen Key
Co-Founder, InventRight

“Leo Mazur is an inventor, and a friend. I came to know Leo through bumping into each other at the USPTO Inventors Conference, and have stayed in close contact ever since. Leo is well respected within the industry and extremely knowledgeable about what it takes to move from idea, to crude gadget to full fledged invention. Every time I chat or correspond with Leo I learn more, and our brainstorming sessions feed off each other. As a patent attorney and very novice inventor myself I have found it invaluable to gain insights from an inventor who treats innovation as a business. As a patent attorney I view issues from that frame of reference, and Leo helps me to see things from the inventors perspective. I have frequently used our conversations, Leo’s insights and feedback to work out how to explain difficult patent concepts to inventors, and as a result my work with inventors has benefited, as well as my writing. In a sea of pretenders in this industry Leo is the real deal.”

Eugene R. Quinn, Jr.
US Patent Attorney (Reg. No. 44,294)
President & Founder, IPWatchdog, Inc.

Visit Leo Mazur for more information.

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