Walter L. Shaw The Genius On Hold is Today’s Honoree

WalterLShaw(Dec 20, 1917 – July 21, 1996)

Walter L. Shaw had an astonishing 39 patents to his credit. Among the most widely used were; the first burglar alarm that automatically calls the police; the hands free speaker phone; the black box (a toll free calling device), call forwarding; the White House “Red Phone” alert system; a tone generator, which later became the touch tone pad for touch tone dialing; conference calling; extend-a-watts, and voice print recognition.

Amazingly, Mr. Shaw never got credit for these innovative and remarkable inventions that have made our lives easier, nor was he compensated for them until now. A man that was robbed and restricted by the insatiable and unyielding power of corporate America; a man who had to compromise his high code of ethics to help support his family while corporate America dishonored him and bound him to a life of financial struggles; this man, whose brilliance and passion touches the lives of billions of people daily through telecommunication innovations, is the same man who died penniless. Corporate America has frequently profited from someone’s inventions, as in Walter L. Shaw’s case, which have been taken and used by businessmen and large corporations to achieve profit and success for themselves, but not share their benefits with the creator.

Florida State Senator Dan Jenkins recently wrote a letter recognizing the contribution to society that the late Walter L. Shaw gave to the world through his inventions. Florida State Representative Stephen R. Wise was also instrumental in obtaining the proclamation which acknowledges Walter L. Shaw’s incredible achievements.

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