Women’s Empowerment Leader Tierica Berry is Today’s Honoree

TiericaAs an art activist Tierica Berry has been inspiring young women since she started writing in 1999. Tierica is currently the author of several empowerment books including Butterfly Tales a compilation of poems and stories of transition and resilience for young ladies. In response to invitations from Boys and Girls Club, NAACP, and a host of other organizations across the country, she has traveled to various cities sharing her strategies on effectively expressing one’s self through the arts. Overreacting or suppressing one’s feelings can have equally detrimental outcomes such as depression, bullying, and self sabotage.

Working in conjunction with Hustle University Tierica recently launched Affirmative Expression delivering interactive presentations teaching young ladies how the art of honoring one’s feelings can instantly improve self esteem, confidence, and performance at work or school.

What is Affirmative Expression?

Affirmative Expression is an educational program that delivers presentations to help young women and children to express themselves in a positive manner as oppose to the negative alternatives such as bullying, teen violence, crime, and self destruction. Affirmative Expression discourages suppressing one’s feelings but honoring them and making a conscious decision to ensure our actions yield favorable outcomes.

Our Mission:

To empower young women and youth to realize their true potential through the art of expressing themselves affirmatively to build confidence and boost self worth.

ButterflyTalesButterfly Tales is a compilation of motivating poems and stories of trials, tribulation and triumph for girls and the ones that care for them. Butterfly tales uses the life cycle of the butterfly as an analogy to illustrate real life issues our young women are faced with on a daily basis as they transition from childhood to womanhood. Each reader will witness the journey of the slow, insecure, shy caterpillar fumbling through challenges and trying to find herself. While in her cocoon stage she becomes aware of herself and sheds her insecurities and low self-esteem to find her voice. Finally she gains her confidence as she completes her last stage of metamorphosis transitioning into the strong, confident, intelligent, and beautiful butterfly she was destined to be.

Butterfly Tales covers the following topics:

-positive self-esteem
-Overcoming life changing events
-Decisions and consequences

Visit Tierica Berry for more information.

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