Family Over Football Hero Brandon O’Brien is Today’s Honoree

BrandonObrienWide receiver Brandon O’Brien might just have the best backstory of anyone in this year’s NFL draft. After graduating University High School in Orlando, O’Brien walked on at Kentucky. He played JV against D2 and NAIA teams in his first year there, and practiced with the varsity during the  week. By mid-season, O’Brien was dominating every defensive back on the team,
blowing by them on routes and knocking them all over the field. He was poised  for big things the following year, but fate had other plans for  O’Brien.

Various issues forced him to leave school to return home  to Orlando to take care of his family. He spent 4 years working several jobs to  make ends meet, but realized he might best serve his family and his country by  joining the Marines. O’Brien spent 4 years in the Marines serving 2 tours of  duty in Iraq. Stationed at Camp Lejuene in NC, O’Brien also earned a Medal of Honor from the Marines after he saved the lives of 2 colleagues who were drowning.

O’Brien returned home in 2010, but his NCAA football  eligibility had run out. He enrolled at Montana State Northern University in  Havre, MT and resumed his football career. This year, he broke school records  for: 3 TDs in a game, 226 yards receiving in a game, and 11 TDs on the season.  O’Brien was literally a man amongst boys and was voted 1st Team  All-Frontier Conference.

Now 30, Brandon is training at API in Texas and  dominating all of the defensive backs at the facility (according to athletes  there). He will be ready to showcase his talents at the NFL Regional Combine in  Houston on February 16 and at a school’s Pro Day (yet to be determined  which one). He reminds scouts of Anquan Boldin with his size (6’1”, 220),  route-running, and physicality, although O’Brien has better speed.

Visit Brandon O’Brien to see his highlight reel.

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