MVP Consultant Becky Davis is Today’s Honoree

BeckyDavisBecky Davis, former Regional Vice President for the world’s largest global optical company Luxottica, launches her new company, MVPwork, a corporate consulting firm addressing the needs of small business owners. “Fifty percent of small businesses fail within five years of starting up. My goal, my mission, and my passion is to reduce this statistic via proper leadership training. America cannot survive without the small business market, it drives our economy!” Davis states this emphatically as she prepares to kick off her first small business training session on May 4, 2013– ‘The P-Factor…a 3 part strategy to higher profits.’

After 20 years of service to Fortune 100 Corporate Companies, Davis focuses her interest on Atlanta’s small business owners. What prompted the change in focus was her observation as a regional VP of smaller businesses lacking leadership abilities in their organization and therefore resulted in the company ‘going out of business’. She often wished she had gotten to them (smaller market) sooner.

“I can prevent these companies from closing their doors with proper leadership training!” According to, the small business market is responsible for 65% of employment and economic growth in America1. “By simply addressing Atlanta’s issues first, I am actually addressing a worldwide issue. We must stop overlooking our bread and butter!”

Davis is an accomplished published author, magazine contributor, and motivational speaker and has devised systematic strategies that have been tested and proven to increase a company’s bottom line, just thru use of effective leadership. She introduces her latest series entitled, ‘The Leadership Transformation Blueprint’, designed with the small business owner in mind.

Davis is also an advocate of diversity and has collaborated with organizations such as Coca-Cola. She has received numerous accolades, appeared on many radio shows, and has been recognized as a ‘Powerful Women of Influence’ alongside such women as CNN Journalist- Soledad O’Brien, Former Atlanta Mayor- Shirley Franklin, and Georgia Actress and Philanthropist- Jasmine Guy.

Visit MVPwork for more information.

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2 Responses to MVP Consultant Becky Davis is Today’s Honoree

  1. Cier Black says:

    ConGraTs Becky…. as small business owners… we welcome your support and leadership training!

  2. Felicia says:

    Congrats Becky, your video made me think about “good intentions” and how we have them often but simply don’t follow through. Thanks for the lesson!

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