The Spitfire Wingman USAF Col. Jim Haun is Today’s Honoree

ColJohnJames Robert Haun was born to a struggling Memphis, Tennessee lawyer and his wife Sept. 21,1911, the first of three children, their only son.  Because his mother died five days before his ninth birthday, young James — while being swapped among assorted mid-South relatives — early learned self-reliance.  Gifted with adventurous energy, by age 22 he had progressed from Eagle Scout to Western Union bike messenger, to working his way to Europe via hopped-freight and tramp steamer, to becoming a pilot and building his own airplane — powered by a motorcycle engine!

His remarkably varied aviation career literally SpitfireWingmanBookcovered the globe, including personal encounters with Patton, Vandenberg, Truman, and Nixon.  He flew fighters, bombers, and transports — rising to become Chief Pilot of MATS and Commander of the Presidential Squadron in Washington.  After retirement in 1965 he built an EAA biplane in his garage, wowed audiences at local air shows in a Snoopy outfit, and instructed hundreds of students (many now piloting airliners). USAF Col. Jim Haun, 1911-2001, a self-taught aviator and adventurer who flew fighters in WWII, commanded a squadron of cargo planes in the Berlin Airlift.

Visit Spitfire Wingman for more information.

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