Media Experts Dave and Lillian Brummet are Today’s Honorees

DavidLillianThe Brummets are the hosts of Conscious Discussions talk radio show. The main focus of their radio program is to promote and highlight businesses and individuals from all over the globe who are working to make the planet a better place. Conscious Discussions is not about pointing fingers, it is about saluting people that are stepping up and doing the right things in life. The show focuses on positive eco-news on international topics that have a “good news” slant.

The Brummet Media Group…
The Brummet’s are now sharing their talents by offering the services of the Brummet Media Group. As well as the online radio show, they are creating audio and banner ads, graphic design, photo correction and restoration, web design, Ebook and print book formatting and book cover design. Contact them to see what they can do for you. See our Portfolio on some of our work.

As Writers…
Dave and Lillian Brummet have been writing as a team since 1999, starting out writing free lance for various magazine publications – which they continue to do today. Being a team they can combine Lillian’s research and compilation talents with Dave as a proof reader/editor and graphic designer to complete the process. Find their books and products via the Brummet’s Store

Dave and Lillian have recently been recognized as Community Heroes by the LiveSmart BC program. They have also been presented with an award for “outstanding use of various media in ongoing outreach work to reduce waste in our environment” by the Recycling Council of British Columbia.

Seeds of Diversity has awarded them with a Certificate of Appreciation for volunteer contributions and they were recognized by Boundary Family Read – Columbia Basin Alliance For Literacy for their support.

Lillian’s award winning poetry has appeared in five hardcover anthology books and several newsletters and magazines throughout North America. She has had the honor of attaining Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry, not once – but twice.

Dave won an award for his photography through Cottage Magazine; his photos grace the covers of both Towards Understanding and Purple Snowflake Marketing.

More recently the Brummets have been acknowledged by the Canadian Wildlife Federation, who provided the Brummets with a Backyard Habitat Certification.

As Gardeners and seed savers…
“Gardening is our golf; it is our hockey and our meditation grounds. It is also the best place to get fresh air, sunshine and solitude – just the birds, worms and you. We enjoy hosting intimate feasts at our home for family and friends using a lot of our own recipes.” ~ Dave B.

Saving seed from non-hybrids and participating in seed exchanges is an educational hobby with positive results. Helping to preserve rare or threatened species from extinction, donating seeds to low-income gardeners and taking bags of produce to the local food bank are some of the results of the effort.

Outdoor enthusiasts…
The Brummet’s free time is spent cycling BC’s abandoned railways, canoeing pristine lakes, or camping and backpacking among the cool, mountainous forests in the summer. Come wintertime they hit the deep, fluffy snow on their snowshoes or cross-country skis. While enjoying the outdoors, they practice what they call “clean walking”. This involves picking up trash along the way whenever possible, and is discussed in their book “Trash Talk-It’s Easy to be Green- Book Two”.

Support the Brummet’s work
Please consider purchasing one of the books they have written – and remember; at least 10% of the royalties from book sales are donated to the SPCA, the Canadian Wildlife Federation and Seeds of Diversity… three amazing charities that the Brummets support.

Visit Dave and Lillian for more information.

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful award, it really does mean a great deal to me and I do so appreciate it!

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