Lady Fortunes Founder Daria Artem is Today’s Honoree

Working in a cookie factory with all things sweet and scrumptious may sound like the perfect dream job, but for Daria Artem, it became a daily struggle. As CEO and Founder of the successful Los Angeles based gourmet cookie and confectionery company, Lady Fortunes, Artem found herself face to face with her greatest weakness: sweets. Every day.

Keeping fit was never a problem for the former size 2 Cookie Maven who used to work out 2-3 hours per day to stay in shape. Then, in 2008, Artem’s priorities changed, as did the amount of free time she had. Her first baby was born. And so was her first real struggle with weight.

“I gained 60 lbs with my first baby,” recalls Artem. ” I planned to lose it within 4 months, but that did not happen!” Artem struggled to lose 40 lbs of the weight she gained during her first pregnancy- and found herself expecting her second child- with whom she gained another 60 lbs.

“I could not stay away from the sweets!” Artem says remembering her stress with work and the availability of chocolates and cookies. ” The smell got me every day!”

In January of 2012, Artem got a wake up call when she had an opportunity to work with Weight Watchers. ” I was preparing for a big meeting with Weight Watchers to promote fortune cookies with weight loss messages inside when I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I could not do it. I felt like a hypocrite!” said Artem. “I had to sell what I believe in.” So Artem cancelled this golden opportunity and decided to lose weight with the aid of her inspirational weight loss fortune cookies. With only 25 calories and 3.5 grams of sugar per cookie, Artem created a variety of inspirational messages for weight loss and set a cookie jar on her desk. Some of the cookies were plain and some dipped in Dark Belgian Chocolate- which added more calories but satisfied a chocolate craving.

“My problem in the past was that I could never stop at just one cookie- but with the fortune cookies, my issue was solved because I enjoyed the cookie- and read an inspirational weight loss message at the same time!” says Artem.

With a strong belief that weight loss is “99% mental”, Artem was thrilled that her fortune cookie idea worked for her. With messages like “Believe you can…and you’re half way there!” and “A fortune in the mind is worth 2 in the mouth”, Artem went from 207lbs to 137lbs in 6 months- a 70 lb loss!

Eating 3 balanced meals a day and enjoying her fortune cookie snacks with inspirational weight loss messages, Daria plans to be back at her pre-first-baby weight by December 2012.

Based on Daria’s personal weight loss success, Lady Fortunes is introducing a line of weight loss fortune cookies late 2012. The line will include over 50 sayings to inspire weight loss, including the original 12 that motivated Daria.

Daria plans to re-pitch the idea to Weight Watchers now that she is living proof the cookies work. “Pitching a product that has made a profound difference in my life is something I can feel good about”. says Artem. “I want to help make others weight loss journey a more “fortune”-ate experience…one cookie at a time!”

Vist Lady Fortunes for more information

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