Author Sylvia Lieberman is Today’s Honoree

Sylvia Lieberman (‘Grandma Sylvia’) is a native New Yorker who has long been devoted to nurturing and educating children. As a mother herself, she was a leader of Brownie and Girl Scout troops, as well as class mother and PTA president. A perpetual student, Sylvia has taken courses in such subjects as children’s literature, publicity, journalism, voice-over technique, script writing, Japanese sumi painting, advertising, fashion writing, merchandising, and film seminars at The New School and New York University.

Even when she worked during the day, and donated time to charities, she continued her education in the evening. After raising her daughter, now media psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, Sylvia was a docent at the Museum of Natural History, guiding groups of schoolchildren around the exhibits. She also volunteered at the Y, teaching kids about such topics as immigration and family values.

Grandma Sylvia knows how to keep children engaged in a story, while making them smile and think. And though she has touched many youngsters’ lives, her granddaughter is her self-proclaimed #1 fan.

Visit Sylvia Lieberman for more information

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