Scott Free of City Takers is Today’s Honoree

City Takers founder, Scott “Free” Ballauf, knows firsthand the need of the Gospel in the urban culture. Growing up in the hip-hop culture of Miami, FL Scott was drawn to the lifestyle portrayed by hip-hop artist of the times offering the “lust of the flesh and the pride of life”.

Scott Free

He soon began to rap and had a love for the music but also found himself in trouble with the law. After moving to Atlanta in 1999 he soon accepted Christ in the spring of 2000 and placed his aspirations of becoming a hip-hop artist on hold believing that was his “old man”.

After an introduction to Christian Hip Hop through a friend Scott realized he could impact people with his talent to rhyme and was introduced to Empty Vessel Music who used music to do outreaches in urban communities. Scott performed for the first time again in the Projects of Downtown Atlanta but his true calling was yet to come. One evening at Safe House Ministries, an outreach for the homeless in Atlanta,

Scott Free

Scott was all set to rap when he was called on to preach because the speaker for the night was a no-show. Scott reluctantly accepted the challenge and since has preached all over the United States and in many countries such as Haiti, Hungary and Bolivia.

From a heart to serve became a door way to saving more souls and unify the body of Christ through preaching the unchanging word of God & Hip Hop music. Scott Free has since then birth Freestyle Missions which has become what we know as City Takers.

Visit Scott Free for more information.

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World War II Veteran Bob Gasche is Today’s Honoree

Ember Patterson, an account coordinator with Frankel Media Group, takes a photo of Bob Gasche, a 90-year-old Gainesville resident and World War II veteran, with Mark Avera, at left, and Scott Dupree at the Gainesville Regional Airport Thursday before Gasche flies to Washington, D.C., to visit the Iwo Jima Memorial. Doug Finger/The Gainesville Sun

Ember Patterson, an account coordinator with Frankel Media Group, takes a photo of Bob Gasche, a 90-year-old Gainesville resident and World War II veteran, with Mark Avera, at left, and Scott Dupree at the Gainesville Regional Airport Thursday before Gasche flies to Washington, D.C., to visit the Iwo Jima Memorial.
Doug Finger/The Gainesville Sun

Bob Gasche is a 90-year-old World War II veteran who enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps as a teenager in 1943 and fought in the famed battle of Iwo Jima at age 21, his first combat.  He lost many friends in this month-long battle that had a lasting impact on his life.

Bob came home and co-founded Keep Alachua County Beautiful in Florida, serving his community for many years to come. He just returned from his first trip to Washington,  D.C. in order to visit the Iwo Jima Memorial (also called the Marine  Corps War Memorial), which was quite a positive and emotional experience.

Bob marveled at the accuracy of the memorial and how it represented his experience at Iwo Jima. Bob also loved the patriotism of the crowds at the memorial.

Mark Avera, an attorney in Gainesville, Florida was motivated by his own father’s service in World War II to support Bob’s trip to the memorial. He’s also inspired by Bob’s service at Iwo Jima and continuing contributions to the community after returning home, as are many others in Alachua County, Florida.

Bob continues to have an active social life, including meeting with fellow veterans on a regular basis.

Visit Keep Alachua County Beautiful for more information.

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Timothy Gabriel of Lion and Lamb Music is Today’s Honoree

TimThe story behind timothygabriel isn’t much different from many other artists out there today. Born on the south side of Columbus, GA, his family later moved to the east side when he was around one or two years old. There he grew up with three older brothers and later three younger sisters. Being the middle child he didn’t get the attention he thought he should receive all the time. His father and mother took them to church like every Sunday. He attended the Apostolic Faith Church with his family for many years.Even though he grew up around gangs, prostitutes, crack heads and drug dealers the teachings he received helped him out alot in the streets. Looking for what he called love, he tried alcohol, drugs, clubs, sex and other things as well. He later found love in his music. He performed on many stages under the name Timothy hyWalter. He was later introduced to a guy name Killer Mike. He was to perform one night at the 20 Grand In Atlanta but God had other plans for his life. That night Killer Mike, Bone Crusher, Field Mob, TI and other artists were on the bill as well. God had the Fire Marshalls close the event down early.

Later Timothy gave his life to the Lord. Since 2003 until now he has been about trying to please the Lord. In December of 2010, the Lord Okayed him to rap for Him only. There is more to the man timothygabriel than this. His focus then and now is to Represent the Kingdom of God………….

Visit Timothy Gabriel for information.

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Busy Girl Lori Harder is Today’s Honoree

LoricoverLori Harder is a cover model, competitor, consultant, trainer and author. Lori  has enjoyed so many achievements which include 2010 Overall Bikini America World Champion, 2010 Overall Figure America World Champion, 2010 Ms Bikini Universe, 2010 Ms Bikini America, 2010 Ms Figure America, 2009 Ms Bikini America Tall Class, 2008 Figure Universe, 2007 Musclemania Figure Worlds 4th place, 2007 Bikini America Worlds 3rd place.  Her her story will inspire even the busiest professional to eat and workout better.

Cover girl Lori Harder loves food, so to keep cravings at bay and her midsection trim, she experiments with clean recipes for her Busy Girl Healthy Life website. “I like to make healthy versions of whatever I’m craving,” she says. Her favorite clean creation is her Italian ground turkey, which can be shaped into a sausage, patty or even meatballs. “Use this low-calorie, low-fat recipe in place of any ground sausage in any recipe!” says Lori.

LoriBookThis cookbook has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I am so excited to share my secrets and recipes with you. I’ve combined my love of food with a desire to make healthy foods that taste great and provide the energy to fuel my goals. Healthy food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard — you just need to know how to spice it up! Perfect for every day meals, parties, and even the busiest of ladies! 

If you don’t have the energy to exercise or do simple daily tasks, you’re not living your life to the fullest. And you’ll continue to live this way, if you don’t put the right things in your body. Let the Busy Girl Healthy Life Cookbook show you how you can have the best of both worlds with simple, tasty recipes that keep you looking and feeling amazing!

Work Out with Me – Get the Results You’re After!

Get a new set of challenging workouts with moves for every fitness level. Using only free weights and your own body weight, you can do them at the gym or in your home, no matter where you live! There are videos of each exercise and a closed Facebook group for support. And a meal guide gives you a list of food choices in healthy portion sizes to fuel your results. This is not a diet, but a sustainable meal planning system to help introduce you to clean eating.

What you get when you become a Busy Bodies Monthly Member:

  • Three weekly functional workouts you can do anywhere – at the gym or at home – with variations for all fitness levels. Each workout has a video demonstration so you can accurately perform each exercise.
  • Suggested meal plan guide and food lists. More specific adjustments made upon request.
  • Cardio suggestions to maximize your results in the most effective way
  • Two monthly group conference calls with Lori to check in, get motivated and ask any questions you have.
  • Access to our private, members-only Busy Bodies Facebook page. This page offers support from both Lori and fellow members, nutrition and fitness tips, recipe ideas, etc. This is a great space that can help hold you accountable to your goals while you and other members motivate each other.
  • Direct email access to Lori
  • Ongoing prize giveaways for completing various self-improvement homework tasks/challenges throughout each month.
  • Group motivational/self improvement book of the month recommendations
  • The opportunity to participate in quarterly 60-day challenges where you have the chance to win $500 plus 6 free months of membership for the best overall transformation during the challenge period.

Visit Lori Harder for more information.

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All Hail the Queen Author Shatroyia Phillips is Today’s Honoree

QueenBookShatroyia Phillips, winner of the 2013 Miss Miami Plus Size Pageant, is a business woman, author & socialite.


Shatroyia Phillips is a proud business owner, entrepreneur, and author of All Hail the Queen, her autobiographical story of woman empowerment, moral choice, and responsibility. Unlike other books, Shatroyia’s life in All Hail the Queen captures her experience as a “plus-sized diva/ beauty queen.” As it turns out, America’s first “full-figured” book main character is actually a real person! As acceptance and appreciation for plus-sized women has increased in the fashion world in recent years, Shatroyia’s book is perfectly poised to make a splash.

Shatroyia’s objective for the book is to share her story, from her most dark, fearful, and tearful moments to her most private, proud, and cheerful ones. Her whole life is there as a vivid illustration to teenage girls, showing them that “everything that glitters is not gold” and the importance connected to making the right or wrong decisions and dealing with their consequences. Her book is also a reaching-out to the “underdog”– all the women of the world (especially the plus-sized ladies) who have been made to feel like they can’t. Her story is testimony that you CAN. You can be sexy. You can be successful. You can find love. You can be happy. No matter the odds against you, never let anyone tell you that you can’t… because you CAN.

The idea for writing this book came from the desire to showcase the beauty, focus and ability of a plus sized woman who is fierce and capable of conquering not only a stereotype but the world.


I was inspired to write “All Hail The Queen” after winning the Miami Plus Size Pageant. So many women came to me and expressed how they were influenced by my confidence. That it gave them a sense of pride to be plus sized and beautiful. I was excited about their reaction and I wanted to offer a more in depth look at my life. I wanted everyone to know that no matter what life offered them, they could take it and build whatever they wanted out of it.


When life positions you as the first of everything, you are forced to take the lead ready or not. Life doesn’t give instructions or mercy. It gives hard solid blows that knock you down to your knees; trials and tribulations that are unbearable to some and only survived by the chosen. If you rise, it hits you again until you learn how to stand. And once you learn how to stand, then life hands you your crown. There is always an order to things and in all things there is a hierarchy.


“This book should be read by all, especially young girls who believe that life is all about materialistic things and getting what they want quick and easy. It is definitely a eye-opener for plus size teens who neglect their dreams because of their adversities.” Passion Roosevelt, Creator of Color Me Thick”

Visit Queen Shatroyia Phillips for more information.

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Atlanta Bulls Founder Curtis Smith is Today’s Honoree

CoachSmithCurtis Smith is the Founder of the Atlanta Bulls. The Atlanta Bulls Intelligent Youth Basketball Club is a proud affiliate of The Syncere Youth Movement, a not-for-profit youth outreach program helping to enrich the minds and lives of the youth in our community. As a newly formed team, we are looking to connect with reputable and caring sponsors that wish to help establish a wholesome, family oriented and community based organization, one that is founded upon moral principles, character and team building

The Atlanta Bulls Intelligent Youth Basketball Club desires to bring the pride, tradition and sportsmanship back to the hardwood court where the young athlete, family, friends and fans can enjoy the game of basketball in the purest form.

Visit Curtis Smith for more information.

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Retired IAHSS Executive Evelyn Meserve is Today’s Honoree

EvelynRecently, leaders in the healthcare security industry were awarded by the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety Foundation (IHSSF) for their dedication and contributions to security, safety and risk management. This year recently Retired Executive Director of IAHSS Evelyn Meserve was recognized with the IHSSF Medal of Distinction for her active role at IAHSS and outstanding work in the healthcare security and safety industry.

IAHSS, a not-for-profit membership association for healthcare security and safety professionals.

Evelyn has over fifteen years experience in the security and safety field. She was the Director of Safety/ Security Services at CaroMont Health, Gastonia North Carolina. She also held similar positions at hospitals in Massachusetts (Emerson Hospital, Newton Wellesley Hospital and HealthAlliance) and Maine (Central Maine Medical Center).

Evelyn has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, with an emphasis on Accounting and Business Management. She is a Certified Health Protection Administrator (CHPA), a Certified Healthcare Environmental Manager (HEM), and a certified Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) instructor.

Evelyn conducts security audits and risk assessments for healthcare facilities and assists in identifying feasible solutions.

Evelyn served as the President Elect and Vice President/Secretary of the Board and as Chairperson of the Training and Education Committee of IAHSS. Evelyn plays an active role in writing and editing of all the I.A.H.S.S. training manuals. Evelyn won the IAHSS Elwood Near Presidential Award in 1996 and the Philip Gaffney Chair in 2004. And most recently, the IHSSFoundation Medal of Distinction.

Visit Evelyn for more information.

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