Project Treasure CEO Kim Freid is Today’s Honoree

KimFreidKim Freid is the CEO of Project Treasure, an online system that lets one create a very unique gift for a loved one – a keepsake chest  filled with special notes from friends and family. As a mother and former president of a large corporate housing company, Kim has been making similar keepsake boxes for loved ones for many years, and decided to turn her personal way of spreading love and joy into something meaningful. Kim has dedicated her life to helping those who are less fortunate and that need an extra special sentiment to get through an illness, maybe a challenging life event or simply need to smile.

Project Treasure was created with the goal of changing lives. The company donates funds from every purchase to help the families of children fighting life-threatening illnesses. The concept is simple. Parents, caregivers and other loved ones gives people the ability to create and ship a love-filled “treasure chest” of personal notes from friends/family that celebrates or supports a significant moment in ones’ life. Each chest is handcrafted from sustainable bamboo and filled with heartfelt notes printed on archival paper, making each chest a keepsake designed to last for generations. Hundreds have benefited from the gift of ‘boxed’ love

The Project Treasure for Evan Thornton was delivered on Tuesday. Although he was in very bad shape, he appeared to be happy about it and could muster enough energy to read three letters. Tina and Olivia Keller who are the parents of Evan were all in tears and it will be a moment they will never forget. Evan’s 13th birthday just went by and his mom, dad, brother, sister, relatives, friends are all hoping he can have that celebration, but according to mom it’s a day to day wish. His doctor in early July informed parents that he has maybe through the summer. This is one example of the impact Kim and her team is making to kids around the world.

Project Treasure has now donated close to $20k through their hero program. Project Treasure recently formed a new partnership with The company will continue the Hero program along with partnering with which gives soldiers a second chance at ‘life’ as they come back from active duty.

Visit Project Treasure for more information.

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2nd Grade Teacher Adrienne Boykin is Today’s Honoree

AdrienneBoykinMrs. Adrienne M. Boykin is proud to serve as your 2nd Grade Reading Teacher. She is a native of Montgomery, Alabama and a graduate of Sidney Lanier High School. Mrs. Boykin attended Faulkner University where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. She is a recipient of the Elementary Education Award and a proud member of Kappa Delta Pi (National Educator’s Honor Society).

Mrs. Boykin believes that the purpose of an educator is to aid children in developing their own knack for success in life. An educator should seek to identify and address the particular learning style, talent, interest, and need of each child. Mrs. Boykin further believes that all students have the potential to learn, even though not all children learn at the same rate or in the same manner.

Not only does Mrs. Boykin aspire to expose students to various ideas, methods, and strategies that will be of assistance to them throughout their educational process, she aspires to mold every student into a “lifelong learner.” There is one quote, by William Arthur Ward, that sums up everything Mrs. Boykin believes teaching entails;

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Visit Adrienne Boykin for more information.

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Laurie Brown-Nagin the founder of Operation ResCUTE is Today’s Honoree

RescueLaurie is the founder of Operation ResCUTE, a non-profit start-up designed to educate and encourage children and their parents to adopt shelter dogs and provide them loving homes. The goal: to adopt homeless dogs over buying them at unregulated pet shops.

The Humane Society estimates that animal shelters care for six-to-eight million dog and cats every year in the United States.  Each year, an estimated 2.7 million of these healthy shelter pets never get adopted. Only 30 percent of pets in households come from shelters or rescue organizations.

Operation ResCUTE mission is to educate and encourage young children and their parents to think about adopting shelter dogs in need of a loving home.

To raise awareness and help turn the tide, Operation ResCUTE sells a line of illustrated children’s books, a stuffed toy dog and stickers in a gift box intended to both educate and encourage children and their parents to consider adopting sheltered dogs rather than purchasing them through puppy mills or pet stores.,100% of all proceeds will go to dog shelters.

Visit Laurie Brown-Nagin for more information.


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Life Mentor Craig J. Boykin is Today’s Honoree

CraigJBoykinCraig J. Boykin is a renowned motivational speaker, author, community activist, mentor, entrepreneur, educational consultant, behavioral specialist and inspirational leader. Craig has devoted his life to creating lasting change for those who desire it; Craig has risen to national prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness. It is a message Craig has learned from his own life and one he is helping others apply to their lives.

Craig is one of the nation’s leading authorities in understanding and stimulating human potential, utilizing a powerful delivery and newly emerging insights to teach, inspire and channel people to new levels of achievement.

Craig’s personal mission in life is to provide hope to individuals who feel that their current situation is hopeless. Craig travels the country presenting his seminar, “Make Life Count”.

Visit Craig J. Boykin for more information.

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Jason D. Etheridge, AKA Mr. E! The Motivator! is Today’s Honoree

ETheMotivatorEducator, Consultant and Activist, Jason D. Etheridge, also known as Mr. E! The Motivator! is a rising force in the field of student engagement. His highly energetic, musical and up-lifting live performances are connecting students, parents and teachers to their full potentials as they relate to their roles in success in children.

Mr. E’s inspiring music like “Exceeding & I Know It,” “Study Hard,” and “Teach Me How to Study” are being played in classrooms around the country each day as tools for teachers and inspiration for students. Mr. E! The Motivator’s shows use popular entertainment, dance, humor, inspiring stories, life experiences, student & teacher engagement, and pure electricity to motivate each of his audiences’ senses.

Having experience working in elementary, middle and high school levels, Mr. E! The Motivator! brings the correct perspective for all levels while achieving the goals of inspiring all to find their starting line, overcome their obstacles, and fight for success.

Visit Mr.E! The Motivator!  for more information.  

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Stay In Step Foundation Founder Romy Camargo is Today’s Honoree

RomyRomy Camargo is a paraplegic and a founder of the Stay In Step Foundation. He will tell you that while his life has changed, his dreams haven’t. Sadly for some, the road to recovery is painful and many consider suicide ending all hope. Romy is speaking out to offer ‘tips’ to give others hope when maybe the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem so bright. He is remarkable soldier who is building one of the only SCI facilities in the US that concentrates on the recovery of spinal cord injury victims and their families with first-hand knowledge of what it is like to go to war. Even though he is paralyzed he still remains on active duty and has one of the most impressive battle stories ever told.

Romy was shot in the neck and in critical condition which resulted in his paralyzes. He endured months of conditioning and rehabilitation to improve his  overall condition and quality of life. Many individuals would have accepted this as a ‘new way of life’, but not Romy. He wanted to return to active service. He presented his case to a 16-man panel that was formed by the Surgeon General of the Army stating that his only option to improve his physical health and paralysis, was to go to Lisbon, Portugal and undergo the Olfactory Mucosa Autografts procedure which consists of grafting Olfactory nerve cells onto the injured portion of the spinal cord. Romy then became the first Active Duty Service member in the United States to undergo this type of stem cell/nerve regeneration transplant. Even with the surgery, as every paraplegic knows there is still an uphill battle. After having spent nearly two hours each day driving to and from a rehab facility, Romy and Gaby decided to create their own facility, a facility for the future. One that has rehab programs and equipment that allow quadriplegics and paraplegics the ability to stand and exercise.

Here are Romy’s 5 tips to help anyone during recovery, maybe a difficult time in their life and talks about the after math of war.

  • Mindset of Steel – You have to stay focused and positive, even in the most difficult moments.  This takes tremendous discipline.
  • Heart & Soul – I connected at a whole new level which allows me to rise up and serve so many more people.  I’m not “dis-abled” rather en-abled now.
  • Faith – Unwavering faith is critical.  My wife and I know that everything happens for a reason and for us this blessing is to serve and support so many more with spinal cord injuries. 
  • Commitment – It’s grueling the rehab, schedule and lifestyle.  But having personal commitment and the commitment of your partner/care giver is so important because you can’t do it alone. 
  • Courage – You often are facing the unknown with rehab, illnesses, etc.  Muster courage to face each day as a new challenge and know that the outcome will be what it is. 

There are so many soldiers that end up with an endless struggle not knowing where to turn. The facts are sobering:

  • 250,000 Americans have spinal cord injuries, and approximately 11,000 injuries occur per year.
  • Just over half of the people with spinal cord injuries are paraplegic, and slightly less than half are quadriplegic.
  • Initial hospitalization costs average about $140,000. For someone injured at 25, lifetime costs average $428,000 for paraplegics and over 1 million for quadriplegics.
  • The risk of suicide is highest in the first five years but 86 percent of high-level quadriplegics rated their quality of life as average or better than average.

 Visit  Romy Camargo for more information.

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Motivational Mentor Bob Mackey is Today’s Honoree

BobMackeyBob Mackey is dynamic and caring professional who uses his gifts for inspiration and motivation to inspire young men and women to achieve success in life. Bob was born into poverty in the small town of Center, Georgia. Raised by his grandmother, uncle, single mother, and “whoever was off work at the time,” Bob soon realized that the odds were stacked against him. Like many at-risk youth, Bob was in danger of becoming a dropout statistic. Though he was placed in an academic program for gifted students, he spent most of his school days in in-school suspension programs. By the age of 15 he was well on his way down the road to failure, affiliating with the wrong crowd and neglecting his once-promising educational future. Bob experienced firsthand the power of “each one, teach one” and with that support he turned his life around.

Bob’s record of service to youth is impressive for such a young man. He was the first child out of his six siblings to graduate from college, receiving his Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. He became one of the youngest Juvenile Probation Officers in the State of Georgia from 2005-2009. He also served as the Regional Director of Education, Senior Club Director, & various positions for the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia /Metro Atlanta, where he has been credited by all who know him for increasing graduation rates for club members by 87%, decreasing school discipline referrals by 50%, and decreasing juvenile delinquency rates by 30%.

MackeyBob has spoken before over 40,000 youth and adults and developed successful programs for schools, clubs and organizations all over the South, which has led him to the founding of M-Powering Choices. Bob is inspired by the conviction that authentic community involvement brings transformation for everyone involved.

“I’ve seen the worst of struggles and promised to reach back into the lives of others, and elevate, educate, motivate, & inspire change through ongoing cross-cultural relationships.”

Bob’s work with youth is getting results, in part because of his ability to engage and inspire, but also because he follows through with the students with whom he works. 100% of the young men who completed his initial mentoring program went on to work or college, and of those, 80% went to the college of their choice–very impressive by anyone’s standards.

Listen to one of Mackey’s first 50 mentees who shared his life-changing experiences about Bob’s influence: “Mr. Mackey influenced me to actually put in the work and look for colleges and introduced me to very well respected and amazing people in our community. Without him pushing me to do that, there’s no telling where I might have been. I recently graduated from Marion with an Associate’s Degree in military science and my commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army.”

Bob has worked with many notable community leaders such as City of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed; former DeKalb District Attorney J. Tom Morgan; Chairman of Fulton County John Eaves; Alicia Phillips, President of the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta; David Johns of White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, Former Vice Chair of Georgia Board of Regents Felton Jenkins, Vice President of Boys & Girls Clubs of America Loraine Orr; Executive Director of Atlanta CARES Brenda Coleman, and Robin Ferst, Founder of the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy. He has also earned the endorsement of ESPN Reporter/ Author Mark Schlabach, R & B Singer Bobby Valentino, Producer Jon Siskel; NBA Professional Basketball Player Dwight Howard, NFL Player Willie Whitehead, MY BROTHER’S KEEPER, White House Initiative, and Be Someone Founder Orrin Checkmate Hudson.

A devoted community leader, Bob is active with several community organizations, the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta, and his local Chamber of Commerce. Bob’s magazine for parents is distributed in ten states & two countries. In 2010 he nominated a family for Extreme Home Makeover and watched the community come together to build a home in seven days on national television! He helped provide over $75,000 to local non – profits. Through his community work in 2013 and over $40,000 in 2014. Bob and his wife Bridget are proud parents of a beautiful daughter and a handsome son.

Visit Bob Mackey for more information.

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