Author John Mandala is Today’s Honoree

John Mandala is a published author. He grew up in New York graduated from Marist College has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well as a master’s degree from New York Theological Seminary. Both of which he earned while incarcerated.

“After Prison: A Way to Succeed” is the story of my own experience both inside and outside. It is my hope that this guide let will help those who are searching for a more peaceful life be successful. It is the hope of the author that through the use of this guide let men and women being released from prison will increase their chances of successful re-entry back into mainstream society.” ~ John Mandala

John Mandala believes that people are the most valuable resource. As the development officer for the nonprofit group Breathing Space, he looks for ways to give people who need it a “hand up” not a “hand out.” These people often include the homeless, veterans and ex-prisoners. He has authored numerous articles on inmate rehabilitation and post custody adjustment. John has launched several successful business ventures including Odyssey Oil

If you would like to purchase After Prison A Way to Succeed, for yourself, prison ministry or re-entry program please contact him at Prison-reentry

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