Author and Entrepreneur Therese Allison is Today’s Honoree

Therese Allison (Huntington Beach, CA, grew up in La Canada, CA, born in Hollywood) is a self-made success story, mom and Author of “Playing for Keeps – How a 21st century businesswoman beat the boys” (self-help memoir) – who empowers women and men to succeed in business and life. 


To help others succeed, Allison openly shares her career success story. Readers learn how she became financially independent at age 38, and retired early at 43 to spend quality time with her 3 children. Based on her 20-year career, Allison’s new book uncovers her “16 Pearls of Wisdom,” “Velvet Glove for Women” approach (using humor while being smart/firm), “Lucy Moments” (self-deprecating stories that broke barriers) and how her unknown heritage helped her “break the glass ceiling” in a “man’s world” in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Using these self-taught skills, Allison became the first female producing Partner in an insurance brokerage company tied to Lloyd’s of London where for 300 years, women weren’t allowed on the underwriting floor. 

As someone who had to learn early how to fend for herself and won competitively in sports, Allison initially had no idea where she got her drive. While she was born in Hollywood, she grew up in La Canada (a wealthy area nearby). She always felt like her family struggled because her dad was a carpet salesman making $25,000/year. As a result, Allison took on more responsibility and learned the importance of winning and earning money at an early age. 

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