Devereux New Jersey Program Director Tasheika Scott Roberts is Today’s Honoree

Tasheika Scott Roberts is an invaluable asset to the Devereux New Jersey team. In her time as program manager of the Lakeview group home, she has built an outstanding reputation for her calm demeanor in the face of growth and change. It was Tasheika’s
management style and communication efforts that  enabled a successful learning environment for staff, as well as for the adults in her group home. She serves as a mentor and role model, and has become a trusted resource for her peers and supervisors.

Tasheika demonstrates Servant Leadership in everything she does. She understands that being a true leader at Devereux is not about being popular, but rather leading by example. During Tasheika’s tenure as program manager, she personally ensured the individuals in her care felt supported and part of a caring and robust team. She is detail-oriented and makes sure holidays and birthdays are celebrated in style.

It is for these, and many other reasons, that Tasheika was recently promoted to program director at our center. Tasheika is the best kind of role model, and we are incredibly fortunate to have her at Devereux New Jersey

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