Author and Psychic Matt Fraser is Today’s Honoree

Growing up with a psychic mother and grandmother, it probably shouldn’t have been a surprise that I had inherited the family gift. But when your biggest concerns are what flavor of ice cream to choose, strange voices calling out to you in an empty room are not exactly on the menu.

I remember being terrified to go to bed because almost every night I would hear whispers and voices in my empty room, all trying to get my attention. I’m lucky I had a mother and grandmother to soothe my fears, but I remember vividly that having to accept these unwanted visitors was a difficult process for me.

Soon after, I began seeing full-body apparitions standing in my doorway and passing through my room. This sparked a whole new level of concern and anxiety for me as I knew these occurrences were increasing but I didn’t know what it meant… or how far they would go to get my attention. If you recall the movie, The Sixth Sense, you’ll have an idea of what I was going through… and trust me, it’s scarier in real life!

I was so fearful and reluctant to embrace my ability, that around the time I started middle school, I tried to shut it off and bury it completely… which turned out to be a long tradition in my family’s legacy.

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