Author Boby Beavers is Today’s Honoree

Inspired by the beauty of the Australian coast, author Boby Beavers has published his tragic romance novel, “Between the Fields”, that pays tribute to the Sunshine Coast’s surfing scene in the 1970’s and introduces readers to a timeliness romance between two individuals who meet a tragic fate.

The story follows the life of Alexander Scott, a privileged man with a painful past living a nomadic surfer’s life. His life forever changes when he meets a beautiful and caring woman named Julianne Cameron, who helps him find emotional stability and a sense of peace.

While planning their future together, a terrible car accident threatens their future together and forever changes the lives of the people around them.

This romance is impactful to readers as Beavers delivers extraordinary detail that brings the story to life. Beavers developed this story over the course of many years and remained devoted towards telling this romantic tale.

“I’ve walked in the steps of my lead character and imagined his story as incidents have evolved around me,” Beavers said. “I’ve lived the story even though it never really happened”.

“Between the Fields” is a novel filled with profound characters, moments of deep reflection and a unique story that will grip readers and tug at their emotional heartstrings.

About the author

Boby Beavers is a resident of Sherwood QLD and the Sunshine Coast in Australia. He has worked in the area for decades in administration. Now retired, he spends his time continuing to surf and write alongside the beautiful Australia coast. For more about the book, visit the author’s website:


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