Author Katrina Carter is Today’s Honoree

Katrina Carter helps people across the United States take steps to change their mindset in order take ownership of their lives. The author, speaker, nutritional chef, certified personal trainer and real estate agent is on a mission to inspire and teach people of every age to live well by challenging the deep psychological barriers that prevent them from creating consistency in healthful and holistic living as well as reaching their home ownership goals.

Katrina began her career in real estate in 2001 as buyer’s agent for a growing real estate team.  She quickly set herself apart as an agent who could help individuals realize their dreams of becoming homeowner’s by listening to client’s challenges and finding solutions to overcome common barriers to buying and selling property.  Katrina became passionate about successfully helping those who had previously been told there no possibilities.

With the economic downturn in 2008, she was lead into fitness with industry giant 24 Hour Fitness where as a Fitness Manager, she was exposed to the challenges of a general population who struggled with weight yo-yoing and depression.  She immediately began to understand the issues inherent in an overworked society, struggling through commutes, tepid family relationships and burgeoning responsibilities. She quickly surmounted a following through her social media sites where her followers garnered tips, education and inspiration to live more simply and make better nutritional and fitness choices.

Carter, a San Francisco Bay Area native, understands the challenges that real life brings. “Many of the solutions I see presented don’t take into consideration single parent households, people with multiple jobs and long commute times. So many of today’s health and nutrition thought leaders are only speaking to a specific population where people are expected to have time to cook elaborate meals and spend hours in a gym. I try to offer support to the person for whom eating healthy and exercising is something they worry about, but feel they don’t have the time for.”

Carter coaches her clients so they are able to discover the underlying challenges sabotaging their opportunity to achieve more energy, longer lives and better living.

Carter has been featured on Bravo and has her wellness coaching certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She credits her grandmother with inspiring her passion for cooking.

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