Author Linda Riesenberg is Today’s Honoree

Linda Riesenberg Fisler began working at Procter &  Gamble in 1979 after graduation from high school. Linda’s career started as a technician working in the physical properties lab testing toilet paper. During her 26 years at the company, computer technology was in the early stages, and Linda’s interest and assignments naturally migrated to this area with assignments from representing business requirements of computer systems to developing the technology needed by the users. Linda was one of a small number of non-college graduates promoted to management.

Linda’s imagination and love for writing/creating were never far from her mind and hands. Feeling stymied and hindered in the corporate world, she resigned from Procter & Gamble in 2006 to pursue a more creative way of life. She always wrote from childhood to present day. In 2015, after discovering a rejected Star Trek: The Next Generation script she had sent to Gene Roddenberry, she organized the hundreds of scenes previous written into her first novel, Blind Influence, published initially by a vanity press.  Linda is also an artist; teaching oil painting and previously worked for Kevin Macpherson (2006 -2009), an internationally known Master Artist. She also is the producer/host of a podcast, called Art Chat. She interviews master artists of today exploring the skills needed to become a successful artist.

Linda has just completed her first trilogy of the Blind Series. Blind Influence,  a three-time award winning novel, was followed by the award winning Blind Persuasion, and recently launched Blind Alliance. Being an artist, Linda enjoys designing her book covers, self-publishing her work from formatting to marketing. She is currently working on the second trilogy in the series. Influenced by John Jakes, Robert Ludlum, and Aaron Sorkin, Linda’s interest in politics and history plays an important role in her work. The premise for the Blind Series, set in the 1980s, revolves around one question: “Can one politician, a female lawyer, and an MI6 agent make decisions that divert us from the divisiveness that engulfs the world today?”

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