Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs CEO Dr. Norris Dorsey is Today’s Honoree

dorseyacademyDr. Norris Dorsey is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the University of Phoenix. He also teaches at DeVry University and Los Angeles Pierce and Mission colleges. Dr. Dorsey’s research interest focuses on the study of minority leaders in nonprofit organizations. His current research includes identifying success stories using the value leadership model. Dr. Dorsey has extensive expertise in organizational leadership which combines the art of leadership and the science of management with the aim of guiding an organization. Organizational leadership requires leaders to be familiar with the work force and the organizational goals. Such leadership supplies direction and work force management for a corporation to accomplish its goals. Dr. Dorsey earned a B.S. degree in Management and an M.B.A and Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from the University of La Verne in Southern California.

Dr. Dorsey is the Founder and CEO of Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs, the nonprofit organization that has educated more than 1,300 students around the world and delivered over 1.5 million educational hours in just 15 years. The Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs was founded in July 2014 with the motto, “Start your business and business classes simultaneously.” Dr. Dorsey has enjoyed speaking to over a million high school and college students across the country and was coined the “Student Choice Professor” by the students at California State University Northridge.

Dr. Dorsey is a Professional Expert speaking often on economic empowerment global education, Value Leadership Model finding one’s passion and purpose, and youth entrepreneurship. His books, The Art of Inclusion and the Accounting Workbook are widely recognized by students worldwide. Dr. Dorsey also shares his personal educational journey explaining Why “C’s” Get Degrees. Dr. Dorsey urges us to be patient, as well as to educate the younger generation on how to eliminate college debt by thinking differently. Dr. Dorsey, shares the importance of setting short term, intermediate, and long term goals when it comes to reaching success. He explains the different types of mindsets within college students today, as well as their modern-day challenges.

Dr. Dorsey is a dynamic motivational speaker with a must hear story to tell. He is a former basketball player with a commanding presence and charismatic leadership style. His book, The Art of Inclusion is widely considered a management guide for non profit organizational leaders. Dr. Dorsey was raised in the music business by his legendary mom “Guitar Sallye” and his aunt “Bass Tamah.” Aka The Bootsy Girls.

For information on booking Dr. Norris Dorsey for a speaking engagement, personal appearance, workshop curriculum, endorsement, print advertising campaigns, media events or fundraisers, conventions, or private corporate function. Please visit

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