Student Dancer and Artist Landon Smith is Today’s Honoree

landonscottHi, I’m Landon. I prefer not to focus on stale introductions like “What do I do?” but instead share what makes me the person I am. So who is Landon Smith?

I consider myself a dreamer. I am 21 years old and live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’m an avid photographer and have been since I first picked up a camera. I like finding the beauty in everyone, not trying to create it; each of us has something wonderfully unique to bring to the world. For me, optimism isn’t just a characteristic, it’s more of a lifestyle. I hope to become either a social media campaign strategist for a broadway show or a large-scale event planner.

I am a dancer. I attend Louisiana State University where I am a Mass Communication major concentrating in public relations with a minor in dance and business. Dance has taught me discipline, determination, and most importantly creativity. I embrace my feelings freely and have learned to value the human body not just as a machine but as a piece of art. I am trained in Jazz, Modern, Tap, and Aerial Silks. I discover new things about life and myself each time I dance; the type of skills that can’t be taught via textbook.

Lastly, I am a doer. I am currently an Operations Specialist at the Apple retail store in the Mall of Louisiana and am a proud Mac user. Apple pushes me to develop professionally and personally all while letting me interact with the products i’ve come to love. I’m a self-determined individual not satisfied with anything less than extraordinary. Give me a task and you can expect it to be done efficiently, effectively, and to the best of my abilities.

Dreamer. Dancer. Doer. These three words are the most accurate definition I can provide for myself. Each day I hope to learn more, experience new adventures, and meet new people. I want to inspire others to achieve greatness and live a successful, honorable, and happy life.

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