NextStudent Academy of Arts Founder Doc Jones is Today’s Honoree

DocJonesThe NextStudent Academy of Arts is designed to develop the musicianship, multimedia skills, and capabilities of children and adults in Arizona to be the best citizens they can be. The academy has established its headquarters “The NextStudent Academy of the Arts Multimedia and Empowerment Center” at 950 W. Indian School Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

The faculty, staff, and facilities of NextStudent Academy will provide a safe environment for its participants to draw on the comprehensive program available to its attendees wishing to learn and/or advance their musical training and performance through quality music instruction.

Beginner to Advanced students will benefit from the knowledge and experience of our professional faculty. The faculty is under the direction of Dr. Jones, and includes other well-known professional Jazz clinicians, musicians and educators. The focus of the sessions will be to encourage its participants’ academic study skills, as well as, their personal growth through music education.

NSAA believes that getting an education is the best investment you can make. This is why it is committed to helping youth achieve higher education goals. Students and their family members are encouraged to work together with the Academy in stimulating students’ creativity in every area of academia. Music education is directly connected to math, reading organization, and the execution of acquired knowledge. It also enhances students’ study skills.

Visit Doc Jones for more information.

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