Publicist Jeff Green is Today’s Honoree

JeffGreenJeff was born in San Mateo, California following his father footsteps, joining the United States Navy for the next 7 years of his young adult life. After 1 year of his discharge, Jeff pursued his degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology at Tennessee State University. Soon after graduation, Jeff headed to Atlanta, Georgia where he began his now career choice of becoming a Publicists.

With my understanding and experience working with promoters and my knowledge allows me to approach media gaining the best possible visibility for radio, television, magazine interviews and more on a mass scale or per each city that my clients require for all purposes of branding them into household names. I will utilize my vast experience of executive headhunting skills coupled with my knowledge in public relations virtually in all areas of staffing operations for fortune companies, nonprofit’s, seminars, conference and press conference set ups in various areas of entertainment allows me the comfort to “hit the ground running” with any task placed before me; I will include scheduling book tours, set up morning/evening radio talk shows, television talk shows, and magazine interviews key note speaking engagements and more…

I will provide enthusiasm, professionalism and quality performance. I am also a professional fund raiser; with experience with banquets, luncheon set up’s and more… allowing us the opportunity to host fund raisers allowing our authors the chance to become the host key note speakers while promoting their books.

My responsibilities have included Volunteer Coordinator, Campaign Coordinator, Partnership building, community relations, newsletter preparations, brochure design, motivational workshops, guest lecturing, staff supervisor, annual reports, fundraising for HIV/AIDS benefits, golf and tennis tournaments which I have an extensive media listing; will ensure the events turnout to be a success. As an Executive Headhunter I have developed methods that can enhance the candidates techniques for the interviewing process as well as finding out just what the specifics are that clients are really looking. This process will enhance our methods of locating and securing the best possible qualified candidates for interviewing as well as closing on the position. With in my experience; I have been fortunate to work with companies like Coca Cola, CSX, Disney, and have actually closed on securing the Dow Jones as an in house account for Executive Source International

As a Public Relations Director for The Georgia Black United Fund, Inc., a non profit organization; we successfully raised over $250,000 with in my first year of operation. For our Fourth Annual Fund raiser the keynote speaker was Tavis Smiley; we held a press conference allowing local grass roots media the opportunity to interview Tavis as well as those political figures running for office. We successfully raised over $45,000. which gained me the opportunity to run our annual Employee Giving Campaign from September through December. As campaign coordinator for the 1999 season we successfully participated in 204 campaign rallies which I personally spoke publicly at 110 of those we gained over $887,000. For our Fifth Annual Banquet we had B Smith as the keynote speaker, I arranged for her to be on the cover of Rolling Out Magazine.

Summary of Experience

I approach all issues with dedication commitment with more than 18 years experience in sales and marketing

Extremely motivated to inspire and support others

Strong oral and written communicator, organizer and problem solver

Extremely capable of managing simultaneous projects and meeting deadlines

Great interpersonal skills with ability to work in stressful environment

Expertise in curriculum development, teaching and training

Silas Green Media Group

“Experience The Silas Green Group where the only project that matters is yours!” We specialize in Media Entertainment Promotions and Financial Procurements for all projects, even those hard to do cases we WILL find the way to meet your needs. If you have struggled for a time and promotions and funding seems to hinder the advancement of your project, then you have made the right choice in engaging our services. Our company is comprised of Christian Principle Operations specializing in getting you the full services that you require including some personal mentoring in moving your project in the right genre as expeditiously as possible. Public Relations Manager, Diversity Entertainment and Media Group Develop a media base for clients in the entertainment and corporate genres. Securing interviews with magazines, television and radio; along with red carpet photo opportunities for artists, actors and corporate clients. Proposal and sponsorship development for clients participating in major fund raising events. Establish recruitment training for candidates searching for employment. Structuring marketing budgets; while securing the proper staffing required for the for three (3) record labels Fast Track Records; Eve Records & Strength Entertainment located in Detroit, Michigan.

Communications Director at Andrew D’Oyley, LLC Stylist/Designer

I am networking investors to film, television and documentary projects requiring funding. A few of those include the new Matrix project, and The Big Church, a Kevin Hart project.

I am Consulting with a real estate group interested in securing the rights to build the new Buffalo Bills Stadium as well as secure ownership of the Buffalo Bills football team.

The past two years I have been working with Kevin Skinner a former Co Manager to the legendary Whitney Houston. I have place many deals with Mr. Skinner from film to oil.

While utilizing my corporate media skills to develop artists along with developing independent labels by recommending qualified personnel for label staffing, preparing both for branding while utilizing the internet radio as a free networking tool for getting the buzz out overseas about the label as we prepare them for touring.

Developing their interviewing skills will prepare them for early on for appearances on television and radio shows. Or for commercials such as my client Cornell Sewell who’s up for a part with a Desperate Housewives commercial.

I am working with Seneca Hinds, he builds apps and owns several virtual magazines.

I am securing sponsors for the longest running gospel play “Church Mess” with Chad Lawson Cooper with a special appearance by Carl Anthony Pain, now playing in New York.

For the past two years I have continued to work closely with my client Dru D’Oyley fashion designer, and stylist who’s clientele include currently Aaron Reid; Dru has worked with Fantasia and Brian Hooks to name a few.

Securing sponsors for FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING an Internet television talk show that will be airing on OVNIO which streams its cable channels to 105 countries.

My media contacts begin with the President of Programming of BET to Rolling Out Magazines COO Randy Fling.

I have been asked to PR an Atlanta based A&R reality television show that is slated to hit the airwaves this Fall of 2014

Past Experiences

Executive Headhunter, Executive Source International, Atlanta, Georgia

Responsible for securing new corporate accounts while working with current clients staffing needs. Securing candidates in the Accounting, Marketing and Sales genres for possible new positions with company’s like Coca Cola, Disney, CSX; while landing in-house accounts like The Dow Jones. Utilizing my corporate techniques to train candidates in the correct methods of resume structuring as well as interviewing the clients as well being interviewed themselves for the positions at hand ensuring both parties are a great match for one another. Account Executive, Westside Stories, Atlanta, Georgia

Responsibilities included cold calls to potential managers of recording artists currently on the market so that we may secure their next video project. Traveling to all music conventions and conferences to allow the entertainment industry to know of Westside Stories existence and our current client roster; while securing future opportunities for our company. Working on set during the shooting of the video projects; as well as structuring a team to personally assist each of the needs along with their entourage. I also informed and invited all media personal to attend all video and commercial shoots in order to obtain extended media coverage just for the client; and for our company as well. Westside Stories client roster extends to well over 100 videos and commercials; here is a listing of some of those clients and projects: Videos Projects: Brandy, “Wanna Be Down”; Montell Jordan, “This Is How We Do It”; Arrested Development, “Mr. Wendal” & “Ease My Mind”; Duran Duran, ” Breathe After Breathe”; TLC, ” Baby, Baby, Baby”; Immature, ” Never Lie” SHAI, “Baby I’m Yours”; Commission, “Love Is The Way”; to name a few… Commercials: Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (AOG): “What’s Your Excuse” Coca Cola’s: “Freestyling” Sprite commercials this two part series cast two of Hip Hop’s own Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth; Grand Puba & Large Professor. McDonald’s: Big Mac; Egg Mc Muffin; McDonald’s Owners giving back to the community. MCI: Holiday Proof Plan Sonic and more… Westside Stories owner and Director Keith Ward, was the first African American to direct for Sprite, McDonald’s MCI and Sonic more…

Nippy Inc

Worked with Michael Houston with securing certain media and various tasks for Nippy Inc..

The Georgia Black United Fund, Inc. Education Tennessee State University Nashville, Tennessee 1990 BS Biology with a minor in Psychology Military Hospital Corpsman United States Navy 1978 – 1985

Visit Jeff Green for more information.

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