Finding Daddy Author Renita Gibbs is Today’s Honoree

RenitaGibbsMrs. Renita Gibbs is a passionate, powerful, phenomenal woman of God called upon to uplift individuals with the tools of knowledge she procured while laboring in Corporate America. Mrs. Gibbs is currently available to speak at any corporate functions geared toward goal setting, self-esteem, personal development, and healthy lifestyle.

She has just released her first novel titled “Finding Daddy.” The book explores the effect of a young girl growing up without a father who goes on a journey to find her biological father. The book will impact readers and awaken many to an existing problem many youths face in this nation today. Mrs. Gibbs motto is, “When you know better, you do better.”

Mrs. Gibbs is now a successful entrepreneur and has become the voice in many FindingDaddycommunities. Her goal is to empower individuals who seek independence but may lack the proper knowledge and wisdom, or lack the courage to believe they can achieve their dreams. Mrs. Gibbs has been a motivational speaker in many cities throughout the U.S. such as Louisiana, Florida, Utah, South Carolina, Mississippi and Georgia. She also heads up a mentor program where she has several successful participants that she trains weekly. Mrs. Gibbs is no stranger to network and marketing, she has been in the business for over 20 years. Today Mrs. Gibbs is using her network and marketing skills as her vehicle to financial freedom.

Mrs. Gibbs is married to Derick Gibbs Sr. They have celebrated 16 years of a healthy, fruitful and vibrant relationship. They were blessed with two wonderful sons, Derick Jr. and Daniel. Mrs. Gibbs is currently looking for individuals with integrity and purpose who are searching for the opportunity to change their lives and set a better path for the generation before them and after them. Mrs. Gibbs stands on integrity and puts God first in everything she does. Mrs. Gibbs is currently available to speak at any corporate functions geared toward wealth, finances, healthy living and lifestyle.

“I appreciated and loved my husband for all the support he had given me but I still wanted the love of my natural father.

My long journey and search ended in June 2009 while attending a business trip in North Carolina. My prayers was finally answered. I finally made contact with my father. We met and hugged each other. Words cannot adequately express the joy, serenity and completeness I experienced deep inside.”

Visit Renita Gibbs for more information.

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1 Response to Finding Daddy Author Renita Gibbs is Today’s Honoree

  1. Reverend Charles Dakouri says:

    Mrs Renita Gibbs is a marvellous and precious woman of God.
    Her book teachs and motivates the women and all the families to wake up and take their destiny in hand.
    I am so proud to meet this great woman of God.
    I motivate everybody to read FINDING DADDY.
    Be and Remain Blessed

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